Charlie Sheen is feeling generous. And not only when it comes to compensate porn stars.

Multiple sources discuss it TMZ the actress is unfortunate which Warner Brothers has not offering to compensate CBS employees for the time they’ve longed for due to his eccentric function – but he’s peaceful to concede with the association and compensate a apportionment of this amount.

Two and a Half Men Scene

If Warner Bros. and CBS both compensate 1/3 of the income owed, Sheen will reportedly do the same. Who pronounced this man wasn’t giving?!? Aside from Kacey Jordan, which is.

A CBS senior manager had no comment, whilst a WB insider simply says:

“We unequivocally goal which Charlie’s rehab is going well. We goal which he is full of health in the really nearby destiny and we demeanour brazen to the lapse of prolongation of Two and a Half Men.”

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