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The second part of Empire’s second deteriorate saw Lucious liberated on bail around an astonishing ally, whilst the Lyon family conflict raged on the outside.

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Entitled “Without a Country,” Empire Season 2 Episode 2 found Cookie, Andre and Hakeem feeling similar to refugees after their unsuccessful association takeover.

Not that Jamal wasn’t struggling in his own right in the penthouse.

Things should unequivocally get engaging right away that the tip dog is eventually out on bail, but that was usually the tail finish of Lucious’ prison storyline final night.

Having brutally dealt with kingpin Frank (Chris Rock) final week, Lucious was faced with an even bigger hazard in prison … from rapper Ludacris.

He wasn’t personification himself, but rsther than a difficult prison ensure who had it out for the song mogul, and darned if Luda didn’t move his A diversion to the role.

Still, we will be referring to him as Ludacris since obviously.

Luda valid an in effect counter in that he let viewers get at the behind of Lucious – not an easy charge – nonetheless apply oneself him as great for vocalization law to power.

The fight in between the dual in unique was one of the most appropriate scenes of the night, and dovetailed with the episode’s alternative overwhelming guest star.

Thirsty the Lawyer from the University of Guam, played by Andre Royo (Bubbles the Vagrant from the Streets of Baltimore on The Wire) was a hoot.

He usually happened to be sitting subsequent to Jamal and Lucious during on vacation hours, seamlessly their approach in to their great graces and subsidy up his talk.

With Luda strong-arming Lucious by self-denial his meds, Thirsty found a approach around that … and afterwards he set up a temporary recording studio.

Lucious was means to lay down a jailhouse lane (highly produced, in one take, but we’ll postpone being since Empire) prior to removing close down.

Thirsty’s biggest hits didn’t stop there. Not usually did he get Lucious a bail conference as promised, but he had photos to extort the decider at his disposal.

One gets the clarity that any one that quick – he additionally had his goons severe up Luda to get behind Lucious’ prohibited swat – is up to no good.

That’s obvious, of course, but we meant in the clarity of changeable allegiances. How prolonged until Thirsty becomes a opposition for Lucious, and not an ally?

We’ll see how that cookie crumbles. As for the the one preferred Cookie?

If you watch Empire online, you know she never crumbles. No make a difference the obstacle, she comes out swinging, rolls with the punches and fights on.

Usually in waggish fashion.

Sure, her takeover unsuccessful and she was booted out of Empire, but that was so 40 mins ago. Now Cookie is gonna begin her own LYON DYNASTY!

As conduct of her fledgling jot down company, she stole each stage as always, either she was honeyed articulate Jamal or shutting down Boo Boo Kitty.

She has her hands full, though, with her second in authority (if you can call him that) and lead artist Hakeem, who leaked his brand brand new manuscript online.

It’s Empire’s property.

“I do not know and I do not care,” Hakeem pronounced in reply to that confidant donkey move, that pits him opposite Jamal once again in potentially epic fashion.

As for his all-girl group, ‘Keem seemed similarly clueless about what to do with that plan as he did per his own future, but authentically so.

Also, Tiana was there and wearing a bare outfit. Seriously, that physique fit was so bare it took us a three times take to comprehend she wasn’t essentially nude.

He is his own man, for improved or worse, and what an haphazard float it is to watch. These days, you could disagree it’s some-more certain than examination Jamal.

By far the the one preferred of the Lyon sons final season, Empire CEO Jamal is hardened, sleepy and kind of a d–k at times … really out of impression for him.

That’s the idea, obviously, and maybe his perspective will shift for the improved – or worse – with Lucious out of jail. One never knows with Empire!

Andre, meanwhile, is a boat but a port.

There’s that attempted murder unresolved over his head, for one. Moreover, his heart is not with the brand brand new Dynasty and Lucious won’t let him behind in to the Empire.

Is Rhonda essentially pregnant, do you think? It feels similar to that label is being played an horrible lot, and ‘Dre will be in need of a intolerable storyline twist.

Just saying. It’s a probability in the minds.

Finally, we were shown a flashback that we hold was of Lucious’ girl with his mom (played by Kelly Rowland). The indicate was really unclear.

The stage was beautiful, though. Beautiful.

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Criminal Minds kicked off Season eleven but dual key players from final year:

JJ is on maternity leave, nonetheless AJ Cook will in the future lapse to the series; whilst Kate Callahan has taken a mangle on her career to outlay time with her family… only similar to the singer who portrayed her, Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Watch Criminal Minds Season eleven Episode 1 Online

Enter Aisha Tyler.

The really bustling singer (she still co-hosts The Talk, she still voices Lana on Archer) done her entrance on Criminal Minds Season eleven Episode 1 as Dr. Tara Lewis.

Hotch had programmed on interviewing a series of possibilities for the open BAU position, but he never got over than Lewis, who came endorsed by the San Francisco margin office.

The clergyman wants to stop interviewing sequence killers after they have been convicted and begin assisting to catch them.

Her talk was essentially cut short by developments in an ongoing case, which involves an UnSub who paints the faces of his victims.

We after sense his name  is Giuseppe Montolo and he’s a stipulate murderer who gets work around the Silk Road network inside of the Dark Net… and right away he is right away going after past clients.

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As you competence expect, Lewis ends up personification a key purpose in his capture.

She pretends to be the mother of a SWAT group personality who has been coerced to work with Giuseppe and she afterwards saves the hold up of pronounced SWAT group leader.

As the premieres winds comes to a conclusion, Derek confronts Giuseppe, who is hospitalized nonetheless who still taunts which he and his hitman ilk will ensue to aim “The Dirty Dozen.”

Meanwhile at the office, Hotch and Lewis resume their interview, nonetheless it’s transparent Garcia is right: All alternative contenders can only go home at this point.

Visit the friends at TV Fanatic to watch Criminal Minds online and receptive to advice off right away on Tyler as the brand new BAU addition.

If Lena Dunham has a big pointer in her bureau counting off the series of days given she final pronounced something foolish in public, it’s now display a big fat crow egg.

Fortunately, the series wasn’t as well tall to proceed with, as it hasn’t even been a month given she indicted Justin Bieber of compelling rape in his strain lyrics.

Anyway, Lena tangled all 5 toes in her gaping beak even worse than common this time, and she opportunely had the clarity to fast swallow ones pride to what we pretence is her fast shrinking air blower base.

Lena Dunham Bed Selfie

Here’s what Lena not long ago had to contend about meanies being meant on the Internet:

“I used to review Gawker and Jezebel in college and be like, ‘I can’t wait for to get to New York where my people will be to acquire me.’ And it’s like, it’s literally, if I review it, it’s similar to going behind to a father who kick me in the face – it only doesn’t have any sense.”

  1. No, Internet snark is not at all similar to a lady being physically assaulted by her husband. Not even a small bit.
  2. If you wish people to empathize you for being bullied online, do not confess which only a couple of short years ago you used to review the many sardonic Gawker articles and think, These have been my people!!!

To be fair, Lena has been subjected to physique degrading and alternative forms of online cruelty, and whilst such abuse can be demeaning and even dire in a little cases, it still doesn’t aver a more aged to wedding abuse.

It brings to thoughts the time Gwyneth Paltrow likened Internet negativity to fight trauma. Yes, which unequivocally happened, and you do not wish to be compared to Gwyneth, no do you, Lena?

As we said, Lena took to Instagram to suggest an apology, but this still ranks between the dumbest luminary gaffes of 2015.

And folks, if you wish to impugn Lena Dunham, greatfully do so for something estimable – similar to the actuality which she only guest starred on the misfortune Simpsons part ever (please review which aloud in a Comic Book Guy voice).

Yesterday, we reported which Cathriona White committed suicide. The 30-year-old makeup artist, who appears to have overdosed on medication pills was well known to the open as the on-again, off-again partner of actress Jim Carrey.

Though the couple reportedly pennyless up for a second time usually days prior to White’s genocide Carrey released a matter about Cathriona that creates it transparent he had the pinnacle love and apply oneself for his ex:

Cathriona White Photo

“I am repelled and deeply saddened by the flitting of my honeyed Cathriona,” Carrey said. “She was a indeed kind and ethereal Irish flower, as well supportive for this soil, to whom amatory and being desired was all which sparkled.”

Though White utterly assumingly took her own life, her box is being investigated by military in, as is the prevalent in the box of assumed deaths. Radar Online reports which Carrey was questioned by military this morning:

“He longed for to yield as most report about what he knew about Cathriona’s last days,” says a source tighten to the investigation. “She had been battling with depression, which she had assumingly had given she was a teenager.

“Obviously, Jim was intensely romantic during the meeting. They had not long ago damaged up, again. They were usually at opposite places in their lives, and there was a big age difference…There is positively no justification of tainted play, and this is a slight follow-up in cases of suicide.”

Meanwhile, since we live in the Internet Age, a clouded cover of insanity has shaped over this tragedy, as members of the anti-vaccination movement have taken to amicable media to assume which Cathriona was murdered by the supervision in sequence to overpower Carrey.

You see, Carrey is an outspoken anti-vaxxer (nobody’s perfect), and the renouned speculation inside of the transformation which anti-vaccine doctors have been murdered by supervision operatives has led most to the end which White was killed by “big pharma” in sequence to “shut Carrey up.”

Seriously. Comments similar to this can right away be found on Facebook:

  • “Anybody find a bit peculiar which doctors have been failing and afterwards this happens?”
  • “It’s droll which it’s regularly celebrities which have something to contend about the complement publicly which this happens to similar to Britney Murphy and Paul Walker.”
  • “Probably Big Pharma training Jim a doctrine to stop articulate about vaccine dangers.”
  • “I theory we’ll know the law if he starts retracting his vaccine stances…If which happens, the law will be clear.”

Yes, usually celebrities with “something to contend about the system” die, so you can be damn certain Yogi Berra was about to blow the lid off of 9/11.

A open defence to anti-vaxxers: The incident is unhappy enough, so can you greatfully usually close up this one time? Also, can you close up all alternative times whilst you’re at it? Thanks!

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Take a seat, Milkshake Squirrel.

You've had your fifteen mins in the spotlight, Pizza Rat.

It's time to meet, and wonder at over, #MiracleKitten.

Named Cassidy, this sly was innate but his dual behind legs. Yet somehow, a little way, he managed to tarry for 9 weeks on his own in the timberland until he was discovered only as his physique was starting to give out due to starvation.

Thanks to the group at Mountain View Veterinary Hospital, Cassidy was nursed behind to illness – and then, interjection to Andrew at, he was presented with a tiny wheelchair.

In the video featured here (set, amazingly, to "Eye of the Tiger"), Cassidy takes his initial dual unassisted steps.

Don't be abashed if you strew a couple of tears whilst watching. Lord knows which we did.

Two legged cat walks with wheelchair inspires all

Kelly Clarkson has delivered a little really unhappy headlines to a large series of fans.

The strange American Idol has canceled the superfluous 2015 dates on her sold-out tour.

Kelly Clarkson in Sin City

In a matter on the artist’s website, Clarkson cited outspoken rest as the reason at the behind of this hapless change, observant which fans who paid for tickets in Canada and the United Kingdom will be authorised for a full refund. 

“I am indeed contemptible which I have to terminate the residue of my debate dates. I was so seeking brazen to pity this debate with all my extraordinary fans in Canada and the UK,” Kelly wrote.

“Unfortunately my alloy is revelation me I have to stay on outspoken rest, but I am operative tough to get improved as quick as possible.”

Clarkson, who is profound with her second child, had formerly canceled the last 6 dates on her U.S. debate for the same healing reason.

“This kills me, but doctors have been observant I need to rest my voice!” she wrote at which time, adding:

“I can’t wait for to get full of health and see y’all behind on the highway soon.

“I hatred canceling and I am indeed contemptible to my fans which have been vehement to see this show. Please know which I never terminate anything unless it’s positively necessary.”

As you can see below, Clarkson has lonesome such artists as Rihanna, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez over the march of her tour:

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The following story is value telling, even yet it will mangle your heart.

In the video featured here, we sense about Leland Shoemake, a six-year old in Georgia who tragically died final Friday after a month-long conflict with a brain infection.

According to Leland's mom, she and her father returned home shortly after observant goodbye to their son, usually to be blown divided by what they found.

"When Tim and I came home for the initial time to get him garments to be buried in, this is the note we found from him on the list in the vital room," she wrote.

As you can see in this headlines report, the note reads “Still with you. Thank you mother and dad. Love."

"We have no thought when he wrote it but you can discuss it he was regularly a special child," resolved Leland's mom. "We will love you perpetually Leland. Sleep parsimonious and don't let the bed bugs bite!"

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Shoemake family, but hopefully Mom and Dad can find a little joy in the believe which they lifted an extraordinary child.

Mother finds goodbye note from 6 year old son after he dies from

Back in February, Caitlyn Jenner was concerned in a car collision which claimed the hold up of 69-year-old Kim Howe, a nearby resident of Jenner’s.

Caitlyn Jenner Selfie

As not long ago as final month, it was reported which Jenner could face prison time, as the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department had resolved in the review which Jenner’s rapist loosening might have played a purpose in Howe’s death.

The box was afterwards upheld along to DA, who was to establish if Caitlyn would face charges.

Fortunately for Jenner, TMZ is right away stating which the DA has motionless Jenner is not to censure for Howe’s death, and will not be forced to mount trial.

The DA’s bureau says which whilst Jenner may have been “driving inattentively,” she was not speeding, and she did request her brakes – yet not shortly sufficient to forestall an accident.

Though Jenner’s behind reply was certainly the means of the accident, zoning out whilst pushing is not illegal, and witnesses contend the 65-year-old was not texting or seeking at her phone at the time of the accident.

“A trade accident, however harmful and distressing when a hold up is lost, is not indispensably a rapist matter,” reads a matter from Jenner’s attorney, Blair Berk.

That’s true, but hopefully, Caitlyn still schooled something from all this and will begin instructing her daughters not to take selfie videos whilst driving.

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A couple of days ago, we posted coverage of a womanlike publisher removing passionate tormented while stating on passionate harassment.

Pretty crazy, huh? Nearly as funny as this:

The video featured here depicts a Fox Sports anchor in Mexico vocalization live around heavenly body with reporter David Medrano Mora.

We're not certain what the dual have been articulate about, exactly, but we're flattering damn certain which Mora gets strike by a car during the broadcast.

The car doesn't appear to be relocating really quickly, and we've been told which Mora did not humour any vital injuries… but still.

It's protected to contend this isn't something one expects to see whilst examination television. Check it out for yourself.

Journalist gets strike by car on live television

Rumors which Jessica Simpson was dipsomaniac during her new coming on the Home Shopping Network have been everywhere for the past integrate weeks.

Frankly, it’s not tough to see why, as she all seemed to be squandered on live TV.

Now, however, those who have complicated pics Jessica’s ultimate appearances and selfies from her Instagram page contend which the 34-year-old’s celebration complaint competence not be her usually secret.

Yes, doctors who have oral with Radar Online contend which it’s their veteran perspective which Jessica has gotten a follower job.

Jessica Simpson Cleavge Image

“Jessica has obviously had a poignant breast augmentation,” says cosmetic surgeon Dr. Brian Glatt, who – it should be remarkable – has never treated with colour Jessica himself. “She has expected additionally had a breast lift.”

Dr. Fred Pescatore seconds which opinion, but a most reduction professional, most Howard Stern-esque fashion.

“She looks silly at this indicate — bust on a stick!” says Pescatore, who improved be a perfect earthy citation if he’s going around articulate which kind of crap.

While she’s always been agreeably tip heavy, doctors contend which with volume of weight Simpson has gained and mislaid over the years, it’s doubtful which her bust would sojourn utterly so proud but a little arrange of surgical assistance.

Interesting stuff, but frankly, we’re in the “whatever she’s doing, it’s operative camp.” Go underneath the blade all you need to, Jess. Just keep pity those swim suit pics on Instagram.

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