Charlie Sheen will be behind enormous horribly unfunny jokes in no time.

The actor’s attorney, Yale Galanter, told E! News currently which he foresees his customer being behind on the set of Two and a Half Men in “two weeks.”

“Charlie is excellent health-wise and you do unequivocally well,” Galanter said. “Things have been seeking good. Everybody’s intentions have been to get him behind in the pitch of things as shortly as possible.”

Portraying Charlie

The trainwreck of an adult movie partner has been spending time with his “close-knit family,” Galanter says, adding: “Charlie has seen all of his kids given he was in the hospital. He is even spending time with the boys today.”

That flattering most says it all. When Charlie Sheen spends time with his children, it’s an fulfilment his reps contingency inform to the world.

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