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Erik Roner, an impassioned sports contestant who starred on the MTV array Nitro Circus, died on Monday in a weird skydiving accident.

He was 39 years old.

Erik Roner

The comfortless situation took place when Roner was conducting a skydiving opening at an Olympic County, California review golf event, according to Placer County Sheriff’s Deputies.

Sources endorse which Roner was held in a tree whilst attempting to land, apropos caught tall on top of the ground.

Rescue crew were successfully removed Roner from the tree, but he was conspicuous passed from his injuries at the scene.

“We mislaid a partial of of the Nitro Circus family today,” wrote Nitro Circus star Chad Kagy on Facebook. “We have been all heart damaged and astounded to remove Erik Roner.”

In further to his appearances on Nitro Circus, Roder was partial of the Outside Television family as the host of the network’s Locals series.

He is survived by his mother and dual kids.

“There have been no difference which can demonstrate this extensive detriment to the Outside Television family. Erik was not usually a colleague, but additionally a personal friend, and it was a happiness to watch him applaud hold up on a every day basis. We have been still perplexing to routine this tragedy,” pronounced Rob Faris, Senior Vice President of Programming and Production at Outside Television.

“Our hearts go out to his family.”

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Last week, we reported which Kim Zolciak suffered a cadence before long after drifting from LA to Atlanta following a Dancing With the Stars audition.

It was after suggested which Kim was the plant of a transitory ischemic attack, additionally well known as a “mini-stroke.”

The goods weren’t as mortal as they competence have been, but the conflict was still critical sufficient which Kim was hospitalized for multiform days and forced to give up Dancing With the Stars.

Kim Zolciak Face

It’s not a usual illness shock for a 37-year-old to endure, and there’s been most conjecture as to what competence have caused Kim’s stroke.

Initially, insiders speculated which the perfectionist DWTS rehearsals were to blame.

Past participants have talked about the earthy fee which the show can take, and the rehearsals positively might have played a purpose in Kim’s stream condition.

However, Radar Online has consulted with a healing consultant who has a opposite speculation per the means of Zolciak’s stroke.

Dr. Susan Evans (who has never treated with colour Kim) believes which the being star’s affinity for cosmetic operation might have put her at larger risk for cardiovascular disease.

“Sometimes one operation alone can means a stroke,” says Dr. Evans, a Hollywood cosmetic surgeon. “The some-more surgeries, the aloft likelihood.

“If the correct impediment for cadence didn’t take place and she doesn’t have an underlying condition such as receiving bieing born lift out pills, all of those factors could have it some-more expected for her to stroke.”

Evans records which cosmetic operation can lift a larger risk than alternative operations, as doctors work underneath the arrogance which their studious is in great health.

“Some anesthesiologists lend towards to take reduction precautions for cosmetic operation patients since they have been in all full of health people which only wish a face lift or liposuction,” Evans says.

“You can have a cadence during the surgery, or right after since not relocating could means red blood clots in the legs. You would additionally need a hole in in between the chambers of the heart for this to occur though.”

Zolciak has certified to removing cosmetic operation in the past, but claims she has not had any work finished in over a year.

Fans not long ago speculated which she had undergone a facelift, but Kim claims her changed coming was simply the outcome of a brand new makeup routine.

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Teresa Giudice still has at slightest dual months left on her jail sentence, but The Real Housewife-turned-inmate has been plotting her lapse to the spotlight given the day her cell doorway slammed tighten for the initial time.

Always the opportunist, Teresa has already done big bucks from her initial jail photos. She’s even found a approach to cameo on a Bravo special about the Giudice family, even nonetheless cameras have been banned in the prison.

Teresa Giudice Red Carpet Image

Tersa has already inked a understanding to lapse to The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and right away it seems she’s found nonetheless an additional approach to drain her Bravo bosses for cash:

“Bravo is giving Teresa the outrageous paycheck since her stipulate to movie Real Housewives of New Jersey didn’t embody the post jail interview,” an insider tighten to the Giudice family tells Radar Online.

“Teresa’s profession brokered the understanding and was means to get $200,000 since there was behest with multiform party headlines programs.”

Yes, Andy Cohen and association foolishly didn’t have Teresa’s initial talk partial of a package understanding when they sealed her to lapse for an additional deteriorate of RHONJ.

Teresa competence not regularly be the brightest strand in the hair prolongation (After all, she did wed Joe Giudice, and she’s right away in jail for going along with his stupid intrigue to deceive their creditors.), but each right away and then, she reminds us how cunning she can be.

Of course, we still think the most appropriate approach for her to hope for for lapse to radio would be by dropping a little pounds – specifically, the 250 lbs of passed weight she calls “Joe.”

Forget sleet on your marriage day or 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife.

THIS is an e.g. of loyal irony:

BBC publisher Sarah Teale was not long ago filming a inform outward a passionate nuisance discussion in Nottingham, relaying census data to viewers per people removing verbally abused in public.

"An online investigate showed which a intolerable 95% of people pronounced they had been harassed, jeered at, or had obscenities announced at them in the travel and a large suit pronounced they'd additionally been groped or grabbed inappropriately in public," Teale said.

And no earlier had Teale gotten these difference out when a male off camera yelled something inapt in open at the reporter.

We instruct we were creation this up.

Fortunately, Teale rubbed the cat call with professionalism, yet she after took to Facebook to lamentation the existence:

"It's not banter, it's not droll and nobody should have to put up with it," she wrote. "It's sincerely viewable from my greeting which it wasn't staged. If [cat calling] is a disturb it doesn't have it any reduction offensive."

Journalist gets intimately tormented whilst stating on passionate hara

As formerly reported, Coco Austin is profound with her initial child.

She’s awaiting a lady with father Ice-T and she acted backstage over the week end at one of the rapper’s concert, giving Instagram supporters a demeanour at her baby bump.

Coco Austin Baby Bump

Kind of. Sort of. We think.

“Chilling baby..I’m only chillin…” she captioned the photo. “Backstage at BC unison ancillary my man. Thats how I hurl #28weeks.”

Wait…. twenty-eight weeks?!? Coco is 7 months along in this picture?!?

It’s scarcely unfit to even see a disproportion in her body, isn’t it?

Austin and Ice-T voiced in Jul they were awaiting their initial kid together, divulgence on their speak show which the kid will be named Chanel Nicole.

Ice-T already has dual adult young kids from prior relationships.

“Aww the impulse u have to cranky your legs when station up when u sneeze so u do not pee yourself,” Coco not long ago Tweeted, adding the hashtag “#pregnancyproblems.”

Be vacant over her little baby strike in the print on top of and afterwards review it to alternative luminary baby bumps below:

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As formerly documented, there have been at slightest nineteen reasons to love Pope Francis.

But the video featured here depicts the thing we desired many about the Pope's initial revisit to the United States final week.

No, it wasn't his assembly with President Barack Obama. Nor was it his mass in New York at Madison Square Garden.

It was when Pope Francis was being driven down the travel in Philadelphia and his motorcade came opposite a baby lady declared Quinn… who was ready to go up only similar to the prelate himself!

Fortunately, a part of of the Pope’s confidence group speckled the darling child, plucked her from her parents’ arms and brought her over to encounter Francis.

According to Philly's ABC 6, the Pope even told his ensure to pass along a summary to the girl's father.

"He told his confidence ensure to discuss it us which we have a good clarity of humor," Daniel Madden said.

Baby pope meets tangible pope in most appropriate video of the week

It’s been reduction than dual months given we schooled which Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux got tied together in a super-secret rite which took place in the couple’s backyard.

Since then, the integrate has been the theme of countless “trouble in paradise” rumors, most of them stemming from reports which Aniston and Theroux will outlay the subsequent 3 months detached due to work commitments.

Aniston is now in Atlanta sharpened a movie, whilst Theroux is in Texas filming the subsequent deteriorate of his HBO array The Leftovers.

Rumors about Justin intrigue on Jen whilst he’s out of locale for work have been present for years, but this time, Theroux’s purported chick on the side has a name:

Margaret Qualley Photo
Justin Theroux Hugs Jennifer Aniston

Yes, insiders have been claiming which Theroux is intrigue with Margaret Qualley – his 19-year-old Leftovers co-star.

According to the ultimate emanate of In Touch, Theroux has adopted an “out of sight, out of mind” genius when it comes to Jen, as insiders explain he’s not even attempting to disguise his feelings for Qualley.

Justin and Margaret were speckled removing extremely tighten with one an additional during a new expel party. One declare says Qualley was obviously flirting with Theroux, who was “feeding in to it.”

“Justin was carrying a great time but Jen,” says an additional onlooker.

Obviously, nothing of this is verified, and there’s a great possibility it’s complete BS. But there’s additionally a possibility which Jen competence find herself the plant of a C-list Brangelina-type scenario.

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Justin Bieber competence be featured in the ultimate emanate of Complex.

But the thespian opens up to the repository about Selena Gomez and creates it receptive to advice as if his feelings for his associate thespian were really elementary at one point.

Justin Bieber Complex Cover Pic

“We were so in love. Nothing else mattered,” Bieber says of Gomez.

“We were all about any other. But when it’s similar to which and you get your worth from that, people will regularly defect you… Your full temperament can’t be in which person. My temperament was in her. Her temperament was in me.”

Both Bieber and Gomez have brand new albums on the approach and Selena has been vocalization at length about Justin of late as well.

Bieber goes on to contend which vital with someone at the age of eighteen was “too much” at the time, adding:

“When things would happen, I would remove my freakin’ mind, and she would remove her mind, and we would quarrel so tough since we were so invested in any other.

“Love is a choice. Love is not a feeling. People have done it appear in movies which it’s this angel tale.”

Love is a choice? That’s an peculiar thing for Bieber to say.

But not as peculiar as Bieber fortifying an annoying situation from the past.

“I think the pissing in the bucket wasn’t as big as people done it seem,” he says, referring to the Jul 2013 incident. “Just because, dude, think about it.

“Imagine, you listen to which f–king Ozzy Osbourne pisses backstage. Immediately,’Oh, he’s a freaking stone star!’ As shortly as I do it, ‘He’s being a brat.'”

Of course, Bieber didn’t piss backstage. He pissed in the bucket of a restaurant, yet he claims someone there told him it was okay.

As for Bieber’s dipsomaniac pushing detain in Jan of final year?

“The police, they only longed for press; they longed for attention. I never was speeding; I never was draw towards racing…

“The patrolman presumably longed for to be important for impediment celebrities, and someone had listened him contend which before to [my arrest]… I wasn’t drinking. I blew the thing and I had 0.01. I competence have had a drink progressing in the day or something.”

In conclusion, Justin says he is relying on sacrament to spin his hold up around, but which doesn’t meant he’ll regularly have skeleton on Sunday morning.

“You do not need to go to church to be a Christian,” he says. “If you go to Taco Bell, which doesn’t have you a taco.”

Not prolonged after Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting got tied together (after only 3 months of dating) they motionless to squeeze a home together.

Sources contend which inside of days of signing the writings (or, some-more accurately, Kaley signing the writings whilst Ryan went outward and strike a tennis round opposite the garage door) Kaley began to have bad feelings about their $6 million dollar Tarzana, CA mansion.

Apparently, Kaley felt the home was cursed, as it was formerly owned by Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom.

Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting: Not Smiling!

Kaley reportedly even went so far as to sinecure “spiritualists” and feng shui experts to “cleanse the home of disastrous energy.”

Unfortunately, it seems identical to the moment siren browns Lamar left in the runner (We kid!) the bad ju-ju was there to stay. 

As you’ve substantially heard, Cuoco and Sweeting have been removing divorced after only twenty-one months of marriage, and we can’t assistance but consternation if the ultra-superstitious Kaley blames the total thing on Khloe and Lamar.

We’re certain she’s at slightest taken in to comment the most similarities in between the dual couples’ situations.

Kaley and Khloe (Even their names have been similar!) both tied together athletes in the twilights of their particular careers after only a couple of months of dating (and notwithstanding the contentment of red flags in any scenario).

Maybe K and K should begin a await organisation for women who tied together guys who appeared to gold-digging D-bags and afterwards all incited out to be gold-digging D-bags.

We’d contend the participants could all suggest one an additional on how to equivocate identical mistakes in the future, but these have been patently not women who attend to advice.

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To conclude The Vampire Diaries Season 6, Damon and Stefan Salvatore were forced to contend goodbye to Elena Gilbert.

To flog off The Vampire Diaries Season 7, competence they have to contend goodbye to their hometown?

The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Poster

The CW has denounced the central print for brand new episodes of this long-running drama, and it creates a transparent anxiety to Nona Dibrev’s departed impression around the tagline “Heartbreak is Eternal.”

But it additionally depicts Stefan and Damon on foot divided from Mystic Falls.

When we final left the array in May, of course, there appeared to have been a discerning time burst and Mystic Falls appeared to be radically abandoned.

We can usually creed this is due to the participation of Lily and her Heretics.

Look for them to be entirely in assign when The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 1 front on Thursday, Oct 8 and additionally demeanour for the transformation to quickly change to Brooklyn.

We’ll see Alaric traffic with Jo’s genocide in an surprising manner, along with Damon celebration a lot and a little transformation on the Staroline front.

As for what we want to see? We’ve come up with the following instruct list:

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