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Earlier today, we reported which Jill and Jessa Duggar specials will air on TLC someday in the really nearby future.

Between returning to television, spending many of her hold up starring in a being series, and cashing in on vocalization engagements and alternative side projects, you would thing which Jessa and her father Ben Seewald would be flattering gentle financially, right?

The Seewalds

Well, assumingly not, as the first-time parents-to-be have listed their residence and “favorite stores” on multiform websites with instructions on how fans can send gifts or money donations.

In Touch is stating which the report has been deleted from Duggar-friendly sites such as Ashley’s Reality Round-Up after fans voiced their antipathy with the pretentious cash-grab in assorted criticism boards.

“Love the family, but I don’t think it’s right to give an residence for gifts and present cards,” wrote one air blower underneath a post requesting money donations. “I might be wrong but TLC and their personal appearances [probably] compensate them well…donate to a gift in their name.”

Several alternative fans echoed the sentiment, and the post was deleted only hours later.

Initially, Jessa was applauded for stability to rivet with fans (Earlier currently she asked the her amicable media supporters to theory her baby’s gender.), notwithstanding the actuality which she’s no longer enjoying those fat nineteen Kids and Counting paychecks.

Now, it seems which she’s been asking those same fans for handouts and formulation her contingent lapse to TLC all the while.

Jessa has settled which she forgives Josh Duggar for his assorted passionate indiscretions, but she and her brand new family have been obviously still feeling the fallout from the liaison which finished their once wildly-popular being series.

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Yesterday, we reported which Farrah Abraham assaulted a castmate on the Celebrity Big Brother aftershow, kicking off a fight that forced producers to move the show to a hindrance due to critical injuries postulated by at slightest one row member.

There have been opposing reports as to what only happened, but everybody seems to determine which it all began when Farrah called indication Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace a “hag,” call Wallace to play champagne at her.

Farrah Abraham Celebrity Big Brother Fight

It seems which Farrah motionless to reply by going nuclear. While Wallace only hurled champagne at Farrah, the always-classy Ms Abraham responded by throwing champagne glasses.

Yes, she hurled mixed eyeglasses at the the alternative housemates, one of which struck 64-year-old singer Vicki Michelle in the head, causing her to be hospitalized for whiplash and a concussion.

Farrah says she’s gripping silent for authorised reasons, but her brand new BFF Jenna Jameson says which it was associate housemate Janice Dickinson who did the many repairs by hurling chairs, one of which presumably struck Farrah.

“Janice Dickinson went on a uproar slinging chairs attack Farrah in the conduct and back!” Jameson tweeted.

Reps for Farrah reliable which she was “assaulted twice” during the melee, and Farrah assured fans on Twitter which she’s “#recovering” and formulation to press charges. 

Yes, it sounds similar to the total thing incited in to the kind of clusterf–k occasionally seen on even the trashiest being series. This is only what happens when you entice Farrah to the party, folks!

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It's regularly waggish when a little pointless d-bag is held flipping out on video.

Many of the many loving viral gems have been the outcome of a little favourite carrying the participation of thoughts to mangle out his iPhone since they clarity which which woman who longed for the packet is gonna freak out.

But for all the vehement snub we've witnessed in the past, it's probable which no one has demonstrated as most delusional anger as this pointless Brooklyn jogger who's so pissed which someone bumped in to him which he launches in to an epic harangue about "white privilege."

It's value observant which pronounced jogger is all white.

“You’re brand new in the neighborhood! I’ve been in this neighborhood," the city slicker screams at the relatives who dared pull their hiker in the approach of his jogging route.

"The usually reason since white people similar to you live in this area is since I staid this fucking area for you!”

He afterwards screams "white privilege" repeatedly, since assumingly he was celebration of the mass Buzzfeed earlier, or something.

You can see since this male has been dubbed "the Christopher Columbus of Brooklyn." Were it not for him, the precinct of 2.6 million might have left unsettled forever.

God magnify you, rage-bro.

Christopher columbus of brooklyn white man claims to have settle

Last time we checked in on Brandi Glanville, she was stability her one-woman debate to let the universe know which Joanna Krupa has a sharp vagina.

But with the make a difference of Joanna’s vadge being sorted out in a justice of law (seriously), Brandi is right divided giveaway to spin her courtesy behind to her strange rivals – LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian.

Brandi Image
Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn Rimes Instagram

Unexpectedly, which argument has simmered down in new months.

Sure, Brandi throws shade about Eddie being a deadbeat right divided and then, but newly it’s felt as yet Glanville, Rimes and Cibrian have found a small usual ground, at slightest with courtesy to the raising of Eddie and Brandi’s two kids.

However, when asked about differences in her and Eddie’s parenting philosophies in a new talk with ET, Brandi claimed which she’s most some-more “strict,” and seemed to indicate which Eddie and LeAnn fundamentally let 12-year-old Mason and 8-year-old Jake get divided with murder.

“On their time, they’re similar to their small buddies,” Brandi said.

“On my time, I’m sorry, there’s, like, chores and manners and we have to have a small arrange of structure, since they’re not small buddies. They’re kids! So, observant ‘hell’ when you’re 8 isn’t cute. I will pound you!”

Anyone who’s seen LeAnn’s consistent swim suit selfies knows which the lady is unfortunate to be liked, so we’re not terribly astounded which she’s fixated on being the “cool” step-mom.

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you know it’s been an bomb year for the Carolina Hurricane, Jenelle Evans, and it’s about to get some-more so.

Jenelle Evans at the VMAs

The singular mom of dual got intent to Nathan Griffith, separate up, and had multiform made at home disputes which landed any of them in prison at slightest once.

Now which they’re damaged up for good, Jenelle – who has been related to David Eason – says she’s enjoying the “single life” for the time being.

Not which it’s been an easy highway to get to this point.

“The hardest impulse for this deteriorate would have to be me and Nathan not removing along and him relocating on to somebody else,” she said.

“That was only unequivocally hard, perplexing to co-parent with him, not reason a hate opposite him and keep him divided from my son at the same time.”

That does receptive to advice flattering complicated.

The span share their son Kaiser, fourteen months, and have been operative to co-parent as Jenelle moves behind to North Carolina to be nearby her mother.

All Teen Mom 2 fans know which Barbara Evans still has control of Jenelle’s comparison son Jace, 6, whose all MIA father is Andrew Lewis.

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Jenelle additionally non-stop up about her MTV co-stars, observant which Catelynn Lowell is her the one preferred of all the Teen Mom expel she’s met to illustrate far.

“She’s only so down to earth and humble. Her and Tyler [Baltierra], they’re only good people,” Jenelle says of Cate and her husband.

While Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham have feuded online countless times in the last, she says, “I haven’t met Farrah in my life.”

“We’ve never met in genuine life, we’ve never spoken. I’ve listened about the things she’s finished over there in the UK I only listen to it’s a lot of drama.”

Evans adds which she has a soft mark for Leah Messer’s former father Corey Simms, “the most appropriate poignant alternative for [all of] Teen Moms.”

“He does all he can for his girls.”

Corey Simms and Leah Messer have been at contingency during this deteriorate of Teen Mom 2 … yet they did additionally have sex in his truck.

Hope springs eternal.

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Khloe Kardashian’s former father Lamar Odom is behind … on Instagram, at least, after multiform months divided from the amicable media site.

Lamar Odom on the Mavs
Lamar's Lunch

The former NBA star has been all over Insta, pity pics of himself personification for the L.A. Lakers and the University of Rhode Island Rams.

Khloe’s ex, 35, additionally common a design of a full of health meal!

“Mmmmm,” Odom captioned the pic of grilled duck with rice and avocado subsequent to 3 tough fully cooked eggs and a purple smoothie.

Delish. Goes good with a side of moment rocks. #toosoon?

In further to food porn, Odom common a print of an old journal writing from his days as a cherished player at Christ the King H.S.

Back in 1997, Lamar was one of the nation’s tip recruits; Odom went on to fool around one year at URI prior to creation the burst to the NBA.

Since then, his climb and tumble have been good documented.

It’s been a sold severe year for the athlete, who tragically mislaid dual tighten friends, Jamie Sangouthai and Bobby Heyward, to drug overdoses.

He additionally finalized his divorce from Khloe Kardashian, 31, in July, scarcely dual years after the important span initial separate up and he spiraled out of control.

In the premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season eleven final weekend, Lamar’s ex suggested which she still continually checks up on Odom.

“I don’t hold in only behaving similar to which attribute never existed,” Kardashian pronounced at one point, and this current matter additionally begs the question:

Will we see Lamar apply Khloe at SoulCycle on the E! show? Guess we’ll have to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online and find out.

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After Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise divorced given of Cruise’s mania with Scientology, Katie landed some-more the $400,000 a year in kid await from Tom.

And now, years after their divorce settlement, Katie is melancholy to take Tom behind to justice for some-more kid await money.

Katie Holmes in a Hat
Tom Cruise on Set

We aren’t certain because Katie needs some-more income to await their 9-year-old daughter Suri. But we do think this could be a approach of punishing Tom for not saying his daughter for some-more than dual years.

According to an insider who dished the sum to Life & Style Magazine, “She’s going to ask which the $400,000 a year in await she now gets be nice to a aloft amount.”

The source added, “While Katie’s receiving each behaving pursuit which comes her way, she doesn’t have the capability to keep her and Suri vital the lifestyle which Tom’s happening allowed.”

More income is indispensable to keep up with Suri’s lifestyle the source said: “There’s additionally the actuality which Suri is removing comparison and needs some-more income to transport behind and onward opposite the nation with Katie, as good as for her dance, skating and song lessons, brand new clothes, humanities and crafts, and tutors.”

The insider settled which Suri’s “needs will usually grow exponentially over the subsequent couple of years” and which Holmes is “preparing … to have certain she gets the income she needs.”

Will this be a wake-up call for Tom? Will he be reminded which he needs to await and see his daughter?

In August, rumors claimed Tom saw his daughter for the initial time in dual years and which he was attempting to set up a attribute with her.  However, the newest report suggests otherwise.

Cruise blames his work commitments, citing which they forestall him from saying Suri. He spends many of his time in London, whilst Suri is in New York and Los Angeles.

Holmes isn’t usurpation any excuses though. According to the insider, she is ready to put up a fight. “She’s grown a lot tougher given bursting from Tom. The matrimony was suffocating her, but she’s no longer afraid,” the source dished.

Like many people, Katie feels which hold up but Tom is no big deal. In fact, hold up but Tom is substantially better!

She only wants him to take caring of their daughter.  Holmes “would be excellent if she never saw Tom again, but receiving correct caring of his daughter financially is an additional matter,” the source reassured.

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Let no one ever contend South Park is not an next to event offender.

On Wednesday night, the show went after Caitlyn Jenner, representing her in unflattering fashion… and afterwards carrying her run a walking over with her car.

On the same episode, meanwhile, South Park took target a sure egocentric, self-centered, extremist loudmouth. Who only happens to be the heading Republican hopeful for President.

It proposed out innocently enough, with the show referring to the impression parodying Trump as a "brash asshole" and carrying him discuss it people to perform licentious activities on his in isolation parts.

But afterwards Mr. Garrison enters Trump’s office, beats him up, rapes him and kills him.

Sh-t happens, we guess? Watch and see if this stage went as well far, even for South Park.

Donald trump only got raped and killed on south park


Ashlee Simpson knows how to have a little legitimately darling babies.

Ashlee Simpson Baby Photo

In box this were someway in doubt, the thespian (can we still call her that?) has taken to Instagram and since supporters their really firs took at Jagger Snow Ross.

She and father Evan Ross welcomed Jagger in to the universe at the finish of July.

“We love her so much,” Simpson wrote on Twitter along with the photo. She’s everything! most appropriate dad in the universe @realevanross.”

Ross is an actor/singer and is additionally the son of song fable Diana Ross.

The idol gushed around Twitter not prolonged after his mother gave birth:

“I am vivacious about the bieing born of my changed Grandbaby, Jagger Snow Ross She is so beautiful. I LOVE HER. Ashlee and Evan were amazing.”

Ashlee, of course, is the sister of Jessica Simpson, who has a span of really lovable kids herself.

Know who else has lovable kids? The following important people!

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Back in April, Kylie Jenner was indicted of wearing blackface in a array of bizarre Instagram photos which seemed to show the singer sporting a most darker skin tone.

Now, the 18-year-old is once again at the core of a race-based controversy, and once again, she’s claiming it’s all a big misunderstanding.

Kylie Pouts Lips

It all proposed when Kylie helped crony Jordyn Wood applaud her 18th birthday final night.

Several attendees posted photos from Jordyn’s party, together with a baked sweat bread which reads, “Happy Birthday, N–ga.”

As Kylie referenced removing Jordyn a baked sweat bread on amicable media, most fans went on the offensive, presumption which Kylie systematic the dried with the secular slur.

“What kind of crony wants to call you a secular slur?” wrote one Instagram user. “Especially one where people similar to her have a story of regulating the word to dehumanize people similar to you?”

“I usually goal this lady realizes Jenner is not her friend. This a little alternative turn sort of disregard smfh,” an additional one commented.

As it turns out, Kylie got Jordyn a opposite baked sweat bread (left)…Oh, and she additionally paid for her a Mercedes Benz (right). No big deal.

Kylie Jenner Cake
Kylie Jenner Jordyn Wood Birthday Present

So it turns out, Kylie not usually doesn’t make use of secular slurs (that we know of), she’s additionally freakin’ overwhelming at giving birthday gifts.

Of course, she’s still coping with those rumors which Tyga gave her a leased Lamborghini for her birthday, so hopefully Kylie had the clarity to buy Jordyn’s Benz outright.

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