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Earlier today, we reported which a rapper declared Stitches claimed which he slept with Kylie Jenner while she was dating Tyga.

One competence think which would emanate a little vital problems for the immature couple, generally given this is the second Kylie-Tyga cheating liaison in the past 3 months. (And they haven’t even been dating for a year!)

But according to Radar Online, Tyga has no skeleton to mangle up with Kylie for the elementary reason which he doesn’t hold any partial of Stitches’ story.

Kylie Jenner and Tyga Together

“Kylie is revelation Tyga which it is positively untrue,” one insider says of Stitches’ accusations. “Tyga does not buy this guy’s claims for one second. Kylie told him which she has never even met Stitches.”

It seems there have been a couple of reasonf that T-Raww has no complaint desiring Kylizzle:

  1. Kylie stood by him when Mia Isabella purported which he cheated.
  2. She refused to hold Tyga had been sexting Blac Chyna, even after Blac posted detailed justification online. (This man gets indicted of intrigue a lot! Just sayin’.)
  3. Stitches claimed the coked-up night of passion happened after Kylie’s 18th birthday, and (creepily) Kylie and Tyga have outlayed only about each day and night of her adult hold up together.

“Her sisters told her to only get used to this because, when you have been as important as she is, this things will occur all the time,” the insider says.

We’re guessing they added, “Don’t take it severely until you find the rapper or contestant you devise on marrying.

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Yesterday, Rob Kardashian shared a print of Karrueche Tran on his Instagram page.

That might appear similar to an trusting sufficient act, but Karrueche is the ex-girlfriend of Chris Brown, which equates to which elementary acts of amicable media cheating have led to online genocide threats in the past. 

Rob’s heading (“I similar to it when she send me pictures.”) usually combined fuel to the fire, and most fans began speculating which the reserved sock engineer was bangin’ the Tran.

Despite the actuality which he obviously invited this arrange of conjecture, Rob got pissed at his IG supporters who dared to indicate which he and Karrueche were anything some-more than only friends.

Now, it seems Karrueche is only as fervent to set the jot down straight. She posted the video next as justification which she sent Rob a pic not to be flirtatious, but to show off the flourishing from her new revisit to the dentist:

Karrueche Tran: Post-Dentist Video

Reps for Tran endorse to TMZ which she and Rob have been “friends given tall school,” but never anything more.

It’s a great thing she privileged which up.

That way, Rob doesn’t have to be concerned about Breezy caving his face in, and Karrueche doesn’t have to be concerned about people meditative she’s dating a city slicker who spends his days smoking weed, personification video games and plotting his lapse to the fast-paced universe of sock design.

Taylor Swift has a brand brand new part of of her Squad.

Sadly, no, it isn’t Dylan Barnes, the darling seven-year old with whom Swift only danced online.

Taylor Swift and Todrick Hall

Instead, Swift is posing on Instagram with Todrick Hall, the gifted 25-year old who not long ago went viral by mashing together a series of Taylor singles off “1989.”

The span reportedly hung out backstage during one of Swift’s debate stops Kansas City, gnawing a garland of lovable photos as if they were old pals.

“My brand brand new BFF!,” Hall captioned one of the picture. “Thanx @taylorswift for mouth-watering me to your show! #1989worldtour”

Swift afterwards common the picture above, that shows off both her coherence (you’re a propitious man, Calvin Harris!) and her newfound friendship.

“Doing splits with @toddyrockstar backstage tonight in KC #bonding,” she wrote along with the photo.

Hall auditioned for American Idol Season 9 and has sky-rocketed to viral luminary around his extraordinary delivery of Swift hits.

“I overtly can’t hold what I only saw,” Taylor wrote on saying Hall’s mash-up video. “This volume of bent in one chairman has me speechless. I [love] @toddyrockstar.”

Looks similar to we need to have an further to the outline of Taylor Swift’s most appropriate luminary friends…

If these twenty-three celebrities ever need a side job, well, there's one career we know they have any dabbled in – with mixed, licentious results.

See the the one preferred important pledge porn stars, for improved or worse, right right away … and don't download their videos from untrustworthy sources.

Seriously, if Ashley Madison has taught us anything, it's which you will get destitute if you pointer up for an comment somewhere. FWIW.

1. Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra wilkinson promo shot
Before Hugh Hefner and prior to Hank Baskett, Kendra Wilkinson got freaky on video with an old boyfriend. And she’s got a genuine bent for rodeo.

2. Kim Kardashian

A kim kardashian selfie
Need we contend more? Ray J strike it initial and done her a star.

3. Paris Hilton

Paris hilton instagram selfie
Paris Hilton was Kim Kardashian prior to Kim Kardashian was Kim Kardashian. In alternative words, she got important from a man you do her on camera. She and Kim were additionally friends once!

4. Farrah Abraham

Farrah abraham great again
Okay, there’s zero pledge about removing paid by a porn association to fire an X-rated video called Backdoor Teen Mom. But she’s far from a pro when it comes to all else.

5. Pamela Anderson

Pamela anderson in cannes
Pamela Anderson’s sex fasten was one of the first, and many infamous. And hardest core.

6. Octomom

The octomom nadya suleman
Octomom: Home Alone was the self-pleasure strike of 2012. It might be some-more silken to strike yourself in the conduct with a 2×4, but so be it.

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It’s been 3 weeks given Josh Duggar entered rehab for sex addiction, and most fans and critics of his important family have been still anticipating the former being star won’t have a mother and young kids to lapse to.

For a time, it looked as yet they competence be in luck, as it was at large reported which Anna had left Arkansas to move in with her relatives in Florida.

Josh and Anna Duggar Image

Now, however, In Touch is stating which she done the move usually so which her relatives could support her with the raising of her 4 young kids (Josh competence be in rehab for up to 6 months) and not since she has any goal of withdrawal her father for good.

Anna’s siblings have speedy her to leave Josh, but her devoutly eremite relatives reportedly hold which she should hang with the marriage, notwithstanding her husband’s many, most shortcomings.

“They won’t inspire a separation,” a source tighten to the family tells Radar Online. “They think she should work it out with him.”

At first, most fans insincere which Anna’s preference to move so far from Josh’s rehab trickery in Illinois was an denote which she had no goal of on vacation her husband, and had eventually turn fed up with his infidelity.

It seems, however, which wedding visits have been simply not available during the initial 3 months of Josh’s complete diagnosis program.

“She’s seeking brazen to saying him in a month or dual when the initial wedding visitation is allowed,” says a source. “She only prays which he gets the assistance he needs so they can go on with their hold up together, notwithstanding all he did to her.”

So it looks similar to Anna will be station until her male after all. That is, at slightest until the subsequent time he messes up.

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Ryan Reynolds. He's only similar to the rest of us, fellas.

Yes, it looks similar to his face was sculpted from assorted pieces of each alternative prohibited guy's face on the planet.

And, yes, he can go home and see Blake Lively bare any time he wants. But… ummm…. hmmm… where were we?

Oh, right: Ryan Reynolds is only similar to the rest of us because Ryan Reynolds cannot put together a sneak around from IKEA, either.

The actress is featured in a waggish brand new GQ video that, for a little reason, finds him perplexing to finish this scarcely unfit task.

He gets an IKEA worker on the phone. He curses. He jokes about this plan outcome in a “descent in to alcoholism.”

And afterwards he eventually puts the sneak around together! Kind of! Sort of! In really dangerous fashion!

Check out the waggish footage right away and watch how Reynolds total out a foolproof approach to better IKEA at the own irritating game.

Ryan reynolds cant put together an ikea sneak around either

Finally, a Harry Styles unison video which does not underline the tasteful thespian receiving a fall.

Instead, it facilities the large One Direction artist behaving as an adorably protecting brother.

Playing with his rope friends at the Apple Music Festival in London Tuesday night, Styles stopped behaving for a short bit in sequence to check on his sitter, Gemma. 

Apparently she wasn't only on a date which evening… she was on a date AT the concert!

“I’m contemptible if I appear distracted,” Styles pronounced whilst scanning the audience. “My sister’s here on a date, and I’m perplexing to keep an eye on it. They’re up there somewhere. Just handle yourself!"

HA! How lovable and sweet, right?

Earlier which same day, Styles and his pals voiced which the fifth One Direction college of music manuscript will dump on Nov 13.

As fans sadly know, the boys will afterwards take an lengthened interregnum and be detached for many of 2016.

Harry styles stops unison to view on sister and her date

A 24-year-old Florida male is underneath detain for murdering his partner after she called out her former husband’s name during sex … twice.

Fidel Lopez

Police in Sunrise, Fla., arrested Fidel Lopez and lay which he disemboweled Maria Nemeth, 31, final weekend, pulling her viscera out.

According to the report, Lopez admits he incited in to a “monster.”

Nemeth had called out her ex’s name dual times as the integrate was allegedly carrying alcohol-fueled, “rough sex” in their apartment’s closet.

Lopez allegedly told the cops which Nemeth was so dipsomaniac which she upheld out, after which he lame her body, to the indicate of her demise.

Fidel after attempted waking her up, bringing her in to their lavatory to dash H2O on her face, but she never regained consciousness.

At which point, he told detectives he cleared the red blood from his hands so he could fume a cigarette out on the apartment’s balcony.

He returned to find Nemeth not breathing, and called 911.

When cops arrived, they found Lopez laying subsequent to his girlfriend, crying, along with what appeared to be signs of a aroused struggle.

Detectives additionally detected “lots of blood” and “chunks of full of blood tissue” strewn via the couple’s apartment, the inform states.

Charged with first-degree murder, he is being hold but bail.

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Forget the rumors of doubt or disloyalty and post-divorce strife.

According to Blake Shelton, all is really great in between him and his important ex-wife.

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“Our total thing was: You know, we’re only going to be cool about this. It is what it is,” Shelton pronounced of his separate from Miranda Lambert during an talk on the Bobby Bones Show this morning.

“We’re buddies.”

Neither Shelton nor Lambert have pronounced most publicly given their overwhelming divorce this summer, yet Lambert did not long ago distortion on the cement nearby a little wall scrawl which review Protect Your Heart.

Immediately after headlines of this startling break-up spread, both sides were indicted of infidelity, with clever gibberish which Shelton had slept with someone declared Cady Groves.

The artist did not hold on this gossip or on any basement for his Jul divorce after 4 years of marriage, simply observant currently which all fell detached quickly.

“We knew if rumblings and rumors proposed entrance out, they would be only tha. By the time anybody knew anything, it was over – it was done.”

Shelton, of course, can right away be seen each week as a manager on The Voice.

He’s seated to one side Gwen Stefani, with whom a little contend he’s really hooking up.

“In Oklahoma, it happens so fast,” Shelton told the iHeartRadio affiliate.

“Miranda and I didn’t have any kids, and we had the prenuptial agreement, whatever we had. Once we filed for divorce, it was over in a nine- or 10-day watchful period.”

Sadly, fans of the integrate have indispensable far longer than which to weep the twosome’s demise. How did this happen, people?!?

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Sadly, the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother doesn’t air on this side of the pond, so we haven’t been means to soak in each second of the rubbish glow which was Farrah Abraham’s short time on the show.

Fortunately, interjection to the sorcery of the Internet, we were means to suffer highlights such as Farrah humping Jenna Jameson in a cylinder full of chocolate pudding and Farrah melancholy to kill the finish cast.

Sadly, Farrah has right away been “evicted” from the Big Brother house, and for a while, it looked similar to she wouldn’t have any serve opportunities to have the nation proud. 

Thankfully, Ms. Abraham was selected to experience in the aftershow, and final night, this happened:

Farrah Abraham Celebrity Big Brother Fight

Yes, Farrah can be listened shouting, “Hag, be quiet!” at one of the alternative panelists prior to the live feed cuts out and the host earnings to insist things in an oh-so-British fashion:

“Hi guys, unfortunately we did have to cocktail which up there due to a make a difference which happened. Unfortunately we have mislaid the row for the evening.” 

Obviously, we have no approach of meaningful exactly what happened, since the Brits all skip the indicate of being TV by refusing to air any violence.

However, witnesses (including those concerned in the melee) contend Farrah launched a full-on attack opposite British indication Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace.

Farrah reportedly hurled several booze eyeglasses at Horgan-Wallace, and even recruited her new bestie Jenna Jameson as a tag-team partner.

“I’ve never seen anything similar to it in my life. She was a demented woman. I was ducking and diving. I was disturbed about the potion removing in my face,” says Horgan-Wallace.

Us Weekly reports which 64-year-old competitor Vicki Michelle was hospitalized for injuries she postulated during the brawl. Farrah and Jenna were both private by security, and military contend they’re questioning the matter.

Never change, Farrah. Just kidding. Please do a finish 180 prior to you come behind to the States. Thanks!

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