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Lindsay Lohan loves to take selfies. Unfortunately, years of complicated celebration and tough drug make make use of of have taken their fee on the LiLo's face, physique and mind.

You competence think which her thespian detriment of IQ points wouldn't unequivocally matter, since you can't see irrationality in an Instagram pic.

Unfortunately, Lohan likes to make make use of of Photoshop, and her scorched brain – which we pretence is so coated in heroin at this indicate which it resembles a powdered donut – doesn't concede her to comprehend when she's posted a little unintentionally waggish bullion on amicable media.

Most of the time, Lindsay usually warps her own physique until she looks similar to a little arrange of surrealist painting or a deserted antecedent for Eight-Ball Barbie.

But sometimes, she tries to retouch herself in to a improved chairman and and awkwardly 'shops her own face in to a print of people you do gift work. 

Whatever her goal, the lady needs to take a category or dual prior to she tries to dope us again. Or at slightest she should usually splash half a liter of vodka prior to she edits her pics. She can save the alternative half as a prerogative for when she's done. Desert!


1. Lindsay’s First Photoshop Fail

Lindsay lohan photoshopping fail
This is one of Lindsay’s some-more pointed fails. It looks plausible enough, until you notice the wavy steps at the back of her. Don’t worry, they get some-more silly from here.

2. What a Waist!

Lindsay lohan sucks at photoshop
See what we mean? Lindsay needs to possibly begin rocking a girdle or get improved at retouching if she wants a cartoonishly little waist.

3. Lindsay and the Fun House Mirror

Lindsay lohan photoshop fail
The most appropriate partial of Lindsay’s horrible retouching is which she obviously thinks she nailed it each time.

4. Lindsay Doing "Charity Work"

Lindsay lohan photoshopped gift photo
Lindsay Lohan Photoshopped herself in to a print compelling a UK charity. Yeah, we’re not certain because either.

5. Lindsay: Topless and Photoshopped!

Lindsay lohan topless on instagram
This is essentially one of Lindsay’s some-more sublime ‘shop jobs, but still – demeanour at the weird, rough figure of her torso. If usually she knew we were usually gonna demeanour at her boobs, anyway.

6. All Wrong in a Thong

Lindsay lohan photoshop selfie
We’re used to the ridiculously little waists by now. What’s waggish about this one is the donkey which looks similar to it was molded out of dry clay.

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Kim Kardashian needs to up her website game.

As formerly reported, all Kardashian and Jenner sisters have come out with brand new apps, with Kylie Jenner essentially proof to be the most renouned online participation (by far) of all siblings.

Actual Kim Kardashian Outfit
Cait Reacts

So, in sequence to put herself behind on tip (no, which is not a Kim Kardashian sex fasten joke) – and in sequence to get people to compensate $2.99 for full entrance to – the being star has penned a item blog entrance all about Caitlyn Jenner.

After quickly referring to on a Keeping Up with the Kardashians special which she walked in on her step-dad ready to go identical to a woman, Kim says she is right away becoming some-more skilled since “maybe my story can assistance any one else experiencing something similar.”

Kardashian says she fled to Kourtney’s residence after witnessing Bruce’s bizarre behavior.

“We didn’t even know the tenure ‘transgender,’ nor did we know what it meant. For over a decade, we insincere he was a cross-dresser, not transgender,” Kim writes, adding which Bruce positive Kim which the dual would speak about things someday.

“So I kept the tip and didn’t discuss it any one alternative than Kourtney. We did not discuss it my mom, either. I’m not certain because I didn’t discuss it my mom.

“I theory I suspicion it would mangle up her marriage, and Kendall and Kylie were so immature … I only felt so bad. I literally tuned it out for over a decade and never even unequivocally suspicion about it,” says Kardashian.

Finally, 4 years ago, Bruce called Kim and offering to talk.

“I happily met with him at my home and he explained to me which he regularly felt he was trapped in the wrong body. I never unequivocally suspicion he would one day passing from one to another – which was never discussed.”

Years went by with the family “living hold up as usual,” Kim writes, yet she felt identical to had a improved “understanding” of because Bruce didn’t “really bond with people.”

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Then… Bruce and Kris separated.

Kim figured it was due to normal reasons for a integrate separation, but “when I began saying cinema of Bruce with his nails embellished and those reports which he had his trachea shaved, I proposed to weird out. That’s when we proposed to speak about it.”

And it wasn’t too most longer when Bruce went open in an talk with Diane Sawyer.

“This was such a outrageous weight off of my shoulders, which Bruce can live his accurate self and turn Caitlyn,” Kim blogs, adding:

“Of course, the kids were all shaken about how the father would be viewed and that’s a normal feeling. We all went by so most emotions, ups and downs, care together and assembly with heads of the transgender village to improved assimilate what was all going on.”

Now, of course, Kim says she is “really happy” for Bruce and resolved her post with the following:

“I’m only so unapproachable of Caitlyn, and the attribute is even stronger now. And, after all, she asks me for character and glam tips all the time. What’s some-more fun than that?”

It’s been roughly dual months since we schooled which Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert have been removing divorced, and there have been dozens of rumors about how the former integrate is coping.

Last we listened from Blake, he was reportedly hooking up with Gwen Stefani on the set of The Voice. Not as well surprising, since his affinity for blondes who can lift a tune.

Also not surprising? Blake has been drinking.

Anyone who follows the male on Twitter knows which he likes to tip a potion right away and then, but friends contend which the 39-year-old’s been merrymaking harder than ever in new weeks, and they’re commencement to grow concerned.

Blake Shelton Smiles

“Blake’s merrymaking has gotten out of control. He seems to think it’s normal to be in a consistent inebriated state, but when he’s drunk, he creates bad decisions,” says a source tighten to the singer. “His friends have been shocked which he could finish up passed at this rate.

“Blake needs rehab,” the insider adds. “It’s as elementary as that.”

Friends reportedly satisfied the astringency of the incident when Blake strike up a weekend-long bachelor celebration in Cancun final month.

“[Shelton] was you do shots of tequila uninterrupted and partied with strippers all weekend,” the source says.

At one point, Blake assumingly stumbled out of his room with a very young-looking stripper (whom the source described as “Miranda Lambert look-alike”), and the dual of them began loudly yelling at road house guest who had fabricated in the courtyard.

“Of course, he’s regularly favourite to splash a lot, but right away his ethanol expenditure has skyrocketed,” the insider says. “His tighten friends have talked about an intervention, but it hasn’t happened yet. They need to hurry, since time is using out.”

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The Hills’ Whitney Port has come out overhanging conflicting her Instagram critics who contend she looks horrible or resounding but makeup on.

Whitney Port No Makeup Selfie

Throughout her years as a being star, Whitney’s persona was formed on her being Lauren Conrad’s soft-spoken and honeyed friend.

Port bluntly addressed the critique which she has faced per her face on amicable media, however, and she’s not subsidy down. At all.

In fact, she says she’s flash her makeup-free face some-more often than ever … ’cause she’s winning the conflict with acne and haters!

Writes the 30-year-old conform engineer and USC graduate:

“Hi guys. So I don’t wish to come off as preachy AT ALL!”

“But lately, when I post a pic of myself but makeup on @instagram, people hatred – revelation me I demeanour passed or malnutritioned or whatever! Over it!”

“I struggled with my skin A LOT flourishing up. I had distressing acne via tall propagandize and college and eventually got it underneath carry out in my midst 20’s.”

“I’ve schooled which gripping it full of health and transparent is often due to gripping it clean.”

“I TRULY think the key to middle and outdoor beauty isn’t about all the things we can buy to cover up the skin,” she writes, but the opposite.

To Port, it’s all about “how we can welcome the skin and keep it healthy.”

“Clean skin is in. The some-more I keep it clean, the improved condition it’s in.”

“And when you do confirm to put a small makeup on (I mean, we all do) the skin is a pristine substructure for it to live on! So goodbye haters!”

“I’m gonna welcome my bare, colorless, dark and resounding skin since I don’t need to censor at the back of anything.”

“I titillate all you out there to not be fearful of display which beautiful, unclothed face of yours to the world.”

“Join me and tab all your purify skin selfies regulating the hashtag #OurCleanSkinIsIn Let’s do this!!!”

Damn. Preach on, girl. And step off, Insta-haters. #Owned.

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Barack Obama stands with Ahmed Mohamed.

As minute in the following video, this 14-year old Muslim from Texas was essentially incarcerated by the military after he brought a homemade time in to school.

Student Arrested For Bringing Homemade Clock to School

The clergyman believed it to be a explosve and called the authorities.

No charges were filed, but the story spurred speak of Islamophobia online, with the hashtag #IStandWithAhmed fast trending on Twitter and his sisters environment up an comment for their kin at @istandwithahme.

It has thick with over 26,000 supporters in only a couple of hours.

Among those who have taken notice of the story? A sure Commander-in-Chief.

“Cool clock, Ahmed,” Barack Obama wrote on Twitter this afternoon. “Want to move it to the White House? We should enthuse some-more kids similar to you to similar to science. It’s what creates America great.”

(But isn’t America not great? Don’t we have to have it good again, as Donald Trump says on his hat?)

According to The Dallas Morning News, Ahmed done the time in subject out of a circuit board, which was lonesome by a pencil box which resembled a steel briefcase.

When the object proposed beeping inside his bag at MacArthur High School, administrators called the military and Ahmed was dangling for 3 days.

Ahmed told the journal he was “interrogated” by mixed military officers, who took mop shots of him and who even placed him in shackles (for “safety” reasons, Irving Police Chief Larry Boyd pronounced in a press conference).

“It done me feel similar to I wasn’t human,” Ahmed told the newspaper. “It done me feel similar to a criminal.”

Democratic presidential carefree Hillary Clinton and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg have voiced await for Mohamed around Twitter, call the 14-year old to write in response:

“Thank you for your support! I unequivocally didn’t think people would caring about a Muslim boy. #Thankyouforstandingwithme #IStandWithAhmed.

“We can anathema together to stop this secular lack of harmony and forestall this from function again.”

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Miley Cyrus has often been criticized over the march of her career as a singer, media personality, and manic tree nymph pothead.

Miley has acted nude, smoked weed on stage, masturbated during print shoots, done Billy Ray Cyrus applicable again…the list goes on and on.

But surely, even the prudest Miley hater can determine which all of her prior controversies dark in more aged to the gossip that Miley is hooking up with Dane Cook.

Miley Cyrus at the 2015 VMAs
Dane Cook Picture

If you didn’t only throw up in your mouth a little, afterwards you need to go behind and review which judgment again.

For the younger readers, Dane Cook is a veteran bro/joke burglar who enjoyed a brief, irregular impulse of recognition in the the early 2000s.

These days, we suppose he frequents frat parties, where he creates horribly antiquated jokes about how he would “totally bone one of those blue chicks from Avatar.”

Us Weekly – who pennyless the headlines – reports which Miley “likes droll guys,” as yet which has any temperament on her preference to date Dane Cook, who’s at large concluded to be about as droll as which documentary about abused whales at Sea World.

Miley’s ambience in group has regularly been controversial (Girl, any one could’ve told you not to date a Schwarzenegger.), but there competence be no entrance behind from this one.

Just do us a favor, Miley: if the male essentially says something funny, sensitively Google it word-for-word on your phone. Guaranteed, 9 times out of 10 it’s from an old-school George Carlin routine.

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Steve Rannazzisi creates millions of people giggle any week as a star on The League.

But no one found what the actress certified to this sunrise to be funny.

Steve Rannazzisi Pic
Pete Davidson Pic

In a shocking, unfortunate admission, Rannazzisi confessed which he lied behind in the day about operative in the World Trade Center at the time of the 9/11 militant attacks.

“I don’t know since I pronounced this. This was inexcusable. I am truly, indeed sorry,” Rannazzisi pronounced in a matter released around his publicist.

Of those who have chimed in on the scandal, most have taken note of Pete Davidson’s reply since the Saturday Night Live expel part of mislaid his father in those same attacks.

“It’s ok @SteveRannazzisi people have mistakes,” Davidson primarily Tweeted, awkwardly adding: “Can’t wait for to encounter my father for lunch later.”

But Rannazzisi appeared to have longed for the joke, essay behind in response:

“Thank you Pete. I unequivocally conclude it.”

He in the future deleted this reply.

However, and after vocalization with Rannazzisi personally, Davidson afterwards incited critical and Tweeted once more:

“Take it easy on @SteveRannazzisi … He reached out to me and is indeed sorry. We all infrequently distortion and elaborate a story to appear cooler.”

That’s true. Just ask Brian Williams.

Still… really, Steve Rannazzisi?!? Wow, dude.

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After this lady detected her father had been intrigue on her for months, he left her in apocalyptic straits, both emotionally and financially.

Not usually did he leave her, but he labeled his soon-to-be ex-wife worthless. That’s about as low as you can get. But it did not keep her down.

What surprisingly followed incited out to be a form in courage, of willpower and strength of character, and a doctrine he’ll never forget.

We spin it over to the lady in her own words:

Heartwarming Story

Wow. Forgive us if it only got a small bit dry in here.

Pretty extraordinary turnaround, wouldn’t you agree?

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We’ve seen most erotically appealing Instagram trends come and go during the amicable media site’s comparatively short history.

No makeup selfies were all the fury for a while. We’ve seen the climb of Man Crush Monday, Woman Crush Wednesday and Throwback Thursday.

We’ve even seen people poise with food which they couldn’t presumably eat.

But leave it to a Jenner and a Kardashian to enthuse not usually a brand brand new trend, but a brand brand new word. Someone call the folks at Webster’s, given we need “thighbrow” in the dictionaries, ASAP.

Kendall and Khloe Thighbrow Pic

In box you were wondering the thighbrow is which double peaking out of Kendall Jenner and Khloe Kardashian’s swimsuit bottoms.

No word on if they proposed the direction on purpose, but meaningful the Kard house we wouldn’t put it past them.

In the 3 weeks given which print was posted “#thighbrow” has turn a renouned hashtag, and naturally, Kylie Jenner had to lift the club by executing the initial station thighbrow:

Kylie Jenner Thighbrow

Truly, the tyro has turn the master. Stuff similar to this is because Kylie is some-more renouned than her sisters online. She thinks outward the box, ya know?

Anyway, the thighbrow direction will expected blur from mental recall in the really nearby future, but right away make a difference what happens, at slightest it’s not as reticent as waist training.

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The embattled Leah Messer of MTV's Teen Mom 2 has been by the wringer of late, indicted of each bad parenting move underneath the sun.

All of which she has finished excuses for.

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you've seen one heavy situation after an additional involving Leah and her dual endangered former spouses.

The twice divorced mother of 3 creates no apologies for any of the bizarre function and argumentative parenting moves. She's exhibited.

Only these (dubious) explanations.

1. Tanning Salon Mumbling

Leah messer on teenager mother 2 pic
Messer repelled fans by seeking similar to she was on the verge of flitting out and mumbling incoherently whilst operative at a tanning reception room on Teen Mom 2. She did confess she was on stress medication, but pronounced the side goods finished her stop right away. This was over a year ago right away …

2. Illegal Business Dealings … Er, Setbacks

Leah is crushed
Under review by the West Virginia Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists for using an bootleg salon, Leah and her partners Leslee Pannell and Crystal Spinks shuttered their operation, defiantly stating: “We will strengthen the repute and ourselves. This is a destiny career we reason in. Success doesn’t come but set backs and haters. We aren’t fearful of either.” They pronounced “there is 0 truth” to reports about an review … but which the reception room is in truth “on hold.”

3. Stealing From Ali?!

Leah messer cries in the car
After reports flush claiming which Messer stole $50,000 from her daughter Ali’s certitude account (allegedly to account her addictions), she sought to transparent her name. “My girls still have they’re [sic] money,” Leah tweeted. “It’s only not at the bank your [sic] seeking at.” Transferring the supports to a opposite bank but revelation any one is wholly plausible, nonetheless she did not yield any justification which she had finished so, or insist because she would have to.

4. TMI For Toddlers

Leah messer daughters photo
Leah Messer was criticized for her daughters’ risque dance clothes in this photo. She shielded the move, observant trolls online have been out to get her.

5. Kiss Off, Haters!

Leah messer and jeremy calvert kiss
Leah shot down divorce rumors involving herself and her scattered matrimony to Jeremy Calvert final year … sealing her Twitter kiss-off to the haters with this pic. Shortly thereafter, they essentially did get divorced.

6. I Know There’s a Drug Problem.

Teen mother 2 deteriorate premiere
Corey told Leah asked Leah true up if she’s on drug in the Season 6 premiere. “I swear to God there’s not,” she said, when confronted on her purported problem. Future events have not bolstered her argument.

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