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Kerry Simon, a former Iron Chef star well known by his peers as the “Rock ’n’ Roll Chef,” died on Friday sunrise succumbing to Multiple System Atrophy.

He was 60 years old.

Kerry Simon image

Close crony Robin Leach reliable Simon’s flitting around a mainstay in The Las Vegas Sun.

“We will regularly recollect Kerry fondly,” Leach wrote.

“He was a peaceful male who will be longed for greatly. He was still immature and large at 60 years of age. He didn’t fume or splash alcohol, preferring his the one preferred juices regimen.”

Simon battled this distressing mildew for dual years and upheld divided in a hospice, surrounded by dual Tibetan monks.

He won the 2005 deteriorate of Iron Chef and owned multiform restaurants in locations such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Atlantic City.

Simon began culinary career in the late 1908s behind when Donald Trump’s initial wife, Ivana, tasked him with using the Plaza Hotel’s Edwardian Room.

We send the condolences to his family, friends and desired ones.

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Well, Ben Affleck’s attribute is strictly over.

No, we’re not articulate his divorce from Jennifer Garner. That’s old headlines in the universe of Affleck dong.

We’re articulate about the actuality which Ben is avoiding Christine Ouzounian these days, which seems to prove which his nanny-banging days have been at the back of him.

So who does a handsome, Oscar-winning, fabulously wealthy, newly-single city slicker who’s about to crop up on shade as freakin’ Batman have sex with next? Why any one he wants of course!

Ben’s subsequent plan is an instrumentation of the Dennis Lehane novel Live By Night, in which he’s slated to co-star with the also newly-single Sienna Miller.

Sienna Miller Photo
Ben Affleck Red Carpet Look

OK! repository is stating which the movie hasn’t even started sharpened yet, but Ben already has a thing for Sienna.

A source tells the publication which “Ben is thrilled to have his freedom,” prior to adding which he’s “really impressed” with Sienna, whom he considers “gorgeous.”

If that’s not an call in to Bat-bang, we do not know what is. 

Interestingly, Sienna antiquated remarkable nanny-banger Jude Law for multiform years in the early 2000s (and again in the early 2010s). So take note, fellas:

If you wanna get with Sienna Miller, only sinecure a nanny, have sex with her…then turn a wealthy and incredibly important actor. It’s which easy!

As you competence know, Johnny Depp is a bit of a uncanny guy.

And by "bit of a uncanny guy," we meant he not long ago told a throng of reporters which he killed and ate his dogs, since that's how Johnny Depp promotes a movie.

The plan Johnny is pulling these days is Black Mass, which has been removing good early hum and is being touted as a kind of lapse to form for Depp, who's been accessorizing as most as ever, but forgetful to do which total "acting" thing lately.

As partial of his media tour, Depp appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live final night, and when Bearded Jimmy referred to which Depp have honeyed love to the complete studip audience, Captain Jack seemed infrequently up for the task.

"Do you love your fans, or not?" Kimmel asked.

"I do, and I will infer it," Depp replied but blank a beat.

Sadly, Johnny never essentially done his attribute with hundreds of Kimmel fans, but the shave is value examination asnyway.

Johnny depp to jimmy kimmel i will bone your complete audience

Earlier this week, former tennis star James Blake was arrested in NYC whilst station outward of his road house and watchful for a float to take him to the US Open.

It incited out to be a box of in error identity, aw military contend Blake resembles a think in an temperament burglary ring.

Blake has settled which he does not hold competition was a factor, and he's supposed the NYPD's reason for the incident.

However, the 35-year-old has settled which he wants video of the situation to be expelled to the open so which all can see usually how aroused the officer's actions indeed were.

That video went open today, and it is right away transparent which Blake was positively not exaggerating.

The confidence camera footage shows the military military officer vigourously slamming Blake to the belligerent notwithstanding the actuality which Blake shows no signs of resistance.

Thus far, usually teenager disciplinary actions have been taken opposite the impediment officer, but most have been anticipating this video will shift that.

James blake video of in error temperament detain expelled shocking

If you watched Teen Mom 2 Season 6 Episode 10 last night, afterwards you know which Chelsea Houska continued to concrete her purpose as the most stable, organic and volatile mother to ever be featured on the show.

Chelsea Houska and Daughter

Unfortunately, Chelsea’s d-bag baby dad Adam Lind continues to intermittently weasel his approach behind in to her life, and he challenged her in a big approach in one of final night’s some-more noted scenes.

Proving once again only how delusional he unequivocally is, Lind vowed to get custody after the execution of a court-ordered six-month watchful period.

It’s right away been over 6 months given which fight was filmed, and most fans have been left wondering if Adam done great on his threat.

Fortunately, it looks similar to Chelsea fans can inhale easy, as Radar Online is stating which Houska still has full control of Aubree.

“Nothing has changed,” says an insider tighten to Chelsea. “Aubree only proposed kindergarten, and Chelsea feels which her daughter needs to be gentle with her brand new slight prior to anything else changes.”

Houska and Lind did go to justice in March, but not surprisingly, Adam wasn’t means to remonstrate a decider which he was able of on condition which a fast home.

After all, Lind has been arrested some-more times than Jenelle Evans.

So for now, Lind gets to see his daughter each alternative week end in visits which have been supervised by his parents, and Cole De Boer continues to be a bigger father figure in Aubree’s life. We similar to it similar to that.

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One of the biggest upsets in sports story took place at the U.S. Open in New York City on Friday afternoon.

Roberta Vinci, the 43rd ranked player in the universe and a 300-1 prolonged shot, degraded Serena Williams in 3 sets, finale the star’s bid to win the initial monthly calendar Grand Slam in women’s tennis given 1988.

Serena Williams at the U.S. Open

Vinci hold at love in the final diversion to jolt thousands in assemblage and send Serena high-tailing it to the locker room after descending 2-6, 6-4, 6-4.

She was attempting to turn the initial player given Steffi Graf to win all 4 Major tournaments in a singular year.

“I do not wish to speak about how unsatisfactory it is for me,” Serena told reporters in a post-match press conference.

As for Vinci?

“I think she played literally out of her mind. I think she only played unequivocally well. She only did not wish to remove today.”

It’s hard, meanwhile, not to consternation either Drake played a purpose in Serena’s intolerable loss.

He was speckled creation out with Williams in late August, with friends observant Serena is peaceful to give Drake one final shot at intrigue prior to relocating on.

Drake was on palm at the U.S. Open to hearten Serena on for the initial time there, causing most to indicate a finger of censure in the irritating singer’s direction,

However, it’s value observant which Drake was benefaction at Wimbledon this year, as well. And Serena cruised to which title.

It’s wise which Lewis Hamilton is a Formula One racer, since the city slicker gets around some-more than the tires on his car.

Just final month, we reported which Hamilton was dating Rihanna, right away it looks similar to which was zero some-more than a smash-and-dash situation, since the 30-year-old ladies’ male has reportedly returned to one of his prior flavors of the month.

It was reported behind in May which Hamilton and Kendall Jenner were dating, and right away it looks as nonetheless they’re behind at it.

Lewis Hamilton at Cannes Film Festival
Kendall Jenner at Cannes Film Festival

Kendall and Lewis have been speckled unresolved out together in NYC multiform times in only the past couple of days

Reps for Kendall contend they’re only friends, but onlookers explain it looked similar to they were most some-more than that.

Interestingly, Hamilton was discerning to close down rumors which he was dating Rihanna, but he has nonetheless to criticism on the inlet of his attribute with Kendall.

As for those rumors which Kendall is dating Nick Jonas? Well, Nick says it’s all BS, so we theory which creates Kendall giveaway to cling to with whomever she pleases.

We’re not observant there’s anything critical going on in between Kendall and Lewis, but as far as friends with benefits go, they could both do a lot worse.

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Nicole Arbour was only seeking for a laugh, people.

The YouTube star found herself in sweltering prohibited H2O final week after posing a video (below) patrician “Dear Fat People…”

Nicole Arbour Addresses “Fat People,” Denies Existence of Body Shaming

The footage was comprised of Arbour comparing overweight people to zombies… slamming all physique picture trends online… and charity up such nuggets to the portly as:

“If you wish to be certain to your body, work out and eat well.”

In response, YouTube essentially took down Arbour’s video for a short duration of time and Arbour was dismissed from her pursuit as a choreographer of a movie.

But in an talk with the BBC, Arbour says she ought to be commended for her “noble” intentions, which were to “make people laugh.”

She additionally says she was only perplexing to move recognition to the critical subject of obesity.

“We unequivocally caring about them and we wish them to be full of health since I’m greedy and I wish them around,” she quipped in her Q&A.

And when the interviewer asked if creation jokes at the responsibility of fat people was “cheap,” Nicole replied: “20 million views isn’t which cheap.” 

We’re not certain if Arbour understands the definition of the word “cheap” here.

“I’m an next to event delinquent and it all goes behind to comedy,” Nicole concludes. “I think everybody is being a small as well supportive about everything…

“I do not contrition people. It was an act. It was one bit. I do not hatred anyone. I do not contrition anyone. I do not essentially hold in bullying at all.”

Watch the video on top of and confirm for yourself either you think Nicole Arbour is a bully.

Earlier today, we reported which Chris Brown and Nia Guzman would face off in justice to establish who would embrace control of their 1-year-old daughter, Royalty.

It turns out, we were usually half right. Nia showed up in court, and Chris was a no-show.

Chris Brown, Daughter

But do not worry, he was still perceived the 50/50 corner control decision he was anticipating for, since the universe is a distressing place and you can do whatever you wish if you’re rich.

In fairnedd, Nia was overhanging for the fences and asking which Chris embrace usually supervised visitation rights.

That competence appear sour and sparse she aptly forked out which Chris has a story of assault and does reticent things similar to move Royalty on debate with him.

The decider wasn’t carrying it, and not usually did he order which Chris and Nia would share custody, he additionally motionless which Nia will go on to embrace $2,500/month in kid await (She was requesting $15,000.) and contingency stop articulate rabble about Chris online.

Yes, Chris someway lifted Johnny Cochran and Robert Kardashian from the dead, since which is utterly the feat for a man who couldn’t even be worried to show up for court.

You competence be meditative which Chris couldn’t attend since he was bustling touring, and you would be half right.

He achieved in Dallas final night – and the conference was 3 hours divided in Houston today.

But do not worry, Chris has eventually done the trip. Royalty will be streamer home with him this afternoon. And by “home,” we meant to his subsequent debate stop in Houston.

Things will spin a bit quarrelsome on I Am Cait this Sunday night when Caitlyn Jenner gets in to it with ex-wife Kris Jenner.

But it won’t an wholly anger-filled culmination for Jenner when this part airs… since he’ll additionally encounter a song superstar!

Caitlyn Jenner Meets Boy George

As seen here, Caitlyn will encounter Boy George backstage during a special meet-and-greet, definitely purgation to the artist’s face.

“I recollect you behind in the ’80s and I had patently all of my issues and this and which and patently I followed you and I’m so blissful to see you behind and be here tonight and applaud that,” Caitlyn told the thespian after they hug.

Caitlyn was assimilated by multiform of her friends/cast friends for the meeting, together with Candis Cayne, Chandi Moore and Jen Richards.

After introducing Boy George to the audience, and reception a vital acclaim herself, Caitlyn sat behind in astonishment as the important crooner returned the love right back:

I approaching a station acclaim for her and I wasn’t disappointed!” he saud. “We need to applaud the kinds of changes which have been happening.”

Check out the hide look above, go watch I Am Cait online if you need to catch up before to the arriving finale, and relive alternative clips and promos below.

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