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In the 3 years since Yolanda Foster was diagnosed with Lyme disease, friends and family have watched the former model’s condition to mellow to the indicate which she became incompetent to read, write or even travel on her own.

Now, thankfully, Yolanda’s condition is improving, but she still struggles every day and has been open about the difficulties brought about by her condition on her relocating Instagram diary.

Yolanda in Treatment

But whilst Yolanda has been an impulse for those whose lives have been overwhelmed by Lyme disease, she might shortly be a source of danger for a handful of Housewives who weren’t just constant friends in her absence.

Remarkably, Yolanda skeleton to lapse to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in a limited role someday in the nearby future. And according to Radar Online, the mom of Gigi and Bella Hadid has a measure to solve with a little of her castmates. 

“She was over harm after anticipating out which a little of the ladies were asking a lot of questions and even suggesting which she didn’t even have [the disease],” pronounced one source.

“She was quite dissapoint with Kyle Richards and Lisa Rinna for not adhering up for her when she wasn’t around, and right away she is ready to brief all of their unwashed secrets!”

The insider says Yolanda is quite indignant with Taylor Armstrong, who plainly mocked Foster’s Lyme mildew in front of the alternative women.

“Yolanda skeleton on carrying exhilarated difference with Taylor Armstrong since she wasn’t even around at the tallness of her illness,” the source says. “Yolanda is right away banishment on all cylinders again,” pronounced the source. “You don’t wish to disaster with her!”

RHOBH has regularly had copiousness of villains, but right away a loyal favourite is entrance in to set things straight? We severely can’t wait.

Taylor Swift might have sang about a “Love Story,” but we do not think this is the arrange of happy finale she had in mind.

Radar Online has photos of Calvin Harris withdrawal a Thai rub the body sitting room in LA with a rsther than confident demeanour on his face.

Taylor, of course, is now thousands of miles away, furloughed the Midwest on her 1989 tour.

It’s value observant which the rub-and-tug Harris sleepily moseyed out of currently is the initial outcome which comes up in a Google poke for “best Thai rub the body happy ending.”

Calvin Harris Red Carpet Image

However, in Calvin’s defense, most of the business’ Yelp reviews come from pissed-off group who did not, uh…find the release which they were seeking for.

If it turns out Calvin was reception a full frontal massage, it’ll be the ultimate in a prolonged line of strikes opposite a city slicker who once seemed to be Taylor’s undiluted match.

Last month, Calvin went off on Zayn Malik in what he substantially suspicion was a high-minded invulnerability of Taylor’s virtue, but came off some-more as weird rage tantrum.

Shortly thereafter, Calvin pounded Avril Lavigne on amicable media, again since of a little viewed slight opposite Swift.

His publicist denies the feud, it’s engaging which Swift brought Lavigne on theatre only a couple of days after to show the universe which there’s no bad blood. 

Calvin Harris: Appropriately tall and blonde Prince Charming, or pervy unenthusiastic hand-job aficionado? You be the judge.

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It’s been over dual months given Kourtney Kardashian dumped Scott Disick, and for many of which time, fans and the media have treated with colour Scott as the mustache-twirling villain, and Kourtney as his blameless and beleaguered victim.

Now, however, it looks as yet the waves of open perspective competence be shifting.

This morning, we schooled which Kourtney competence have deceived on Scott prolonged prior to those damning photos of Disick unresolved out Chloe Bartoli were taken.

Worse, multiform outlets have been stating that Disick fears the couple’s youngest kid isn’t his, and he’s demanding a paternity test.

In truth, both parties were substantially hideous to any alternative in the last years of that relationship, so instead of crucifying Scott for the ultimate headlines about his love life, let’s only take it as a certain pointer which he and Kourtney have been both relocating on:

Kimberly Stewart Image
Scott Disick on the Red Carpet

Us Weekly is stating which Scott’s been hooking up with Kimberly Stewart – daughter of stone fable Rod Stewart and longtime crony of the Kardashian clan.

“Kimberly knew it was wrong, but couldn’t assistance herself,” says one insider.

“[Scott] feels similar to an a–hole. He was perplexing to get Kourtney behind and was anticipating she didn’t find out.”

Yes, for a whilst it looked as yet Scott was perplexing to get Kourtney back, but we suppose he feels similar to reduction of an a–hole following today’s revelations.

Yes, Scott, the bad headlines is which one of your kids competence not be yours. But the great headlines is you can right away offshoot up with whomever you want, shame free!

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Beyonce: Moving Out on Jay Z?!

Hard as it might be to believe, the Carters have been struggling at the moment.

Sure, there’s a brand brand new turn of rumors which Beyonce and Jay Z have been removing divorced, but those cocktail up each integrate of months.

Right now, the some-more evident regard for the First Couple of Hip Hop has to do with housing.

Beyonce and Jay Z: Mona Lisa Selfie

They had been renting a intemperate home in Holmby Hills, California, but right away the place has found a buyer, and Bey and Jay declined to kick the $35 million offer.

So they have dual months to move, and most have been right away wondering if they’ll be relocating together.

Radar Online is stating which Beyonce has already changed out with 3-year-old Blue Ivy in tow, withdrawal Jay to deflect for himself.

It’s probable which Jay is only removing the family’s affairs in sequence prior to he joins Bey and Blue in their brand brand new SoCal home. Or maybe Mrs. Carter is roving and motionless to move the toddler with her.

Of course, it’s additionally probable which all those rumors which the Carters have been headed for a extravagantly costly divorce have been essentially true.

To be clear, that’s substantially not the case, but we’d hatred to let Jay-Bey divorce rumors trip by us the one time there’s essentially any law to them.

Expect an uncaptioned print of the integrate land hands in the South of France to cocktail up on amicable media any day now.

Over the past multiform months, we've presented readers with celebrities who demeanour similar to people on Reddit and additionally with celebrities who demeanour similar to important chronological figures.

So because stop there?!?

Courtesy of Gaming Bolt, here's a demeanour at celebrities who demeanour only similar to video diversion characters. The resemblances have been flattering eerie, aren't they?

1. Team Fortress 2 Medic and Stephen Colbert

Team outpost 2 medic and stephen colbert
Stephen Colbert is funnier, but Team Fortress 2 Medic might be some-more of an American favourite if you think about it.

2. Gordon Freeman From Half Life and Hugh Laurie

Gordon freeman from half hold up and hugh laurie
They even have the same critical sense on these photos. We’re scared.

3. Marduk From Tekken and Bill Goldberg

Marduk from tekken and check goldberg
The latter proposed his wrestling career with a really prolonged undefeated streak. But we’d still rsther than encounter him in an alley.

4. Commander Shepard From Mass Effect and Matthew Fox

Commander shepard from mass outcome and matthew fox
We gamble the Commander would never let himself get stuck on an island. Sheesh!

5. Sazh Katzroy From Final Fantasy and Steve Harvey

Sazh katzroy from last fantas and steve harvey
This one is a bit of a stretch. But it’s hilarious!

6. Solid Snake From Metal Gear Solid and Denis Leary

Solid lizard from steel rigging plain and denis leary
Put a cigarette in the former’s mouth and we’ll never be means to discuss it the difference.

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Ah, Jessica Simpson. Her sold form of comprehension competence be a bit…non-traditional, but she’s built a extravagantly successful sovereignty and she knows how to keep her fans interested.

But whilst a little stars review to PR stunts and scripted being shows in sequence to stay in the spotlight, Jessica is zero if not authentic.

What you see is what you get, and – either she’s descending down dipsomaniac outward of a bar or posting half-naked S&M pics on Instagram – what you get is customarily flattering interesting.

Jessica Simpson at Teen Vogue

Take Jessica’s ultimate talk for example. It’s one of those “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me” pieces for Us Weekly, and whilst she offers up the common hackneyed luminary BS (Her the one preferred ice thickk thickk thickk cream is “pistachio or butter cream!”), Jess’ list additionally takes a little turns for the officious bizarre.

For example, vocalization of ice thickk thickk thickk cream – Jess once “left space stay since the ice thickk thickk thickk cream was dehydrated.” But do not worry, she still “dreams of being an astronaut.” God assistance NASA. Some alternative highlights:

  • “I regularly know when a residence is haunted.”
  • “I can reason my breath longer than Justin Bieber can.”
  • “I can smell everything.”
  • “I regularly take credit for my farts.”

We do not get it. Was she in a condemned residence with Justin Bieber when she farted out of fear, and he couldn’t reason his breath as long, and was to illustrate the initial to smell, to illustrate forcing him to confess which he dealt it?

If so, someone needs to buy the movie rights to which story ASAP. Never change, Jess!

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So right away we know dual things which can means a dog to flip out:


  1. A big, soft, gentle bed.
  2. The U.S. Open quarterfinal showdown in between Venus Williams and Serena Williams.

In the following video, a Golden Retriever declared George simply cannot enclose his excitement.

Don't you understand?!? Serena has a possibility to win the Grand Slam this year! Venus has the possibility to repudiate her kin this chronological feat! And the compare is going to a third set!

How have been you not some-more vehement about this, tellurian owner?!?

Eh, whatever. Just leave me alone and let me burst around with my tennis ball, okay?!?

We can't stop examination this.

Dog flips out whilst examination venus vs serena

Justin Bieber took to The Today Show theatre in New York City this sunrise in sequence to perform his brand new hit, "What Do You Mean?"

But there was no mistaking what Bieber meant when he accomplished the strain and afterwards confronted one of the cameraman on palm to movie the routine.

Displeased with the vicinity of the camera, Bieber is seen here and listened angry on a live microphone.

"Next time I won't dance given the camera's here the total time. Might as great not dance. What do I do this for if they're only gonna…" the thespian said, prior to the show cut divided to commercial.

And, no, the footage doesn't have Bieber demeanour really good.

But recollect a integrate years ago? When Bieber was confronted by a cameraman in London and flipped the heck out? It's protected to contend he's come a really prolonged approach given then.

Justin bieber complains about camera on stage

Selena Gomez not long ago forsaken scarcely all of her wardrobe on releasing the cover art for her arriving album, "Revival."

And right away the thespian has forsaken the ultimate singular from this album.

The cocktail star astounded fans late Wednesday by entrance out with a follow-up to her strike singular "Good for You," Tweeting:

"Ahhh you guys! You can right away preorder #REVIVAL on @applemusic and get #SameOldLove instantly."

Written by Charli XCX, the strain finds Selena crooning about how she’s “so ill of which same old love” and which her “body’s had enough.”

Might she be referring to Justin Bieber with these lyrics?

The artist’s ultimate bid will underline eleven brand new marks and will be accessible in stores and on iTunes Oct 9.

Selena gomez same old love

If you watched I Am Cait Season 1 Episode 7, you might have been a small unhappy which the long-hyped showdown in between Caitlyn and Kris Jenner was singular to a short teaser and a "To be continued…" banner.

Now, we're eventually removing a real glance at the initial assembly between Kris and Caitlyn, and it seems which even yet they were means to coordinate relating outfits, there's still really small on which these dual see eye-to-eye.

Kris is still pissed about Caitlyn's Vanity Fair profile. Caitlyn is pissed which she wasn't invited to Kylie Jenner's graduation party. Remarkably, conjunction of them is pissed which this total quarrel is being filmed by a camera crew, since they're Jenners.

Check out the ultimate preview above, and get ready for Jenner vs. Jenner '15. Should be a great one.

Kris and caitlyn jenner quarrel over kylie on i am cait watch