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Gather 'round, children, and we'll you discuss it the story of one of the dumbest, nakedest feuds the Internet has ever known.

It all proposed when Kylie Jenner started dating Tyga approach behind in the year of the Lord Disick 2014.

This hurt the booty-tastic baby mom well well known as Blac Chyna, who justly felt tricked when her fiance dumped her for a rich tall propagandize kid.

In the months since, Kylie and Blac have taken shots at any alternative on amicable media, and we've been front and center, enjoying the total thing with popcorn in hand.

Maybe the beef will hiss out soon. More likely, things will get even worse right away which Kylie is 18.

Either way, here's your outline of how it's all unfolded to illustrate far:

1. Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna: Former Besties!

Kim kardashian and blac chyna former besties
Believe it or not, there was a time when Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna were BFFS. Oh, how times have changed. Things proposed to go badly when…

2. Tyga Dumped Blac Chyna

Tyga and blac chyna pic
They were engaged! They had a child together! What happened?! Oh, that’s right…

3. Tyga Started Dating Kylie

Tyga and kylie photo
Less than a month after he pennyless up with Blac, Tyga began dating dating Kylie. Of course, he denied it, since she had usually incited seventeen at the time, and jail is severe on pedos.

4. The Shade Begins

Kylie jenner bling photo
Kylie posted a print of herself wearing an Audemar Piguet watch which was matching to one which Tyga had since Blac. The pragmatic diss (“I stole your male AND your watch!”) was not mislaid on Blac.

5. Blac Returns Fire!

Blac chyna tyga embrace
Not usually did Blac reply by posting a reversion pic of herself with Tyga, she done certain to hook her own Piguet watch out her car window the subsequent time she encountered a little paprazzi. The message? “You can have the man, b–ch! I still got the bling!”

6. Blac Takes the Kylie Lip Challenge

Blac chyna mocks kylie
There was a time when reticent teenagers were you do horrible things to bloat up their mouths and job it “The Kylie jenner Lip Challenge.” Blac mocked the direction – and Kylie herself – with the on top of pic.

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Over the weekend, Amy Duggar tied together Dillon King, and most of her critical cousins were on palm to assistance her celebrate.

Or, as gossip would have it, take her thunder.

Jill Duggar: Pregnant With Baby Number Two?!

Amy is mostly referred to as the “cool” or “rebellious” or “not creepily subservient” Duggar, and she lived up to her repute at her wedding.

Rocking a shoulder-baring skirt which even suggested a spirit of disruption (gasp!) and charity romantic await to Anna Duggar, one of the most victims of her father Josh’s prevalent perviness, Amy shone brightly on her marriage day.

But even with her intensely amiable badass-ness on full display, the nineteen Kids and Counting crew couldn’t concede core theatre for unequivocally long.

First, Michelle Duggar used Amy’s commitment as an forgive to post a garland of photos from Jessa Duggar’s marriage – which took place 10 months ago – in a move which confused a little fans and pissed off others.

Michelle attempted to have things right by posting a little pics of Amy (ya know, the one who usually got married?), but right away Jim Bob’s fruit is hidden the show once again, interjection to what sagacious fans have beheld above.

See the far right?

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Yes, Jill and Derick Dillard ditched their companion work (again) to attend the marriage and most hold which Jill is display signs of a slight baby bump.

Could it usually be which the 24-year-old’s physique hasn’t entirely bounced behind from the initial birth, which took place usually 5 months ago? Of course.

Jill usually gave bieing born to son Israel David Dillard in April, so it’s rsther than startling which she’s already display signs of being profound with baby series dual … or at slightest it would be, if she weren’t a Duggar.

As a Duggar, she’s approaching to outlay the subsequent dual decades profound or nursing prior to collapsing in to an tired store and forcing her comparison kids to lift the younger ones, a la her comparison sister Jana Duggar.

Oh, and she has to urge unequivocally tough which one doesn’t grow up to be a sum creepy-ass perv who molests his siblings and pays strippers for sex.

That’s important, too.

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Blake Shelton is singular and really ready to mingle…

… with Rihanna?

Blake Shelton Smiles
Rihanna in NYC

The nation song superstar, who divorced Miranda Lambert this summer in one of most high-profile splits, spoke to Access Hollywood this week about the really important artist who will suggest contestants on Season 9 of The Voice.

“I was vacant by Rihanna. She is so droll and she’s funny about me,” Shelton said. “We’ll substantially finish up hooking up at a little point. I’m only saying.”

Wow. That’s rsther than contemptuous of the thespian to say, isn’t it?

Shelton afterwards doubled down on his statement, expected fooling around and adding:

“I see a partnership – may be not musically. You know what I’m saying?”

We certain do, Blake. But you most appropriate be clever when it comes to vocalization on Rihanna’s love life.

NBA player Matt Barnes is still woeful you do so after Rihanna put Barnes on vital explosion for lying about their relationship.

Rihanna will suggest Shelton and the alternative Voice coaches – Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani, and Pharrell Williams – on the arriving 9 deteriorate of this NBC competition.

It kicks off on Monday, Sep twenty-one at 8/7c and it facilities an additional newly-single celebrity:

Gwen Stefani filed for divorce from Gavin Rossdale this summer. But she is nonetheless to have any commercial about hooking up with Rihanna.

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At slightest for a couple of moments, Donald Trump has changed on from Mexicans and Megyn Kelly to concentration on a complaint indeed melancholy to move America down:


Donald Trump Rolling Stone Cover

Wait… what?!?

Because primogenitor association Nabisco has shipped jobs out of the country, Trump tells the ultimate emanate of Rolling Stone which he’s passed critical is creation America better, one deprived dessert object at a time.

“I meant what I said: No some-more Oreos for Trump!” The Donald declares to the magazine.

Trump additionally tells the announcement which he’s “owned by the people,” definition he’s financing his own debate and is thus not gratified to donors or lobbyists.

Among alternative equipment overwhelmed on by the mocker of Asians:

U-S-A! U-S-A! I’d renegotiate traffic deals so which the nation becomes abounding again, and finish deals where car manufacturers go to alternative countries. I’m gonna have them built right here.

A Promise to the People: I’m no angel, but I’m gonna do right by them!

All About the Benjamins: I have $400 to $600 million a year.

Carly Fiorina: Look at which face! Would any one opinion for that? Can you suppose that, the face of the subsequent president?! I mean, she’s a woman, and I’m not ostensible contend bad things, but really, folks, come on. Are we serious?

Ivanka Trump: Yeah, she’s unequivocally something, and what a beauty, which one. If I weren’t happily tied together and, ya know, her father…

What Will He Do About ISIS? We gotta waterboard ’em, do not you agree?

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Oops! Their waggish bad!

Over the years, a series of big-time celebrities have found themselves in a series of compromising positions.

From their mist tans drizzling down their legs at the wrong time to their lunch being mislaid on stage, here's a outline of the many annoying moments in Hollywood history…

1. Mo Hair for Mo’Nique

Mo hair for monique
Mo’Nique done it a robe to NOT trim her legs for a really prolonged time, as Golden Globe viewers schooled initial palm in 2010.

2. If It’s Brown, She’s Letting It Down

If the brownish-red shes vouchsafing it down
Performing at Etta James wake in 2012, a brownish-red glass proposed drizzling down the legs of Christina Aguilera. Apparently, it was a little kind of a spray-tan malfunction.

3. Justin Bieber Vomits

Justin bieber vomits
We’re all for saying Justin Bieber’s butt. But he’s display it off here since he’s in the routine of queasiness during a 2012 unison in Arizona.

4. Down Goes J. Law!

Down goes j law
Falling at the Oscars has arrange of turn Jennifer Lawrence’s thing. But it all proposed when she walked up to accept an endowment in 2013.

5. Anne Hatha-WHOA!

Anne hatha whoa
We’re usually display the tip half of this photo, but certitude us: Anne Hathaway all flashed everybody on withdrawal her car at the New York premiere of Les Miserables.

6. Saturday Night… Her Career is Dead

Saturday night her career is dead
Ashlee Simpson really obviously mouth synched whilst behaving on Saturday Night Live in 2004. Her song career never recovered.

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Say it ain’t so, Kylie.

Proving once again which income talks and healing scholarship is all lame, Kylie Jenner has turn the ultimate part of of the Kard clan to validate the Waist Gang Society line of organ-squeezing undergarments.

Kylie Jenner Waist Training Photo

Kylie posted the on top of print yesterday, with a heading reading;

Just about to conduct out for a sunrise travel prior to my interviews and I love a small additional help. Thank you @premadonna87 and @waistgangsociety for my waist tutor I’m strictly spooky after saying how explosve my sisters look. It additionally helps with my viewpoint :). Get yours at

The folks at WGS, contingency hack up a little serious cash, given they’ve right away claimed all of the Kardashian-Jenner gals solely for Kendall, who:

  1. Would have for a silly spokeswoman, as she could hula-hoop with a Cheerio, and
  2. Probably doesn’t wish to put her displaying career at interest by comparing herself with the misfortune luminary BS direction given Scientology.

Kim proposed the waist-training unsteadiness behind in early 2015.

Her sisters resisted as prolonged as they could, but they’ve all caved recently.

Khloe posted a waist precision print final week.

Despite the predicted recoil from people who do not think successful women with millions of immature fans should be peddling at-home spleen-exploders, Kourtney posted a waist precision pic of her own on Monday.

Allows us to take this event to remind you which waist precision doesn’t work and might essentially means critical repairs to your internal organs.

Also, as a order of thumb, you shouldn’t take illness tips from people who have been many important for posting selfies and starring in sex tapes.

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Over the weekend, Amy Duggar tied together Dillon King in a marriage attended by eighteen of her nineteen important cousins.

Yes, Josh Duggar was nowhere to be found, as he’s possibly looking diagnosis for sex addiction, or simply stealing out from the press.

Regardless of Josh’s whereabouts, however, his mother Anna was in assemblage with the couple’s 4 children, and Amy offering her full support. 

Dillon King, Amy Duggar

“I gave her the greatest cuddle ever when I initial saw her,” Amy tells People magazine. “That’s when I got the many emotional. I can’t suppose what she’s been through. I would be a disaster.” 

Though it was patently Amy’s special day, the bride went out of her approach to have Anna feel special.

“I felt similar to Anna indispensable to be lite so I got her a mani-pedi obligation to a spike salon,” Amy says. “I feel similar to she needs that.” 

The 28-year-old newlywed says she was impressed when she satisfied which (almost) the complete Duggar house would be in attendance, notwithstanding the scandals they’ve endured in new months.

“They’ve been by so most and it equates to the universe to me which they wish to come to my marriage even yet their total universe is incited upside down right now,” Amy says.

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Those who used their mechanism to watch I Am Cait online this week, or those who tuned in when it aired on Sunday night, witnessed Kris Jenner come face to face with Caitlyn Jenner.

And it positively seems as if Kendall Jenner was between those who noticed this reunion… and it positively seems as if it influenced her greatly.

Kris and Bruce Photoshop

How else can we insist of one Kendall’s ultimate Instagram photos?

It facilities really old photos of Kris and Bruce (long prior to his passing from one to another to Caitlyn) and it depicts the former integrate sitting on a motorcycle together.

“YO. GOALS,” Kendall wrote as a treacherous caption, causing us to burst to the usually end we can draw:

Jenner’s idea is to get her relatives behind together.

This doesn’t just crop up to be in the cards, deliberation Bruce is right away Caitlyn and Kris is right away dating Corey Gamble. But far be it for us to break Kendall’s dreams.

Prior to pity this surprising image, Kendall once again showed open await for her important father.

Check out this darling image of Kendall cuddling up to Caitlyn.

Then, click by an unconstrained form of Kendall Jenner Instagram photos here:

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Back in December, Beverly Johnson claimed which Bill Cosby unperceiving her and attempted to rape her.

Johnson says which when she resisted, he dragged her down a moody of steps and in a huff threw her out of his house.

At the time, Johnson was one of about dual dozen accusers. Now, some-more than 50 women have come forward.

Today, Johnson appeared on Good Morning America and had a little startling difference for the male who unperceiving and vigourously pounded her multiform decades ago.

"I pardon you," Johnson said, in reply to a subject about what she would similar to to contend to Cosby. Asked about what she thinks should occur to the 78-year-old comic now, Johnson quietly replied which she'd similar to to "leave which up to the probity department."

Watch the video on top of for Johnson's complete interview.

Beverly johnson to check cosby i pardon you

After spending some-more than a year out of the open eye, sources contend Rob Kardashian is losing weight, sobering up, and formulation to stick on the rest of his family on being television.

A new Instagram photo of Rob showed the 28-year-old former sock engineer looming significantly slimmer in the face.

Now, Us Weekly is confirming which which wasn’t usually a graceful point of view – Rob unequivocally is losing weight.

Rob Kardashian Selfie

The publication says mixed sources have reliable which the solitary masculine Kardashian has forsaken fifteen pounds in new weeks.

Rob’s slimmed-down selfies crop up to endorse which he’s on the right track, even if they usually underline impassioned close-ups of particular tools of his body.

The Kardashians have reportedly attempted multiform approaches in an bid to be the cause of Rob to get behind in to shape.

When their mixed efforts to enthuse him failed, the E! network stepped in with the biggest motivator of all – millions of dollars!

Yes, Keeping Up With the Kardashians producers reportedly reminded Rob which his $2 million-a-year stipulate is shortly to end – and he doesn’t get paid if he doesn’t film

Rob reportedly can’t move himself to crop up on camera in his stream state, but he would be violent to pass up such a remunerative opportunity.

Now, friends contend Rob has been attack the gym similar to a insane male in sequence to get behind in figure for KUWTK.

So if you know someone who’s struggling to find their motivation, usually suggest them a integrate mill! Works each time!