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When Damon Wayans appeared on The Breakfast Club air wave show final week, no one approaching the 55-year-old comic to stir up most controversy.

Perhaps that's because he motionless to do just that.

First, Wayans suggested which Tracy Morgan perceived $90 million from Wal-Mart in a allotment stemming from a harmful car wreck. (Both Morgan and Wal-Mart had been formerly declined to exhibit the conditions of the settlement.)

Then he offering his weird (and extravagantly offensive) take on the dozens of rape allegations opposite Bill Cosby.

Asked about the scandal, Wayans motionless to take the event to do a little riffing at the responsibility of Cosby's purported victims and demonstrate his doubts about their accusations.

"How big is his penis which it gives you absentmindedness for 40 years?" Damon joked, in anxiety to the volume of time which multiform victims waited prior to entrance forward.

"If you attend to them talk, they go, 'Well, the initial time…' The initial time? B-tch, how most times did it happen? Just attend to what they're saying. And a little of them, really, is un-rape-able."

Yes, those difference unequivocally came out of Damon Wayans' mouth. Shockingly, he kept going. Watch the shave on top of for the full intolerable rant.


Damon wayans defends check cosby slams purported rape victims

With the recover of Tyga’s “Stimulated” song video final week, the rapper reliable what the total universe has well known for roughly a year now.

Yes – he’s banging Kylie Jenner.

Now which Kylie is 18, there’s no need to keep the attribute on the down-low, so both parties have been rubbing off the noses in their cradle-robbing intrigue at each opportunity.

Take, for example, Kylie’s ultimate Snapchat videos.

Kylie Jenner and Tyga in Bed
Kylie Jenner and Tyga: Fighting at Bedtime?

The lady posts just about each second of her hold up on amicable media, so it’s not big warn which we’re eventually removing a glance of her and Tyga’s time to go to bed ritual.

What is startling is which Kylie apparently sleeps in a calamity facade which looks similar to something from the Goodnight Mommy trailer, and Tyga whines about #FOMO when he’s forced to go to bed early.

Interesting things for hardcore Kyga fans, but if these dual wish their own being show (and you know they do) they’re gonna have to step their diversion up in the on-camera play department.

Maybe Kylie could unequivocally go off on T-Raww for griping about his “fear of blank out” similar to he’s a beginner sorority sister, and afterwards he could mangle down crying, since it would patently be terrifying to get screamed at by a little gazilionaire in a paper mask.

Now that’s TV. We’re seeking brazen to Kyga: Unmasked already.

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Back in May, a really big debate erupted over a little really small dogs.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were indicted of bootlegging their Yorkshire Terriers in to Australia so which the pooches could live with them whilst Depp filmed the fifth monthly payment in the assumingly everlasting Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Johnny Depp, Amber Heard: Venice Film Festival Photo

Things got nauseous fast.

First it was rumored which the dogs would be put down. Several media outlets reported which Depp was confronting ten years in prison.

Amber and the pooches done a adventurous escape, and right away it seems all is great in between Johnny and the Aussies.

Of course, it’s the kind of weird story which can follow a celeb for the rest of his career, so it’s no big warn which the subject came up over the week end during a press discussion at the Venice Film Festival, where Johnny was compelling his most buzzed-about quip crack Black Mass.

“I killed my dogs and ate them underneath approach orders from a little kind of, I don’t know, sweaty, big-gutted male from Australia,” Depp replied when asked about the purported puppy smuggling.

Naturally, the weird reply stirred present media conjecture as to either Johnny was dipsomaniac or befuddled or simply pang from a miss of oxygen to his brain due to decades of headband abuse.

We might never know for sure, but the great headlines is multiform attendees at the fest contend Depp and his brand new bride were all over any alternative at multiform screenings.

So it looks the rumors about Johnny and Amber violation up can be put to bed (for now). However, the rumors about Depp ravenous small pets as an eff-you to Aussie management total have been only removing started. 

These celebrities have been awaiting babies in 2015.

See who is going to be a primogenitor in the entrance year, either it's first-timers or seasoned veterans… and send them your most appropriate wishes!

1. Leighton Meester and Adam Brody

Leighton meester and adam brody pic
Leighton Meester and Adam Brody voiced in the open of 2015 which they have been awaiting their initial child. Yay! He or she is gonna be such a cutie!

2. Terrence Howard

Terrence howard wife
Terrence Howard and his mother Miranda have been awaiting their initial kid together. He has 3 already from the initial of his 3 marriages.

3. Shakira

Gerard bother and shakira pic
Shakira and her partner Gerard Pique will acquire their second beautiful kid after this year.

4. Holly Montag

Holly montag richie wilson
Holly Montag, the sister of The Hills star Heidi Montag, is awaiting her initial kid with father Richie Wilson in 2015!

5. Macklemore

Macklemore and Tricia Davis voiced in Jan which they’d acquire their initial kid in to the universe prior to 2015 is over.

6. Tamera Mowry

Pregnant tamera mowry
The summary doesn’t get any some-more transparent than this: Tamera Mowry is pregnant! We send the singer the most appropriate wishes.

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ABC is scheming fans for a total brand brand brand brand new universe on Once Upon a Time Season 5.

No, Aladdin will not be featured this tumble on the long-running drama.

But King Arthur and most alternative Camelot characters will have an appearance, and we see Snow, Belle and association assembly the important Royal here. 

We additionally things being jarred up at Granny's (literally!), along with Emma articulate about her dark and Merida display off the kind of bow-and-arrow skills which would have Katniss Everdeen jealous.

Prepare for the strife in between great and immorality to be taken to a brand brand brand brand new turn when Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 1 front on Sunday, Sep twenty-seven and check out this brand brand brand brand new teaser now.

Once on a time teaser a total brand brand brand brand new world

Tyga has taken to amicable media to throw shade at baby mom Blac Chyna, and nonetheless again his intrigue with Kylie Jenner is at the core of their beef.

Tyga, Blac and Kylie

The report which Tyga is pennyless is the Hillary Clinton email liaison of luminary gossip. It might not be at all consequential, but it simply will not go away.

A lot of people think the rapper is not essentially good off and is with Kylie since he needs to be “Stimulated” economically as good as physically.

Specifically, conjecture surrounds the 18th birthday present he procured for his no-longer-jail-bait GF, and possibly Kylie’s Ferrari is essentially leased.

Apparently Tyga thinks Blac Chyna, the mom of his son King Cairo and longtime amicable media ring partner, is swelling this gossip.

“When the hating do not work they begin revelation lies,” he wrote to one side his ultimate Instagram selfie, apparently perplexing to demeanour and receptive to advice cool.


A current question!

Tyga is Broke?! Did He Blow All His Money on Kylie Jenner?

He didn’t name Blac, but the import is clear: STFU about Kylie and the car. Amber Rose, her BFF, afterwards jumped to Chyna’s defense:

“She do not need a Ferrari she can Drive cave #BFFGoals.”

Again, not tough to discuss it who she’s articulate about and why.

The shade didn’t finish there, either, as Tyga fast responded: “We expostulate the own whips peanut conduct #GoldPhantoms #LastKings.”

Peanut Head? Seriously? Is which a nickname for Amber we do not know about? (He enclosed a design of a Rolls Royce, of course.)

While we do not know if Kylie is profitable for her own $260,000 birthday gift, or if Tyga is literally broke, we can discuss it you a couple of things:

  1. At slightest the Blac Chyna-Kylie Jenner argument is cooling off as the former diverts her shade-throwing courtesy to her baby dad instead:
  2. The Amber Rose-Blac Chyna being show is gonna be epic;
  3. Tyga is not value this, ladies. Come ON.

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Tyga has taken to amicable media to impact his baby mom Blac Chyna, and once again his attribute with Kylie Jenner is at the core of their beef.

Khloe Kardashian is obviously the funniest of all the Kardashians.

Not when she’s environment a really bad e.g. by fans by waist precision on Instagram… but when she’s putting her own singular turn on a viral meme.

Straight Outta Kris Jenner!

Using the #StraightOutta meme generator of electric power which was combined in sequence to foster the movie Straight Outta Compton, Khloe posted a print on Saturday which facilities herself and her 4 sisters.

Look, there’s Khloe, Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner.

They’re station around and staring at the camera, with the difference “Straight Outta Kris Jenner” intoxicated opposite the front of the image.

All 5 immature women, of course, share Kris Jenner and all 5 literally came out of Kris Jenner.

So it’s flattering sum if you think about it. But additionally flattering hilarious.

Now we can see what James Harden sees in Khloe, as the attribute in between basketball star and being star has been heating up for utterly a little time.

Khloe has regularly has the many celebrity of any one in her family, nonetheless Kim does set the club at a rsther than low, robotic, scripted, ridiculously tedious level.

Relive a little alternative engaging Khloe Kardashian Instagram photos here:

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Kourtney Kardashian is following in the distressing footsteps of both her sisters.

A couple of days after Khloe Kardashian common a design online of herself waist training, Kourtney has left forward and finished the same thing.

Kourtney Kardashian Sets a Terrible Example

Standing in her hulk closet, surrounded by utterly a couple of shoes, Kourtney incited the camera on herself late final week and wrote as a heading to this selfie:

“I am flattering most the black of multitasking. Obsessed with anything where I am you do some-more than one thing at a time, generally given I skipped the gym today.

“A small Saturday sunrise waist cinching and operative on my viewpoint whilst cleaning out my closet.”

Yes, Kourtney (and Khloe and Kim Kardashian) wants you to hold which you can remove weight whilst only sitting around… all since you’re wearing a corset.

They additionally wish you to hold which Keeping Up with the Kardashians is unscripted. We’re not certain which is a bigger stretch.

Kourtney posted identical images in Mar and in January, 6 weeks after giving bieing born to her third child, son Reign.

Let’s goal small Reign never grows up to comprehend which his mom and his aunts have been calm to hillside in income in sequence to unite this invalid equipment and set a indeed distressing e.g. for their immature womanlike fans.

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Kansas State University creates no apologies for the 34-0 feat over South Dakota to open the 2015 football season.

But Kansas State University is really contemptible for what took place during halftime of which winning win.

The school's rope attempted to mix scenes from Star Trek and Star Wars for the opening on Saturday, with the members combining opposition University of Kansas' mascot (a Jayhawk) and what was meant to be the starship Starship Enterprise crashing in to it. 

Except… well… watch this video. That Enterprise all resembles a penis, something flattering most everybody on Twitter forked out.

The Marching Band Director took to Facebook in sequence to spell out the band's goal and wrote along with a plans of the routine:

"The draft next represents the cavalcade from tonight’s show. There was positively no vigilant to arrangement anything alternative than the Enterprise and the Jayhawk in battle. If I am guilty of anything it would be the incapacity to learn the cavalcade in a demeanour which these immature people could have succeeded."

"I do swallow ones pride for the perplexity and I assure you which I meant positively no disregard or ill will toward the University of Kansas."

Kansas state university apologizes for licentious halftime show

Chris Harrison might have essentially strike the spike on the conduct by earnest us the many thespian Bachelor in Paradise part EVER last night.

He says that only about each week, but Bachelor in Paradise Season 2 Episode eleven lived up to the billing with play on all regretful fronts.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 2 Cast Photo

You’ll have to watch Bachelor in Paradise online to entirely conclude all that went down on ABC, but here’s a short attribute outline …

Despite lots of promos hinting that “Kardashley” was no longer a pure – or that Jared got Ashley Iaconetti profound – conjunction occurred.

He did not profane her, but Jared did bail out Ashley, again, and she wept, again, pulling the boundary of how annoying she can get.

Before the rose ceremony, Ashley opted to save herself some-more chagrin by … exiting the show of her own resoluteness (in tears, obviously).

Unlucky in move Juelia got dumped by Mikey, who told her he had been forcing it; Juelia packaged her bags and peaced out in tears.

On a certain note, Justin strike it off with Cassandra, that was refreshingly tedious as they strike it off but any fights, tears or drama.

After vagrant and cringing his approach to a date label around Jaclyn, Nick asked out Samantha, who he is only so taken with. Just smitten.

“Why did you wish to aspire to me so much?” Sam asks. “You have been positively the many beautiful lady I’ve ever seen in my life,” Nick replies.

Tight. At the rose ceremony, Dan bent out of the show after thanking Ashley S. and Amber for their time, even if it didn’t work out.

The roses since out: Kirk to Carly, Tanner to Jade, Nick to Samantha, Joshua to Tenley and Justin to Cassandra. That left Mikey.

He attempted to suggest a rose to Mackenzie, but was rejected. As such, Mikey, Chelsie, Jaclyn, Ashley S. and Amber have been out of Paradise.

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Then for what surprisingly became the main eventuality of the night as Chris Harrison pronounced it was have or mangle time for the 5 couples.

No some-more games or roses. The last week was only for love, so that they could figure out if theirs would means outward of the show.

With that came an additional Fantasy Suite date, that Carly was legitimately silly about, an fad turn Kirk did not appear to share.

That’s when the show’s “married couple” began to unravel, yet it was biased as Kirk suggested he was gonna bail out Carly hard.

“Kirk due Carly some-more than this,” pronounced Tanner of his co-star. “To wait for until the 11th hour to mangle her heart is kind of an a–hole move.”

Jade Roper combined a little identical thoughts: “He could have stopped it. He could have slowed it down. Instead, he only let her giveaway fall.”

As he pulled her aside, she honestly had no thought even as Kirk rambled perpetually prior to he eventually got to the indicate he was perplexing to make.

Saying he was “a lot behind” in conditions of their relationship, Kirk pennyless her heart as the cameras rolled, and she ran divided from him crying.

As Carly began to container her bags for the airport, Kirk found her and attempted to go on their talk, but was shot down in flattering epic fashion.

“You pennyless my heart,” she told her now-ex-boyfriend. “I do not wish to speak to you ever again. I wish zero to do with you, ever again.”

Damn. That was a little cold s–t right there, Kirk. Remind us never to go solid with you on a being show if we can equivocate it.

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