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If you're an Instagram user, you're substantially informed with the bearded, porn-star amatory testosterone beast well known as Dan Bilzerian.

Bilzerian does zero but flourish his silly resources (most expected hereditary from his fraud artist father) and post photos of hardly clad women on his page, so whilst his web participation will positively grab your attention, it gets old at a certain point.

So if you suffer vicariously vital the idealisation bro lifestyle, but have been in poke of a shift of pace, check out Bilzerian's older, chiller, some-more Canadian counterpart, Marijuana Don.

The Don's genuine name is Michael Straumietis, and distinct Bilzerian, he came by his money legitimately – by charity products and recommendation to determined pot growers.

Now which the ganj is enjoying some-more mainstream acceptance than ever before, Straumietis has turn an overnight luminary online.

Best of all the male likes to share the resources – both by gripping his friends and well-wishers all the time befuddled and by posting pics of his most poetic woman friends online.

Check out a little highlights from MD's Instagram page below. Just don't be astounded if you finish up severely jonesin' for a strike of his lifestyle.

1. Marijuana Don at the Cannabis Cup

Marijuana enclose at the cannabis cup
Naturally, Marijuana Don attends the Super Bowl of weed each year. And of course, he groups his groupie patrol along for the ride.

2. Marijuana Don Gets High in Style

Marijuana enclose gets tall in style
When Marijuana Don joins the Mile High Club, he’s already high. Now that’s the life.

3. Marijuana Don and the Forest of Weed

Marijuana enclose and the timberland of weed
It sounds similar to the pretension for a Harry Potter book. Fortunately, the Don’s indoor margin of pot plants is really real.

4. Marijuana Don: Bud With Buds

Marijuana enclose blossom with buds
The Don enjoying his beautiful buds. Oh, and a little of his friends have been there, too.

5. Marijuana Don Inspects the Goods

Marijuana enclose inspects the goods
Someone’s gotta have certain all is tip quality. That goes for the weed, and the ta-tas.

6. Marijuana Don Gets the Munchies

Marijuana enclose gets the munchies
When the Don gives in to the munchies, he does it with class. And when we contend “class,” we meant a list full of prohibited chicks.

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The CW has denounced the initial central trailer for Arrow Season 4.

And it's all we ever dreamed it would be.

The footage opens with Oliver and Felicity vital unequivocally happily at home, the latter cooking, the former planting a big lick on his girlfriend.

But it's protected to contend this made at home tranquillity won't final forever.

We get the firs demeanour here at Neal McDonough as Damian Dahrk, along with Echo Kellum as Mr. Terrific, Parker Young ad Thea’s brand new love seductiveness and Matt Ryan even interlude by as Constantine.

Arrow Season 4 premieres on Oct 7.

You can regularly watch Arrow online until afterwards in sequence to catch up and you unequivocally need to check out this trailer right at this unequivocally moment.

Arrow deteriorate 4 trailer happily ever after