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You'd think all celebrities would be showering in champagne and/or travelling to work in a yacht, right?


Some being stars, rappers and purported kid killers don't even have sufficient income to compensate off all their debt ad, as a result, have filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

Stars who have depressed on these kinds of tough times include…

1. 50 Cent

50 cent at poster advertisement song awards
50 Cent lived up to his name in Jul 2015. He filed for failure given he owes A LOT of money. It didn’t assistance which a jury dynamic Fiddy had to compensate $5 million for leaking a sex fasten of Rick Ross’ wife. Tough mangle there.

2. Drake Bell

Drake bell photograph
Drake Bell has depressed on tough times given starring on Nickelodeon. He filed for failure in early 2014.

3. Toni Braxton

Toni braxton photograph
Unbreak Toni Braxton’s heart? More similar to mangle out your dollar bills, this thespian needs a little monetary help!

4. Octomom

The octomom nadya suleman
Octomom filed for failure in 2012. She was after arrested for gratification fraud. She sucks.

5. Abby Lee Miller

Abby lee miller photo
Abby Lee Miller knows a thing or dual about dancing. But she knew zero about spending wisely when she filed for failure in 2013.

6. Sinbad

Sinbad on stage
Sinbad is arrange of funny. But there’s zero funny about this: he’s filed for failure twice.

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As we know, Farrah Abraham is regularly up to something, and some-more mostly than not it’s controversial. But not only for porn-related reasons.

This time, it’s the Teen Mom star’s parenting being called in to subject … for utterly astonishing reasons, after she posted the next pic:

Sophia Abraham, Tooth Fairy
Farrah Abraham Poses, Smiles

Farrah’s daughter Sophia, as you can see, only got $600 from the tooth fairy. That contingency have been one or dual extraordinary teeth she only lost.

That dollar or entertain you used to get? Chump shift compared to Sophia, who is vital the BALLER lifestyle prior to attack initial grade.

It’s as if her Tooth Fairy pic, Farrah envisions us saying, “Wow, she can give her child so much, wow, how successful and amatory she is!”

NOTE to Farrah: No one is essentially observant that.

Sophia competence comprehend sometime which the reason she got all which money was since of the infamous, best-selling Farrah Abraham sex tape.

Then again, Farrah is already quiescent to this, unabashedly oblivious about the day she sees Sophia’s own sex fasten … so there’s that.

The 24-year-old is doubling down on her career as a passionate goddess, too. Farrah wants her own “sex speak show,” or so she tells us.

Maybe she can give her guest a little of the brand new Farrah Abraham sex toys she’s operative on, ’cause patently those have been in the functions too.

You roughly have to give her credit for being so shameless, and you do so good at it, whatever you think of her selected “career” field.

But when it comes to the summary she’s promulgation Sophia with the big-bucks Tooth Fairy benefaction … where will the critics even begin?

American Horror Story: Hotel will shortly be strictly open for business.

The initial teaser for the subsequent deteriorate of this FX play forsaken during the show's row at Comic-Con in San Diego over the weekend, with really small suggested in the appealing footage.

But we can't assistance wondering: Is this the palm of Lady Gaga?

As formerly reported, Lady Gaga will star on American Horror Story this fall. 

She'll be assimilated on the Ryan Murphy origination by Angela Bassett (as Carbona); Matt Bomer (as Donovan); Evan Peters (as Mr. March); Sarah Paulson (as Hypodermic Sally); and Kathy Bates (as Iris).

Check out the initial promo right away and watch American Horror Story online to catch up on past seasons.

American abhorrence story road house teaser is which woman gaga

Kristen Stewart has come a unequivocally prolonged approach from The Twilight Saga.

In the ultimate emanate of Marie Claire, the 25-year old singer looks at the back of and looks ahead, removing all surpassing about the final couple of years and admitting:

“I illuminated my star on glow and watched it burn.”

We pretence this is a puzzling anxiety to her intrigue on beloved Robert Pattinson awhile back, violation the hearts of millions around the universe in the process.

Kristen Stewart Marie Claire Cover Photo

Stewart says it took her awhile to unequivocally feel similar to herself in Hollywood.

“Speaking unequivocally candidly, [the Twilight years were] a unequivocally dire duration in my early twenties which kick-started something in me which was a bit some-more . . . feral.

“I’m unequivocally unapproachable which I am means to move brazen and not tumble in to each mental crater. That’s a brand new thing for me. Age has done me smarter and calmer. 

“And it is f-cking awesome.”

The star, who might or might not be dating Alicia Cargile, points to a specific action of fighting back which proposed her down her some-more delighted path:

The slicing of her hair.

“My hair was such a crutch,” she says. I looked ‘sexy’ no make a difference what. I could censor at the back of it. As shortly as I didn’t have all which hair, I had to let my face cling to out.

“I felt some-more assured than I had in a unequivocally prolonged time. And it felt unequivocally good. Maybe to many people prolonged hair is prettier. But afterwards what? Is your main idea in hold up to be desired?

“That is tedious as f-ck.”

Grab a reason of your heartstrings, people.

Because little Piper Sinclair is about to yank them with all her might.

The baby lady was carrying difficulty with sure milestones, such as crawling, that stirred her mom to think may be Pipe was carrying a small eyesight problems.

She incited out to be correct, that led to Piper's relatives removing their daughter a span of glasses… slipping them on at a drink and burger joint… and afterwards sitting behind whilst Piper really, indeed saw things for the initial time.

How the relatives didn't detonate in to a million small pieces right afterwards and there we'll never know.

It's protected to contend this video belongs in the outline of lovable kids reacting to things. But it deserves the own difficulty as well.

Baby puts on eyeglasses sees relatives for initial time

Justin Bieber is already enclosed in the most appropriate of Lip Sync Battle rundown.

But the artist is creation a fool around to be enclosed AGAIN.

The artist does his most appropriate sense of Fergie in the on tip of hide look from this Spike TV, covering her 2006 strike "Big Girls Don't Cry" and removing all kinds of romantic during the performance.

He afterwards concludes the slight by derisive aspirant Deion Sanders.

Who will come out on tip in this battle? The cocktail star or the pro football Hall of Famer?

Tune in to Spike TV at 10/9c on Thursday, Jul sixteen to find out!

Justin bieber covers fergie gets romantic on mouth sync battle

Up and entrance cocktail star Mikey Wax has penned a absolute brand brand new lane entitled "Love Always Wins (#LoveWins)," featuring Prophecy.

As the pretension implies, the singular was created in respect of the Supreme Court's turning point statute legalizing happy matrimony final month.

Wax denounced the tribute, a trumpet-laden lane with anthemic lyrics which recognizes the country’s on-going strides, this morning.

“Want to live how I feel / wish to love what is genuine / and I don’t need to explain,” Mikey sings, profitable loyalty to the romantic fight.

“Yeah, we’re all violence hearts low inside of / and love, love regularly wins.”

“My most appropriate crony is gay,” reads the track's verse video. “His difference of goal and complacency after the Supreme Court statute desirous this song."

"Despite race, religion, gender, or passionate orientation, love regularly wins.”

Expect to listen to a lot some-more from Mikey Wax in the entrance years, and as far as this strain goes, it will shortly embrace a major, high-profile boost.

"Love Always Wins (#LoveWins)" is approaching to crop up in the arriving promos for E!’s I Am Cait, Caitlyn Jenner's brand brand new being show.

Mikey polish ft anticipation love regularly wins series lovewins

Because we know you were sitting around seeking for philosophical guidance, Jessa Duggar’s father Ben has recommendation for all the ladies out there.

Basically, which recommendation is BEWARE OF MEN.

Ben and Jessa Seewald Instagram

Ben Seewald wrote on Instagram this weekend, along with an picture of an unnamed male wining and dining a woman:

“Ladies … watch out for dudes which instruct to date you, but have no goal whatsoever of any critical relationship.”

“A lot of guys instruct to suffer you and fool around with your heart and emotions with no joining or shortcoming on their part.”

“They’re meditative ‘Why do I need to commit? I’m removing what I want'”

“‘When I get sleepy of her I’ll usually move on to the subsequent lady I can use.'”

“Just be clever girls. Don’t give divided your heart or your physique to someone who isn’t rebuilt to delight you for the prolonged haul.”

Wow. It’s a great thing we have Ben to discuss it us these things.

Our world? Rocked. Our viewpoint on life? Enlightened.

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In fairness, we suspect it’s good which Mr. Seewald has no goal of receiving value of women, and shows regard for others.

(Guy gets to see what’s underneath the clothes in this Jessa Duggar swimsuit print … no consternation he was a one-woman-man as a teen.)

On the flip side, of course, is the import which Ben, in his gigantic wisdom, knows each woman’s truest instruct and deepest desire.

That being to rivet in a wooing full of side hugs until matrimony at the beginning probable moment, afterwards to furnish most children.

Maybe we’re overthinking this, but meaningful the Duggars, it’s tough not to appreciate this as some-more than a genuine regard for women.

Instead, it reads similar to Ben is revelation women what to do … implying which they would be sanctified to live the usually hold up he approves of.

Are we astray for meditative which celebration of the mass in between the lines of Ben’s cautionary difference lies an component of preachiness and judgment?

Hit the comments next and let us know …

Caitlyn Jenner has taken the event to open approach up once again.

And, this time, she’s going approach over spike painting.

Caitlyn Jenner Hates on Bullying

“Hi again. It’s Caitlyn. Wow — what a week,” the 65-year-old former Olympian writes in a brand brand new blog entry.

“Your escape after my note final week was incredible. (In fact, so most of you sent me questions and comments which my site crashed!)

“Even yet I can’t get behind to any and each one of you, I wish you to know which I’m celebration of the mass your kind difference and which they meant the universe to me. Here have been only a integrate of to get us started.”

With that, the stepfather of Kim Kardashian and association responded to a integrate reader questions.

Let’s take a demeanour at her divulgence answers, shall we?


I had all of the issues, but I was flourishing up in a really opposite time and I had no information. Meanwhile, I had all of my diversions — sports…this…that…married…family.

But after 65 years, here I was right behind with the same problems which I had when I was 10 years old and I had to eventually do something about that.


Just being means to be myself. Recently I went on a outing with a little of my brand brand new friends and I had such a smashing time. I packaged for the initial time — as only Caitlyn, nobody else — which is the initial time I’ve ever finished that.

I was left for 5 days and had such a illusory knowledge with all of these girls who have all been by the same thing. We had so most stories to tell. We had so most things which we were all traffic with. It was only indeed a liberating experience.

I knew afterwards which I could never go back.

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Earlier today, we posted a video of Rob Lowe shirtless and singing along to The Sound of Music.

But which is right away usually the second weirdest story of the day.

According to The Gloucestershire Echo, a internal woman crushed in to the behind fender of a M&J Seafood lorry over the week end after her car unexpected lurched in traffic.

Screaming Woman

When the lorry motorist was called in to his boss’s office, meditative he competence be dismissed for the mishap, the employer instead showed the male video from the behind of the company’s truck.

The footage valid which the woman was at error since she had a Rampant Rabbit-style sex fondle inside her pants.

And it contingency have only strike a certain additional special spot, causing the unclear womanlike to impact on the gas (in some-more ways than one!).

“They all had a great laugh,” a source tells the journal of the M&J employees. “Apparently the woman was flattering fit.”

We’re not certain what fit just equates to in British parlance.

But we can take a little guesses!

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