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Beau Biden, the son of Vice President Joe Biden, has upheld away. He was 46 years old.

The father of dual had been battling brain cancer for multiform years. The headlines of Biden’s genocide was reliable around a matter from the Vice President’s office:

Beau Biden

“It is with damaged hearts which Hallie, Hunter, Ashley, Jill and I have known the flitting of the husband, hermit and son, Beau, after he battled brain cancer with the same integrity, bravery and strength he demonstrated each day of his life.

“The complete Biden family is saddened over words.”

“We know which Beau’s suggestion will live on in all of us – generally by his dauntless wife, Hallie, and dual conspicuous children, Natalie and Hunter.”

Biden was hospitalized final week for “an part of disorientation and weakness.”

His doctors settled which they approaching him to have a full recovery, however.

An attorney, maestro of the Iraq War, and former profession ubiquitous for the state of Delaware, Biden had dictated to run for administrator of his home state in the arriving 2016 election.

Our thoughts go out to his family at this incredibly formidable time, and to the desired ones and friends of all the celebrities which we’ve mislaid in 2015:

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Lena Dunham would similar to to have dual things clear:

  1. She will be choosing by casting votes for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election.
  2. And it’s not because Hillary Clinton is a woman.

Making her goal transparent with the following Instagram photo, Dunham went behind on amicable media after critics indicted her of usually ancillary Clinton since they have been the same gender.

On Team Hillary

“If I was gonna opinion for someone only since she was womanlike it would be [Lil Kim],” she joked, before to branch array and adding:

“Accusing women of ancillary Hillary only since she’s womanlike is misogynistic BS. Women have been intelligent sufficient to have decisions formed on a series of factors: policy, lane record, debate strategy.”

In the end, Dunham resolved which people should maybe NOT insult women by sanctimonious they opinion “exclusively along vaginal celebration lines.”

Expect copiousness of possibilities to get concerned with celebrities in a little approach or an additional as we conduct toward the arriving Presidential Election.

We’ve already seen Mike Huckabee come out in await of Josh Duggar, while Rick Santorum says he’s disgusted by the scandal.

Oh, and Dan Bilzerian says he’s using for President. God assistance us all.

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What a disproportion a year makes.

Last summer, you couldn’t set feet in open but conference about how “fancy” Iggy Azalea is. In 2015, however, the Aussie femcee is about as renouned as Crocodile Dundee and alternative ephemeral trends from Down Under.

Talk of Iggy’s debate being canceled due to miss of seductiveness began to disseminate behind in March, and this week, the headlines was confirmed:

Iggy-Ig’s troubled Great Escape Tour has strictly been put out of the misery, and full refunds will be released to the (shockingly few) fans who purchased tickets.

It's Iggy Azalea!

It’s the ultimate in a prolonged line of setbacks for the divisive rapper, who’s endured a year full of feuds, fast disappearing popularity, and being publicly referred to as “Satan in the form of mayonnaise.”

Just final week, thousands sealed a apply to to devaluate Iggy’s Billboard Music Award as a outcome of their belief that the 24-year-old Sydney local is undeserving of such an honor.

Iggy enjoyed a medium recognition progress final week interjection to her Britney Spears partnership “Pretty Girls,” but it looks similar to the renewed air blower seductiveness came as well late to save the debate which was scheduled to flog off Sep eighteen in San Diego.

Azalea apologized to fans on amicable media, tweeting, “I’m so unhappy and contemptible to let my fans down… we’ll be behind out on the highway when the subsequent manuscript is done.”

No central reason was since for the cancelation, but as attention insiders have been stating unsatisfactory sales for months, it’s at large believed which a elementary miss of seductiveness cursed the 21-city journey from the start.

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It’s been over a week since headlines of the Josh Duggar passionate abuse charges was done public, and the customarily outspoken nineteen Kids and Counting house has been uncharacteristically still ever since.

Both Josh and his relatives released open statements before long after the accusations were revealed, but most of their fans and critics hold the responses were woefully inadequate.

Josh certified to behaving “inexcusably,” but seemed some-more endangered with rescuing his open picture than apologizing to his victims.

Michelle and Jim Bob’s matter to People magazine was regarded as likewise deceptive and self-serving, and most have called for the relatives to be hold under obligation for their purpose in assisting to cover up the allegations for over a decade.

Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar Photo

Now it looks as nonetheless those critics might get their wish, as it was voiced currently which Michelle and Jim Bob will lay down with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly to suggest their views on the scandal.

In a press recover released this morning, Michelle Duggar settled which she and Jim Bob will crop up on The Kelly File in sequence to “share the hearts with you about the suffering which we walked by as a family twelve years ago, the tears we all strew and the redemption which was given.”

Many have been observation the talk as partial of a last-ditch bid by the Duggars to save the array which done their family famous.

Many attention insiders have settled which they hold TLC will terminate nineteen Kids and Counting, but no central proclamation has been done as of yet.

The initial apportionment of Michelle and Jim Bob’s talk will air on Jun 3 at 9 pm, with “additional footage” filmed at the family’s Arkansas home scheduled for June 5.

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Kate Middleton is already being pressured to get profound again and have a third stately baby, but it’s a startling chairman who’s heading which charge.

Royal Baby Factory

Despite Kate wanting to tighten down the stately baby bureau for great after the bieing born of Princess Charlotte, insiders explain she’s gotten pushback there.

From Carole Middleton, Catherine’s mum.

That’s right, Kate’s mother – not any partial of of Prince William’s stately family – is the one propelling the Duchess of Cambridge to keep crankin’ ’em out.

Her initial dual pregnancies perplexed the world, wild the British manage to buy tough and in all done Kate and all things tighten to her demeanour swell.

Carole, meanwhile, is seen by most observers as the still orchestrator at the back of the scenes of Kate’s pointed but organisation mangle from stately family tradition.

Kate’s done it pure she wants no stately family members around her kids, and for Princess Charlotte and Prince George to knowledge normal life.

They will never be “normal” as we think of it, but in eschewing London’s house hold up for their nation estate of Amner Hall, Kate’s motives have been clear.

Not to mention, Carole and Pippa Middleton were between the initial to encounter Princess Charlotte, and have played critical purposes in George’s upbringing.

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Since Prince William and Kate left Kensington Palace, Carole has changed in to Amner Hall on roughly a full-time basement as her granchildren’s caretaker.

Her motives have been similarly transparent.

By creation herself a critical partial of George and Charlotte’s lives, Carole is reporting carry out over the family, and an additional baby would usually assistance concrete it.

Despite the illness risks concerned with an additional pregnancy, family insiders have been sure Kate Middleton will be profound prior to prolonged with her third child.

Kate’s uncle, Gary Goldsmith, told Hello!, “I don’t think they’ll stop at two.” India Hicks, cousin to Prince Charles, reiterated the point, adding:

“I think [Kate Middleton and Prince William] could have the undiluted finale with a child and girl. But I think they won’t stop there.”

Added an additional house source even prior to Charlotte’s birth, “I would put income on them carrying more. Whatever this baby is, there will be another.”

She’s usually 33 and whilst Prince George and Princess Charlotte would finish this family beautiful, it looks similar to #GreatKateWait3 is strictly ON!!!

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Teen Mom OG? More similar to Teen Mom… oh, gee whiz! Congratulations!

We contend this because Maci Bookout has turn a mom for the second time, welcoming a kid with long-time beloved Taylor McKinney.

The newborn’s name is Jayde Carter and we’ll let Maci insist the rest…

Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney Image

“Jayde done her grand opening at 1:59pm today,” Bookout Tweeted on Friday. “She weighed 7lbs 15oz at birth. She is pleasing and as full of health as can be.”

Bookout and McKinney voiced the name of their tentative baby in an talk with E! News in March, only days forward of the premiere of Teen Mom OG.

Jayde Carter right away joins big hermit Bentley, a six-year old whose father is Bookout’s ex, Ryan Edwards.

Those dual appeared together on sixteen and Pregnant.

Maci, of course, has been intent in a argument with associate MTV star Farrah Abraham for awhile now, one you can see for yourself when you watch Teen Mom online.

But hopefully even Farrah can dump the gloves for a couple of moments and stick on us in wishing Maci, along with her flourishing family, the really best.

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They might get criticized for not in bent or charity up fake versions of their lives and personalities, but the being TV stars who assistance measure the big ratings additionally move in the big bucks.

Kris Jenner and her brood usually earned $100 million for 4 some-more seasons of Keeping Up With the Kadashians. The detained Teresa Giudice made $700,000 for her last year of filming The Real Housewives of New Jersey. 

Not bad salaries for a garland of non-college grads who can't sing, act, dance or fool around sports, but you know what's unequivocally shocking?None of those folks have been even in the tip 5 when it comes to being show earners.

Check out the list next to see who's really removing abounding from what's arguably America's the one preferred kind of entertainment:


15. Simon Cowell

Simon cowell smiles
Cowell raked in a cool $95 million a year for his last seasons on American Idol. Sometimes being a jerk can unequivocally compensate off. Of course, Cowell is additionally a writer and co-creator of the former strike series, so he didn’t consequence that income JUST from ripping people down.

14. Howard Stern

Howard unrelenting red runner pic
Divisive personalities do great on the being theatre and Stern has warranted $15 by apropos an doubtful the one preferred amongst contestants and viewers comparison on America’s Got Talent. Of course, the show is usually one of most income streams for the King of All Media.

13. Ryan Seacrest

Ryan seacrest pic
Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood aren’t the usually ones who got abounding off of American Idol. After earning $15 million any deteriorate given 2009, Ryan Seacrest is no disbelief unhappy to see the array come to an end.

12. Christina Aguilera

Christina aguilera thin photo
X-Tina comes and goes from her judges’ chair on The Voice, but that doesn’t appear to be inspiring her earnings. The cocktail star brings in a reported $12.5 million for any deteriorate as a judge/coach.

11. Adam Levine

Adam levine on the voice
Allowing a camera organisation to request your hold up is all great and good, but the genuine income is in evaluating talent. Sources contend Adam Levine pulls in in between $10 and $12 million as one of the chair-spinning A-listers on The Voice.

10. The Kardashians

Keeping up with the kardashians promo pic deteriorate 9
The K-Clan pulls in about $25 million a season, that sounds similar to a lot, until you recollect how most ways they have to separate it. Kim is the family’s tip earner (obviously) pulling an estimated $18 million a year from her shows, product lines and endorsements.

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Here is something you don't review everyday: ADORABLE SHARK ALERT!!!

The video on top of facilities a diver who was cleaning a tank at the Aquarium des Lagons in Noumea, New Caledonia, when a leopard shark swam up to contend hi.

The diver motionless to give the animal a small swell massage and… what do you know?!? The shark desired each second of it!

Check out the fun footage to see what we meant and to see a shark similar to you've never seen a shark before.

Shark gets swell massage is in heaven

Taylor Swift, tellurian strain luminary and cocktail enlightenment icon, is still a pure and saving herself for the “right guy,” according to a startling brand brand new report.

Moreover, she thinks brand brand new beloved Calvin Harris might usually be him.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris

While she might good be the Hottest Woman Alive (Maxim pronounced it) Taylor Swift knows she is not voluptuous … or at slightest doesn’t wish to rivet in sex.

The star, right away 25, vowed a prolonged time ago not to have sex with a male until she was in a critical and committed attribute with one she trusts.

Whispers which Taylor Swift is a prude who won’t put out have been zero knew, but if this inform is someway true, she has unequivocally stranded to her guns.

A source notes: “She has been related to so most important and authorised bachelors. But, at the finish of the day she usually wants to be wined and dined.”

“She is not going to usually ‘lie down’ with anyone.”

That we believe, but what about rumors which she presumably mislaid her decency to one important ex who them pennyless up with her around content message?

As which story goes, she had in truth been “saving herself for marriage” but was so soft with this star which she gave it up, usually to get dumped.

Naturally, this desirous a strike song.

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Whether she’s been 100 percent temperate or a “born-again virgin” saving herself for Mr. Right after removing burned, her resume is unreal.

Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Lauter, John Mayer, Harry Styles … we could go on. For years, the register of stars Swift antiquated grew longer and longer.

After a prolonged mangle from the dating game, she’s not prolonged ago thrown herself behind in, and the list might shortly finish at Calvin Harris, the 31-year-old DJ.

Swift is reportedly assured Harris is “The One” and will expected unqualified the attribute with him. The insider explained of this couple:

“Taylor needs an romantic tie … she wants the undiluted guy, someone she trusts utterly and feels gentle carrying sex with.”

Apparently, which undiluted male is Calvin Harris.

What do you have of this? Is it unequivocally probable which Tay’s prolonged list of ex-lovers were not literally lovers? And is Harris unequivocally “forever” material?

Comment next to plead …

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Marriage Boot Camp kicked off a brand new deteriorate of the silly WE tv being show Friday with a shotgun marriage and a little astonishing guests.

Who stopped by and what was the startling fallout?

Kendra Wilkinson SLAMS Mother on Marriage Boot Camp

Last night’s Marriage Boot Camp Season 3 Episode 1 featured usually one essentially tied together integrate (hilarious) and that of march was Kendra and Hank.

Kendra Wilkinson, that is, and Hank Baskett.

Joining them in Boot Camp this summer are:

  • Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and Lauren Pesce
  • Aubrey O’Day and Travis Garland
  • Tami Roman and Reggie Youngblood
  • Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd

It’s an engaging crew, that’s for sure.

If you watch Marriage Boot Camp online, you’ll see that the duos’ primary assign brought them true to the wedding. Or behind to there, in Kank’s case.

But prior to they pronounced or re-said “I do,” they any had a key chairman there from their lives to insist their problems, an “objector” at the altar, if you will.

For K-Dubs, that lady was her mom.

Not only a fan, Kendra told her that “the demon has eaten your soul” and indicted her of offered her out to the press, a repeated thesis for them.

Her mother in jeopardy to exhibit ALL of Kendra’s texts. This is obviously a really full of health attribute that has right divided spanned at slightest 4-5 being shows.

Of course, being Marriage Boot Camp, there was a doctrine to take divided from all this, and that was how she was receiving out her issues on Hank.

The rest of the squad longed for to know what was up, but when Aubrey asked, Kendra close that would-be Q&A event down similar to it was her job.

Which is great, since what about Kendra and Hank and her mother do we not know at this point? I mean, only demeanour up Ava London online.

At the finish of the night, everybody picked rooms, and in you do so, had to confirm that stars had the most appropriate attribute and who had the worst.

Aubrey was in assign and proposed creation those determinations, that we can see apropos a thing with the alternative participants shortly enough.

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