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Hey ladies, theory what?

Justin Bieber will have love to you. Like you wish him to. And he'll reason you tight. All by the night.

Yes, Justin Bieber will have love to you. When you wish him to. And he will not let go until you discuss it him to.

Oh approbation (correct: OOOOH, YES, YES, YES!), Bieber repelled those in assemblage for Jazz Night at The W Hotel in Los Angeles on Sunday, receiving to the theatre and belting out the Boyz II Men ballad "I’ll Make Love To You."

And it's each bit as voluptuous and charming as you'd suppose it to be.

Try to suppose Bieber singing these extraordinary lyrics in your citation as you watch the on top of video… and afterwards check out Bieber crooning in a opposite conform when he took partial in car karaoke with James Corden.

Justin bieber sick have love to you

Jessa Duggar’s father-in-law has come to the ardent invulnerability of Jessa Duggar’s embattled comparison brother.

As many of the giveaway universe knows by now, the 27-year-old Josh Duggar certified to passionate seduction of mixed immature girls when he was a teenager.

Vaguely referencing these iniquitous acts in an apologetic make a difference Friday, Josh quiescent from his pursuit and TLC pulled nineteen Kids and Counting from the air.

Now, Michael Seewald (the father of Ben Seewald) has taken to Facebook to lash out at the Duggars’ haters and sexually urge Josh Duggar.

Dad and Duggar

“There is red blood in the H2O and the sharks have been in a stuff oneself frenzy,” Seewald wrote of critics in a blog post patrician “Grace Greater Than Our Sin.”

He continued:

“It heedfulness me to see which they have been right away carrying to relive the calamity which had been laid to rest good over a decade ago with Josh’s plea and reformation.

“But I feel constrained to move a little context and reason to the bloodletting which many have been enchanting in and to come to the assist of the dear friends and family.

Michael’s son tied together Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s daughter.

The Christian integrate waited until matrimony to share their initial lick and the span voiced which they were awaiting their initial baby this fall.

“As it stands rapist charges were not brought opposite Josh but I hold which Josh’s relatives acted in a approach which saintly relatives should,” Michael wrote.

“They did not spin a blind eye, but sincerely sought benefit from the church, counselors, and in the future the police.”

It stays misleading only what arrange of benefit the Duggars did essentially find for Josh, but they many really did not simply spin the make a difference over to the authorities.

Many hold they attempted to cover it up, in fact.

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Duggar’s parents certified Josh to a trickery for mental diagnosis shortly afterward; there’s even been speak which Josh sought diagnosis from an classification founded by an indicted sex criminal.

Michael went on to try and joy the victims (a couple of of which, allegedly, have been Josh’s own sisters) prior to branch his courtesy to the family’s haters:

“There have been others which see this part as a outcome of sheltering and repressing tellurian desires.”

“They think which had he entrance to sex preparation by Planned Parenthood, been authorised to watch irritable Hollywood films, been speedy to investigation with a girlfriend, or gotten giveaway condoms from the internal propagandize nurse, afterwards nothing of this would have happened…”

The irrationality of a little people is thoughts boggling.

“Fan the abandon of childish lust and you finish up with what we have: rare numbers of solitary mothers, millions of abortions, prevalent STDs, and the unraveling of the fabric of the total society.”

“Josh didn’t impiety since he was repressed, he sinned since similar to all of us he is a sinner.”

In the end, Michael creates it clear: “The Seewald family stands with the Duggar family in solidarity.”

Along with Michael Seewald, 2008 and probable 2016 presidential claimant Mike Huckabee has additionally come out in invulnerability of Josh Duggar.

Unlike the elder Seewald, fortunately, Huckabee has not compared Duggar haters to Hitler’s doppelgangers … at slightest not which we know of.

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It’s been usually over a month since Kim Richards was arrested for being dipsomaniac and unfinished at the Beverly Hills hotel, but the uneasy Housewife is already finished with obsession diagnosis and behind to partying.

Fortunately, she’s gripping her celebrations solemn these days…at slightest for now.

Rumors of Kim quitting rehab to attend her daughter’s marriage were reliable over the week end when she jetted off to Cabo to take partial in the ceremony.

Kim Richards at Daughter's Wedding

The print on top of shows Kim creation a debate at the reception. It was posted on Instagram by her niece Paris Hilton. 

Kim’s assemblage was in subject usually days prior to the wedding, not usually since she was in rehab, but additionally since her ex-husband and “sober companion” Monty Brinson was incompetent to attend for illness reasons.

Many wondered if the highlight of the wedding, joined with the celebratory ambience of Cabo would be as well most for Kim.

Fortunately, it looks similar to the mom of the bride managed to stay sober.

Kim creatively programmed to lapse to rehab after the rite to finish her treatment. Only time will discuss it if she’ll follow by on which commitment, but we’re certain creation great on her guarantee would be the most appropriate marriage benefaction she could give her daughter.

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Attention, ladies! Thanks to Ian Somerholder's definite sexiness, your cold H2O use will right away be monitored!

Ian Somerhalder loves animals, is a destroyed regretful and he plays a charming evil spirit on The Vampire Diaries…What's not to love?

Get in line for your every day sip of cold H2O as you check out a small of Ian Somerhalder's hottest photos…

1. Ian Somerhalder In Newlywed Bliss

Shirtless ian somerhalder and wife
Shirtless and a newly wed? It’s a great day for Ian Somerhalder.

2. Ian Somerhalder Shows Boy Next Door Charm

Ian somerhalder photo
Ian Somerhalder can ramble over to the residence with his child subsequent doorway appeal and ask for a crater of sugarine when ever he wants.

3. Smoldering Ian Somerhalder

Ian somerhalder in apparatus man
Hey, Ian, stop seeking directy in to the soul. It’s kind of a small as well much.

4. One Of The Boys

Ian somerhalder michael trevino and paul wesley
Ian Somerhalder can conflict for the courtesy opposite his TVD buddies anyday. He’s regularly going to win.

5. Beachin’ It Ian Somerhalder

Ian somerhalder nikki reed beach photo
Wedded tranquillity certain looks great on Ian Somerhalder.

6. Sexy Cover Model

Nina dobrev and ian somerhalder naked
Hottness, celebration of one! Make which dual if you embody Nina Dobrev. Ian Somerhalder, and a shirtless repository cover, equals holy sexy, batman.

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As you might have heard, Chris Brown has a bit of a temper.

And by “a bit of a temper” we meant the city slicker should deposit in a span of purple shorts, since he’s probable to spin in to the Hulk at any moment.

Speaking of immature monsters, Chris is the sceptical type, and even yet he got dumped by Karrueche Tran on Twitter back in March, he still doesn’t wish her unresolved out with alternative dudes.

So unnecessary to say, Breezy was reduction than gratified when Tyson Beckford posted a print of himself unresolved out with Karrueche in Las Vegas on Instagram over the weekend.

Karrueche Tran and Tyson Beckford
Chris Brown iHeart Radio

Chris posted and fast deleted a array of indignant tweets, most of which seemed to embody potential threats targeted at Beckford.

“U wanna keep on foot them runways,” Chris tweeted in an strong anxiety to Beckford’s displaying past. “U need legs for that. Keep personification similar to I ain’t quick mind the bullsh-t.”

Obviously un-intimidated, Beckford tweeted, “It’s all about fun in Vegas. Come thru papa.” He afterwards posted a print of himself banishment a gun at a sharpened range, with a heading reading, “In box you forgot.”

Late final night, Brown posted a print of multiform Vegas military officers station in front of a office building with a heading reading, “This n–ga Tyson got the total Vegas PD out here! Suckah!”

The attribute in between Chris and Karrueche finished after it was suggested which Brown had a kid by an additional lady whilst he was still in a attribute with Tran. 

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Rumors of Chris and Karrueche removing behind together have been present for weeks, but it seems which she prefers Tyson’s association these days.

We’re awaiting this incident to get very ugly. You might wish to get your popcorn ready.

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As expected, Avengers: Age of Ultron took the box bureau by charge progressing this month, environment a customary which will be intensely difficult for destiny summer blockbusters to compare in this or any alternative year.

Obviously, this success equates to big bucks for Marvel and the illusive delay of the studio's "cinematic universe" by the year 2075 or so.

Fortunately, it additionally equates to a brand new stand of epic satire videos.

We've already seen Sesame Street's take on The Avengers, and right away the folks at Bad Lip Reading have been putting their own turn on the supergroup with "Redneck Avengers: Tulsa Nights."

Sure, it's tough to contest with Tony Stark and company's tangible onscreen adventures, but it's unfit to repudiate the party worth in examination Thor protest about sharp nachos and surprise his hermit which he needs to dump a deuce.

As a bonus, when someone else is putting difference in the actors' mouths we don't have to be concerned about Jeremy Renner job Black Widow a "slut." We're still perplexing to get over which one.

Avengers bad mouth celebration of the mass strikebreaker superheroes to the rescue

It’s been roughly a week given the headlines initial broke that Josh Duggar was declared in an underage passionate abuse investigation while he was still in his teens.

We’ve given schooled which multiform critics of the family might have well known about the sum of Josh’s purported molestations as far behind as 2007.

The Duggar family managed to successfully keep Josh’s nauseous past often dark from the open for roughly 8 years, but for those in the know, scenes similar to the one next contingency have come as utterly a shock:

Josh Duggar Incest Joke

In the clip, Josh describes an early date with his destiny mother Anna, which had to be chaperoned per the Duggar manners of courtship. 

When Jinger Duggar valid incompetent to chaperon the couple, twins Jana and John-David were selected instead.

In the video above, Josh refers to the group of four as a “double date” prior to joking, “We have been from Arkansas!”

Many would disagree which the fun (which plays on the obvious classify of incest amongst family groups of the farming South) would be in bad ambience in any context, but the criticism is done generally descent by the believe which Josh had formerly been accused of molesting his sisters.

Sources contend TLC has not nonetheless reached a preference about the destiny of the show which done Josh and his family famous, but for now, the network has pulled nineteen Kids and Counting from the schedule.

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Despite months of rumors about Khloe Kardashian removing behind together with Lamar Odom, the being star has remained singular (as far as the open knows) ever given bursting with French Montana late final year.

Yes, Khloe and French have hung out in the months since, but sources demand which they’re only friends and which Khloe is seeking for a some-more mature, fast attribute than she had with possibly French or Lamar.

So it creates clarity which she might have incited to a 45-year-old china Fox:

Khloe Kardashian Red Carpet Pic
Rick Fox Photo

Yes, Khloe has reportedly been spending a lot of time with NBA-star-turned-actor-turned-legendary-ladies’-man Rick Fox.

Fox and Eliza Dushku pennyless up final summer after a scarcely five-year relationship. Prior to that, he was related to Sharon Stone, AnnaLynne McCord and even Brandi Glanville.

Needless to say, the Fox gets around, and right away insiders explain he and Khloe have been removing serious.

The probable integrate was speckled enjoying a late night cooking at a Mexican grill in LA over the weekend. Witnesses contend they were speckled withdrawal together at around 1:30 in the morning.

Asked by a paparazzo if he and Khloe are an item, Fox responded, “Khloe’s a great friend.”

That might receptive to advice similar to a denial, but it’s critical to note which he didn’t contend no. 

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If you watched Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 10 Episode twelve final night, afterwards you know which the part focused especially on Kylie and enclosed a little startling revelations about the youngest Jenner.

Amidst all the bombshells about the Instagram queen “hating” her hold up and struggling to cope with the headlines of Bruce Jenner’s sex change, fans might have ignored the stage in which momager Kris drops a spirit about Kylie’s destiny plans:

Watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 10 Episode twelve Online

As we reported final week, Kylie has been singing on Instagram and she essentially seems to have a little talent. 

It seems the timing of her low-pitched uploads is no accident, as Kris talked about Kylie’s crooning in intense conditions on final night’s monthly payment of KUWTK.

Now, any loyal air blower of the Kardashians knows which their each move is delicately calculated, so when Kris mentions Kylie “singing around the house” in the same month that Kylie starts posting strain snippets on her Instagram, it’s healthy to pretence which a entrance manuscript can’t be far behind.

For months, we’ve been conference which Kylie wants to be “the subsequent Katy Perry” and intends to concentration entirely on her song career once she completes her chronicle of tall school.

Now, with “graduation” right around the corner, it seems Kylie is laying the grounds for her cocktail star future.

Will she be as renouned on the charts as she is on Instagram? Tough call, but you can gamble she’ll have the full await of her really dynamic momager.

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It might not get any some-more joyous than this:

The following videos underline dogs welcoming home their owners after carrying not seen their owners in a really prolonged time. Why?

Because these owners have been soldiers returning from battle.

Ready to cry? Ready to laugh? Ready to mount up and cheer? You'll never see creatures some-more vehement than the canines facilities in these pieces of footage.

Although the soldiers themselves aren't really far at the back of in conditions of excitement…

1. Dog Reunites With Soldier

Dog reunites with soldier
A male and his dogs reunite poignantly after his lapse from Iraq.

2. Dog Greets Returning Soldier

Dog greets returning soldier
A dog greets his owners in this video, carrying not seen the infantryman for 6 months. It’s moving, overwhelming stuff.

3. Huskies Greet Returning Soldier

Huskies hail returning soldier
Think these dogs have been happy to see their returning owner?!? Watch the happy reunion now!

4. Dogs Greet Military Owners, Go CRAZY

Dogs hail troops owners go crazy
Prepare to cry your eyes out. This is a video of dogs nod their troops owners on the latter returning home from overseas.

5. Dog Welcomes Home Soldier Owner

Dog welcomes home infantryman owner
In this extraordinary video, a dog goes to fetch his tennis ball. When he returns, his infantryman of an owners has returned. Watch for the greeting now.

6. Golden Retriever Welcomes Veteran Owner Home

Golden retriever welcomes maestro owners home
The owners of this Golden Retriever only returned from Afghanistan. And it’s protected to contend the dog is happy to acquire her home.

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