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This (not exactly) only in: Jennifer Lopez is gorgeous.

The American Idol decider is featured on the cover of Us Weekly's Best Bodies Issue… and for great reason, as done transparent in this boiling prohibited video.

"I welcome who I am," says the destiny Las Vegas resident. "I feel sexy, I feel youthful, I feel flattering sometimes."

Lopez, who is arrange of dating Casper Smart again, additionally explains which the tip to her success mostly comes from within.

"I think a full of health physique picture comes from being the most appropriate you, not competing with anybody else… I'm not a 6-foot tall model…I'm not a distance 2. I think it's about focusing on yourself and only perplexing to be the most appropriate you."

J. Lo concludes which she tries to live a "healthy lifestyle" and, by the looks of the figure she still possesses at age 45, it's protected to contend the following:

She has succeeded.

Jennifer lopez swim suit pics stare flirtatiously away

It came as no warn many years ago when viewers gave the Kim Kardashian sex fasten a certain review.

The footage featured Ray J you do an excellent pursuit at the back of the camera as he staid down at the back of his then-girlfriend and gave her a plain pounding.

We accepted because people favourite it

Kim Kardashian Selfie Time!

But the Kim Kardashian selfie book? Critics have been essentially heaping regard on this silly income grab?!?

Somehow, a little way, for a little reason… yes!

Here is a demeanour at what a couple of reputable publications have had to contend about Kim Kardashian Selfish:

What creates Selfish so crazily fascinating is the approach it breaks down, picture by scarcely matching image, the precise, self-determined trail of Kim Kardashian’s climb from socialite to domicile name – and the approach which over the march of hundreds of uninterrupted selfies, the expansion of her open and in isolation selves gets wholly mess up – Slate

It should be dreadful, but it isn’t. Surprisingly, it’s a rsther than lively request of someone carrying a jetset hold up (sample caption: ‘I was in Africa in a solid mine’) and not being overly protecting about her picture (one page is clinging wholly to photographs of her with sunburn after she fell defunct wearing sunglasses). – The Telegraph

A demeanour by the pages of Selfish reveals which what competence appear tedious and artificial primarily is essentially a far smarter, some-more distributed window in to the hold up and times of one of the culture’s many applicable open total by the simple, despite absurd, art of documenting herself. – Complex

What Selfish depicts, some-more than anything else, is the work which goes in to beauty…. And with her fairness about who she is and what it takes to have her which way, she competence also, opposite all odds, move us forward. – The Atlantic

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Is that unequivocally you, Bethenny Frankel?!?

The Real Housewives of New York City star took to Twitter currently in sequence to show off a uninformed look, as she’s scheming for a code brand brand brand brand new summer deteriorate by rocking a code brand brand brand brand brand new hairstyle.

This hip ‘do facilities an pointed incline cut with an auburn ombré outcome and it leaves us with only one elementary question:


Bethenny Frankel Hairdo

“Go Shawty! #theBisback,” the being star and commercial operation noble wrote to one side her Instagram image, that depicts Bethenny smiling in oversized sunglasses and a black tanned hide jacket.

Frankel has been in the headlines of late for a integrate personal reasons.

First, she was systematic to compensate ex-husband Jason Hoppy A LOT of income in their divorce settlement.

Second, she was presumably speckled out and about with a code brand brand brand brand new boyfriend. But this came as headlines to Frankel herself.

“I can’t wait for to find out who my code brand brand brand brand new beloved is today,” she Tweeted in reply to the report. “Guesses? Yours is as great as mine. #idontsuckatmakingpeoplethinkihaveaboyfriend.”

In alternative words: code brand brand brand brand new haircut, same old Bethenny Frankel humor.

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Verne Troyer no longer wants to be well well known as Mini-Me or as the male at the core of the Verne Troyer sex tape.

Instead, apparently, he wants to be well well known as the male who drive-in theatre semi-violent and astonishing happenings at general airports.

That's only what the former Austin Powers star has finished above, as Troyer was streamer for a moody to Ohio this week when he witnessed a male mangle by TSA security.

He churned out his cellphone, he done his approach via he throng on his equipped with a motor scooter and he prisoner scarcely the complete situation on camera.

Check out the video to listen to the military advise the city slicker which a little critical tasering is about to start and additionally to be tender by only how most people still commend Verne Troyer.

Verne troyer drive-in theatre male removing tasered at airport

Janice Dickinson has filed a legal case opposite Bill Cosby.

The former supermodel is arguably the many important lady to have come out and indicted the stand up comic of passionate assault, alleging multiform weeks ago that Cosby unperceiving her in Lake Tahoe in 1982.

Janice Dickinson: Bill Cosby is a Monster!
Janice Dickinson Blasts Bill Cosby

Dickinson has described the confront in gruesome detail, revelation CNN (above) which she felt “humiliated and disgusted” after Cosby gave her a tablet which stirred her to black out.

When she was unconscious, Dickinson says Cosby penetrated her vaginally and anally.

She has even common a print she snapped of Cosby in a dress in the room where she claims the rape took place.

In reply to the allegation, Bill Cosby’s group released a matter which indicted Dickinson of fabricating the contemptible story, an accusation Dickinson right away claims has sullied her great name.

She is suing Cosby for insult and romantic distress.

In the lawsuit, performed by TMZ, Dickinson is asking for vague damages.

Cosby, meanwhile, has been indicted of passionate attack by over thirty women at this point.

He not long ago spewed a little unsteadiness as a form of rejection when asked on Good Morning America about the fibre of allegations.

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Fans of the Duggar family and their romantic Christian values were since a critical jar this sunrise when headlines of a Josh Duggar sex liaison broke.

Jim Bob and Josh Duggar Picture

The eldest of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s nineteen Kids and Counting was allegedly concerned in a sex abuse box involving a teenager around 2005.

None alternative than Jim Bob was the one who incited Josh in, too.

According to reports, when the primogenitor detected that his son “inappropriately touched” an underage female, he took wilful action.

Hauling the careless teenager to the Arkansas State Police, sources contend he was so “mortified” by his son’s actions and felt he had small choice.

As a result, “Jim Bob did what he suspicion was right.”

The box was reportedly buried by former state guard Joseph Hutchens, who is right away portion 56 years in jail on kid publishing charges.

By the time the Crimes Against Children Division was after contacted about the Josh Duggar case, the three-year government of stipulations had expired.

Josh is right away tied together to Anna Duggar and is the father of 3 kids of his own, with a fourth on the way; their daughter is due this summer.

Fans who watch nineteen Kids and Counting online additionally know he heads up the Family Research Council’s legislative affairs as a D.C. lobbyist.

Often vocally and adamantly fighting happy matrimony and abortion, Josh is no foreigner to controversy, even going out of his approach to justice it.

He additionally owes a lot in behind taxes, that might be a most bigger understanding than this sex case, as it was 10 years ago and he was never charged.

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It's flattering damn lovable when a dog tells the owners which it loves her.

It's additionally rsther than darling when a dog awakens from a nightmare, receives love from the most appropriate crony and afterwards earnings to a state of ease bliss.

But let's face it: there's not anything some-more changed on this world than the steer of puppies jolt H2O off their little bodies.

That's just what the on top of video depicts, as the footage is based on a book declared “Shake Puppies” by Carli Davidson.

This book facilities 130 pages value of photographs of dogs jolt H2O from their hair and from their faces.

It's as extraordinary as it sounds and you'll wish to run out and buy it as shortly as the video posted here is accomplished playing.

NOTE: Okay, you got us. Clearly a dog barking at the own hiccups is the most precious on this planet. But puppies jolt off H2O is a tighten second!

Puppies shake up off H2O will have your day

Who is the greatest Dancing with the Stars hold up of all-time? Relive all the winners here.

1. Kelly Monaco and Alec Mazo

Dancing with the stars all the winners kelly monaco and alec mazo
The soap star prisoner the first-ver counterpart ball, whilst Mazo never again accomplished aloft than eighth on Dancing with the Stars.

2. Drew Lachey and Cheryl Burke

Dancing with the stars all the winners drew lachey and cheryl burke
Drew Lachey took the climax after the foe was increasing from 6 to 10 celebrities.

3. Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke

Dancing with the stars all the winners emmitt smith and cheryl burke
Burke went behind to behind and Smith became the initial of MANY former athletes to come out on top.

4. Apolo Anton Ohno and Julianne Hough

Dancing with the stars all the winners apolo anton ohno and julianne hough
Ohno, an Olympic speedskater, glided around the dance building for the Season 4 title.

5. Helio Castroneves and Julianne Hough

Dancing with the stars all the winners helio castroneves and julianne hough
Hough went behind to behind this time, whilst Helio Castroneves finished it 3 true contestant victories.

6. Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas

Dancing with the stars all the winners kristi yamaguchi and symbol ballas
Another ex-Olympian, an additional counterpart round triumph. Well done, Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas!

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According to a brand new publication cover story, Jennifer Aniston has been dumped by Justin Theroux.

But there have been dual pieces of great headlines for the actress:

  1. At slightest she done it by 990 days of an engagement.
  2. At slightest she isn’t singular and expecting, notwithstanding assorted magazines perplexing to discuss it us each alternative month that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant.

Jennifer Aniston Dumped Cover

An insider – who all and utterly exists and who Life & Style really did not conjure up up – says Theroux “pulled the block on [the couple’s] marriage only days prior to it was to go down.”

Talk about a formidable mangle for Jen, huh?!?

Apparently the separate went down in a many annoying fashion, too, as Aniston was on the phone with Theroux, accidentally articulate about marriage menu choices, when he blurted out:

“I’m not ready.”

That had to be formidable for the singer to hear. If, you know, it had essentially happened.

Fortunately, a prior publication inform claimed Aniston got dumped on her marriage day and which break-up never materialized.

So you’ll pardon us if we aren’t just shopping this tall tale, either.

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Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin have been battling for control over daughter Hannah among intolerable brand new claims which she ditched out on her fruit final week.

For 4 days. Without withdrawal any one her write number.

Jon & Kate Plus H8

As we reportedly final week, Jon wants control of Hannah, one of their 8 kids, following an allegedly aroused rumpus with Kate this month.

Following a censure about Kate Gosselin’s cruelty, Jon was postulated puncture control and triggered a high-stakes authorised push with his ex-wife.

Her purported spankings and alternative violent function have left Hannah reeling, and Jon fuming, but she seems really far from stressed at the mo’.

Kate “took off for 4 days final week” and “left the kids with the nanny,” a Gosselin insider said, and Jon will have copiousness to contend in court.

In pulling this stunt, she pennyless the couple’s control agreement.

“Kate is ostensible to give Jon initial right of warding off to take caring of the kids when she goes away,” the insider adds, and clearly, “she didn’t.”

Jon wasn’t usually dissapoint for the consequence of being upset, either.

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The kids, understandably, were all disturbed and confused.

Was she working? Sick? Hurt? Stranded somewhere but a phone? On a little regretful tarry with Jeff Prescott? Who the heck knows!

Says the insider: “The kids told Jon they didn’t know where she went, and had no approach to strech her since she doesn’t give them her cell number.”

Her rationale, allegedly? Kate doesn’t certitude them with it.

“Kate thinks if she gives it to them, someone else will get a reason of it,” the insider dubiously says. “She doesn’t wish pointless people calling.”

In any case, her former associate is positively livid.

Jon’s profession Kristen Doleva-Lecher vowed which he will “fight for” the kids in court, and which his usually “priority is what is most appropriate for” the children.

Stay tuned, since this could get ugly. Fast.

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