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During the propagandize year, I am a teacher.  And as many teachers know, students have been all the time asking for certain reinforcement.  The millennial era thrives off of rewards.

In my class, a prerogative competence meant removing out of category 5 mins early.  But a new “good function award,” took a opposite figure at a West Virginia tall school.

50 Shades of Grey Trilogy Covers

Students, who were dynamic to be praised for their tough work, assured their clergyman to show 50 Shades of Grey.

The Hampshire High School teacher, who contingency live in a cave, claimed to not know what the movie was about.

Principal Jeff Woofter reported which the movie was incited off after about 10 mins when the partner principal walked by and saw what the category was watching.

Not usually did this clergyman eff up by display big-budget, mainstream porn; movies of any kind have been taboo in the classroom.

At this time, it is misleading if students or clergyman will face any punishment.

The initial monthly payment of 50 Shades non-stop this year on Valentine’s Day.  The dates for the subsequent dual sequels have been expelled for 2016 and 2017.

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Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been condemned to death.

Earlier today, a jury in Boston voted unanimously to govern the male obliged for the marathon bombing in 2013 which killed a contingent of bystanders.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Photograph

Says Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch around statement:

“Dzhokhar Tsarnaev coldly and callously perpetrated a militant conflict which harmed hundreds of Americans and in conclusion took the lives of 3 individuals:

“Krystle Marie Campbell, a 29-year-old local of Medford; Lingzi Lu, a 23-year-old Boston University connoisseur tyro from China; and Martin Richard, an 8-year-old child from Dorchester who was examination the marathon with his family only a couple of feet from the second bomb.  

“In the issue of the attack, Tsarnaev and his hermit murdered Sean Collier, a 27-year-old unit military officer on the MIT campus, putting out a hold up dedicated to family and service.”

Tsarnaev, who was found guilty of this iniquitous crime in April, will sojourn in control and  be rigourously condemned by the decider at a after date.

“We know all as good well which no outcome can reanimate the souls of those who mislaid desired ones, nor the minds and bodies of those who suffered life-changing injuries from this villainous attack,” combined Lynch. 

“But the idealisation chastisement is a wise low mark for this horrific crime and we goal which the execution of this charge will move a little magnitude of closure to the victims and their families.

“We appreciate the jurors for their service, the people of Boston for their vigilance, essential element and await and the law coercion village in Boston and via the nation for their critical work.”

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Isobel Varley, the Guinness World Record hilt as the womanlike comparison adult with the many tattoos upheld divided at the age of 77.

After a prolonged conflict with Alzheimer’s disease, Varley died on Monday.

Varley got her initial dual tattoos in 1986—a bird on her shoulder and a flowering plant on her thigh.  The rest was history.

“I only got the bug.  I couldn’t stop,” she pronounced about her permanent skin stain fetish.

Varley claimed she outlayed $12,000-$15,000 on her tattoos.  At the time when she won the endowment for the many tattooed womanlike comparison citizen, her many new tat was of a heart on her sternum.  The inside of the heart said, “Millennium.”

Approximately 70% of her physique was lonesome in tattoos.

Worlds many tattooed womanlike comparison adult dies

High propagandize graduation is a time for most difference of knowledge to be upheld out, for most hold up lessons to hopefully be learned.

Be conduct strong. Be independent. Take risks. Remain loyal to yourself. Remember where you came from.

Oh, and do not wear tall heels to the graduation ceremony.

What? It's as well late for the lady in this video to sense which lesson? Uh-oh. This is gonna be ugly.. and, we hatred to contend it, but it's additionally gonna be hilarious.

Check out the on top of footage to see a Mansfield High School tyro teetering in funny tall heels as she walks from plain belligerent to astro-turf – and afterwards slowly, certainly and embarrassingly crashing to the feign grass.

High heeled connoisseur has longest tumble ever

We hatred to contend it so bluntly.  But Kim Richards’ hold up is a mutilate right now.  Things usually aren’t going good for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star.

Messy Kim Richards

Kim is scheduled to finish 90 some-more days of rehab in further to the month she has already outlayed in diagnosis for an ethanol addiction.  Plus, her daughter is about to get married, and Kyle Richards isn’t going to the wedding.

Now, one of Kim’s BFFs usually won a legal case opposite Kim over a pitbull attack.

In Mar 2014, Kay Rozario filed a lawsuit, claiming Kim wouldn’t repay her healing bills after Kim’s pitbull, Kingsley, bit her hand. The punch was so bad, it went all the approach to the bone.

Yesterday, a decider sided with Rozario but drastically revised the volume of damages.

Yes, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star will have to pay.  But not scarcely as most as Rozario wanted.

Rozario was looking some-more than a million dollars.  But according to justice documents, she was awarded a small $8,083.

The decider cited which the healing bills were usually $4,083.  So she doesn’t need a million bucks.

However, the decider did determine which she should be awarded some-more money for romantic trouble and mishap ensuing from the attack.

Kim’s dog seems to have as most problems as the owner.  Kingsley additionally pounded Kim’s niece, Kyle Richards’ daughter, final November.

As of late, the dog is at a in isolation precision facility.

Many people have speedy Kim to give the dog away, but Kim looooves her pup.  So most which Kim attempted to leave rehab to revisit Kingsley.

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There’s a lot for Portia de Rossi to be happy about.  Just this past December, Portia distinguished 10 years with Ellen DeGeneres.  

But hold up hasn’t regularly been so grand for the Scandal star.

In the second deteriorate of the web array It Gets Better, de Rossi opens up about her conflict with bulimia.

It Gets Better is a array grown for teenagers struggling with their passionate identity.  It mostly facilities stars frankly deliberating their past demons.

Portia discussed her eating commotion and how it was scored equally the formidable emotions she felt about her sexuality.

“I felt extensive shortcoming when I was twelve years old, and I was put up on a catwalk,” de Rossi reveals.

She continues,  “My displaying agents had told me to go on a diet. So I didn’t eat for 10 days prior to the.”

It wasn’t only the agents prodding at her self-respect either.  Portia adds which even associate models taunted her about her fuzzy eyebrows.

The singer goes in to item about the formidable conflict in between her physique and her deleterious inner dialogue:

“When I got in the car after which eventuality and only non-stop up a bag of my the one preferred sweets and only put my total conduct in it and I think, ‘S**t, what have I done? I’ve only undid dual weeks value of dieting.’ So afterwards I vomit.”

Because of her eating disorder, de Rossi’s weight forsaken to a dangerous 82 pounds.

She states, “I didn’t wish to think about being gay,” and the onslaught with her passionate temperament was a contributing cause toward her eating disorder.

But as the pretension of the web array suggests, it does get better.

Portia is in a improved place, and she hopes her story can assistance immature people who have been opposed identical issues.

“No make a difference what it is, you only have to go with whatever creates you smile.”

It unequivocally does get better.

Portia de rossi opens up about onslaught with bulimia

It looks similar to Kylie Jenner picked the wrong food with which to urge herself.

Earlier this month, the teen was indicted of revelation Snapchat viewers which she was tall as f-ck in a viral video.

The being star after private the footage and denied ever uttering those words, claiming instead which she was purgation over crony chicken.

Then, final night, Kylie acted for a print to one side Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner in which she mocked the scandal, fooling around about the group’s “Popeyes and Pajamas party.”

Popeyes and PJ Party

No big deal, right? Even arrange of droll and creative, no?

NO, according to a handful of Internet users.

Khloe was repelled to be met with accusations of injustice on her Instagram comment today, as a little folks have been claiming she’s “trying to be black.”

They’re obviously referring to the sort of food she is scarfing down, yet it’s probable Khloe’s dating story even plays a little purpose in this bizarre allegation.

“How is any one ‘trying to be black’ since they have been eating food?” Khloe asked.

“I wasn’t wakeful which food was singular to a sure skin color… I suspicion food was not specific to skin color but to humans in general.”

Khloe afterwards quoted the bible and concluded:

“To mangle bread together,’ a word as old as the Bible, captures the energy of a dish to shape metal relationships, cover up anger, incite laughter.”

What do you think of this astonishing scandal? Is Khloe unequivocally perplexing to be black?

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Adam Lambert has a brand brand brand new manuscript on the way.

But he has a brand brand brand new strain out RIGHT NOW!

The former American Idol runner-up has expelled the second lane of "The Original High," that will be expelled opposite all platforms on Jun 16.

About a month after appreciative fans with "Ghost Town," Lambert is right away here with "Underground."

Give the singular a attend around the audio video on top of and additionally demeanour for Lambert to foster his brand brand brand new manuscript with an coming on Good Morning America (in Central Park!) on Jun 19.

Adam lambert underground

The Courtney Stodden sex fasten roughly came betimes … to the Internet. Hackers rught away attempted to purloin the self-pleasure-fest from Vivid.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, to some) their cyber conflict unsuccessful harder than Doug Hutchison gets after he … sorry. We’ll show ourselves out.

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If you’ve been vital underneath a rock, or usually do not scour the Internet for luminary piece for one person masturbation tapes, there is a Courtney Stodden sex tape.

It was expelled yesterday on Vivid (dot) com after the shapely chick assumingly acquiesced and concluded to recover the “leaked” XXX footage.

Perhaps it was the $1 million suggest she perceived (she says she’s donating increase to charity) or the actuality which it extends her fifteen mins of fame.

Maybe both. Either way, she still claims it was stolen but has corroborated off her initial, strongly-worded threats to retard the recover in Court.

Anyway, behind to the harangue at hand. Yesterday, usually as Stodden began streaming, screaming and rub-down on Vivid, mess scarcely struck.

The company’s IT dialect beheld someone was perplexing to take the formula to the tape, as if to swell the s–t for giveaway elsewhere.

Wisely, at the citation of CEO Steve Hirsch, Vivid close down the servers for some-more than an hour as they scrambled to frustrate the invasion.

They got it done, scoring a vital feat for the association and delivering a abrasive blow to those seeking to perspective giveaway porn on the Internet.

Seriously, if usually you could do which anywhere else online.

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As Stephen Colbert so mostly warned us during his Comedy Central speak show days, bears can be unequivocally scary.

Even those who take a drop in your family swimming pool aren't just meant to be tangible residence pets.

But what happens when you're accidentally strolling along? And afterwards you spin the dilemma of a house? And a bear is without delay in your presence?

Heck, what happens you're accidentally strolling along? And afterwards you spin the dilemma of a house? And a MAN is without delay in your presence?!?

The on top of video facilities dual creatures entrance on one an additional at the same time… and carrying the same waggish reaction.

Check it out now!

Bear and male shock heck out of any alternative watch