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Nick Fradiani or Clark Beckham?

Clark Beckham or Nick Fradiani?

Following weeks of ups, downs, representation problems and undiluted note-hitting, dual American Idol hopefuls were left station at the finish of Season 14.

Clark Beckham and Nick Fradiani

With Jax carrying gotten the foot on Tuesday night, it came down on the culmination to Beckham, a Tennessee local who auditioned behind in Nashville by covering a James Brown classic…

… and Fradiani, a Guilford, Connecticut proprietor who went with “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel to consequence his golden sheet to Hollywood.

My, how prolonged ago those auditions seem, huh?!?

With all said, finished and voted on, who came out on top? Who was crowned the Season fourteen American Idol champion?


No vital startle there, right? But does which meant America done the right choice? Follow the couple to vote: Did Nick Fradiani merit to win American Idol?

And afterwards relive his tip performances below:

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Note to all anticipation football players: Do NOT draft Odell Beckham Jr. subsequent season.

We know, we know: he done arguably the biggest catch in NFL history.

He additionally scored equally a joining jot down by recording at slightest 90 reception yards in 9 true games.

But Beckham has right away landed the cover of Madden 2016… and we all know what happens to Madden 2016 cover players, do not we?

Madden sixteen Cover

Beckham – who warranted 52.5% of the air blower opinion in sequence to corner out Rob Gronkowski – improved right away goal he doesn’t humour the same damage or unsatisfactory predestine as past Madden cover subjects such as Peyton Hillis, Shaun Alexander, Vince Young and Adrian Peterson.

Heck, Richard Sherman lonesome final year’s book and afterwards harmed his bend prior to losing the Super Bowl in heart-breaking fashion.

So congratulations, Odell Beckham Jr.

Congratulations and be very, really aware.

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A bird is not entrance to CBS. Neither is a plane. Nor a male for which matter.

Instead, CBS reliable currently which Supergirl will air on Monday nights this fall, giving us the initial demeanour at Melissa Benoist in the important comic book purpose and Calista Flockhart as her boss, Cat Grant.

The initial AWESOME look, we should say.

Seriously, we brave you to watch this trailer and not begin the Supergirl countdown rught away in your head:

Supergirl Trailer

Supergirl will collect up twelve years after Kara Zor-El was sent to Earth by her parents.

She’s been gripping her powers a secret, however, operative as a squalid partner and removing a bit nervous with her “normal” existence.

But this all changes when she’s forced to make use of her abilities to save her sister’s life, tour herself in the routine and starting on a identical trail done important by her brother.

Yes, Superman is talked about mostly on Supergirl, as the characters reside inside of the same universe.

Check out the preview right away and, do not worry, we’ve already combined Benoist to the following print gallery:

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Last week, Miley Cyrus was rocking her shortest hair yet, and it looked as yet she was formulation on adhering with the chopped-locks demeanour for the foreseeable future.

So suppose the warn when we done the every day revisit to Miley’s Instagram page (Don’t decider us!) and we saw which the late Twerk Queen was sporting her longest ‘do given her Hannah Montana days.

Miley Cyrus: Long Hair Photo

Miley posted the on top of pic last night, and we were so dreaming by her hair which we roughly didn’t even notice the disruption which stops usually short of her swell button. (Almost.)

Obviously, the hair is about as genuine and permanent as Miley’s ultimate army with sobriety, but it’s positively a lot longer!

The demeanour is startling not usually since a short, Bieber-esque hairstyle has turn a partial of Miley’s signature look, but additionally since of brand new comments the thespian done about her own character and sexuality.

Last week, Miley came out as genderqueer (maybe) in an talk with Out magazine. Over the weekend, she lonesome Joan Jett’s “Androgynous” in a video for her Happy Hippie Foundation.

So is this Miley’s approach of observant which gender temperament is mostly liquid and indefinable? That she can go the hoyden track one day, and competition a sexy, cleavagey demeanour the subsequent and it doesn’t shift anything about her temperament or whom she chooses to love?

Maybe. Or may be she usually got befuddled and motionless to examination with a brand new look. Either way, we puncture it.

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In the past, Jessica Simpson’s celebration has done for a little droll viral videos and a little discouraging binge reports. (Jess says she was hungover at her own wedding. Yeesh.)

Last we listened from the mom of two, Jessica was abusing Adderall in further to boozing heavily, and sources claimed which she stormed out of a new family intervention.

Reportedly, Jessica in jeopardy to “cut off” any one who referred to her boozing again, and as the family money cow, she positively has the capability to hurt a little lives.

Her proceed assumingly worked for a while, as her family corroborated off for fright of carrying to get go jobs or go siphon up to Ashlee.

Now, however, Jessica’s father and father of her kids has reportedly insisted which she get treatment, and he’s done her an suggest she roughly literally can’t refuse.

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson Image

“Things reached a consummate in early May, when Eric told Jess he’s had sufficient and released his ultimatum,” a source tells Radar Online. 

When Jess settled she refused to go to rehab, Eric reportedly told her, “I’m out of here – and I’m receiving the kids with me.”

“He’s disturbed ill which Jess’ control is going to begin inspiring their dual children,” says the insider. “Their oldest is starting to comprehend there’s ‘something wrong with Mommy!’”

Well, Jess, after conference all that, we won’t be means to see the amusement in it the subsequent time your dipsomaniac night out gets held on tape, so you competence as good only check in to the the ‘hab. Off you go.

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Earlier today, we schooled which the Kardashians are no longer usurpation of Kylie Jenner’s attribute with Tyga, and it seems an-LA formed artist feels the same approach about the creepy, cradle-robbing romance.

Beware of Tyga Sign

Instagram celeb Hansky (Yes, his name is a cranky in between Tom Hanks and Banksy.) posted signs similar to the one on top of at Los Angeles-area center and tall schools currently in hopes of notice kids about the prowling pedo.

Obviously, the signs have been meant to be a joke, but Hanksy says he severely disapproves of the Kyga relationship.

“I usually think it’s f–ked,” the artist wrote on amicable media. “She’s ONLY 17!”

Hanksy, of course, is not the usually one who finds the incident to be rather “f–ked.”

Yesterday, the mom of Blac Chyna (Tyga’s ex-fiancee and the mom of his child) described Tyga as a “f–king pervert” and settled which she thinks he should be prosecuted for his attribute with the tall school-aged Kylie.

So we think it’s protected to contend which the waves is branch opposite T-Raww.

The uncanny thing is, if any one ends the attribute it’ll substantially be Kylie.

Sources contend she’s ill of the baby mom drama, quite after Chyna posted a content review in which Tyga seemed to be perplexing to measure a little ex-sex. 

We’d roughly feel bad for the guy, were it not for the actuality which he’s twenty-five and sleeping with a 17-year-old.

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Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is relocating on with her hold up post-Nathan Griffith, and believes he should be following fit in which regard.

Jenelle Evans Instagram Pic

Jenelle and Nathan pennyless up progressing this month (for great this time), and it seems which Jenelle is creation certain their separate is permanent.

How so? By covering up a relating permanent skin stain she common with Nathan, suggesting once and for all she is 100 percent d.o.n.e. Done.

She tweeted: “Time to arrange things out, starting with a cover up permanent skin stain on my hip.”

That’s one approach to get over a breakup, huh? The residue of her twitter pragmatic which Nathan isn’t ready to cover up any the tattoo, as she added:

“Begging for me behind right away ? Psssshhhh…”

Jenelle and Nathan expected suspicion they were going to be together for the prolonged haul; as a result they got relating tattoos (not to discuss had a child together).

Doesn’t everybody know which is a TERRIBLE idea??? Sigh. Anyway, the integrate has had severe history, so it isn’t startling she is relocating on.

In March, Nathan was arrested on made at home assault charges. Jenelle has given forsaken the charges, but their uneasy story suggests they have been improved off apart.

Without Nathan, it is leading and ceiling for Jenelle. She is graduating from a surgical tech module soon. So she can proceed her own a brand new hold up but her ex.

Even if Nathan wants to re-ignite their relationship, it looks Jenelle is over it.

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In respect of Mother’s Day, Leah Jenner took to Instagram to applaud her tour to parenthood.

In a brand new post, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star showed a flourishing swell and referred to her excitement.

Leah Jenner Belly Pic

“I can’t wait for to encounter this small person,” she wrote. “#AlreadyFeelLikeAMama.”

Brandon and Brody Jenner, the center dual of Bruce Jenner’s 6 children, assimilated Leah for lunch at their mother Linda Thompson’s house.

Brandon couldn’t enclose his excitement about the baby either.

He additionally rushed to Instagram to demonstrate his enthusiasm:

“Three generations. Well, one in the belly.” he pronounced on Instagram, posing with his mother and wife. “Happy Mother’s Day! @ltlindathompson @leah_jenner @brodyjenner,” he wrote.

Linda added:

“Happy Mother’s Day to @leah_jenner & a big appreciate you to @brandontjenner & @brodyjenner for creation me a mommy!! I’m so beholden for your love.”

In March, the darling integrate voiced which Leah Jenner is profound with their initial child.

Since the proclamation Leah and Brandon vacationed in Hawaii, enjoying their time together prior to the baby arrives.

“I could get used to this conceiving physically thing,” Leah captioned on Instagram whilst fixation a Starbucks crater on her flourishing belly. “#nextmonthTVdinner.”

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Earlier today, we reported which Joe Giudice is intrigue on his jailed mother with a most younger woman.

At the time, the name of the 27-year-old frame bar worker was unknown, but now, Radar Online has discovered the temperament of Giudice’s mistress. 

Apparently, Samary Graulau is a barkeeper and shot lady at a New Jersey “gentlemen’s club.”

Samary Graulau Image
Samary Graulau Photo

As you can see, Graulau is a air blower of selfies, and she reportedly has a story of dating older, affluent men.

So it’s not only transparent what she sees in Juicy Joe, as whilst he’s positively comparison (42), he’s additionally impoverished and broke.

But hey, may be Graulau is only drawn to the glamorous hold up of an ex-Bravo being star with a mother at the back of bars and 4 kids to support.

In any eventuality sources contend the dual were speckled removing really tighten during a regretful night on the locale in Newark recently:

“Teresa should be upset,” one witness said. “You can discuss it if someone is only a friend, but it wasn’t similar to that. They had chemistry. They were a couple.”

We’d be careful, if we were Samary. Teresa will be out in a couple of months, and she’s substantially picked up a little tricks.

We’re certain Ms. Graulau wouldn’t be the initial Jersey frame bar worker to be killed by a sensory toothbrush hoop to the jugular.

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It’s a great thing Nina Dobrev is all great with Ian Somerhalder carrying tied together Nikki Reed.

Because the newlyweds haven’t usually been bashful about pity their love.

While an progressing inform purported Somerhalder and Reed have been carrying non-step sex whilst abroad (first in Mexico, afterwards in Brazil), the stars crop up to have come up for air.

But which doesn’t meant they’ve left any other’s side, as evidenced by a PDA-laden design usually posted online by Somerhalder:

Shirtless Ian Somerhalder and Wife

The 36-year-old Vampire Diaries actress took to Instagram today to share a voluptuous shirtless beach shot from his new travels to South America.

“Feet behind on US dirt aka… New York City,” he wrote as a caption, adding:

“Dreaming of the Costa Rica rainforest. Thank you to this pleasing country: it’s land and the people. Thank you to this pleasing lady who creates each day a mental condition come true. Pura Vida.”

AWWW! That’s Ian Somerhalder for you: he doesn’t usually demeanour gorgeous. He writes beautiful prose.

Reed and Somerhalder got tied together on Sunday, Apr twenty-six during a rite in Santa Monica, many to the warn of many fans, saying as the dyad usually only got intent 4 months ago.

Earlier on in their honeymoon, Reed additionally common a honeyed photo, which time of the span in Tulum.

“Salty…sandy…sticky…sunburned. The best. I love this human. My human,” she wrote of her husband.

Seriously, couldn’t you usually eat these dual darling celebrities up with a spoon???

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