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The Kardashian klan is not carrying a great week.

First, Kylie Jenner confessed that she essentially has deceived God’s system, revelation around a being show shave that she wears proxy mouth fillers.

Then, Kylie posted a video in that she might most appeared to be high.

Khloe Kardashian Waist Training

Now, Khloe Kardashian has left behind to waist training, once again offered her essence for each final dollar check she can find.

“Early sunrise persperate and waist snatching event the usually place I get my waist trainers from @premadonna87 @waistgangsociety. TGIF!!!! #WaistGang,” Khloe wrote as a heading to the on top of image.

Khloe and her sisters go on to be paid indecorous amounts of income to shill for a silly product.

Instead of embracing their curves and/or enlivening a full of health diet, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe have all acted for assorted waist-cinching cinema over the past multiform months.

Think they have been name-dropping the association Twitter hoop out of the integrity of their heart or the stuffing of their bank accounts?

Think you can essentially remove weight by wearing something around your waist? Sigh.

These people. Every time we think they have been regulating their celebrity for good, they go out of their approach to infer us approach wrong.

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Yesterday, Kylie Jenner posted a video on Snapchat in which she claimed to be “high as f–k.”

Normally, Kylie posts risque selfies as in all does as she pleases on social media, but the weed-smoking shave was deleted usually a couple of hours after it appeared online, heading most to believe that someone intervened.

Kylie Jenner Gets High

A 17-year-old smoking pot isn’t indispensably means for concern, but Kylie has a lot of really young, really susceptible fans (as evidenced by the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge debacle) and it seems that somebody in her middle round believed which the pot video competence send the wrong message.

So to be clear: according to Kylie Jenner it’s cool to date 25-year-olds whilst you;’re in tall school, but for the love of God don;t fume pot!

Anyway, we have no approach of meaningful who told Kylie to undo the clip, but it seems flattering doubtful which she motionless to remove it herself.

That leaves her parents, her siblings, and her PR team. According to Radar Online, Kylie’s parents let her do whatever she wants, and they roughly positively weren’t the ones to have her undo the clip.

“She has no restraints on her and is fundamentally authorised to do whatever she wants,” one insider says. “As prolonged as Kylie keeps bringing in the money, she will be authorised to do as she does.”

The source says there is one family part of which Kylie listens to, and she might have played a purpose in the removal of the argumentative clip:

“Khloe knows better, deliberation she mislaid a matrimony to drugs,” says the insider, adding which Kylie is closer to Khloe than to any of the alternative Kardashians.

Wow. Seems similar to Khloe is everyone’s favorite. It’s roughly similar to she’s the usually one in the family with any recognition of alternative people and their feelings. Just one some-more square of evidence which the bad lady was switched at birth.

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Chris Soules was kicked off Dancing With the Stars this week, but his associate dancers have been not just behest him a lustful farewell.

Chris Soules At Radio Disney Awards

According to an insider, The Bachelor star and fiance of Whitney Bischoff incited in to a mega-diva during the course of DWTS:

He “was common and so honeyed at the commencement of DWTS, but by the time he had been voted off, the view from the expel and organisation had changed.”

“It proposed with Chris asking the habit dialect to have adjustments to his wardrobe,” adds the source. “It seemed trusting enough.”

“But by the final week, Chris was plainly rolling his eyes at his costumes.”

He was even held on camera behaving similar to an indignant diva. So much, which at one point, Chris Soules done Witney Carson cry during rehearsal.

Gradually, he’s “become spooky with vital in Hollywood, and loves the celebrity he got from being on The Bachelor and on Dancing with the Stars.”

“Being voted off DWTS will be really tough for Chris given he indeed suspicion the Bachelor fans would get him by to the finals,” the source added.

“His ego is out of control, and he right away has a publicist, and manager!” the source insists. “He would love to turn well known as a host for big events.”

While Chris is bustling amatory Chris, we consternation what this equates to for Whitney. Theu have been rumored to be receiving a “break” given Whitney returned to Chicago. 

And given Chris Soules competence be staying in Los Angeles to aspire to the limelight, their attribute could be headed for splitsville earlier rsther than than later.

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Rumors have been already present about the arriving deteriorate of The Bachelorette. Kaitlyn Bristowe or Britt Nilsson will find love, but could the propitious man essentially be a gigolo???

Josh Seiter Gigolo Pic


As The Bachelorette spoilers have been rolling out, a unwashed small tip has leaked.

According to Radar Online, one of the shows suitors, Josh Seiter, is not usually a Chicago law propagandize grad, he is additionally a masculine gigolo.

Alternately well known “Dean” or “Andrew Dean,” Seiter is on Cowboys4Angel’s website as one of Vegas’ tip masculine escorts.

His bio states, “He enjoys portrayal landscapes (oils is my the one preferred medium), churned armed forces arts, good movies, and of march sampling the cuisine of opposite restaurants in the Chicago area.”

Seiter, 27, is bringing in the bucks.  He charges $2,000 a night, $6,000 a weekend, and $17,500 for a week of his association and “skill set.”

His past Cowboys4Angels form has shirtless photos and displaying pics.

But if wants to win the heart of Kaitlyn or Britt, he needs to purify up his act.  Since being on the dating show, he has not been as open how he brings home the bacon (and God knows what else).

Josh additionally strips at Chicago adult bar Allure.

ABC is jolt it up with dual ladies competing for the pretension purpose of The Bachelorette.  Will they spin things up even some-more with a opening from Josh???

Fingers crossed!

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All this week, the E! network has been charity teasers and previews for the arriving two-part Keeping Up With the Kardashians special which will concentration on the family’s greeting to headlines of Bruce Jenner’s sex change.

Via the nearly-constant tide of clips posted by E!, we’ve already seen Bruce display Kim his toenail gloss and pity a proposal impulse with Kendall. We’ve seen Khloe charge out and Kris Jenner great over her ex’s transition.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians Promo: About Bruce

Now, it seems which – similar to so many of the Kardashian clan’s lives – the total thing was staged for the cameras.

Radar Online is stating which Bruce told his family about his sex change over a year ago, and each notation of his two-hour televised exhibit was scripted for limit drama. 

“The thought which this was the initial time Bruce told the family is ridiculous,” one source says. “No one should tumble for it.”

The insider says the residence might as good have been a movie set during the filming of the special, with the principal players rehearsing their lines and receiving their correct positions.

As for the proposal impulse with Kendall in which she weeps for fear of “losing” her father? The insider days which was the many fake stage of all:

“Her fire with Bruce took 6 hours to get the lighting undiluted — positively zero was extemporaneous about the complete situation.”

So there you have it. Just in box you were ever awaiting a impulse of probity from the Kardashians – right away you know better.

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Many years ago, Kanye West stranded it to Amber Rose. Sexually speaking, which is.

In the following video, however, Rose sticks it tough to her ex-boyfriend. Lyrically speaking, which is.

Amber Rose Disses Kanye West

As seen above, the short-haired indication appeared this week at the Supper Club in Los Angeles, revelation the DJ at one indicate to “stop personification the n-gga I used to f-ck!”

She afterwards requested some-more marks by Travis Scott, who Rose remarked “writes the songs for which alternative n-gga.”

That might appear similar to a little thing, but certitude us: SHOT FIRED!

Few things have been some-more scornful to an artist than the import which he or she does not write his own music.

Plus, this is not only any artist. This is Kanye West.

Rose and West went their apart ways a prolonged time ago and remained often silent about any alternative in the years since.

However, Rose got in to it with Khloe Kardashian awhile back, call Kanye to come in the ravel and contend he had to take thirty showers prior to dating Kim Kardashian to rinse the scent of Rose off of him.

Since then, speak has centered on Rose divulgence a Kanye West love kid in an arriving memoir.

The countdown time is already ticking, meanwhile, to see how Kanye will reply to this ultimate diss…

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There’s no love for Tom Cruise these days.

With the headlines which Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been dating and Tom’s argument with John Travolta, The Church of Scientology thinks Tom needs a friend.

A woman friend.

Tom Cruise in Soho

According to  Life and Style Magazine, the Church of Scientology is perplexing to captivate a small detrimental woman to be Cruise’s subsequent wife.

I’ll pass.

The announcement publication claims which Cruise is on the stalk for wifey series 4 to correct his increasingly shop-worn reputation.

Odd which the argumentative eremite organisation would lead the way, given most feel Tom’s organisation with Scientology deformed his luminary stature.

His high-profile matrimony to Katie Holmes brought onward disastrous courtesy and rumors about Scientology’s controversial idea and worth system.

And what’s a improved approach for Tom and the church to repair the reputation?

With an additional uncanny marriage, of course.

A source claims which Scientology matchmakers (yes they unequivocally exist) have been conceptualizing a devise to find Tommy’s brand new wife.

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If which wasn’t uncanny enough, they will be precision the wife-candidates to be befitting for their heading male (this is as uncanny as it gets).

The tip claimant will be shorter than Tom Cruise (they contingency be seeking for a small person), beautiful, and smart.

She will connoisseur from the module and get to wed Cruise in a small freaky Scientology marriage where everybody will substantially splash the Kool-Aid.

Scientology has been indicted of environment up the movie star before.

In the new documentary Going Clear, former scientology members explain which Tom was set up with ex-girlfriend, Nazanin Boniadi.  

Boniadi sold a jot down series of Scientology books prior to the church promoted her to celeb standing and bending her up with Cruise.

Rather than a coincidence, which was substantially Boniadi’s prize.

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The countdown is on!

In 2014, Americans  gave bieing born to utterly a couple of babies. They declared them with utterly a couple of names. But we've published the tip 10 names since to baby sons in 2014, affixing a luminary with which same name to any one.

Scroll down from #10 all the approach to #1 now:

9. Daniel

Pic of daniel radcliffe
Sorry, 007. You’re no compare for Harry Potter! Daniel Radcliffe is repping the name Daniel to flog off this countdown.

8. James

James franco photograph
Everyone declared James should goal they have been as gifted and versatile as James Franco. Perhaps a tad reduction creepy, however.

7. Michael

Michael jackson pepsi
Rest in peace, Michael Jackson. You might be prolonged gone, but you will perpetually paint your initial name.

6. Ethan

Ethan hawke photo
Career resurgence alert! Ethan Hawke got nominated for an Oscar this year AND managed to transcend all alternative important Ethans as well.

5. William

Prince william waves
D’uh! Who else but Prince William could mount in for all the brand new Williams in the world?

4. Jacob

Jacob black violation emergence poster
The Twilight Saga might be over, but prolonged might Jacob Black reign. We exclude to hold the recognition of this name isn’t scored equally to this character.

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Things only keep removing worse for Teresa Giudice.

The ashamed Housewife is still portion a 15-month judgment on rascal charges, and right away it looks similar to she competence not have a home to come behind to when she in the future gets sprung.

Teresa Giudice the Felon

Last month, we schooled which the Giudices have been forced to put their palace up for sale, and if they do not find a customer soon, the skill could be foreclosed.

Now, it seems the same predestine is available their Jersey Shore eighth month home, where Teresa had reportedly programmed to live with her kids after being released.

According to a internal headlines website in Manahawkin, NJ, the Giudice’s home will be put up for auction on May nineteen at 2 pm. 

So all you RHONJ super-fans might wish to make the outing to come in your bid in person. A square of Housewife story could be yours for only $100!

Yes, the behest will begin at only one Benjamin, which has gotta sting for the Giudices. They reportedly paid for the 1,350-acre beachside house for $347,000 in 2005.

Unfortunately, difficult times strike the Giudice family strong tough and they’ve unsuccessful to keep up on the payments for possibly of their dual homes.

Insiders contend Joe Giudice is impoverished and pennyless and hasn’t even been looking for a job.

Teresa’s initial jail photos netted the family a six-figure payday, but which doesn’t go as well far with 4 daughters to feed and no income.

Yikes. Is it probable which we’re essentially feeling magnetism for Teresa Giudice?

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On this week’s part of The Real Housewives of New York City, Bethenny Frankel unsuccessfully offering Sonja Morgan a small commercial operation advice.

Morgan, Sonja
Bethenny Frankel in New York

Because of the success of her Skinnygirl bubbly beverage line, Bethenny Frankel felt competent to assistance Sonja with her “fashion lifestyle brand” startup.

The review didn’t go so great on the show, and it isn’t removing any improved on their Bravo blogs.

Sonja wrote, “On the one hand, I’m unequivocally beholden to have a partner who is open disposed and unequivocally wants to await me.  But, at the same time, I don’t feel similar to Bethenny is unequivocally means to assimilate my businesses and my incident sufficient to ask a small of the pushing questions at this point.”

On one hand, Sonja competence be correct.  However, Bethenny built an sovereignty with Skinnygirl. And Sonja’s group seemed controversial and couldn’t answer any questions about the growth of the business.

Bethenny took to her blog to diss Sonja’s staff and business: “As for her conform meeting, I think she front-loaded which staff for effect.”

“I will gamble all which I goal to be which not one of those people is on salary. I occur to have an general code and hardly have which most people with those whim titles, so there is really fume and mirrors there,” she one after another in her post.

Although Sonja is a small p*ssed, she claims to appreciate Bethenny’s help.

“It’s distinct Bethenny’s receiving a by-pass in to my tale given she is bustling adjusting to being single, going by a divorce, raising her daughter, and using a outrageous business, but she shouldn’t criticism so strongly if she doesn’t assimilate the complexity of my incident utterly yet,” Sonja wrote. 

She added, “Having pronounced that, I know really great Bethenny’s conversational style. She is opinionated, and I asked for it. My total hold up I have dripping up report around me even yet it comes from a small formidable sources.”

The Big Apple stars competence not determine on commercial operation plans, but they still have a small love for any other.

Bethenny reminded her readers, “The law is I love [Sonja]. There have been times during this deteriorate which which will be formidable to believe, but I simply do.”

“Some people have been deceit and have a antagonistic or sleek or treasonable side. Sonja has nothing of that. She is a great person. She is only mostly misled and misdirected. Many of us are. Reminder: I have a book called I Suck At Relationships, so we all siphon at a small things.”

Bethenny is a seasoned commercial operation lady and entrepreneur.  After the success of her Skinnygirl cocktail line, she is dabbling in the pot marketplace with Skinnygirl weed.  Maybe she and Sonja can take a strike and chill out.  

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