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Think Diddy carrying sex with Cassie on camera creates for an peculiar commercial?

Okay, yes. You’re right. It does.

But Justin Timberlake has challenged his associate low-pitched idol by starring as a articulate orange in a code new radio mark for Sauza 901 tequila.

Yes, you review which correctly: the ad facilities Justin Timberlake as a as a half-human, half-lime declared Rick “Sour” Vane.

Justin Timberlake Tequila Commercial

The footage facilities Timberlake’s surprising origination meditative behind to the excellence days of limes and claiming that Sauza’s code of tequila has unfortunately put him and his pals out of work.

Sauza is only to gosh damn juicy on the own which no limes have been needed, as the association touts in the tagline.

“It was similar to you couldn’t splash tequila but one of us!” Timberlake’s impression recollect of the great ole days.

“When we walked in to the club, it was similar to all was in delayed motion. Literally. It was similar to we were stone stars!”

Timberlake (who not long ago welcomed his initial kid in to the universe with Jessica Biel!) and his lime-like friends ensue to criticism Sauza tequila at assorted bars.

But it’s sadly it’s as well late for them. They’re marked down to anticipating alternative uses for limes.

It’s all rsther than beautiful and droll and awesome. But would you unequivocally design anything else from Justin Timberlake?

You might wish to lay down for this: Chris Brown is in difficulty with the law.

We know you’re shocked, but do not be concerned – the father of Royalty hasn’t been arrested yet, but he is underneath review for battery following a fight which took place on the basketball justice of Chris’ Palms Casino road house suite.

C. Brizzle

Yes, Chris Brown gets arrested for assorted dickish offenses every year but is still successful sufficient to means a road house apartment with a basketball justice inside. This is the universe we live in.

Anyway, cops hold Chris was personification round at 3:42 am when he popped one of his opponents in the face.

He can right away possibly pointer a reference for misconduct battery and show up for a justice hearing, or take his chances with the DA, who will confirm either to press charges after the review is completed.

Brown’s had approach as well most run-ins with the law for us to list them all here, so we’ll only share a little new highlights:

  • Brown’s probation was revoked in January due to a “pattern of counterproductive choices.” (Yes, he’s still on trial for brutally violence Rihanna in 2009. That’ll occur when you do not encounter any of the court’s demands.)
  • This came on the heels of Brown being locked up for twenty-two days after being kicked out of a court-ordered rehab program.
  • And, of course, Suge Knight was shot at a celebration hosted by Chris final year, and that’s only one of multiform times which Breezy has been in the participation of gunplay in the new past.

All of this, and it could be punching a man during a basketball diversion which lands Brown at the back of bars. Kinda similar to nailing Al Capone for taxation evasion.

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Last month, Ireland Baldwin checked in to rehab for “emotional trauma,” which we suppose is only a healthy effect of being lifted by Alec Baldwin.

Now, after 3 weeks of articulate out her issues and being tormented by Andy Dick, Ireland has left the diagnosis trickery most earlier than expected.

She’s additionally extremely reduction blonde than expected:

Ireland Baldwin Brunette Photo

The print on top of was taken on Ireland’s final day of treatment, and sources at the trickery where she was vital contend her lapse to selfie-snapping was taken by a little as a discouraging sign.

“Prior to leaving, Ireland told people which she was ‘just not feeling it anymore,”’ one insider tells Radar Online. “At the finish of the week, she was starting to action similar to she did when she came in and had seemed some-more in to receiving photos of herself and being on her phone than she was in to participating in the program.

“Other patients felt similar to she was removing special diagnosis and proposed to demonstrate their concerns to the staff.”

The preference to leave diagnosis came roughly rught away after Ireland concluded to stay in rehab for at slightest a month. 

As for her preference to dim her heading blonde locks, we’re certain it represents the ways in which she’s altered as a chairman in the past 3 weeks, or a little such nonsense.

So we theory if Ireland goes behind to blonde, you can pretence which she’s emotionally aggrieved again.

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Last week, Gary Shirley welcomed a baby girl with his brand new girlfriend, Kristina Anderson.

Sources contend it was a joyous occasion, injured usually somewhat by Gary’s acknowledgment which he doesn’t wish the child and accusations which he can’t even see his penis, most reduction make use of it to procreate.

Over the weekend, all speak of neglected pregnancies and Shirley’s entrance to full-length mirrors took a backseat to a heartwarming family moment when Gary’s 6-year-old daughter Leah met baby Emilee for the initial time.

Yes, that’s how Shirley chose to spell his daughter’s name, and yes, Leah was accompanied by Gary’s strange baby mama, Amber Portwood, and her fiance Matt Baier.

Amber Portwood Holds Gary Shirley's Baby

“Amber and Matt were both happy to reason Emilee,” says a source.

That actuality is obviously evidenced by the on top of print in which Amber looks as yet someone handed her the baby moments after she filled her diaper.

The man sitting subsequent to Amber is not the seldom-seen Baier, who visited Shirley with Amber, but assumingly was not photographed.

It could be which Baier refused, or it might be which Shirley done a indicate of not posting any photographs which featured Baier.

Of course, an additional probability is which there’s unequivocally no some-more play in between Amber and Gary, and they only feign hating any alternative for the consequence of the Teen Mom cameras. We’re disposition toward which third explanation.

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Rob Kardashian is reportedly on the verge of suing his own family after sister Khloe’s many new comments about his function on E! final night.

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If you watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online, you know the family is flummoxed by Rob and utterly uncertain about how to hoop his issues.

Long deliberate a disaster at most appropriate and a ticking time explosve at worst, rumors of Rob Kardashian suing Kris Jenner have flush online before.

Now, with each week his Momager and siblings confuse him on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the some-more severely he takes which idea.

Almost each part of Season 10 has concerned him in a little way, whilst he has nonetheless to crop up on shade or get paid for the provender he’s become.

He’s pissed off, and he’s about ready to quarrel back.

First, there was the intervention, afterwards they searched hoop skirt drawer on camera, afterwards Kim fundamentally pronounced he sucks and should be cut off.

On Sunday night’s episode, Khloe talked about Robert throwing a gala at his residence with assorted “whores,” and obviously didn’t meant which flatteringly.

Having packaged on a rumored 100 pounds whilst battling basin and presumably even clear meth addiction, Rob’s standing is regularly a mystery.

He not long ago lashed out at Kim on Instagram and compared her to the “bitch from Gone Girl,” and insiders contend which could be the tip of the iceberg.

Rob is allegedly operative on a understanding for a tell-all book or talk where he’ll display his family’s secrets, together with the granddaddy of them all:

That Khloe’s father is Alex Roldan. Supposedly.

You can’t have this things up (actually you can, but not the tangible soap opera-esque family drama). It gets crazier by the week it feels like.

We await his subsequent move … or at slightest the subsequent story to strike the tabloids and webloids for the ultimate gossip, since child is this entertaining.

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“I’m Ben Carson and I’m a claimant for boss of the United States,” pronounced the Christian neurosurgeon, 63, in his local Detroit Monday morning.

Ben Carson Photo

He might not have the pedigree, the knowledge or the domestic appurtenance to contest severely for the Republican nomination, he admits.

“I’m not even asking people to opinion for me,” Carson said.

“I’m usually asking people to listen,” he added, “the genuine extraction we need to reanimate this republic is someone who believes in the constitution.”

Carson, who right divided lives in Florida, chose Detroit, the locale in which he grew up, for the proclamation and began the day with a request breakfast.

An public at the Detroit tall propagandize which bears his name noted the central launch of his presidential campaign, which he reliable final night.

“People discuss it you can’t do this, you do not have any experience. But I additionally do not have a lot of knowledge busting budgets,” Carson pronounced at the event.

“If God ordains which we get in to White House,” the righteous Christian added, “we’re going to shift supervision in to something similar to a great run business.”

As for his foe on the GOP side, from the likes of U.S. Sens. Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, between (many) probable others?

“If they’re all observant the same thing I am, fantastic. The some-more the merrier, move ’em on,” he said. “Let’s speak about what the ideals are.”

“The usually thing I’m going to be doing,” Carson pronounced of his debate for the White House, “is to enlivening people to think for themselves.”

“Listen and think for yourself,” he urged electorate in the GOP and beyond. “Don’t attend to pundits and the people who try to carry out everything.”

Through In speeches around the country, as great as in his autobiography Gifted Hands, the Republican has built a constant following in new years.

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He mostly tells of his mom perfectionist which he review dual books a week from Detroit Public Library and write a inform which she would work up.

She did this even nonetheless she couldn’t review the words, a covenant to the energy of his will, and hers, to have hold up improved however they could.

“The main thing I’m anticipating is which a lot of immature people will commend themselves in me,” he pronounced of his climb by misery to healing brilliance.

“Know which it is not sufficient to usually wish,” the eminent surgeon added, “that it takes a lot of tough work and dedication, but it can be done.”

Carson went on to consequence a grant and psychology grade at Yale University and a healing grade from the University of Michigan.

“I had a mom who believed in me and who would never concede herself to be a victim,” he pronounced during a 2013 debate at the National Prayer Breakfast.

“We did live in apocalyptic poverty. I hated poverty.”

It was during his debate at which National Prayer Breakfast in 2013 which he detonate onto the domestic scene, criticizing U.S. mercantile and illness caring policy.

With President Barack Obama sitting usually dual seats away, Carson pronounced his own illness caring devise which would be many some-more fit than Obamacare.

“We outlay a lot of income on illness care. And yet, it’s not unequivocally efficient,” he pronounced at the breakfast where he began to set up his following.

“When a chairman is born, give them a bieing born certificate, an electronic healing jot down and a illness assets account.”

“We need great illness caring for everybody. It’s the many critical thing which a chairman can have. But we’ve got to figure out fit ways to do it.”

In a debate at the Values Voters Conference in 2013, Carson said: “Obamacare is unequivocally the misfortune thing which has happened in this republic given slavery.”

“It is creation all of us debasing to the government.”

Ben Carson has additionally done headlines for his righteous idea in creationism and a new acknowledgement in which he referred to which being happy is a choice.

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Is it only us… or do Hollywood stars and their smiles have you wish to put down the coffee and run to the nearest drug store for a little Crest White Strips?

In the box of these sold celebrities, it’s substantially not only us:

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Your subsequent move competence be using to your internal dentist’s bureau to duplicate these Hollywood stars and their mental condition smiles.

Did we leave your tip star off of the list or did we get it right? You’ll never know until you click on top of and find out!

Julia Roberts and her pearly whites melted the hearts in Pretty Woman, so it’s no warn she done the list.

Jared Leto’s toothy Joker laugh from Suicide Squad creepily made the cut (we’d be frightened to discuss it him otherwise). 

Tom Cruise is regularly creation headlines, but this time it’s for his nearly-manic grin.

Now which Jessica Biel is a brand brand new mom, her grin is winning the list.

Chris Hemsworth’s was on display at the opening of the brand brand new Avengers: Age of Ultron movie. 

Who else done the cut? Take a little time to click around the outline of Hollywood’s most appropriate smiles and see if your the one preferred is included.

Take caution, however, since you competence need to collect up a little sunglasses only to perspective this gorgeous list!

Actress Grace Lee Whitney has upheld divided at the age of 85. Whitney was many appropriate well well known for her description of Yeoman Janice Rand on the strange Star Trek TV series.

Grace Lee Whitney Photo

Despite being forsaken from the show after only 8 episodes, Whitney reprised her purpose in 5 Star Trek melodramatic drive-in theatre and even had a cameo coming on the Star Trek: Voyager spinoff array in 1996.

In further to her behaving work, Whitney was an achieved singer, dancer and author. She expelled a renouned discourse entitled The Longest Trek: My Tour of the Galaxy in 1998.

Though she sang with a little of the world’s many important orchestras, and her movie credits embody such classics as Some Like It Hot, Whitney confirmed which her biggest delight was subduing addiction.

A recuperating alcoholic who outlayed the final 35 years of her hold up assisting others who struggled with piece abuse, Whitney settled in multiform interviews which she would rsther than be well well known as a survivor of obsession than as an singer on Star Trek.

Earlier this year, Whitney spoke publicly about the genocide of Leonard Nimoy, job her important co-star “a good friend” whom she credited with assisting her to strike her alcoholism.

Click by the gallery below for a full list of the celebrities we’ve mislaid in 2015.

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Bill Rancic thinks everybody has to ease the eff down.

In a demeanour of speaking, which is.

Rancic appeared on The Today Show this sunrise and stood staunchly up for Giuliana Rancic, who got in to prohibited hot H2O a integrate months ago after creation a fun about Zenday’s outfit at the Academy Awards.

Bill Rancic Stands up for Giuliana Rancic

Rancic criticized the immature star’s demeanour at the eventuality by observant it appeared as if the 18-year old “smells similar to patchouli oil… or may be weed.”

The recoil came fast and strongly against Giuliana, who apologized on mixed occasions for what many deemed to be a extremist remark.

Bill Rancic, however, doesn’t think his mother owes any one any kind of mea culpa.

“Her vigilant was to have a flower child joke,” he pronounced today. “We knew which she didn’t do anything wrong.”

In Giuliana’s defense, he’s many expected right. Moreover, Giuliana pronounced it on E!’s Fashion Police, which is a module which encourages panelists to contend meant things about celebrities.

Bill pronounced during Monday’s talk which had Joan Rivers still been hosting/alive, the greeting would have been different.

“If Joan was around, God, she never would have authorised which to happen,” he said, adding which the critique was a plea for the integrate to take.

“It was hard, since as a father we have been the defender, we wish to strengthen the family, and I only kind of had to be muzzled…I longed for to get out there, and I longed for to urge my wife.”

It’s tough to censure the man for you do so, wouldn’t you say?

The destiny of Fashion Police is in doubt, meanwhile, but Rancic says she’ll sojourn a partial of it.

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Is Once Upon a Time about to contend goodbye to all which is great in the world?

On Sunday night, ABC will air Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode twenty-two and Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 23, jacket up Season 4 with back-to-back installments.

And, formed on the central ABC teaser, viewers might be in for a startle when they see certain characters behaving in really uncharacteristic fashion:

Once Upon a Time Season 4 Finale Trailer

According to the central ABC description, The Author will infer to be a challenging foe, forging an fondness with Gold and causing a little vital mayhem.

Elsewhere, Henry will find which he has a little big boots to fill when he stairs up to save his family prior to the story’s last page is turned.

Will he be means to action as the savior everybody has been looking prior to it’s as well late?

Finally, ABC previews which “everything culminates with a intolerable turn which will leave the residents of Storybrooke reeling.”

Cue the suspenseful song and afterwards go watch Once Upon a Time online to have certain you’re held up prior to the final credits roll.

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