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After 3 years of dating and substantially a couple of million fast deleted content messages, the relationship between Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn is strictly at an end. 

Vonn pennyless the headlines currently around her Facebook page:

Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods Picture

“After scarcely 3 years together, Tiger and I have jointly motionless to finish the relationship,” the 30-year-old skier wrote. “I will regularly delight the memories which we’ve combined together.

“Unfortunately, we both lead incredibly chaotic lives which force us to outlay a infancy of the time apart. I will regularly admire and apply oneself Tiger. He and his pleasing family will regularly reason a special place in my heart.”

Yup, she went with the old “busy schedules” excuse. Weird, deliberation Tiger not long ago took a two-month interregnum from golf, and we’re guessing May isn’t just the tallness of the bustling deteriorate for veteran skiers. 

So let the furious conjecture as to because they really pennyless up begin!

Sure, the viewable theory is which Tiger got held intrigue with each vagina inside of a 400-mile radius again.

However, we similar to to suppose less-likely scenarios, like…maybe Lindsey is still pissed which Tiger’s damaged tooth done some-more headlines than her skiing record! 

Whatever the cause, Liger is strictly a thing of the past. So get ready, ladies! Tiger is behind on the prowl, and he’s got a little severely omnivorous appetites. 

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Justin Bieber attended the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao quarrel in Las Vegas final night.

But speak following has incited from assault in the ring to the probability of honeyed lovemaking outward of it in in between Justin and Australian model Shanina Shaik.

Take a demeanour at one of a couple of photos posted to Instagram on Saturday dusk of the dual hotties together:

Shanina Shaik and Justin Bieber Photo

We know which Shaik accompanied Bieber to The Hard Rock Hotel and acted with him on the red runner of an eventuality there.

We do not know just what else went on in in between the pair, nonetheless Bieber additionally common a design with Shaik final August… and rught divided denied gibberish which the dual were a regretful item.

Many supporters have been underneath the sense Bieber and Shaik have been knocking boots (in bed!), however, deliberation the flurry of responses online to this photo.

“May you and Shanina be happy. Be sanctified Justin,” wrote one supporter, whilst an additional took the conflicting approach, writing:

“do you ever STOP. Stay divided from girls & find the 1 already. I love you but baby child it’s time to solve down.”

Bieber was in Sin City to await Mayweather, as the fighter and the thespian have been well well known to be great friends.

Mayweather is additionally well well known to kick the slime of women and is a terrible, horrible, sinister tellurian being. Just similar to Justin’s alternative pal, Chris Brown.

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One of the memorable moments of Game of Thrones Season 4 came when Oberyn Martell fought the Mountain in an bid to revenge his sister’s genocide and (incidentally) save Tyrion Lannister from a genocide sentence.

Spoiler alert: Oberyn lost. Bad. Like, “Nothing left of his head; holy sh-t that’s messed up even by Game of Thrones standards” bad.

But only since Oberyn is gone, that doesn’t meant the folks obliged for his genocide (the Mountain and the Lannisters) have been protected to go on being immorality bastards.

If you watched Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 2, afterwards you know Cersei is understandably disturbed about her daughter, Myrcella, who’s now residing in the Martells’ stomping belligerent of Dorne.

Even the Lannisters who have been safely in King’s Landing should substantially nap with one eye open, interjection to the perfect badassery of these poetic ladies:

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The Sand Snakes have been Oberyn’s daughters and they’re each bit as hardcore as their name suggests.

Judging from the teaser photos from Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 4, we’re in for a Dorne-heavy part in that the Snakes will demeanour prohibited whilst wielding terrifying weapons.

We can’t wait. Fans of Cersei, on the alternative palm (both of them) competence have means for concern. 

Watch Game of Thrones online if you still need to get held up in time for this week’s sure-to-be-epic episode.

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It was one for the ages, but Floyd Mayweather denied Manny Pacquiao a ancestral upset, prevalent by unanimous preference at the MGM Grand final night.

The still-undefeated hold up indispensable all of his skills and bent to dupe and exist a dynamic but undone Pacquiao over the full twelve rounds.

Fans were the genuine winners, though, as the “Fight of the Century,” a fighting showdown years in the making, by all accounts lived up to the billing.

Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao

If there was any disbelief about the significance, arbitrate Kenny Bayless told the span beforehand: “This is a quarrel that the universe has been watchful for.”

“I knew he was going to pull me,” Mayweather said.

“I was a intelligent fighter. I out-boxed him.”

The win warranted Floyd Mayweather (48-0) the World Boxing Council, World Boxing Association and World Boxing Organization welterweight titles.

It took most years of negotiations for Floyd and Manny Pacquiao (57-6-2), additionally one of the most appropriate boxers of all time, to throw down for all the marbles.

Mayweather’s defensive strategy undone Pacquiao’s combinations early, as he kept out of operation or clinched when his competition drew as well close.

A plain left counter-punch brought Pacquiao to hold up in the fourth round, withdrawal Mayweather on the ropes. But Floyd bounced behind all as well quickly.

Mayweather moved, ducked, threw name punches and stayed divided from any genuine threat, a informed settlement by the center rounds of the fight.

Pacquiao found success in short bursts, pushing his opposition behind with clever left hands, but Mayweather in conclusion valid as well most to hoop Saturday.

Whenever Pacquiao seemed to be gaining an edge, Mayweather would turn away, delivering a discerning blow to foot and denying his opposition momentum.

The perfect volume of punches that Pacquiao indispensable to land in sequence to win never materialized, and by the end, Mayweather danced in circles.

“When the story books have been written,” he said, echoing the thoughts of MGM sheet holders and the compensate per perspective audience, “it was value the wait.”

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With building seats for the Sin City conflict offered in to the 6 total (seriously), the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao quarrel was by far the greatest of all time.

Not only in conditions of hype, as there hasn’t been anything similar to it in decades, but empirically in conditions of income for the mostly maligned sport.

The eventuality grossed at slightest half a billion (seriously), and that’s not together with income from gambling, that was poignant to contend the least.

Mark Wahlberg gamble $250,000 on Pacquiao (sorry), whilst 50 Cent quashed his beef with Floyd progressing in the week and corroborated it up with a $1.6M bet.

Of course, Mark’s gamble with Diddy was for charity, so he won even by losing. But vocalization of losers, Justin Bieber was on palm to hearten for Floyd.

Yes, the Bieber-Mayweather love-fest continues to perplex us to this day … but it creates for a little good luminary report and waggish rumors.

Chief between them? That Bieber told Selena Gomez to stay divided from the fight, gloomy her aspirations of removing behind together at the event.