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We’re unequivocally not certain because anything Miley Cyrus does surprises us at this point.

But the artist posted a array of photos to Instagram on Friday of what she deemed a “out party, flexing her muscles, giving supporters a demeanour at painted pinkish armpit hair and wearing a pig’s facade at one point.

Because… because not, right? She’s only being Miley.

Miley Cyrus Goes Pink

Earlier this month, Cyrus done headlines for display off her armpit hair online, startling most who were taken by surpise by the actuality that Miley Cyrus has armpit hair.

This week has featured some-more of the simple Miley Cyrus Instagram pictures, however.

By that we meant Miley is you do Yoga and smoking a corner in one photo… whilst she’s again removing tall whilst flashing a pap in an additional photo.

What do supporters think of Miley’s individualist ways? One criticism on the design on top of sums it up really well:

“Omg you’re funny and I f*king love it. Always be yourself, that’s bezzzt.”

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Two some-more women have come brazen to lay which they were intimately assaulted by Bill Cosby, to illustrate bringing the sum series of accusers to forty.

In a press discussion hold by profession Gloria Allred this afternoon, Lili Bernard and Sammie Mays both common intolerable stories about their encounters with Cosby at the tallness of his fame.

Bill Cosby Image

Bernard is an singer who appeared on one part of The Cosby Show during the final deteriorate in 1992.

“After he had won my finish certitude and devotion he unperceiving me and raped me,” Bernard told reporters today.

She claims which after he assaulted her, Cosby accosted her in a melancholy fashion:

“As far as I’m concerned, Bernard, you’re dead,” Cosby allegedly pronounced to the actress. “Do you listen to me? You’re dead, Bernard. You don’t exist, I never wanna see your face again. Now get the ruin out of here!”

“I interpreted which as a genocide hazard and feared for my life,” Bernard said.

Mays told reporters which she met Cosby when she was operative as a publisher in the mid-1980s. She says he invited her to his road house room for an talk and afterwards offering her a splash which had been drugged.

“The subsequent thing I recollect when I awoke, from my state of swoon I seemed to have been drooling, and was sloppily slouched in the chair with hardly the corner of my bottom in it,” Mays recounted today.

Mays says which shortly after convalescent consciousness, she satisfied which she had been raped.

Three some-more women indicted Cosby of passionate attack final week and told tales which were in few instances identical to the ones tearfully removed by Bernard and Mays this afternoon.

Cosby denied the allegations by a make a difference released by his profession when the liaison began behind in November. Since then, he has been wordless on the matter.

Cosby is scheduled to perform his standup humerous entertainment slight in Atlanta tomorrow night. The eventuality is approaching to be heavily protested.

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Last month, Katy Perry debuted her “Kris Jenner” braid on Instagram and it after incited out she was only pulling the lamest Apr Fools’ antic ever.

So hopefully, the unconventional Blade Runner-redneck demeanour which Katy is rocking on the cover of the ultimate Wonderland magazine is additionally listen to suspicion of a joke. Is there such a thing as a May Day prank?

Katy Perry Blonde Photo
Katy Perry: Wonderland Cover

Obviously, Katy is wearing a wig here (we hope), but we still can’t assistance but consternation because she suspicion this would demeanour good.

Wonderland has a story of removing celebs to try out opposite looks for their print shoots (Taylor Swift but bangs was one of their new triumphs.) but we have a tough time devising what they pronounced to KP to remonstrate her to try out this look:

“Haven’t you ever wondered what Dolly Parton would demeanour similar to as an murderer from the 23rd century? Now’s your possibility to find out!”

Don’t get us wrong, we still wouldn’t flog Katy out of bed, even with the leafy Rutger Hauer vides she’s giving off here. We only instruct she’d stop messing with perfection. 

Have you seen your bust Katy? You unequivocally do not need to do special to grab the attention. You’ve already got it for life.

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Just when we think things have simmered down in in between Jon and Kate Gosselin, the tragedy boils behind to the surface, as it is wouldnt to do.

At issue? Kate tweeting and fast deletion a bizarre summary about her ex that was substantially meant for one person, not 245,000 followers.

NOTE: Those 245,000 people who follow Kate need to rethink hold up if they’re you do so for any alternative reason than catching gems similar to this …

Kate Gosselin Death Stare
Kate Tweets About Jon
DJ Jon Gosselin Photo

“I’m in twenty-four hour insurance mode here,” the singular mother tweeted. “Can you find out where Jon DJ’s tonight and tomorrow pm literally ASAP?”

This was we estimate 12:30 p.m. today. It was fast taken down.

No reason was given, and Kate – who threw shade at Jon in an talk final month, but usually subtly so – has not addressed the tweet.

She’s done no tip of the actuality that she thinks he’s a deadbeat, who the kids do not even revisit if they can equivocate it, but this is out of left field.

Apparently Jon was as taken by surpise as any one by the message.

He has “no idea” about any play in in between the former couple, says an insider, who tells Radar Online, “he doesn’t know what Kate is articulate about.”

“She’s regularly up to no great … Jon unequivocally tries not to think about that stuff. He concentrates on his kids, his song and his own life.”

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Jon and Kate have been at contingency given their 2009 divorce … and substantially a whilst prior to that, as she seemed similar to a savage to be tied together to.

Fans who stop the old propagandize Jon & Kate Plus 8 days can attest.

Not that Jon Gosselin is a little prize, or but fault, and not to slice Kate only since she’s womanlike … but man, what a harsh tellurian being.

As for the “music” he’s concentrating on, and that Kate referenced in her message, he’s essentially a operative DJ in Pennsylvania these days.

(Jon might even run for domestic office, he says, that we strongly inspire him to do if at all possible, for the party worth alone.)

Again, it’s not transparent where he’s DJing this weekend, or if Kate found out the answer to her unfortunate inquiry, or what “24-hour insurance mode” means.

We’d grow eyes in the behind of the conduct if we were Jon though.

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Just when we felt the luminary sex fasten good had at final run dry, along came (see what we did there?!) Courtney Stodden’s self-pleasing effort.

NOTE: We never unequivocally believed it had run dry, but it’s been awhile since we saw one of these … and really, it’s about time, have been we right pervs?!

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Granted, no one has even seen the Courtney Stodden sex fasten save for Vivid CEO Steve Hirsch, and he doesn’t even have the rights. Yet.

You most appropriate hold city slicker is operative overtime to close which down ASAP.

Hirsch told Fox News which the Stodden piece for one person opening “came to us from a third party” and it’s misleading “if the third celebration knows Courtney or not.”

“I have not been in hit with Courtney but I goal to be … I have not oral to her momager or her father or any one continuous to Courtney.”

The exquisite Courtney Stodden, 20, is managed by her mom.

She is intent to Doug Hutchison, 54, carrying tied together the actress at age sixteen in 2011 and divorced him dual years later, usually to determine final summer.

It stays to be seen if her sex fasten will see the light of day, but it seems likely, since which this is Courtney Stodden we’re articulate about up in here.

It additionally stays to be seen if this signals the finish of “leaked” Farrah Abraham sex tape-style porn and the appearance of call of one-person sex videos.

Despite rumors of a Kourtney Kardashian sex fasten floating around, the epoch of in isolation footage attack the web scandalously is all but extinct.

These days, it’s all about raw, deliberate, shameless exhibitionism.

Hirsch pronounced he’s “going to move brazen and try to distribute” the video, and if he does, you can design a host of alternative celebs following in her footsteps.

Desperate, X-rated footsteps … but still. Intriguing.

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Back in February, Bruce Jenner was concerned in a car pile-up which claimed the hold up of 69-year-old Kim Howe.

Now, TMZ is stating which Howe’s stepchildren have filed a prejudicial genocide legal case opposite Jenner for allegedly enchanting in “careless and negligent” actions which led to the accident.


Sources contend video of the collision shows which Jenner is only to censure for the pile-up and whilst the volume of the fit has not been revealed, it’s approaching to be in the eight-figure range.

Howe’s unnamed adult stepchildren reportedly had no attribute with her, and thus, it might be formidable for them to infer which they suffered monetary indemnification as a outcome of her death.

There have been opposing accounts of the accident, and witnesses have been incompetent to determine on either Jenner was speeding or not, but deliberation his celebrity and the actuality which his car slammed in to Howe’s and caused her to lean in to approaching traffic, it’s not startling which he’s the one who has been singled out by Howe’s family.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is still questioning the crash, but it’s doubtful which they’ll expose any justification which entirely exonerates Bruce.

As such, it’s expected which Jenner will simply solve out of justice in the seductiveness of gripping the situation out of the headlines.

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Maybe I’m the reincarnated Michael Jackson.

So says Khloe Kardashian in the following shave from Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 10 Episode 8… and nonetheless someway the allude to (and the associated speak about witchcraft) is NOT what stands out the many about the footage.

Instead, the shave focuses on Kylie Jenner’s skeleton to move in to her own home, a movie Khloe and Kim Kardashian do not think will go smoothly.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians Clip: How Do I Do Laundry?

Why not? Well…

Kylie doesn’t know how to do laundry. She doesn’t know anything about credit. She doesn’t know to get trembler word or inundate word or glow word or boa-constrictor fencing for her dog.

In short: Kylie Jenner has a lot to sense about life.

It’s a great thing her all grounded sisters have been there to assistance (one of whom has a “pool list room” and the alternative of whom pronounced it’s needed to find a “good gardner.”)

Elsewhere on this Sunday’s episode, Bruce Jenner will discuss it Scott Disick to get his sh-t together.

As if Bruce Jenner could be any some-more of a favourite these days.

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NOTE: Remember to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online around the friends at TV Fanatic any time you skip an part or need to catch up.

Florida proprietor Jeff Waters was using a integrate of errands yesterday when he unexpectedly found himself in military custody. His devise was simple:

Gather up his common accessories (bath salts, ninja throwing stars) and wander down to the bank to income a $368 billion check so which he could eventually comprehend his mental condition of opening up the world’s largest underwater Italian restaurant.

Sounds similar to a standard Thursday to us. Unfortunately, the military had alternative skeleton for Mr. Waters.

Jeff Waters, $368 Billion Check

Maybe it was the ludicrous total scribbled on the check, or may be it was the actuality which Waters was “visibly high,” but for whatever reason, bank tellers became questionable of the elementary transaction, and they alerted the internal police.

Cops arrested Waters on the mark and after relieving him of his ipecac and stars, they took a matter from the would-be eatery aristocrat that’s pure, untouched Florida:

“It’s regularly been my mental condition to open the most appropriate Italian grill in the earth,” Waters told police. “I had programmed to have the grill 80 million block feet and means to house thirty million eaters at once.

“Plus, it was gonna be all underwater so people could demeanour at sharks whilst they ate. But the bank wouldn’t give me my income they due me.”

Thanks a lot, bank! You’ve denied us all the eating knowledge of a lifetime!

Waters pronounced he purchased the vacant check from a without a country male who positive him which he could fill it out for any volume he wished.

Just goes to show which infrequently when you’re enchanting in commercial operation exchange with without a country people whilst tall on bath salts, you lend towards to have bad decisions.

Is this story as good as the one about the Florida integrate offered “golden tickets” to heaven? Or the one about the Florida male who had sex with a tree afterwards pounded a patrolman with his own badge?

Tough to say. The usually thing we know for certain is which we’re evermore thankful to the good state of Florida for the unconstrained march of amusing, flakka-fueled headlines items:

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Are you rebuilt for the Summer of Answers?

ABC Family has denounced the initial trailer for Pretty Little Liars Season 6 and it doesn’t only have us vehement for brand brand new episodes of this dear drama.

It has us officious frightened!

Hold on to a crony and see what we meant by clicking Play right now:

Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Promo

The promo promises to put an finish to all of A’s games, on condition that viewers with some-more answers than ever before.

How did Mona get distant from the pack, for instance? Why is Aria rocking pinkish hair again? And is Charles actually, truly, for genuine A?

Because, let’s face it, we’ve been duped and teased a couple of times in the past per this rsther than key square of intel.

Pretty Little Liars earnings with brand brand new episodes on Jun 2 and, until then, we indicate you watch Pretty Little Liars online in sequence to have certain you have been entirely held up.


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May Day, distinguished on May 1, is a good forgive to respect an a-MAY-zing month and the important celebrities who have taken it for their name.

Okay, may be “celebrities” is a stretch. But it’s a delayed headlines day, so here goes!

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May Day stems from an very old open legal holiday that’s taken on a accumulation of meanings in assorted cultures in the past integrate of centuries.

For what it’s worth, currently is just half a year from Nov 1, which similar to May Day was prolonged ago suspicion to lift astronomical significance.

Historians hold which the origins of May Day date approach behind to the Celtic legal holiday of Beltane and the Germanic legal holiday of Walpurgis Night.

We have no thought what which means, either. Point being: Long donkey time ago.

Whatever the origins, it’s the begin of a brand new month, the appearance of (hopefully) warmer continue and a ruin of an forgive to repute all things May.

Big scream out to the five-one-one-five!