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The Vampire Diaries isn’t just streamer in to the Season 6 culmination with a good understanding of momentum.

Does any one out there unequivocally caring possibly or not Damon takes The Cure?

It feels similar to a constructed storyline since we know Nina Dobrev is leaving, so creation her tellurian (as essentially did take place on The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 20) was the easiest approach for the show to go about it

Now Elena can possibly die (which would be awesome, giving Damon utterly the shame formidable streamer in to Season 7) or simply leave Mystic Falls to begin a brand new hold up elsewhere (by far the many expected scenario).

Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode twenty Online

But Damon? Come on. We know he won’t take The Cure and conference him all the time demonstrate his love for Elena has grown really old.

Moreover, this story has been finished before. The array itself even concurred which actuality around flashback tonight.

So, no, we can’t contend which Damon pang by a little kind of existential predicament is edge-of-your-seat, season-ending torment arrange of stuff.

Lily Salvatore has been a plain addition, however.

Her contempt for Stefan is erotically appealing to watch, as it both tugs at the heartstrings (poor Stefan) and additionally creates us frightened for what arrange of rage she and her Heretic friends have in store.

We all know Kai will someway lead them out of 1903 (after they finish his tasty breakfast, which is).

As for Alaric and Jo, Matt was right even prior to the latter schooled she was carrying twins who would turn the aim of his her coven: they have no reason to hang around and each reason to leave.

Go someplace far away, Alaric, Protect your family.

We’ll see the matrimony essentially take place on The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode twenty-one (teased below), yet possibly these dual will live happily ever after is anyone’s guess.

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So, you discuss it us, TVD fans: do you caring about The Cure storyline? Are you vehement for Kai’s return? And should Season 7 be it for this show?

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode twenty-one Promo

No luminary does some-more for her fans than Taylor Swift.

Incredible box in point: the thespian once paid off a woman’s tyro loans.

So it’s usually suitable which a integrate of fans have paid Swift back… and what a approach in which they have paid Swift back!

Taylor Swift Fans Send Amazing Message

Meet Salt Lake City residents Sam and Jo Brady. The small girls proposed folding paper cranes a couple of months ago since Japanese folklore says this allows one to be postulated one wish.

In respect of Taylor’s pound strike album, Jo and Sam essentially folded 1,989 cranes – but afterwards they altered their instruct from tickets to a Taylor Swift unison to something far some-more critical and profound.

Once the 11-year old and 8-year old schooled which their Swift’s mother had been diagnosed with cancer, they motionless to make use of their gesticulate to instruct her good instead.

“We suspicion which we should substantially instruct for her to get improved and flog cancer’s butt,” says Sam in this home video, addressing her statue and adding:

“My mother will be shipping the cranes to you to give to your mom.”

How extraordinary is that?!?

We afterwards see 1,989 paper cranes get forsaken on to the heads of these unselfish children.

Who, we’re only guessing here, will finish up reception tickets to a Taylor Swift unison from Taylor herself once she sees this video. We love it.

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If you’ve been examination the coverage of the terrifying incident in Baltimore, than you might have held one of the couple of comical tidbits amidst all the harmful disharmony and destruction.

On Tuesday, we had the protester pennyless who in to a Michael Jackson dance routine. Wednesday gave us the surreal overpower of an Orioles diversion which had been sealed to the open for reserve reasons.

But the impulse which seems to have grabbed the many media courtesy (We won’t import in on the discuss over either the press’ concentration should be on some-more critical matters.) is the confront in between and indignant mother and her protesting son. 

Mom Beats Son During Baltimore Riots

As you can see, headlines cameras held Toya Graham doling out an ass-whupping to her son, as usually an indignant mother can.

Toya’s wilful movement positively got her son out of harm’s approach (at slightest until she got him home), and right away it looks similar to it might have paid off in some-more ways than one.

TMZ cameras held up with Toya and her son uninformed from a taping of The View today, and it seems Ms. Graham went from overhanging on her son to rubbing off elbows with the abounding and famous.

Toya Graham: Oprah Called Me!

There you have it. When Oprah gives you the thumbs-up you know you did the right thing. Just remember, all you moms of rebel teens: these were special circumstances! Do not try this at home!

As you substantially know, the Kardashian family fancies themselves gods in between small mortals in the worlds of conform and trend-setting.

Kendall’s displaying career is receiving off. Kylie’s demeanour inspires teenagers to ruin their faces. And, of course, Kim is releasing a book of selfies, and tough is it might be to believe, people will essentially buy it.

But whilst the ladies of the Kardashian-Jenner house vie for the pretension of She Who Can Make the Masses Spend The Most Money on Worthless Crap, Lord Yeezus watches the record from on tall and decides who shall power supreme.

Kanye West Dancing
Kylie and Kendall Jenner Share a Moment

It seems which infrequently Kanye even likes to array the sisters opposite any alternative for his own amusement, as he did at the many new New York Fashion Week, when he bestowed his beauty on immature Kylie…then all burnt her by creation her wear a fugly outfit.

If you saw Kanye’s uncanny Fashion Week exhibit, you know which he ready to go a garland of models similar to without a country people and finished them mount around on theatre for an hour.

Kanye West for Style

One of those models was Kylie, and she assumingly freaked out when she saw what she had to wear.

Kendall fundamentally told her to close up and know her place, and Kylie wasn’t havin’ it, yo.

“[Kylie] exploded, yelling, job Kendall a windbag and to behind off,” a source tells OK! magazine.

“The total place fell silent. She went on sniping which Kendall was usually there to disaster with her conduct and she indicted her of being sceptical and perplexing to keep Kylie out of modeling.

The declare claims Kendall afterwards doubled-down and finished fun of Kylie’s cosmetic surgery.

“Kendall thinks Kylie looks ridiculous and she doesn’t reason behind from revelation her so. She additionally thinks it’s unusual which Kylie has had so most work finished quite at her age,”

Now, this sounds similar to the kind of quarrel which could all occur in between dual rival sisters who have both built careers on their looks, but sadly, we only can’t buy it.

New York Fashion Week was behind in February, y’all! Do you unequivocally think a  KJ vs. KJ throwdown in front of dozens of farmer witnesses could’ve stayed underneath wraps for this long?

We disbelief it, deliberation we live in a universe where Kylie takes a design of her boundary and it’s general news.

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Amber Portwood is ill of Teen Mom fans creation fun of or criticizing her brand new fiance Matt Baier, and is receiving to Twitter in her man’s defense.

Amber Portwood and Matt Baier Photo

Reports that she indicted Matt Baier of intrigue crop up to have been short-lived, but claims that he’s regulating her for celebrity and income persist.

Tired of followers’ tweets to the outcome of “he’s so old” or “he substantially is a creep” or “he’s an ‘ex’ drug user” or “opportunist,” Ambs dismissed back.

“Wth approbation he was an drug dependant only similar to me,” she Tweeted Thursday.

That doesn’t meant it’s a set upon opposite him. Ditto his age. Portwood writes, “The mans physique is niiice lol he can be thirty years comparison idc. love not hatred <3”

Amber is twenty-four and Matt is 43, that is certain to lift a little eyebrows; a little have even referred to they’re faking their rendezvous for Teen Mom.

Not the case, she insists; age is only a number, and as for Matt’s past, well, she’s not just one to judge, so because should any one else be?

“Me and @mattbEPT both have hilly pasts,” she writes.

“im not an angel and theres a lot of things were not unapproachable of,” Ambs concurred to her fans, “but people shift and were in love <3”

If you watch Teen Mom online, you know the past she’s articulate about, and how it landed her in state jail for seventeen months on drug charges.

As for Baier, he’s been arrested for essay bad checks, DUI and attack … and is additionally a Teen Mom superfan who additionally hollered at Jenelle Evans.

Rumors, conjecture and haters aside, the twin reportedly skeleton to wed in a “very private” marriage in her local Indiana inside of the year.

Think they’ll have it to the altar? Comment next …

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Fifty Shades Darker: First Teaser!

Attention, movie fans. We have a unequivocally elementary subject for you:

Are you ready for something for darker?

Actually, Jamie Dornan has this subject for you, as the actress is at the back of as the impression of Christian Grey in the initial teaser for Fifty Shades Darker.

The wildly-anticipated supplement to Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker will be expelled on February 10, 2017.

Fifty Shades Darker Teaser

In the short footage above, we see Christian putting on one of his suits and a cover-up mask, the same facade Dornan is rocking in the initial promotional print for the film, that came out progressing this month.

Dakota Johnson’s Anastasia Steele is nowhere to be found in the trailer, unfortunately.

It’s value noting, meanwhile, that Fifty Shades Darker does not even have a book yet. But writer E.L. James’s husband, Niall Leonard, has been hired as screenwriter.

Fifty Shades Darker additionally lacks a director, as Sam Taylor-Johnson – who was at the back of the initial movie in this authorization – will not lapse for destiny installments.

But, hey, we gamble Fifty Shades Darker has a lot of nudity! And we’re flattering sure that’s all any one unequivocally cares about when it comes to these films.

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On Saturday, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao will block off in the many highly-anticipated fighting compare in new memory.

Win or lose, any warrior stands to have some-more than $100 million for the fight, and Mayweather is already the top-earner in the sports world, with 9-figures in annual earnings.

So financially, there’s not most on the line for the Money Man. Perhaps that’s what stirred the gossip which he’s motionless to have things some-more engaging by radically gambling with Suge Knight’s life.

Floyd Mayweather in Training
Suge Knight Pointing

As you might know, Suge was arrested for attempted murder at the back of in Jan following a hit-and-run incident which left one male dead.

The swat noble is now at the back of bars on $10 million bail (down from the strange $25 million), and Knight’s counsel claimed this week which the Money Man would feet the check if he degraded Pacquiao.

Now, TMZ is stating which reps for Mayweather explain that’s a flat-out lie, and the fighter has no goal of assisting to open Suge.

The profession maintains Mayweather done a guarantee to Suge’s family, and Floyd himself has nonetheless to publicly criticism on the situation.

We’re guessing Money knows sufficient to stay out of hip bound play these days. Mayweather just staid his argument with 50 Cent earlier this week. The final thing he needs is get wrapped up in Suge’s shenanigans.

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Are nation stars Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton on the rocks again over his celebration complaint … which he feels is not a complaint at all?

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton Image

Though “he got full of health for a bit with Miranda,” says a inform from luminary report repository Life & Style, but “now he’s behind to his old ways.”

“She doesn’t similar to which he’s regularly celebration since she gets uncertain which he’ll lie on her,” an insider says of couple’s hilly relationship.

“Blake says he can hoop his ethanol and which everybody needs to stop bringing it up … she’s sleepy of revelation him to cut behind or get help.”

We’ve listened a lot of this before, and the integrate has simply laughed it off. is this any opposite or some-more of the same BS from the gossip mill?

In a pointer of vital discord, Lambert won big at 2015 Academy of Country Music Awards, but never worried to appreciate her father on stage.

“It’s unequivocally a opposite approach to live and to be in a relationship,” she reportedly said, “but I feel similar to the attribute proposed going apart ways.”

That was Apr 19. Then, during Lambert’s Apr twenty-five opening at the Stagecoach legal holiday in Indio, Calif., she seemed majorly out of sorts.

“She hardly smiled via the initial couple of songs and kept the small speak to a minimum,” one air blower pronounced of Miranda Lambert at the event.

“When she sang ‘Over You,’ the strain her father Blake wrote about his passed brother, she proposed great at the finish and wiped divided a tear.”

“Even from far away, it seemed similar to she was unequivocally going by something,” the air blower combined (something similar to intrigue on Blake with Chris Young?).

One probable reason Lambert was so upset?

While Dierks Bentley was opening for Miranda, Blake “had been in his trailer removing dipsomaniac on moonshine” before to her set, according to reports.

Another probable reason she was visibly violation down on stage? It’s an emotional, absolute strain about the comfortless genocide of a sibling.

Just saying.

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Taylor Schilling feels unhappy for America these days.

The actress, who is about to star in Orange is the Black Season 3 when it hits Netflix on Jun 12, opens up to the ultimate emanate of Elle on a series of topics; from the Internet to how Kim Kardashian has flattering most busted everything.

First, the blonde beauty takes target at today’s self-obsessed amicable media society.

Taylor Schilling Elle Cover

“There is something so unhappy about going online and observant roughly everybody cheering ‘Notice me, notice me!’ Which is such a tellurian enterprise – to be acknowledged,” Taylor says.

“But me responding to which with a little arrange of ‘You’re noticed, you’re seen’ usually perpetuates the loneliness.”

“Because I’m not observant you; I’m not seeing you.”

Schilling creates a indicate of observant which we all “deserve to be beheld and valued,” but which she feels “lucky to have not grown up with the Internet since it forced me to get out, onslaught and be so messy.”

So, what does this have to do with Kim Kardashian… or Kendall Jenner… or Kylie Jenner?

Schilling doesn’t hold they live genuine lives. She thinks they fundamentally exist at this indicate only to blog and/or poise for selfies.

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“It has roughly turn a daring thing at this indicate since I do not hold this luminary Kim Kardashian enlightenment is what I sealed up for,” Schilling tells the magazine.

“I’d rsther than emanate something honest than try to emanate something for a amicable media account.”

In general, Schilling simply thinks Kim is fake.

Moreover, the thinks which any one who posts as well most on Twitter or Instagram is not giving people a glance at his or her loyal self.

“It takes a lot of aplomb to be accurate and honest and to take which amicable facade off in sequence to bond with an additional tellurian being. So most of what creates us who we have been is smoothed divided online.

“And what indeed connects us is the wrinkles, not the smoothness.”

Fair point, but in Kim’s defense, she’s not all fake. These photos have been zero if not accurate (note: we didn’t contend they were good) …

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Despite her behaving work in drive-in theatre similar to X-Men: First Class and the Divergent series, Zoe Kravitz stays most appropriate well known for her origin (she’s the daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet) and her love life.

Zoe pennyless up with Penn Badgley in 2013, and following she was related with some-more a far-reaching form of important dudes (many of whom she substantially never essentially met).

Rumors which Kravitz was dating Drake incited out to be fraudulent (as far as we know), but these days she’s spending a lot of regretful time with Michael Fassbender, and a lot of platonic time with A-list friends similar to Kendall Jenner.

But whilst she no doubt enjoys he reflected celebrity which comes with her most important connections, the time has obviously come for Zoe to mangle out on her own and remind us which in further to behaving and singing, she can indication with the most appropriate of them:

Zoe Kravitz Nude

That’s Zoe in the brand new emanate of Flaunt magazine, and whilst she’s not wearing most in the approach of clothes, we think this eye-catching impressive competence be her approach of kicking off a displaying career similar to Kendall’s.

Zoe has landed a little big-name campaigns with the likes of Vera Wang, but something tells us you’ll be saying some-more of her (in some-more ways than one) really soon.

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