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A brand brand new stand of bent has been selected and tonight, the American Idol Season fourteen Top twelve guys will set upon the theatre for the initial of multiform exhausting weeks of live performances. Except they won’t be you do it in Hollywood! 

The judges and contestants–and Ryan Seacrest, of course–have set upon the road! Tonight’s performances have been entrance to us from Detroit, Michigan.

American Idol Season fourteen is complicated on the teenager bent which equates to there’s a great possibility the leader competence get a jot down understanding prior to scoring a diploma. Or may be America will send the love to the dual oldest guys in the competion: Nick Fradiani and Mark Andrew.

The Top twelve guys will go initial with the ladies following tomorrow night. New for American Idol Season fourteen is the deficiency of a standalone formula show. They’ll be borrowing from the Dancing With the Stars format of divulgence separated contestants at the begin of the following week’s show. (We’ll additionally be going from Top twenty-four to Top sixteen in one week!)

And all the people rejoiced!

Anyway. Let’s get started.

Adam Ezegelian​ is up initial with Twisted Sister’s “I Wanna Rock.” To be honest, as many as I similar to this kid, I can’t get over how unequivocally Jack Black this opening is. I have to give him vital props for attack the theatre with an up-tempo number. Jennifer calls him “contagious” and Harry desired which he didn’t take himself as well seriously. Keith burst a fun about ballads. 6.5/10

Forever tall on his dance with J.Lo, Michael Simeon is channeling an additional Michael for his unequivocally initial performance. Michael Bolton. “How Am I Supposed To Live Without You.” Jennifer’s singing each word, but really? There wasn’t a improved ballad he could’ve selected if he had his heart set on singing a ballad? Harry cautioned him to stay in tune. Jennifer desired which he slowed it down after Adam. Keith pronounced he stayed in the moment. 7.5/10

Second-chance kid Savion Wright done an glorious strain choice: Train’s “Hey, Soul Sister.” It’s not so old no one knows it but it’s not so stream he can’t have it his own. He’s winning ALL the points right right divided for creation himself receptive to advice 1) strange 2) authentic. Was it flawless? No. Was it real? Absolutely. Harry suspicion it proposed unfocused but Savion brought it together. Jennifer wants him to keep his eye on the camera so America can opinion for him. Keith didn’t similar to the strain choice. 9/10

Mark Andrew knows usually what kind of artist he wants to be which will possibly unequivocally assistance him or unequivocally harm him in this competition. He’s attack the theatre with The Band’s “The Weight.” He doesn’t have use of the guitar as a column similar to Savion. He sings and plays and that’s what we’re going to see a lot of this season, quite after the risk he took at House of Blues. Keith called it a undiluted strain and pronounced it’s fine to embankment the band. Harry echoed the undiluted strain preference sentiment. Jennifer loves his vibe. So far tonight, he’s the one to beat. 10/10

Sid the Science Kid Trevor Douglas, who has the many appropriate celebrity in this competition, chose “Best I’ve Ever Had” by Gavin DeGraw. It’s a small severe at the begin but he’s all removing the Ed Sheeran vote. He really settles in when he sings and plays as against to usually singing. He competence additionally be pang from a small technical difficulties formed on a small uncanny receptive to advice mixing. Keith pronounced the strain got on tip of him but his appetite helped him recover. Jennifer pronounced he had an fine day. Harry pronounced the outspoken wasn’t great but he’s a great performer. 8/10

Clark Beckham, a travel actor who looks a lot similar to Scott Foley, is rebellious Percy Sledge and “When A Man Loves a Woman.” Ballads, quite classical ballads, have been regularly an engaging choice, but he slays this one. He’s miles and miles forward of Michael Simeon tonight, which is the usually alternative opening in this genre so far. Keith gave him a station ovation. Jennifer usually pronounced “goosies all day.” Harry called him intensely gifted and hopes he’s around prolonged sufficient to get a small good, beneficial critique to one side his praise. 10/10

Rayvon Owens is channeling his middle former child rope part of with Nick Jonas’ “Jealous.” He gets the girls on their feet and dancing and has a plain performance. It’s not the leader of the night, but it’s not the crook either. This man has a falsetto similar to WHOA. Harry says it’s a clever opening and Jennifer wishes he’d since a small some-more perspective and corner whilst cautioning him to have America tumble in love with him. Keith complimented the falsetto and his plain vocals. 9/10

The baby of the bunch, Daniel Seavey, calls himself a “pretty assured guy.” He puts down the guitar and picks up a ukelele for “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz and it roughly sounds similar to his nerves get forward of him usually a bit at the beginning. This strain preference and the choices Daniel makes with the strain have been engaging but the lyrics get divided from him a little. He’s cute. I love him. Keith calls it a great strain and is preoccupied by his range. Jennifer wants him to be unchanging via his performance. Harry usually says America has difficult choices to make. 8/10

Country child Riley Bria​ is up next. He’s rocking the electric guitar with Eric Church’s “Homeboy.” Keith sings each singular word along with him. Between the dual nation boys who remained final week, Riley was the plain choice. He has participation and musicality and vocals to match. There’s no approach he’s usually a teenager! Jennifer pronounced he belongs here. Harry agrees and says Riley reminds him of Keith (so his brand brand new theatre name will be Keith Suburban. grooooaaaaan.).Keith desired which he did an Eric Church song. 10/10

Quentin Alexander is this season’s Starchild. He gives an positively vivid opening of “I Put a Spell On You” but it took until median by the series for me to commend the strain (that is, but the proclamation at the commencement of the performance). Harry desired it. Jennifer desired it. Keith pronounced it was a Grammy-level performance. 8/10

Nick Fradiani, who has been singing in bars for 10 years, picks Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud.” Every lady who watched him try-out with his partner is personally anticipating they’ve damaged up. He’s a frontrunner tonight, for sure. He’s just…effortless. Keith called his strain preference undiluted and desired which he played and sang. Jennifer doesn’t wish any guys to go home and pronounced his opening was one of the best. Harry jokes about the lyrics and says “nice job.” 10/10

To tighten out the night, Qaasim Middleton picks what competence be one of the hottest songs of the minute: “Uptown Funk.” He’s got the demeanour and the strain and the moves and this man is here to have people love him. All of that is all working. His vocals aren’t as clever as a small of his competitors, but he’ll be protected for an additional week after all which energy. Jennifer pronounced he done her wish to get up and dance and sing with him. Harry pronounced he left all on the stage. Keith pronounced he killed it with charisma. 8.5/10

Nick Fradiani, Riley Bria, Clark Beckham, and Mark Andrew surfaced the night with Savion Wright and Rayvon Owens shifting right in at the behind of them. Trevor Douglas will expected be adhering around since he’s usually as well likeable. The same goes for Daniel Seavey​, but he’s all on the bubble. 

Overall, many of these performances were strong, with no one utterly bombing. Voting will substantially be close, but we won’t know the formula until subsequent week. 

Tomorrow night the Top twelve girls will take the theatre so conduct behind here for your recap!

Madonna is in amazing shape for a lady her age, but it looks similar to she might before long wish to deposit in a Hoveround stair lift, since stairs have been obviously apropos an issue:

We kid! It’s loyal that Madonna took a nasty decrease whilst behaving at the BRIT Awards today, but it looks similar to it was her backup dancers who were to blame.

Fortunately, the pre-recorded vocals kept right on playing, and Her Madgesty done a full recovery.

It was Madonna’s initial opening at the BRIT Awards in twenty years, and her big show-closing miscellany was reportedly hyped via the evening.

We think it’s protected to contend she won’t be behind for an additional integrate decades.

The irony is, only a integrate weeks ago, Madonna defied sobriety at the Grammys, mountainous on top of the Staples Center similar to a little arrange of…flying matador thing.

We’re not utterly certain what she was going for, but obviously she pissed sobriety off in a big way.

Or may be it’s only kismet for dropping N-bombs all over amicable media. You never know with Madonna; she’s led a uncanny life.

In any event, the 56-year-old cocktail idol is unscathed and doctors contend she’ll be up and about and flashing her donkey all over origination in no time. 

The argument in between Nick Gordon and Bobby Brown shows no signs of vouchsafing up, and Gordon’s attacks opposite Bobbi Kristina’s father have spin some-more infamous than ever in new days.

Earlier this week, Gordon tweeted to Bobby which his daughter will hatred him when she awakens from her coma.

Yesterday, Gordon tweeted which Brown is a “joke” and indicted him of being a inattentive father. 

Today, Gordon went even further, blaming Brown for the actuality which Bobbi Kristina stays in a coma, 3 weeks after she was found comatose in her bathtub.

Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina Brown

“I’m the reason my baby is OK, finish of story,” Gordon tweeted. “Whitney told me to protect, and I did with no help.” He afterwards re-tweeted a criticism which reads:

“This is a exam to see who is for her and who is opposite her. When she awakes, those Browns and Houstons have been done!”

Gordon afterwards added, “Bobby is the misfortune father of all…If her father unequivocally cared about his daughter, fool around a fasten tape deck with my voice [and] her fav music LET HER WAKE UP!”

The import which Brown is not you do all in his energy to caring for his bum daughter has understandably stormy a little feathers online and resulted in dozens of indignant comments, but the Brown family is still disappearing to publicly reply to Gordon’s tirades.

Meanwhile, sources contend Bobbi Kristina is to be taken out of her healing coma a little time in the nearby future. Doctors sojourn capricious as to either she’ll be means to have a recovery.

Taya Kyle, the widow of American Sniper impulse Chris Kyle, praised a Texas jury for anticipating her husband’s killer, Eddie Ray Routh, guilty of attempted attempted attempted murder Tuesday.

Taya Kyle Pic
Chris Kyle Picture

Taya will never entirely be at assent but Chris, but with a jury anticipating Eddie Ray Routh guilty of attempted attempted attempted murder after a extensive trial, there is a little turn of clusre.

After an romantic day at court, where at one indicate she at once got up and left at one point, slamming the doorway at the back of her, Taya Kyle took to Facebook:

“Good Morning! What a elegant sunrise when the sleet is melting and the winter is thawing out earnest a brand new day. I have a short story to discuss it you but first…”

“God Bless the jury and great people of Stephenville, Texas!!”

Taya Kyle afterwards began a story about one of Chris’ friends, Pete Scobell, on his Facebook page, on that she continually shares updates with fans and friends.

Routh was found guilty of collateral attempted attempted attempted murder on Tuesday and perceived a judgment of hold up in jail but the probability of release for the 2013 genocide of Kyle.

The former Marine, described by his lawyers as a “troubled veteran” pang from schizophrenia, shot Kyle and his crony Chad Littlefield passed at a gun range.

The outcome came after Routh’s invulnerability profession Tim Moore acted the subject of what was going on in Routh’s thoughts when he shot the dual men.

That, partner profession ubiquitous Jane Starnes argued, was unfit to pinpoint exactly, but was some-more than expected “deliberate,” “calculating,” and “cold.”

“He didn’t instruct Chad dead. He longed for Chad dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead. And he longed for the same for Chris,” she added, observant the 6 times he shot each.

Chris Kyle’s memoir, American Sniper, is the basement for the award-winning, argumentative box bureau blockbuster starring Bradley Cooper of the same title.

We instruct Taya and the family groups of both victims the best.

Zendaya Coleman has selected to take the tall highway when it comes to her argument with Giuliana Rancic.

As formerly detailed, Rancic primary apologized to Zendaya after the singer posted a lengthy, well-reasoned summary on Instagram which called the E! Fashion Police host out for an inapt criticism she finished per Zendaya’s dreadlocks.

Giuliana pronounced the demeanour finished her think Zendaya “smells similar to patchouli oil… or may be weed.”

Zendaya Coleman at the Academy Awards
Giuliana Rancic at the 2015 Grammys

Once Rancic’s difference went viral, most called for her to be fired from the Fashion Police, which prompted Giuliana to emanate a second reparation final night.

As seen below, this one took place on air:

Since then, most stars (such as Solange, Kerry Washington and Khloe Kardashian) have shown await for Zendaya, who has refrained criticism on the subject following her primary response.

Until now.

“Studies have shown which even yet we try to action but prejudice, infrequently it’s usually dark inside us due to the past or surroundings,” Zenaya wrote on Instagram this afternoon.

“That dark influence is mostly successful in the actions. It’s the pursuit to mark these issues inside of others and ourselves and fall short them prior to they turn hurtful. I have so most people seeking up to me, which I couldn’t be scared, wait for it out, nor could I usually mount up for me; I had to do it for WE.”

Zendaya, sounding far some-more grown up than her eighteen years, concluded:

It is critical in this tour to recollect which usually given someone has inflicted harm on us, it does not give us the right to do the same. Body degrading and alternative hurtful strategy will never get the pursuit done.

As tough as it was to stop MYSELF from being undeveloped and from posting the primary meant difference which came to my thoughts given I was hurt, I had to think about the bigger picture. Instead I sat for dual hours on my phone, you do my investigate and formulating an prepared response.

Giuliana, I conclude your reparation and I’m blissful it was a guidance knowledge for you and for the network. I goal which others negatively influenced by her difference can additionally find it in their hearts to accept her reparation as well. From a allude to we all know by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., ‘Darkness cannot expostulate out darkness, usually light can do that.

Hate cannot expostulate out hate, usually love can do that.’ Let’s be which light and widespread which love.”

We indeed could not have pronounced it improved ourselves.

Earlier this week, a debate erupted surrounding Giuliana Rancic’s comments about Zendaya’s hair.

In box you someway longed for it, here’s the offending clip:

Giuliana has taken the infancy of the censure for the remark, and open snub has reached the indicate which most have been job for Rancic to be fired from the E! network.

But if you watch which shave closely, you can obviously discuss it which Rancic was not the initial one to acknowledgement which Zendaya’s hair “smells similar to weed.”

Sure, Rancic steady the joke, so we suspect she bears a little of the responsibility, but it was Kathy Griffin who done the acknowledgement first. 

Much was done of Griffin replacing Joan Rivers on Fashion Police when E! execs voiced their preference to move the array behind after Rivers’ death, so it stands to reason which Griffin is you do all which she can to fill the Queen of Mean’s shoes.

However, Rivers was as confidant as she was brash, and she would never mount idly by whilst a co-worker took the feverishness for one of her jokes.

Griffin has been as active as ever on Twitter in the days given the Zendaya debate started, but she has nonetheless to step up and accept her share of the responsibility. Not cool, Kathy. Not cool.

The Bachelor star Chris Soules isn’t observant which of his dual superfluous women this deteriorate has the edge, but records which he is still in love with the winner.

(NOTE: The Bachelor spoilers can idea you in to who which is.)

“I’m still in love,” Soules pronounced at the Women Tell All taping after expelling Kaitlyn Bristowe in Monday evening’s part in a bit of a warn move.

But who’s he in love with? Becca Tilley or Whitney Bischoff?

And the

Who should Chris Soules collect on The Bachelor between his last two, Becca Tilley or Whitney Bischoff? Vote in the consult and strike the comments!
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The Iowan, who creatively fought for Andi Dorfman’s heart on The Bachelorette in 2014, patently isn’t observant until the culmination one week from Monday.

Two of the women who were in critical row for Soules’ palm in matrimony have been giveaway to import in on the theme of who he should pick, however.

“My disposition is a small towards Becca usually since she’s so droll and cool,” pronounced Britt Nilsson, who was separated in epic conform prior to the hometown dates.

“Whitney is someone who loves kids and she’s all in to him. There have been no questions in her thoughts if she loves him. She speaks her mind, she’s a unequivocally guileless person.”

“I similar to Whitney a lot. [But] Becca, I think has all of those qualities, she’s additionally unequivocally truthful, she’s unequivocally sweet, she’ll be a good mom, but she’s additionally usually fun.”

Kaitlyn Bristowe seems to gaunt somewhat the alternative way.

“I do feel similar to it’s a toss-up since out of everybody which I became friends with in the house, those have been my dual closest friends,” the third-place finisher says.

“I feel similar to he done a unequivocally good preference with those being the last dual since they have been classy, unimaginable women. I think Becca is as good good to be true.”

“I think she needs to knowledge a lot some-more in hold up prior to she’s gonna solve down since she deserves good things and I don’t think she even knows how good she is.”

Whitney Bischoff, by contrast, “has already determined herself and she’s dual hours from home and she’s ready for that. They have good chemistry.”

“When I design Whitney, I design her being a good wife, I design her wanting babies right away. In the grand intrigue of things, I see Whitney as a wife.”

“She’s a great, genuine tellurian being.”

Indeed she is, but Chris has dual of those in the running. Who should he select to move home to Arlington, Iowa, to stay? Or did he already let the right one get away?

Vote! Comment! Discuss!

Scott Disick and Kendall Jenner have been not hooking up or carrying a baby together, his repute pronounced following a torrent of brand brand new rumors surrounding the non-couple.

Yes, his repute essentially came out and denied which fraudulent allegation, which in itself contingency be a feat for the luminary inform opening which done it up out of thin air.

Scott Disick and Kendall Jenner

It’s no tip which Scott and Kourtney Kardashian, the mom of his 3 small children, have a scattered relationship, but this is usually removing ridiculous.

A brand brand new Star inform which Disick got Kendall Jenner pregnant, which it was Kourt’s “worst nightmare” and which Kendall isn’t “sorry” was a brand brand new announcement low.

Not which Scott seemed to mind. On the contrary, in fact.

He has been good known to giggle off rumors similar to this, as does an additional one of Kourtney’s sisters. Khloe Kardashian done light of the rumor … with jealous.

“I’m unequivocally pissed about this,” Khloe, who’s been romantically related to Scott by tabloids as well, wrote. “I suspicion it was you and I carrying the affair!”

She followed which Instagram summary with an additional one destined Disick. “Scott is such a THOT! These hoes ain’t loyal!! Huh?!?! D— Gina!!! D—!!!”

Whatever which means, she certain is removing a flog out of it.

Disick is stuff oneself in to the absurdity, too, essay to his most appropriate crony and sort-of sister-in-law, “Don’t be concerned @khloekardashian you will regularly be my #1.”

Millions of re-tweets followed, but not everybody was amused.

No one in the Twitter sell referred to Kourtney at any point, and the mom of 3 did not send out a summary of her own during their conversation.

It’s this, some-more than the gossip itself, which sources tighten to her contend has her “confused, harm and terrified,” generally since Scott’s onslaught to stay sober.

“By shouting the issues away, Scott and Kendall have been essentially rubbing off their cheating in her face,” a source reportedly said, even yet Kendall did nothing.

She’s as well bustling to criticism on a little rumor, let alone have an event with her half-sister’s baby daddy. She’s a model, after all, and a indication on a mission:

Have you seen Kendall seeking similar to Kim Kardashian?

Kid Rock claims to be “completely otter” his mind, and formed on his comments in the following video, we’re prone to agree.

This isn’t the working Kid Rock which bashed Michael Moore and Seth Rogen on Twitter, but his opinions have been expected to piss a small people off anyway:

First, there’s his jacket. Kid tells the cameraman which his outerwear is 100% otter skin (“for all the animal activists”) and afterwards opens it up to exhibit which he’s had the words, “Completely otter my mind,” festooned on the inside. Sure, since not?

Asked if he killed the otter himself, Mr. Rock replies, “I did not, but I would.”

Of course, that’s not the usually argumentative perspective voiced by the Early Morning Stoned Pimp over the march of this two-minute interview. According to Rock:

  • Selfies have been “so gay.” He competence meant which as a great thing, though, since moments after he asks the masculine interviewer to fellate him.
  • He doesn’t similar to New York City because…it requires him to get up early? You mislaid us on which one, Kid.
  • He’s a “nice guy.” (The otter he’s rocking competence desire to differ.)
  • His the one preferred movie is Forrest Gump, since hold up is similar to an otter skin jacket, you never know what’ll be stitched inside.

So there you have it. Kid Rock is still all about the homophobic slurs and removing blown on the travel by TMZ cameramen.

He’s a formidable city slicker – a mystery, wrapped an enigma, wrapped in an otter.

We’ve all seen Dakota Johnson get down and unwashed in Fifty Shades of Grey, and right divided it seems which millions of wearied housewives weren’t the usually ones who were titillated by the steer of the 25-year-old thespian being degraded on screen.

Life & Style claims Leonardo DiCaprio was speckled cozying up with Johnson an after-party for the brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand new Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary special.

Dakota Johnson at the 2015 Oscars
Leonardo DiCaprio Red Carpet Image
Rihanna at MTV Movie Awards

“He put his arm around Dakota and led her in to the grand ballroom,” says one onlooker. “He told her, ‘Let’s go demeanour at all the celebrities.’

“Dakota looked similar to she was perplexing to fool around it cool, but you could discuss it she was anxious to have his attention. Out of everybody he socialized with, you could discuss it he was happiest with Dakota.

“As they walked away, Leo took the lead and guided her by the crowd, and a small grin widespread opposite her face.”

We’re certain which was a lot of fun for Dakota, but as you might have heard, DiCaprio and Rihanna have been hooking up in brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand new weeks, and RiRi doesn’t appear similar to the arrange who appreciates competition.

If it were a casual, friends-with-benefits arrange of thing, we’re certain she wouldn’t mind, but Leo and Rihanna outlayed Valentine’s Day together recently, which leads us to hold which there’s some-more going on than only sexy-time.

We’re not observant which Rihanna is the aroused type, but if it did come down to a quarrel over Leo, we’re flattering certain RiRi would have Christian Grey’s Red Room of Pain demeanour similar to a tea party.