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Yesterday, Nick Gordon pounded Bobby Brown on Twitter and indicted the 46-year-old R&B fable of refusing to concede him to revisit Bobbi Kristina Brown in the hospital.

Gordon had a little intensely oppressive difference for Brown, claiming at one indicate which Bobbi Kristina will hatred him when she awakens from her coma.

Bobbi Kristina Brown and Nick Gordon

Predictably, most of Gordon’s Twitter supporters criticized him for devoting so most of his time and appetite to amicable media feuds, when his concentration should be on the contentment of his partner and adoptive sister.

Today, Gordon lashed out at his critics and shielded his right to demonstrate himself on Twitter:

“Krissi tweeted a lot I feel similar to she would instruct me to do the same,” Gordon tweeted.

Some of his tweets during the past twenty-four hours have lifted concerns about Gordon’s mental state, such as one which reads, “Celebs do not kill celebs. Do a little research.”

However, amidst all of his indignant and obscure communications, Gordon did suggest an enlivening refurbish about Bobbi Kristina’s health:

“She is strong,” Gordon tweeted. “All of her brain duty is well. Organs have been well. It’s usually a make a difference of time prior to she wakes up.”

Bobby Brown has nonetheless to publicly reply to Gordon’s ultimate tirade. Brown has stated, however, which he will allow Gordon to revisit Bobbi Kristina, supposing Gordon cooperates entirely with the military review in to her near-drowning.

Of all the comfortless trainwreck stories which have been featured on MTV’s Teen Mom, Amber Portwood’s competence be the usually one which gives us goal which the argumentative MTV being array doesn’t indispensably hurt the lives of all the stars.

Beginning in 2012, Portwood served 17 months in prison on charges of made at home assault and receive of narcotics.

Dangerous Amber

Since her release, however, Portwood has valid which it’s probable to live a sober, successful hold up after one of those all-too-common Teen Mom meltdowns.

In a special about Portwood which not prolonged ago aired on MTV, the mom of 6-year-old Leah suggested only how bad things got for her at her lowest point:

“I would stay up all night receiving drug twenty-four hours,” Amber says. “Then I would get so tall I’d dont think about I took pills, and I’d take more. A total book would be left in a week. That’s 180 pills.”

Amber says it’s formidable for her to watch old episodes of Teen Mom, as she was underneath the change for the total of the time she was filming the show.

Addiction runs in Amber’s family and her father, Shawn Portwood, Sr., died late final year as a outcome of alcohol-related liver damage. 

Amber has strike alternative bumps in the highway over the past couple of months, together with her scattered relationship with Matt Baier, but she says she’s remained solemn via all of the drama.

Maybe there’s goal for Jenelle Evans, yet.

Watch Teen Mom online at TV Fanatic to relive Amber’s struggle.

It looks similar to rumors of Jamie Dornan withdrawal Fifty Shades of Grey have been untrue. He isn’t on foot divided from the franchise, given there is no supplement … yet.

Jamie Dornan at The Graham Norton Show

The actor’s repute told E! which he hasn’t left anything, and which “All press reports have been pristine surmise as the college of music has not committed to a supplement as yet.”

It’s loyal which the franchise, which has finished good at the box bureau in annoy of horrible reviews, is in a state of beautiful motion going forward.

The bard of the book, E.L. James wants some-more energy over the sequel, Fifty Shades Darker.

Also, Dornan’s mother refuses to watch the movie, given the complicated BDSM inlet creates her uncomfortable.

It’s going to be wily if Jamie does wish to burst ship. Millions have gotten on chatter to criticism him withdrawal the franchise.

More to the point, both Dornan and his co-star Dakota Johnson have been still underneath stipulate with Universal to fool around Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, respectively.

Getting out of one of those big movie contracts is only about impossible, unless one doesn’t thoughts being sued behind to the stone-age.

Dornan’s repute pronounced the college of music has nonetheless to immature light the sequel, which substantially only equates to they’re only seeking for the right people to come in and reinstate the bard and director.

It DOESN’T meant the supplement is going to be canceled, generally given it’s warranted roughly half a billion dollars at the box office.

So let’s see what sorcery Mr. Dornan can swing in the meantime.

Late final week, Hilary Duff filed for divorce from Mike Comrie, strictly finale which couple’s matrimony after scarcely 5 years.

That’s what happens after your father offers a waitress $600 to have sex with him.

This was usually the ultimate blow to the maudlin hearts, as Duff and Comrie seemed similar to a indeed happy immature couple. At slightest for awhile.

If they can’t have it, is there any goal for any Hollywood couple?

There wasn’t for Bruce and Kris Jenner, not even after two-plus decades of, mixed young kids and millions of dollars. Heck, he’s even becoming a woman now.

There wasn’t for Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, notwithstanding their each year marriage vouch renovation and torrent of darling family photos on amicable media.

There wasn’t for Paula Patton and Robin Thicke, no make a difference how most times the latter publicly begged the former to take him back, or wrote songs to which effect.

In the on top of print gallery, we’ve collected twenty-one couples together whose marriages shockingly collapsed underneath the vigour of the spotlight.

Or usually due to flourishing detached over time, or, in at slightest one case, amidst the erratic penis of one of the husbands. Every incident is different!

We tremble to think of who we’ll be adding subsequent to this list of intolerable luminary splits, but if it’s Chris Pratt and Anna Faris, afterwards dont think about about it.

We quit. We usually quit.

Last night on ABC’s The Bachelor, Chris Soules reached the barbarous Fantasy Suite dates, where usually 3 women sojourn in the intrigue competition.

In alternative words, at this point, the male (or woman, in The Bachelorette‘s case) can potentially have sex with 3 pleasing partners in reduction than a week.

The trifecta is doubtful for Chris, since which Becca Tilley suggested she’s a virgin. Did Kaitlyn Bristowe and/or Whitney Bischoff get plowed by the Iowa farmer?

Kaitlyn Bristowe Photo

He will never lick and tell, but in any case of the sex, all 3 dates obviously went good for Soules, who was nixed by Andi Dorfman at this unequivocally stage.

(The Bachelorette star separated Chris prior to the Fantasy Suite, giving her last dual roses to Josh Murray and Nick Viall, who she additionally done love to).

But behind to last night: Fan the one preferred Kaitlyn Bristowe was the peculiar woman out, vacating Bali “humiliated” and sad by the rejecting of Chris Soules.

When one doorway closes, an additional opens, however. Perhaps the overwhelming 29-year-old Canadian’s query for love on being radio is usually beginning.

Kaitlyn Bristowe, similar to Chris and Andi prior to her, was the third-place finisher on her season, and is beautiful and renouned with fans. She’s additionally hilarious.

Throughout her time on the show, she was never fearful to verbalise her mind, even when it honestly done small sense, or to step out of her joy zone.

The accent doesn’t hurt, either, nor do those eyes (or alternative attributes). But mainly, Kaitlyn Bristowe is usually so damn accurate and interesting to watch!

No offense to Jade Roper and Britt Nilsson – dual alternative Soules rejects who done utterly an sense this deteriorate – but it’s gonna be tough to tip Kait.

If we’re casting, she’d be the initial choice, even over Becca Tilley or Whitney Bischoff, Chris’ last two. Sweet girls, but not the sort to lift a show.

Other than that, it’s slim pickings (see below).

What do you think? Check out The Bachelor spoilers to find out who wins, afterwards strike the comments next to discuss it us who would have the most appropriate Bachelorette

As formerly documented, Fifty Shades of Grey reviews have not been good. At all.

Only Pat Robertson’s show has indicted it of compelling sex slavery, however.

Pat is NOT in to subjugation … or so he says. Fifty Shades of Grey was expelled on Valentine’s day 2015. Sex labour has been going on given … well, always.

However, a brand brand new radio programme of his show, The 700 Club, clearly related the two.

Pat Robertson Hating Fifty Shades of Grey

Benjamin Nolot, the Exodus Cry Director, claims which drawn out graduation of sexually-charged movies similar to Fifty Shades of Grey is fueling sex trafficking.

Robertson describes his sentiments on the movie following the Nolot square as follows:

It done me think of which Fifty Shades of Grey, assumingly how most women have review the book and how most women have been going to the movie.

It’s about all kinds of sadomasochism, it’s about bondage.

About whips, it’s about hot oil, it’s about assorted sorts of restraints. It is an unimaginable story of sadomasochistic subjugation of women.

Women have been objects. And to think which everyone is not receiving it as ‘Oh, well, that’s only a, quote, intrigue story.’ Please!

Robertson unequivocally knows a lot of the subjugation lingo, which is super gross.

It’s been a difficult week for fans of the BDSM-themed authorization all around, and not only since the movie caused a lady to masturbate in a theater.

There was even a passionate attack box at the University of Illinois-Chicago which was innate out of a Fifty Shades of Grey reenactment. Not cool at all.

Now Pat Robertson has all but called the movie a work of the devil. Sheesh, what’s next? Could Jamie Dornan travel divided from the authorization which done him a star?

They might not have been on the Upper East Side, but 4 members of the Gossip Girl expel were SPOTTED together on Sunday evening.

Chace Crawford, Jessica Szohr, Kelly Rutherford and Michelle Trachtenberg were all in assemblage at the Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar-viewing celebration in West Hollywood, interlude to poise for a picture Rutherford posted on Instagram.

Gossip Girl Cast Reunion

“So happy to see these pleasing people (inside and out) final night. Chase, Michelle and Jessica #GG,” the thespian wrote as a heading to the classical organisation shot.

The stars, of course, helped anchor Gossip Girl on The CW, which pushed the boundary of teenage sex and shameful function on the small shade from 2007-2012.

Since then, not most of the actors or actresses have left on to crop up in any alternative vital movie or radio project, nonetheless Blake Lively tied together Ryan Reynolds and afterwards had his baby.

That’s rsther than impressive.

Leighton Meester, meanwhile, married Adam Brody, bringing Gossip Girl together with The OC and causing even some-more mass violence between immature TV fans than the on top of design ever could.

Need to catch up on this noted drama? You can regularly revisit TV Fanatic and watch Gossip Girl online.

In the surrounded by of the June Shannon-Mark McDaniel scandal, Shannon’s brother-in-law Uncle Poodle bloody “Mama June” as a inattentive and equivocal violent primogenitor who frankly put her young kids in harm’s way.

Now, Poodle is on the conflict once again, blustering Jun for endangering her important daughter’s illness with an artery-clogging quick food diet.

Excited Honey Boo Boo
Uncle Poodle Photo

Sources contend 9-year-old Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson is up to 125 pounds as a outcome of her mom permitting her to devour drive-thru cuisine on a each day basis.

“It’s June’s fault,” Poodle tells Radar Online. “She is the parent, she should carry out what her daughter eats.

“She feeds Alana lots of quick food, similar to McDonald’s and Taco Bell. “I’ve seen Jun give Alana a 20-piece duck McNugget, and she ate each bite!

“She lets Alana eat whatever she wants, at your convenience she wants. That’s because she’s morbidly obese.”

Poodle settled which he believes the greatest downside to TLC canceling Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is the actuality which the open competence never be done wakeful of Alana’s getting worse health.

There have been reports of Mama Jun and family starring in a spinoff, but will Shannon shift her family’s diet for the consequence of a TV audience?

We have the doubts.

The Cleveland Browns of the National Football League suggested revamped logos currently with a richer orange color and a brownish-red face facade on the helmet.

The team’s goal? To “honor convention and yield complicated edge.”

Apparently that equates to a somewhat brighter shade of orange and brand brand brand new type with a “cleaner, simpler, elegant” feel. Watch the f–k out now, AFC North!

Cleveland Browns New Helmet, Logo

Amazingly, the pointed changes to the moribund franchise’s rigging have been the outcome of a two-YEAR rebranding project, group boss Alec Scheiner said.

Contrary to erring media reports, Scheiner did not privately the pattern the brand brand brand new demeanour regulating Instagram filters thirty mins prior to the press conference.

The group claims it skeleton to “move the unvaried over forward than the logo” at an Apr fourteen phenomenon at the Cleveland Convention Center, however.

Asked if the brand brand brand new uniforms, traditionally brown, orange and white, will have a fourth color, such as a steel gray, Scheiner pronounced everybody contingency wait.

How can we, though!?

The initial concentration of the steel sheet logo, Scheiner said, is honoring the Browns’ convention and relating the helmet’s make up with the team’s identity.

The Browns have been the usually NFL group whose initial trademark is their helmet. In alternative words, a color. Orange. But hey, right away it’s a newly-repainted orange.

According to the team, the 2015 shade of orange is mystic and significant, as it’s “brighter and richer and matches the passion of the fans and city.”

“The brownish-red is unchanged.”

Also unchanged? Ohio’s distressing weather, Johnny Manziel’s rehab army and the team’s chances of creation their initial Super Bowl coming (not good).

Last week, when we offering up our predictions for the 2015 Oscars, we settled which Eddie Redmayne had turn a favorite for the Best Actor esteem after big wins at the BAFTAs and the Golden Globes.

That said, Michael Keaton was deliberate a close via many of awards season, and many (including us) still believed which the dear 63-year-old singer would travel divided with the initial Oscar of his career.

Apparently, Birdman concluded with the assessment, since here he is sheepishly shoving his acceptance debate behind in his slot after Redmayne’s win:

Sad Oscar moment? Or the saddest Oscar moment?

Yes, yes, Redmayne did a really credible Stephen Hawking impression, but as a former movement favourite who’s been all but lost by the fans who once precious him, Keaton dug low to put 100% of himself on the shade in what was certainly the many ego-free and personal opening of the year.

Again, Eddie is a really gifted actor, and he definitely deserves the endowment for Most Appropriate Last Name For a Ginger, but who knows when the Academy will get an additional possibility to throw Beetlejuice a bone?

Giving all the night’s tip prizes to one film, and afterwards unwell to respect the male who carried only about each stage is roughly as big of a impugn as leaving Joan Rivers out of the in memoriam.

At only 33 years old, Redmayne has banged Taylor Swift and won a freakin’ Oscar! It’s only not fair, and…eh, may be we’re only pissed since we gamble the plantation on Keaton.