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Khloe Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and North West were advantageous to equivocate disaster Saturday afternoon in Montana when the car in which they were roving crossed lanes and finished up in a ditch.

According to TMZ sources, Khloe was at the back of the wheel of her Yukon GMC when a lorry upheld by and splattered sleet on the windshield.

Temporarily incompetent to see, Khloe swerved… set upon black ice… and crossed in to approaching traffic.

Khloe and Kim Kardashian

The car staid in a embankment and military were called to the scene, but no injuries of any kind have been reported.

“Thank you God for examination over us and gripping us safe,” Kardashian captioned an Instagram print of the sky after the incident, assumingly inclined to forgive God for carrying done her fat.

“They’re shaken, but all okay,” a source tells Us Weekly of Kim, Kylie, Khloe and North, who have been in Montana on a family ski vacation.

The collision comes dual weeks to the day after Bruce Jenner got in a deadly car crash which took the hold up of a 69-year old driver.

This Sunday, Hollywood will accumulate at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles to perform the considerable attainment of kissing the own donkey but pang a small arrange of critical spinal injury.

Yes, it’s Academy Awards time – the one enchanting night on which millions of Americans balance in to find out if which one movie they essentially saw will win anything.

This year, the Oscar snubs got some-more headlines than the nominees, so you might not even know who’s up for what.

Well, do not be concerned – we’ve pored over the full list of 2015 Academy Award nominees so which you do not have to, and right away you can lay waste your friends at this year’s Oscar celebration with the list of *iron-clad, 100% on trial predictions:

(*Note: Predictions have been not essentially iron-clad or guaranteed, and in many states, gambling is illegal, mmmkay?)

So you didn’t see Birdman or Boyhood, eh?

Well, we can’t mix the dual front-runners in to one undiluted movie about twelve years in the hold up of a pubescent superhero (Birdhood? Boyman?), but we can save you time by revelation you which Boyhood is the stream the one preferred to take home the night’s tip esteem for a series of reasons:

  1. In an grand attainment of intuition which rivals apropos a pre-med major, Boyhood was filmed intermittently over a duration of twelve years! No mainstream American movie has finished anything utterly similar to it. (Google the “7-Up series” for the Brit equivalent.)
  2. Birdman (the alternative front-runner) is a groundbreaking movie in the own right, and it’s all about actors! (The Academy loves that!) However, it additionally has comedic elements and an obscure ending. (The Academy hates that!)
  3. The unknown Academy voter who common her list progressing this week makes Dick Cheney demeanour similar to Santa Claus, and even she gave in to Boyhood’s sweetly nauseating charms. It’s a protected gamble which many of her associate curmudgeons will do the same.

Of course, this year’s competition has been called the closest Best Picture competition in twenty years, and you can’t equate out the probability of a small dim equine similar to American Sniper swooping in and pulling a Crash-like upset. (We unequivocally can’t get over which one.)

So you might wish to save your income for a safer gamble similar to Michael Keaton for Best Actor. (Although, watch out for Eddie Redmayne, who’s built-up a small critical movement with BAFTA and Golden Globe wins in new weeks.)

Or may be you think Patricia Arquette for Best Actress is the smarter investment. There’s a great probability you’re right, but there’s additionally a genuine probability which industry-favorite Emma Stone will take the esteem for her work in Birdman.

So yeah, it’s moulding up to be one of the many indeterminate Oscar nights in decades, and there have been unequivocally no protected bets. We indicate you fool around it protected and peril on something similar to host Neil Patrick Harris belting out a small showtunes.

Ahmad Givens, softened well well well well well known to VH1 viewers as “Real,” upheld divided on Friday night after a prolonged conflict with colon cancer.

He was 33 years old.

Ahmad Givens Picture

Givens was diagnosed with the mildew in 2013.

His condition softened a bit after he underwent operation and had many of his liver removed, but progressing this year the cancer returned and Givens proposed chemotherapy treatments.

According to family members, Givens had been confined given January, had difficulty with his prophesy final night and died hours later.

“I’ll see you one day shortly we shall dance again in God’s dominion perpetually and ever bro difference can’t report my suffering universe urge for me!” Givens’ hermit wrote shortly after his kin died.

Givens is most appropriate well well well well well known for looming on the VH1 array I Love New York in 2007.

He went on to anchor spinoffs Real Chance of Love from 2008 to 2009, along with Real & Chance: The Legend Hunters in 2010, on which he starred with his brother.

Our thoughts go out to his desired ones.

Bobbi Kristina Brown was underneath the change of drugs, expected together with heroin, the day she was found nonchalant in her bathtub, a brand new inform indicates.

Bobbi Kristina Brown Selfie

The 21-year-old was found face down in the cylinder inside her Georgia home on Jan 31. Bobbi Kristina was rushed to the sanatorium and placed on hold up support.

She has remained in a medically prompted coma, and in vicious condition, ever since, with family, friends and military perplexing to square together what happened.

What they have been anticipating is not a flattering picture.

Multiple sources who know Brown contend she was suicidal and bending on Xanax, and might additionally have been regulating in heroin and heroin, in new months.

She was additionally a complicated drinker, the sources say; one chairman who contend Brown continually says she often appeared to be high, slurring difference and incoherent.

Bobbi Kristina’s ties to a drug ring have been great documented, along with her hilly intrigue with her longtime partner and self-professed “husband.”

While the expect inlet of her attribute with Nick Gordon is far from clear, friends contend the dual were mostly at odds, and even aroused with one another.

Another source says Bobbi Kristina had been “in and out” of rehab in the 3 years given her mother, Whitney Houston, drowned in a road house bathtub.

She was “distraught” over the anniversary of her mother’s genocide on Feb 11, which fueled her obsession notwithstanding attempts at recovery, the source adds.

“How thin she had gotten is an indicator. This lady was perplexing hard, but she didn’t have any genuine await system. She was still traffic with a lot of grief.

It has not been reliable by any military or healing officials either Bobbi Kristina was on heroin, heroin and/or Xanax at the time of her near-drowning.

However, People quotes sources tighten to the bum star claiming this is the case, and one customarily doesn’t tumble defunct face down in the cylinder by accident.

For the time being, she stays in limbo.

Bobbi Kristina’s father, Bobby Brown, is demure to take her off hold up support, land out goal for a spectacle notwithstanding doctors observant there’s small they can do.

Over the past integrate years, many celebrities have found themselves in severely full of hair situations.

As formerly documented on The Hollywood Gossip, at slightest 33 stars have left with a little furious and funny brand new looks, whilst the hair transformations of others have done them scarcely unrecognizable.

But it’s not regularly about adding bangs or going all ombre on fans.

It’s infrequently about a splash of blonde here… or a dollop of brunette there.

Indeed, being stars, actresses, singers and all in in between have altered up their hair color in the new past.

Heck, a little do so most each day (we’re seeking at you, Demi Lovato!).

Who has painted her hair in a successful manner? Who should unequivocally hang with her healthy tone? Who has gotten carried divided with this total makeover thing?

Click around and confirm now!

Like daughters, similar to mother?

On the heels of Kim Kardashian bare photos and Kourtney Kardashian bare photos both gracing the pages of inhabitant magazines, sources right away discuss it TMZ that E! viewers will shortly get a glance of Kris Jenner nude.

Sort of.

Kris in Paris

According to those tighten to production, Kris will reason a family assembly during an part of Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 10 in sequence to dump a bombshell on her family:

Someone has stolen a home notice video that facilities her strolling around in her birthday suit.

This particular pennyless in to Jenner’s iCloud, grabbed the footage and is right away blackmailing her over it.

Jenner has filed a rapist censure over the situation with the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department and her kids will conflict in abhorrence when they listen to the news. Except for Kim, supposedly.

The insider, who was benefaction for the taping, tells TMZ that Kim shrugs off the violation. Perhaps since she doesn’t see the big understanding in everybody saying you naked.

E! writers have obviously been tough at work entrance up with storylines for Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 10, that premieres on Mar 15.

This bizarre coercion arc will be featured, whilst the Bruce Jenner sex shift will additionally yield the array will copiousness of ratings fodder.

Marriage Boot Camp Season 2 Episode 7 featured the exorcism of the cast’s personal demons … or at slightest which was the thought at the behind of this ultimate installment.

For the increasingly unhinged Spencer Pratt, this took on a brand new meaning, and might have worked a small as good well, as it scarcely incited him into a demon.

The crux of Marriage Boot Camp Season 2 Episode 7 was assisting the luminary (term used loosely) couples find out if they still have a destiny together.

Jim and Elizabeth Carroll carefully thought about their relations by putting them by a difficult challenge: entrance face-to-face with their personal demons.

As you can see when you watch Marriage Boot Camp online, emotions ran tall when the expel members were forced to take a tough demeanour at themselves.

Syleena Johnson admits which she was molested as a child. Heidi Montag opens up about being molested multiform times as a unequivocally immature child, too.

Aviva Drescher talks impersonally about the childhood collision which caused her to remove a leg. She shows no tension or seductiveness in opening up, however.

The alternative stars feel similar to Aviva isn’t going all in. Jim has the same feeling about Spencer Pratt, who distinct Aviva, admits he has his ensure up a little.

Or a lot. Pratt is still smarting over the actuality which he feels he was RUINED by a being TV writer who expel him as the “villain” on MTV’s The Hills.

“I have to be additional rhythmical now, Spencer Pratt tells Jim, since of his fright which his persona will be abused and “manipulated by being TV producers.”

“Do you think the producers here wish to do that?” Jim asks, genuinely.

“I have suspicions,” Spencer replies, even yet he sealed up for this.

The Marriage Boot Camp stars have been afterwards forced to confess who in their hold up has harm them the many and contingency select in between dual doors, Forgive or Forget.

Syleena chooses to pardon her father, and when she walks by the door, he is station on the alternative side … and takes no shortcoming for anything.

Wow. Heidi Montag admits she’s still sour at nothing alternative than Lauren Conrad, and a therapist stands in for LC, who admits being a unequivocally bad friend.

Finally, Spencer had to confront the writer he says broken his life, past and destiny … played by Jim Carroll, who was REALLY egging him on!

Pratt in conclusion forgives the producer, but for a impulse it unequivocally looked similar to he had mislaid hold with being and was going to cold cock Jim on the spot.

With these loons, you never can pretence anything …

Dakota Johnson’s Fifty Shades of Grey impression Ana Steele might be the intent of Christian Grey’s everlasting love, but her real-life attribute to Matthew Hitt is over.

Dakota Johnson and Matthew Hitt in NYC

Johnson’s hold up has undergone a large shift given Fifty Shades of Grey. She’s rocketed to stardom, and her report has gotten unequivocally busy.

Apparently, the up and entrance actress’ hold up has gotten as good bustling for her boyfriend, Us reports: “It wasn’t something which [Hitt] longed for to be a partial of.”

Matthew Hitt is a Welsh model/singer/songwriter who fronts the NY formed indie-rock rope the Drowners. He and Dakota split-up someday over the holidays.

Luckily, it “wasn’t a bad break.” Let’s go forward and pretence which Hitt is going to be fine. He’s a model, a singer, and substantially has a super-sexy Welsh accent.

So, for those of you gripping measure at home on Dakota Johnson’s love hold up …

  • Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan hatred any other, which has lead to a little flattering rough on-screen chemistry, yet it hasn’t harm sheet sales.
  • Jimmy Fallon and Dakota Johnson have ungainly chemistry, as was showcased on The Tonight Show progressing this month. So there’s that.
  • Johnson and Matthew Hitt have damaged up, definition they have no chemistry at all. Sheesh … difficult month for the dudes in Dakota Johnson’s life.

She was at the SNL 40 jubilee final week, where she lobbed a subject at Jerry Seinfeld. No attrition there. And right away Johnson’s set to host the subsequent part of SNL as well.

So she’s patently not sweating her new dissection so most which it stops her from being funny. We’ll only have to wait for and watch what happens.

Jared Leto is a shining actor, a distinguished singer/musician, and on top of all else: a hottie. And right away he’s gonna go and get all fat?

Jared Leto Image

Leto has for all intents and purposes “won Hollywood.” Now he wants to unequivocally “challenge” himself with the purpose of the important super villain, The Joker, in the arriving film, Suicide Squad

In an talk with Billboard magazine, Leto discussed the hurdles which the iconic impression presents:

The event to take on this scarcely Shakespearean impression – that’s what striking novels and comic books have been becoming, right? … [He’s] this pleasing mess of a impression – what a big plea … I’m perplexing to benefit a lot of weight. It equates to I have to eat each integrate of hours, and I’m distressing at eating a lot.

Tackling a purpose that’s been done important by such behaving greats as Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson, that’s a challenge. Having to eat a lot? That’s NOT a challenge.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “hey … didn’t Jared Leto offshoot up with Katy Perry final year?” Why approbation he did. They bending up at Coachella. And hooking up with Katy Perry positively does appear similar to it would be a plea to the rest of us.

But not to Leto, who’s won an Oscar and fronts a large stone band. Eating as well most is his thought of a challenge. But hey, opposite things have been severe to opposite people, I guess.

Remember, Jared Leto has a hulk penis, and he’s abounding and handsome. So infrequently the normal universe is severe to the ridiculously overwhelming people out there.

So let’s instruct him fitness in his try to “gain weight”. Here’s anticipating it’s not as well challenging.