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This will learn Mike Comrie to presumably tender a waitress for sex in Beverly Hills…

One day after The Daily Mail reported Comrie got squandered at a restaurant and offering a lady he usually met $600 to nap with him, Hilary Duff strictly filed for divorce from her disloyal husband.

Mike Comrie and Hilary Duff Pic

Duff creatively voiced a apart from her father of 3 years in Jan of final year, yet no office work was filed at which time in the justice system.

The integrate got behind together a integrate of months after and attempted to have things work, but Duff has now hired remarkable profession Laura Wasser and cited “irreconcilable differences” as the basement for the divorce.

In the authorised documents, Duff asks for first earthy control of the pair’s son, Luca, who turns 3 subsequent month.

She is excellent with Comrie carrying visitation rights, but insiders contend she’s endangered which his merrymaking and celebration could adversely start their child.

Duff and Comrie sealed a prenuptial agreement and the former simply wants to safeguard all of the income she earns in her career stays usually in her bank accounts.

“They’re improved friends than a tied together couple,” Duff’s own mom has pronounced of Hilary and Mike.

That receptive to advice you usually heard? It was Aaron Carter screaming for joy.

After months of rumors, it’s eventually official: Kylie Jenner is dating Tyga.

Okay, so conjunction celebration has categorically pronounced so yet, but as of today, the cat is all but out of the bag. 

It all proposed this morning, when Kanye West pronounced Kylie and Tyga have been in love during a air wave interview. (The allude to was edited out of the broadcast, but after leaked online).

Then, usually hours ago, Tyga posted this pic of Kylie on Instagram and fundamentally confessed his feelings for her in the caption:

Kylie Jenner Instagram Selfie

“Your beauty never goes unnoticed. One of the most appropriate dopest chairman in my life,” the rapper wrote.

Okay, so abbreviation isn’t Tyga’s clever suit, but assumingly robbing the cradle is!

Like we said, he didn’t come right out and say, “Yes, I am carrying sex with this 17-year-old girl,” but when you post a heading similar to which about someone you’re allegedly dating, you know how it’s gonna be taken.

What’s waggish is which usually progressing this week, Tyga denied dating Kylie in an talk for the same radio show on which Kanye spilled the beans today. 

Given which a passionate attribute in in between Kylie and Tyga would be bootleg in the state of California, this is substantially the closest we’ll ever get to central acknowledgment which Kyga is a thing…at slightest until Kylie turns 18.

North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un debuted a brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand new haircut at a little big domestic assembly on Wednesday, and let’s only contend the demeanour is … different.

The character is a movement on Kim’s shaved sides, which have turn his signature, go-to ‘do since he took power, but with a hilarious, high-ass pompadour.

Oh, and the autocrat wasn’t done. Hells to the no. The circular comrade shot-caller accessorized his brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand new demeanour with partially-shaven eyebrows. Eyebrows.

Look at how those things only stop. Bad ass, KJU.

Kim Jong Un Haircut

Without a doubt, Kim Jong Un’s epic haircut raises a series of blazing questions for any chairman who follows North Korea and/or saw The Interview.

Specifically, a couple of come to the minds:

  • How does one even report this preferred demeanour to one’s barber?
  • What would his individualist friend Dennis Rodman think of this?
  • Will Seth Rogen and James Flacco right away duplicate the look?
  • Should Sony re-hire ashamed senior manager Amy Pascal, afterwards glow her again for articulate hella s–t about Kim in her initial email behind on the job?
  • Are the eyebrows kept at brook so which the conduct of state won’t communicate any emotions when he sits in on key meetings with bedrooms full of approbation men?
  • Is Kim’s hair meant to designate which his nation is on the rise, literally and otherwise, and which it can’t be contained by forces similar to gravity?

We might never know.

It’s common believe which the simmering Amber Rose-Kim Kardashian feud goes approach behind to 2012, but until not prolonged ago it was often a cold fight situation.

There is no love mislaid in in between the parties, conjunction of which shied divided from throwing the occasional pointed shade, but who never pounded any alternative outright.

Well, those days have been done, as full-blown World War Booty has erupted in in between the women of Kanye West, and things only keep removing uglier. How so?

Amber Rose Tattoo Photo
Kim Klose Up

It all proposed Amber pounded Kylie Jenner and Tyga in a air wave interview. The diss was entirely justified, given Tyga is a grown male reportedly dating a child.

Even so, Kylie’s sister Khloe Kardashian got involved by aggressive Amber, who antiquated Kanye before to he tied together Kim, in infamous conform on Twitter.

Then today, Kanye went off on Amber during his own air wave interview, claiming he indispensable to take “30 showers” after the couple’s attribute ended.

Ouch. Well, moments ago, Amber responded by going chief and creation fun of the legendary Kim Kardrashian sex tape … in striking fashion:

“Wait thirty showers? But Kim let Ray J bulb on her…Never mind.”

Yup, she went there, ladies and gentlemen. And afterwards she got even some-more personal by melancholy to exhibit the genuine Yeezy to the world:

“@KanyeWest this is my impulse to let the universe know who u unequivocally have been and what you’ve finished to me,” Amber tweeted, cryptically, to West and to the public.

“After all these years, I never snitched on u and do not devise on starting now,” she went on. “We once desired any alternative so I won’t do you similar to that.”

“I’ll leave which up to the Kartrashians to disparage you when they’re finished with u.”

Kartrashians. Well played, Ambs. This lady is going all out. How do we get a Kickstarter going so we can bribe her to brief all her Kanye secrets?

Olivia Pope is eventually protected and sound.

Thanks to the intolerable lapse of an old crony (Finch!!!), Olivia was discovered from her dangerous auction on Scandal Season 4 Episode 13 and returned home…

… usually in time to gnaw out Fitz for starting a fight over the hold up of usually one person.

The ABC pound will right away take a week off (for the How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 two-hour culmination on Thursday) prior to returning on Mar 5 with what the network bills as the “most absolute part of the season.’

And, observation the on tip of trailer for Scandal Season 4 Episode 14, it’s easy to see why.

It appears as if Shonda Rhimes has ripped a story from the tangible headlines, as a white patrolman kills an African-American walking and Olivia ends up in the crossfire.

“I can’t repair this,” Liv bellows at one point, difference we never suspicion we’d listen to from the tip Gladiator.

Check out where assorted expel members were prior to they overwhelmed down in DC and afterwards watch Scandal online in sequence to catch up prior to the subsequent brand brand new installment:

Yesterday, Kim Kardashian played the “hard-working mom” label on Twitter, and the complete Internet laughed hysterically.

Now, it seems all which hoax was utterly justified, since sources says that when small North West throws a fit, Kim blames it on her staff! Ya know, usually similar to any mom!

Annoyed North West

You competence stop which North West had a tantrum at her dad’s conform show final week (another difficulty which all relatives find themselves in at a small point), and Kim was flustered in front of Anna Wintour and alternative members of the glitterati.

As you competence expect, Kim was flattering pissed…but not at North, and not even at herself for being reticent sufficient to draw towards a toddler to her conform show.

No, Kim indifferent her ire for the people whose pursuit it is to burst in when North gets upset, similar to Secret Service agents intercepting an assassin’s bullet:

“Kim attempted to get the courtesy of one of her assistants, or an additional staff member, since she didn’t wish to get up from the front row,” a source tells Radar Online. 

“Unable to get anyone’s attention, Kim was forced to get up and take the screaming kid backstage. North was handed off, but not prior to Kim vented her disappointment and finished up throwing a hissy fit.”

“Kim told staffers they should regularly be on stand-by and released a unrelenting notice about not vouchsafing it occur again.

Yes, Kim threw a pretension over her daughter throwing a pretension and blamed her staff for the actuality which her toddler got strict at a conform show.

The irony competence be the usually thing richer than Kim and Kanye.

To some, fans, you do a Saved By The Bell reunion show but Dustin Diamond, a.k.a. Samuel “Screech” Powers, feels similar to you do an Alf reunion but Alf!

Dustin Diamond Photograph

But that’s only what Jimmy Fallon did progressing this month, when the Tonight Show invited all the expel members of Saved by The Bell to the college of music for a sketch.

Except for Diamond and Lark Voorhies. who played Lisa Turtle.

Diamond spoke with Fox 6 News about not being asked to do the reunion with Fallon: “It would have been fun, but I don’t see it as a personal insult.”

Well that’s good, cuz everyone else does.

But Diamond is in a opposite place right away than in new years, during that his control has been … well, suspect. He’s comparison and some-more mature, he says.”

“Here’s the approach I demeanour at it. I travel a really honest and common path, and I know what kind of chairman I am. I’m really gentle where I fit in life.”

“I wish to have a family. I wish to have kids and I wish to lift them right. I’m personification humerous entertainment clubs. I’m not rich, but I have a living. I’ve tripped and depressed most times in my life.”

“If you don’t, how do you learn?”

Well, he’s positively had a lot to sense from. There’s the barbarous Dustin Diamond sex tape from 2007, that perceived bad reviews … even for a porn.

He after went on to explain that the tape, in all the Dirty Sanchez glory, wasn’t real, that it was all staged and that he was even doubled by a masculine model.

To that all we can contend is:

  1. Really?!
  2. Does it matter?!

He was additionally the proprietor baddie during his deteriorate of Celebrity Fit Club. He says in the Fox talk that he ASKED to be the bad guy, since it “paid more”.

Warren G was creatively going to do it, but he was as well good and soft spoken. Again, it was all staged for the benefit.

The usually teenager item of his hold up that he leaves out of the talk is that annoying small stabbing incident that happened in December.

Perhaps that was all staged too? Well, we’ll only have to wait for and see what the Wisconsin legal complement has to say.

Bethenny Frankel poked a bit of fun at herself this week on Instagram, yet most have been right away wondering either the being star chose an inapt approach in which to do so.

Walking by a structure of the physique unresolved in front of a store in New York City, Frankel snapped a design (below, right) and wrote as a heading to the image:

“SPOTTED: Bethenny Frankel unresolved out in soho today… It’s a small chilly.”

Bethenny Frankel with Dessert
A skeleton

Frankel, of course, is great known for carrying a small frame.

She combined a stir final summer when she managed to fit into her four-year old’s pajamas and she caused jaws to dump a integrate of months after after pity a self-portrait which didn’t crop up to embody a waist.

So, on one hand, hooray for self-deprecation, right?

But, on the alternative hand, disapprove to jokes about eating disorders, no? We can usually suppose how Demi Lovato felt on celebration of the mass Bethenny’s try at a joke.

What do YOU think of it? Totally harmless? Or an unresponsive move on Frankel’s partial since a lady carrying a skeletal-like physique is zero to giggle over?


It might be easy to forget, generally after an hour such as Grey’s Anatomy Season eleven Episode 12, but this stays a show about unequivocally great doctors.

Yes, they mostly speak about sex a lot, as was the box this week when Amelia stopped by Owen’s for a bit of movement and Meredith scarcely flew to D.C. only to get it on with Derek.

But these Seattle-based physicians additionally surpass at their job, as will be clear on Grey’s Anatomy Season eleven Episode 13.

Titled “Staring at the End,” the monthly payment will concentration prominently on Dr. Herman’s case, as Amelia gives a harangue which sum the intricacies of the surgery… the operation she feels rsther than assured about, as teased in the on top of trailer.

Elsewhere, Arizona and Herman will go on to down payment over the volume of cases they’re perplexing to finish before to the big procedure, whilst Bailey brings them a box of a profound lady who equates to a lot to her.

Did you catch the ultimate part of this long-running smash?

If not, have no worries: you can watch Grey’s Anatomy online right here and now:

Get ready for the greatest “almost-certainly-not-true-but-how-awesome-would-it-be?” dating gossip given Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio.

An Australian publication called Woman’s Day is saying which Emma Watson is dating Prince Harry. Fill in your own fun about her prolonged story with gingers and guys declared Harry.

Emma Watson Laughs
Harry, Prince of Wales

According to Down Under insiders (an oxymoron if ever there was one), when Harry found out which Emma was no longer dating Matthew Janney, he sent the dear singer an email saying which he’d “like to get to know her.”

Emma’s no dummy, so she roughly positively knew only what which meant in Harry-speak, but she reportedly accompanied him to a celebration anyway.

“Harry didn’t wish her to feel stuffy, similar to she was put on the spot,” explains one source. “A celebration additionally shows he’s fun and not stuffy.”

Yes, he obviously did his investigate and satisfied which Emma Watson is zero if not a celebration girl. (Sarcasm.)

Since then, Emma and Harry have reportedly been on multiform “secret dates.” 

“He’s smitten. And it’s not only her looks,” the substantially made-up insider claims.

It’s not tough to see how this gossip got proposed in the thoughts of a little wearied publication writer:

You have dual young, single, mature Brits, and people would love to see them together. Plus, Emma will be a Disney Princess soon. Sometimes, the BS only falls right in to your lap.

Don’t get us wrong, we goal this gossip turns out to be legit (Banging kingship would substantially meant a little vital points for Gryffindor), but it seems similar to a box of “too good to be true.”