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The superfluous contestants of American Idol Season fourteen have been creation the mass departure down the highway from Hollywood’s Orpheum Theatre to the House of Blues. There they’ll perform one last time for the judges.

Some will sense their fates rught away and a small will be left to wait for anxiously. 

Oh, and did we discuss it’ll occur in front of a live audience? Because yeah, that’s happening.

American Idol Season fourteen Judges at the House of Blues

Ryan Seacrest would similar to us all to know that THIS…is the last judgment. From these 48, twenty-four will emerge, twelve guys and twelve girls. 

Michael Simeon, who once danced with Jennifer Lopez so he wins no have a difference what happens, slows down “Classic,” to proceed and afterwards removes his tie as the strain speeds up. He bobbles the last note usually a small bit, but he rapped, so we can’t contend he didn’t try. 

After examination his performance, we see him creation a prolonged travel in to a dim room toward the judges and J.Lo asks him what he brings to the stage: “Versatility.” 

He creates it in to the Top twenty-four and leaps out of his chair similar to he usually won the Super Bowl.

Loren Lott channeled her middle Celine Dion to sing “My Heart Will Go On” at the House of Blues and I right away instruct her not to listen to bad records from the judges. Girl. You have as well most bent in your small fingers to fool around ground and bellow a Celine song. Especially THAT Celine song. 

Harry gives me my instruct and says which her opening wasn’t the best. But it was enough. She’s the initial lady through.

Toy engineer Adam Ezegelian takes a page out of last season’s leader (whose name I’ve already lost given it should’ve been which alternative guy…) and sings a stone series from the 80s. A hair rope strain for a male with a lot of hair? Yeah, that’s okay. 

Keith asks how far Adam approaching to get and Adam admits he’s repelled which he’s there. Keith tells him to get un-shocked given he’s staying. He’s a fun guy.

During his last performance, Cody Fry took a possibility and veered off the singer-songwriter line to fool around a Coldplay number. It was good, but may be not his best. 

Jennifer says they know he’s low-pitched and talented, but this time usually isn’t his time. It’s a no for Cody.

Lovey James will sense her predestine next. She did her most appropriate to work the House of Blues theatre whilst she sang and danced and the demeanour on Harry’s face as she shimmied in her short dress was zero but disapproval. Keith and Jennifer’s expressions lightened up when she finished. 

Harry tells her she came alive during her opening at the HoB and they need consistency. She’ll get the event to give them which coherence given she’s adhering around.

Jector Montenegro, who we never contend prior to right now, goes home. So does J. None from Orlando who auditioned with his bear. Reno Anoa’i, whose complete family came to await him didn’t have it and walked out of the room apologizing to his family.

Zack Kaltenbach additionally got cut, as did Hannah Mrozak. 

Basically, the land room for the contestants is a boiler room right now. 

Adonna Duru had a severe week in Hollywood and done it this far by the skin of her teeth. She’s you do her most appropriate to leave all on the theatre at the House of Blues with “It’s A Man’s World.” She gets a station O from J.Lo.

Harry tells her which it sucks to be a decider given it sucks to discuss it people no, but they’re not revelation her no. They’re revelation her yes. Adonna is coing along with us.

Maddie Walker, who wowed Adam Lambert during her audition, sang Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry” with her southern gusto in an try to have herself mount out. The judges looked split.

Jennifer gives it to her quick. She’s not relocating forward. The judges rught away proceed wondering if they done a bad decision.

Rachael Hallack, a Lousiana girl, forgot her lyrics during organisation week and roughly went home. With what feels similar to “Gunpowder and Lead” entrance true out of her mouth, she rocks out in her last performance. 

Jennifer tells her they’re struggling to confirm either Rachael or someone else will be creation it by so they’re going to need to have a sing-off. Right now. 

How most does it siphon to be Rachael and listen to “hey, so, we were all going to let you through, but right away we’re may be not…” and afterwards have to sing immediately?

Maddie sings initial with a transparent clear voice. Rachael has a some-more engaging receptive to advice and quality. The judges haggle over who’s a improved fit for the show instead of who’s some-more gifted and shift their preference about Maddie Walker. Rachael’s going home.

She can’t even give an talk when it’s over given what is there to say? 

Clark Beckham, who looks similar to he’s associated to Scott Foley, has already grown in Hollywood week, but as gifted as he is, the assembly creates him usually a small shaken and he can’t appear to figure out how his eyes work. Until the end. Then he shows those baby sadness and gets a station O from Keith. It was a really, unequivocally good performance.

He tells the judges he’s feeling a small shaken and Harry says which when he sees someone sits down and fool around piano, he’s additional tough on which person. Clark improved thicken up his skin given he’s going to listen to a lot some-more of Harry’s critiques.

The youngest male in the competition, Daniel Seavey, sang Paula Abdul true to Jennifer Lopez, who substantially has boots comparison than him. I love how most this child loves being on the stage. He’s usually carrying the time of his hold up via all of this.

Jennifer says there have been a lot of good singers out there and he’s one of them. Daniel Seavey done it through.

Florida lady Tyanna Jones had an romantic knowledge during her House of Blues performance. She’s strike so most and I unequivocally instruct her to be successful. It helps which she’s amazing. And adorable. Amazing and adorable.

Tyanna tells the judges she has no devise B. Singing is her usually plan. Supporting her family and receiving caring of them is her usually plan. Jennifer invites her to the Top twenty-four and she bursts in to tears. Not gonna lie, I all teared up too.

Rayvon Owen and Shannon Berthiaume are the subsequent dual to sense their fate. Rayvon slowed it down for the House of Blues assembly so he could show off his falsetto. Shannon’s initial time in front of a live assembly was her House of Blues number. 

Jennifer tells Rayvon he did unequivocally good in front of the assembly and they instruct to keep him. Keith usually says “you’re through!” to Shannon and she’s in.

Jax, who cannot stop sketch which X on her face, sang Gaga at the House of Blues. She used a uncanny thespian postponement in the strain but instead of fooling around the audience, she confused them. 

Jennifer pronounced they saw a small “greenness” in her showcase opening and Keith pronounced they instruct to keep her in for a whilst longer.

The last competitor to sense his predestine tonight is Hollywood Anderson, whose outing opposite Idol has been all over the place. It’s all been a small downhill for him given his initial try-out in New York. On the House of Blues stage, he chose…

OH WAIT. We won’t find out until tomorrow. #Cliffhanger

So far, the Top twenty-four consists of 


  • Michael Simeon
  • Adam Ezegelian
  • Clark Beckham
  • Daniel Seavey
  • Rayvon Owen


  • Loren Lott
  • Lovey James
  • Adonna Duru
  • Maddie Walker
  • Tyanna Jones
  • Shannon Berthiaume
  • Jax

We’ll find out who’ll be rounding out the list tomorrow night at 8pm.

Back in November, we told you about a middle-aged, inter-sex lady declared Taylor Lianne Chandler and her attribute with Michael Phelps.

Sources sensitive us which Chandler was with Phelps on the night of his DUI arrest and had been spending a lot of time with the Olympian in the weeks heading up to his rehab stint.

As for either or not Chandler was Phelps partner – that’s a have a difference of debate.

Chandler claims which she was “more than a hookup,” but Phelps got behind together with Nicole Johnson usually days after withdrawal his diagnosis program, and he’s reportedly cut off all information exchnage with Chandler and most of the alternative women in his life. 

We contend “most,” since the source claims Phelps is intrigue on Johnson with a accumulation of women…just not the ones who have proven cryptic from a PR standpoint in the past. 

Needless to say, Chandler and the most alternative women who were concerned with Phelps in new months were reduction than gratified to find themselves unceremoniously kicked to the quell after he left rehab, and you can see the justification of their disappointment all over the review in in in between Chandler and an additional one of Phelps’ former hookup partners which was sent to us by an unknown tipster.

In the email we received, the alternative lady is identified by an alias – “Sally Smith.” She is presumably a Baltimore-area dog hiker who began a regretful attribute whilst operative for Phelps, and who sealed a confidentiality agreement during their affair.

Smith has assumingly contacted Chandler on multiform occasions to plead being harm by Phelps. Their Facebook exchanges yield an engaging glance in to the swimmer’s relations and romantic preferences:

Taylor Lianne Chandler Photo

“The initial time I had sex with him, I bled,” Chandler says of Phelps. There is a mark on the love pouch to the left seeking at it.”

“It’s kinda skinny, but long,” Smith replies. “Def not girthy. Funny you bled. I’m gonna demeanour and see if he had the mark removed. If Nicole ever gets the F outta there!”

The “love sack” is assumingly Phelps’ elite sex spot. The women anxiety it multiform times, with Chandler remarking at one point, “That bad love pouch has lived up to the name!” and Smith responding, “It’s sum how most of us have had sex on which thing.”

Both women contend they were emotionally bleeding by their relations with Phelps. At one point, Chandler compares herself to the prostitutes which she says Phelps often patronizes.

Michael Phelps for Subway

“He has patently harm a lot of women,” Chandler says. “Sex workers know what they have been getting, but to think your [sic] special and find out it was built on lies sucks.”

“It does hurt,” Smith agrees. “Very opposite than compensate for play.”

Later in the conversation, Smith laments carrying sealed the confidentiality agreement, as it prevents her from articulate to the media about her attribute with Phelps.

Chandler sealed no such request and obviously intends to take value of her situation:

“I’m going to go on you do TV and appearances,” she tells Smith. “I had my birthday celebration at a frame club. You think which was my choice? LOL I indispensable the income for the appearance…I contend his name and whack him in roughly each interview.”

The several-day sell in in in between Chandler and Smith ends with Chandler perplexing to enroll Smith in a track for a print of Phelps’ penis:

“Thought we found the lady with the dick pic, but it was a feign profile,” Chandler says. “You do not by possibility have a dick pic which wouldn’t inculpate you or shameful info?”

Looks similar to Ms. Chandler won’t be private from Phelps’ hold up as simply as he had hoped.

Check out a little of the calm summary exchanged in in in between the former lovers in the art studio below:

Pizza, Pizza? More similar to Heart Attack, Heart Attack.

Because the Deep-Fried Twinkie Burger isn’t frightful enough, and given the Taco Bell Waffle Taco might not kill you quick enough, Little Caesars has left forward and upped the artery-clogging quick food ante.

By presenting a pepperoni pizza wrapped in most inches of bacon.

Bacon Wrapped Crust DEEP!DEEP! Dish

Called the Bacon Wrapped Crust DEEP!DEEP! Dish pizza, this sight has 8 corners and the membrane is oven baked Detroit-style.

It is wrapped in thick-cut bacon and surfaced with both pepperoni and, yup, you guessed it, some-more bacon.

“Little Caesars focuses on giving business brand brand brand new flavors and choices at a good worth and with the clarity of fun we’re well known for,” Edward Gleich, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing, pronounced in a statement.

“With the brand brand brand new Bacon Wrapped Crust DEEP!DEEP! Dish we’re pulling pizza to the bacon boundary with some-more than 3 and a half feet of bacon wrapped around the membrane alone. It’s unabashedly delicious. That’s because we similar to to say, ‘In Bacon We Crust.'”

Okay, yes. That’s a might pun. In Bacon We Crust.

But did we review which correctly? THREE AND A HALF FEET OF BACON?

The Bacon Wrapped Crust DEEP!DEEP! Dish will be accessible for a singular time, starting on Feb 23.

It will price $12, but that’s not counting the healing bills one will catch after the heart conflict one suffers from eating it.

We feel bad.

Over the past integrate of months, we’ve documented a series of major Wheel of Fortune fails, from the man who blew a possibility at $1 million to the man who took what most cruise to be the worst nonplus theory ever.

But now, interjection to a competitor declared Rufus, we can retreat which trend.

Because Rufus took what might be deliberate the best nonplus theory ever this week, entrance up with the scold answer notwithstanding carrying usually a unique minute on the board:

Pretty incredible, huh?

This is essentially the second time in a integrate of months which a Wheel of Fortune player indispensable usually one minute overturned in sequence to compromise a puzzle.

Compare Rufus’ theory with this dude’s guess, confirm who’s was some-more considerable and afterwards relive alternative noted moments in diversion show story below:

Afroman was hauled off theatre in Mississippi Tuesday dusk after the “Because I Got High” rapper assumingly punched a womanlike air blower in the face.

And oh, it was one violent haymaker of a punch.

You gotta check out the tender footage of the pitch he rears behind and takes, along with his successive arrest, which patently followed him clocking her:

Afroman was behaving live in Biloxi, Miss., final night when the lady in subject someway climbed up on the theatre and proposed dancing subsequent to him.

She paid the cost for which quickly.

Suddenly, and but warning, but really many deliberately, he incited and punched her block in the face, promulgation her crumpling to the ground, and HARD.

Witnesses contend she was draining and great after the abrasive blow, but did in the future conduct to get up on her own. Meanwhile, Afroman kept on performing.

Police after stopped the show, escorted him off stage, arrested him outward the venue, took him to the hire and requisitioned him on an attack charge.

Pretty violent all around.

You gotta see the shave to reason it – this was no run-of-the-mill Tim McGraw slap – and consternation what the heck he was meditative when he took which swing.

Then contemplate what the authorised complement will contend about it, and where this funny situation ranks in between the many silly luminary fights and punches thrown …

A integrate months ago, Kim Kardashian claimed that, God done her fat when she was profound with her initial child.

This, of course, is ridiculous. The baby Kim was carrying inside her womb is what stirred her to container on a little vital pounds.

But Spanish artist David Lopera actually is obliged for creation Kim fat in the following print gallery, along with alternative A-list stars such as Katy Perry and Jennifer Lawrence.

In a discuss with The Daily Mail, Lopera says he Photoshops most skin folds on to obvious women at the ask of “chubby chasers,” explaining which “men have been regularly essay to me asking if I can have their celebrities crushes demeanour a bit fatter.”

And he obviously can, as the waggish photos on top of prove.

Loper agrees which women “look most improved when they’re overweight” and hopes his plan creates people hold which “big is beautiful.”

He says he takes a lot of time in formulating the thought design for his clients and will not stop until the theme is “perfectly plump.”

First, Robyn Lawley becomes the initial plus-size indication in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition story and right away David David Lopera turns thin celebrities in to fat celebrities.

In arrange of contrasting, astonishing ways, these have been both stairs in the right direction, we say.

We’re still about ten months divided from the recover of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but of course, air blower theories and intensity spoilers everywhere on the Internet.

We’ve already listened ostensible “insider info” about the temperament of the knave in Episode VII and even a full run down of the film’s major plot points, but nothing of the spoilers have been arguable and official report from JJ Abrams and association stays scant.

Basically, we’ve had one Force Awakens trailer and a garland of rumors. But hey, the movie is still a prolonged approach off, so we’ll go on to move you convincing rumors as they surfaces to assistance feed your Sarlacc Pit-like craving for all things Jedi.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer

Today’s gossip comes from the fansite Making Star Wars, which has proven to be a arguable source in the past, so yeah, presumably SPOILERS ARE COMING, in box you haven’t picked on which already:

If you’ve seen the trailer, afterwards you’re informed with the hooded badass with the three-pronged light saber. 

Apparently, his name is Kylo Ren. Mr. Ren is not a good guy, and sources contend during a climactic stage in the movie he murders Han Solo with which signature knife edge of his.

The on-set insider claims to have witnessed this stage being filmed. He adds which Chewbacca is benefaction for the conflict but is incompetent to forestall Ren from escaping.

Yup. Sorry if life seems a bit some-more incomprehensible now. Blame Abrams, not us. 

Ansel Elgort opens approach up in the ultimate emanate of Elle.

The immature actor, who has sky-rocketed to celebrity due to his purpose in The Fault in Our Stars, talks to the repository about his parents, his co-star Shailene Woodley and the time he mislaid his V Card.

Ansel Elgort Smiling

“I was 14. I had no thought what I was doing, and conjunction did the girl,” Elgort says of the initial time he done love.

What would he do otherwise if he could go behind in time?

“I didn’t even have the lighting good,” he says. “That’d be one thing I’d do differently. It was, like, fluorescent, splendid room light, like, over the cover.”

Ouch, man. We’ve all been there, do not worry.

Elgort additionally tells the announcement which he is dating someone, yet she isn’t famous. And he has a really transparent thought of what arrange of lady a male should go after.

Listen closely, guys…

“If you can find a lady who you can go to an EDM unison with, have a review with, who will lay on the cot and watch you fool around GTA for 3 hours… and afterwards you go to bed and have extraordinary sex? That should be your girlfriend.”

As for when Kim Kardashian and most alternative stars gave divided their changed flower? The answers await…

Vanilla Ice Arrested for Burglary

Alright, stop – combine and listen:

Vanilla Ice has been arrested for thievery after allegedly hidden furniture, a pool heater, bicycles and alternative belongings from a home which he was being paid to reconstruct in Florida.

Vanilla Ice Picture

TMZ reports that Ice was you do repairs in the home as partial of his being show, The Vanilla Ice Project, which is assumingly a thing. 

If you’re old sufficient to recollect Ice’s heyday afterwards you know it was a long, prolonged time ago, and the one-hit consternation rapper has had many ups and downs in the years since.

In further to Ice’s stream being show, he starred in Vanilla Ice Goes Amish on the DIY network, since assumingly his hold up hadn’t been silly sufficient up to which point.

Since afterwards Ice has lectured Justin Bieber on the significance of vital a genuine life, fronted an horrible rap-metal band, and…oh yeah, stolen a garland of things from a residence he was renovating.

In fairness, the residence had been vacated, but the owners hadn’t accomplished relocating out and assumingly had a complaint with Ice’s “finders keepers” understand of the law.

Police performed a poke aver and recovered many of the equipment from Ice’s home, where the rapper was taken in to custody.

There’s no word on when he competence face trial. Word you your mother.

The Academy Awards will be hold at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles this Sunday, and for the initial time in a prolonged time, the annual Hollywood round jerk competence be of a little seductiveness to the normal moviegoer.

Not usually did drive-in theatre similar to American Sniper, Selma and Boyhood ring with a far-reaching variety of viewers (and, in the box of Sniper, lift in a little mind-blowing box bureau bucks), the 2015 Oscar snubs will expected be discussed for years to come.

The expel of Selma was close out wholly and for the initial time given 2000, not a singular minority is up for an behaving trophy.

Problematic stuff, given the strength of the performances incited in by David Oyelowo, Takamasa Ishihara, and countless alternative non-white actors this year.

Of course, the Academy is a murky classification and choosing by casting votes is finished in tip (presumably underneath disguise of darkness), so no one will ever be forced to answer for this year’s infrequently lopsided nominations. (Or the actuality which Crash kick Brokeback in ’06. Dafuq was that?!)

Even so, one dauntless essence was peaceful to come brazen (anonymously) to verbalise to the The Hollywood Reporter and yield a little discernment in to only how extravagantly out of hold your normal Oscar voter unequivocally is.

“I’m sleepy of all this speak about ‘snubs,'” says the “longtime womanlike Academy member” who we’ll only call Dolores Dumdum. “No one wants to contend out shrill which Selma is a well-crafted movie, but there’s no art to it.”

“As far as the accusations about the Academy being racist? Yes, many members have been white males, but they have been not in the expel of Deliverance…they’re not cretinous, snaggletoothed hillbillies.

There you go. Hollywood: Not Racist. You listened it here first. Just do not design to see any cretinous hillbillies to be nominated in the nearby future.

So what did Dolores similar to this year, alternative than shear juice? Well, she dug Boyhood…kinda:

“If you had told me when I saw Boyhood which it would win many appropriate I would have told you you were insane. It was ambitious, but the child was disproportionate and Patricia Arquette was substantially contemptible she let them movie her age over twelve years.”

That said, Dolores voted for Arquette for best actress because she gets “bonus points for carrying no work finished during the twelve years.” Seriously.

The total interview is filled with curmudgeonly gems and really value a read, but in box you do not have time, here’s a discerning rundown:

  • American Sniper should win given it done a lot of money.
  • Birdman gave her a headache.
  • Foxcatcher didn’t have sufficient difference in it. (Seriously.)

Check out the full list of 2015 Oscar nominees and afterwards get together with your friends and vote on your favorites. Seriously, form your own Academy, given the one we have is patently deeply effed.