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The rumored rendezvous between Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney has been arguable by a unequivocally arguable source:

Lady Gaga herself!

Earlier today, gibberish pennyless of Kinney proposing to his long-time partner on Valentine’s Day, with a journal contributor relaying the intel initial palm given he was at the grill where the integrate went to applaud after subject got popped.

And right divided the lead Monster has left forward and arguable the vital headlines herself around a print of the GORGEOUS solid ring:

Lady Gaga Engagement Ring Pic

“He gave me his heart on Valentine’s Day, and I pronounced YES!” Lady Gaga wrote as a caption.

The artist showed off her rendezvous ring to friends and desired ones at Joanne Trattoria in Manhattan on Saturday prior to her father non-stop a bottle champagne to salute the dyad for receiving the big step.

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney met in 2011 on the set of her song video for “You and I.”

That erotic fire led in to a intrigue a integrate of months later. It was quickly interrupted in May 2012, but Gaga and Kinney have been going clever ever since.

“It has been difficult for me to find it but I have found love,” Gaga told Fashion in 2013. “When you encounter someone that’s not intimidated by the extraordinary people which have been around you [or] by the love which you embrace – that’s love.”

Last year, the Chicago Fire Season 3 star gushed himself to Glamour,.

“I think we usually element any other,” he pronounced of Gaga at the time. “I’m unapproachable of her, and I’d similar to to reason she’s unapproachable of me. We’re consanguine spirits.”

Here’s to the pledged couple!!!!

If you’re not already sitting down, take a chair and prop yourself for headlines that’s certain to stone your world:

Lindsay Lohan is in difficulty with the law. We know…you’re shocked.

Lindsay Lohan GQ Awards Photo

No, but seriously, everyone’s the one preferred freckly trainwreck could legitimately be confronting jail time.

And this isn’t similar to the time Lohan went to jail for 3 hours. We’re articulate serious, getting-drunk-on-toilet-tank-wine-and-earning-a-colorful-prison-nickname tough time.

And it’s all since she’s a distressing liar…

You see, behind in 2012, Lindsay caused a car collision and lied about it to police. She got destitute since – similar to we pronounced – she sucks at lying.

She got off with a slap on the wrist, as she regularly does and was condemned to village service. Last month, Lindsay lied about her village use and – you guessed it! – got caught.

Lindsay was since one some-more time to infer which she met the requirements, but she has nonetheless to yield the papers the decider requested.

She’s due behind in justice on Wednesday, and at slightest one insider says it doesn’t demeanour great for LiLo:

“[The prosecutor] is approaching to ask Judge Richard Stone to cancel Lindsay’s trial and will suggest she offer jail time due to miss of clarity per the execution of village use hours,” says the source.

Yeah, which sounds bad. Let’s cranky the fingers and goal they toss her in the same big residence as Teresa Giudice, and jail officials concede being show cameras inside.

Oh, it’s so on.

As we reported earlier, Amber Rose dissed Kylie Jenner and Tyga in a air wave speak this morning, saying which the 25-year-old rapper should be “ashamed of himself” for his attribute with the 17-year-old being star.

Just a couple of hours later, Khloe Kardashian attacked Amber on Twitter by dredging up past comments which Rose done about stripping at age fifteen in sequence to assistance await her family.

Now, Amber has lifted the stakes by boring her ex Kanye West and his mother Kim Kardashian in to the fight.

In reply to Khloe’s stripper comment, Amber tweeted a print of a smiling Kanye, along with a heading reading, “When ur sister in law calls out ur ex for being a stripper, but ur mother has a sex tape.”

Soon after that, she tweeted this gem:

Kimye Meme

It gets better. At a little indicate today, Amber’s ex Wiz Khalifa began following Khloe, whilst Kim’s ex Reggie Bush proposed following Amber.

So it looks similar to the conflict lines have been drawn and the sides have been chosen.

Khloe still has nonetheless to reply to Amber’s ultimate volley, but we suppose she’s in progress something good. Get your popcorn ready, this could get severely amusing.

Lesley Gore, the singer/songwriter who was most appropriate well well well known for her spreading 1963 strike “It’s My Party,” upheld divided currently at the age 68.

Gore available “Party” when she was only 16, and yet she’s commonly regarded as a flash-in-the-pan cocktail star, she used her early success to set up a widely-respected songwriting career, even earning an Academy Award assignment for her work on the movie Fame in 1980.

Lesley Gore Photo

Gore available multiform alternative hits via her career, together with the feminist anthem “You Don’t Own Me,” and the buoyant Marvin Hamlisch classical “Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows.”

Despite all of her success, however, “It’s My Party” has remained Gore’s signature strike via her career.

The strain was the primary strike for mythological writer Quincy Jones. Following the primary release, “Party” remained at series one on the Billboard charts for 4 weeks. A supplement entitled “Judy’s Turn to Cry” additionally reached the tip five.

The song’s carol (“It’s my celebration and I’ll cry if I wish to/You would cry too, if it happened to you”) continues to be popularly quoted some-more than 50 years after the jot down primary strike stores.

In new years, Gore’s work has been featured in radio shows such as The L Word and CSI: Miami.

Gore was plainly happy and is survived by her longtime partner, Lois Sasson. Gore reportedly died in a New York City sanatorium after a prolonged conflict with cancer.

Ladies and gentlemen, it… has…. HAPPENED!!!!!

While many people in Massachusetts have been really ill and even some-more sleepy of the jot down layer which has strike the state this winter, weatherman Jim Cantore feels a bit otherwise in the following clip.

Big. Time.

Covering the region’s ultimate snowstorm Sunday for The Weather Channel, Cantore bears declare to materialisation well known as “thundersnow” – and goes all violent over it.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Cantore screams on camera. “We got it, baby!”

This was the fifth time Cantore had prisoner a thundersnow on film, something he done note by exclaiming: “That’s series five, baby!”

Weathermen have been going viral for months now.

Recently, one contributor got pounded by a dog on set; whilst an additional bragged about his nine-inch penis. You never know what the subsequent day will bring.

As for Cantore, he’s the man. The male you do not wanna disaster with when he is in the meteorological zone, as this rascal found out the difficult approach …

If you’ve never listened of Hefe Wine, cruise yourself lucky.

Hefe is the violent “rapper” who antiquated Iggy Azalea in 2008 when she was usually 18.

We put “rapper” in quotes, given dude’s main contention is extorting his successful ex.

Hefe Wine Photo
Iggy Image

Wine demanded a divorce from Iggy last year, notwithstanding the actuality which the integrate was never married.

The reason, of course, was which his alternative attempts to have income off of her success – such as melancholy to recover an Iggy Azalea sex fasten – all fell prosaic for assorted reasons.

Wine’s try to lay waste Iggy in divorce justice incited out to be a bust, but being the determined golddigger which he is, Hefe is giving it an additional go, and this time he claims to have explanation which he and Iggy were male and wife.

TMZ is stating which Wine’s ultimate declare is a Houston alloy who’s peaceful to attest which Hefe and Iggy visited his bureau in 2008 and settled which they were married.

There’s no jot down indicating which they ever legally got hitched, but which competence not matter, as underneath Texas law, if a integrate lives together and claims to be married, afterwards they fundamentally are.

That loophole could infer to be remunerative for Hefe (and costly for Iggy), as Wine is perfectionist half of the increase from any song which Azalea wrote whilst they were together.

He additionally claims to have total albums’ value of song which he and Iggy available togther that he’s now legally taboo from releasing.

Looks similar to we might be even for an epic justice conflict in between dual people with severely silly names.

Lady Gaga has strictly found herself a lifetime Monster.

A integrate months after publication reports erroneously settled that Gaga was intent to Taylor Kinney, a far some-more arguable source right away confirms that the actress due on Valentine’s Day.

(UPDATE: Lady Gaga has reliable the headlines and posted a print of her rendezvous ring!!!)

Lady Gaga Grammys Pic
Taylor Kinney Snapshot

According to The Times Herald-Record, the integrate distinguished at Lady Gaga’s family’s restaurant, Joanne Trattoria, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, after the Chicago Fire Season 3 star popped life’s many critical question.

The newspaper’s Executive Editor, Barry Lewis, was essentially at the investiture at the time and witnessed Gaga display off her sparkly brand new rendezvous ring.

“Kinney, standing, seemed a bit broke as they talked about perplexing to find the right ring and time to give it to her,” Lewis writes, adding that he overheard Gaga revelation a desired one “it was time” she and Kinney concluded to wed.

The artist and the actress met on the 2011 set of Gaga’s “You & I” song video, that was filmed in Nebraska.

Lady Gaga essentially wore her mother’s matrimony skirt in scenes for that risque video, that featured Kinney as the intent of her affection.

They due dating a couple of months later, quickly separate in May 2012, but have right away been behind together for over dual years.

In a new Q&A with Howard Stern, Gaga certified she would wed Kinney if he proposed.

“He is the right guy,” she gushed of her boyfriend, who is right away her fiance. “How do we know? It’s this feeling…”

And right away it’s official! We send Gaga and Kinney the really most appropriate wishes!

Happy Presidents Day 2015! True American heroes do not come any truer than these dual … who we motionless to array opposite any alternative to establish the biggest of all time.

OF ALL TIME! In an epic Fashion Face-Off for the ages! Sort of literally!

Honest Abe and G-Dubs’ dress haven’t been renouned in ages, nonetheless by the same token, you never go out of character when you’re a legend, a titan in the pantheon of history.

So opinion for your the one preferred chronological conform idol in the check below!

And the
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln

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George Washington
George Washington

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They were both A-plus arch executives, but that U.S. President do you love more, Abraham Lincoln or George Washington? That’s what we wanna know!
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George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, people. Bow down.

The really initial President of the United States, the General who proposed it all, Washington led the fighting back over Great Britain, afterwards oversaw the bieing born of a nation.

Sort of puts the rest of the lives in pitiable perspective.

Except for Lincoln, who, 4 measure and 7 years later, delivered the Gettysburg Address, opposed to safety the kinship his predecessors fought valiantly for.

Against likewise prolonged odds, both leaders delivered.

In their particular eras and this one, they have been giants between men. Ranking their achievements and legacies is unfit … but we can at slightest do fashion.

Vote for your the one preferred Presidential clothes above!

In one of the many sketches to air final night on NBC during the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary spectacular, Bradley Cooper kissed Betty White.

Incredibly, however, this was NOT the many ungainly impulse to start during the telecast.

No, which respect fell instead to the time cameras held Taylor Swift sitting to one side Sarah Palin… and seeking nothing as good anxious about the seating arrangement.

Taylor Swift and Sarah Palin

The image taken on top of took place during an assembly subject and answer shred hosted by Jerry Seinfeld.

Fifty Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson (not pictured) is station at the behind of Swift and Palin, vocalization to the stand up comic and, to be fair, Swift is expected only examination her do so on a guard in front of the stands.

But still. She isn’t only you do so with a grin on her face, is she?

Let’s take a demeanour at the shred in the entirety:

Swift and Palin were only dual of MANY A-Listers who attended this Saturday Night Live special.

Among alternative noted moments from the 3 and a half hours, Will Ferrell brought behind his take on Alex Trebek for Celebrity Jeopardy, whilst Swift expected forgot all about her Palin non-interaction not prolonged after the show ended…

… since she got to sing Shake It Off with Paul McCartney at an after-party. WHOA!

It’s on, y’all. There’s strictly beef in between Khloe Kardashian and Amber Rose, and deliberation conjunction of these ladies has ever been good known to behind down from a amicable media fight, this could get epic.

It all proposed when Amber trashed Kylie Jenner and Tyga during a new air wave interview. 

Snapshot of Khloe Kardashian
Amber Rose at Millions of Milkshakes

Her critique was current (Kylie is 17, Tyga is 25, and that’s gross.), but a small hold which due to Amber’s attribute with Kanye West and her loyalty with Blac Chyna (Tyga’s ex), the acknowledgement was small some-more than a malicious attempt to publicly whack the Kardashians.

Khloe took to Twitter usually moments ago to demonstrate her thoughts about Amber’s comments, and as you might’ve guessed, she pulled no punches:

“‘I was a stripper when I was 15,’ Amber Rose told Foxx, greatfully do not be concerned about my sister who has a career and her sh-t together at usually 17,” Khloe tweeted. “People who live in potion houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

“Please stop articulate about us in interviews mama. None of us is articulate about you.”

Several of Khloe’s supporters forked out the irony in which final tweet, as good as the actuality which Amber took up stripping in sequence to assistance yield for her bankrupt family.

Amber replied simply, “I’m happy which u brought up the actuality which I was a stripper at 15,” which seems to be her approach of suggesting which  Khloe is attempting to subtly throw shade by dredging up a unpleasant childhood memory.

Like we said, this one could get ugly. Stay tuned.