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In apply oneself of Valentine’s Day, Karrueche Tran has let the universe know which she has distressing ambience in men.

The D-Lister took to Instagram on Saturday in sequence to demonstrate her love for the male who kick Rihanna to a full of blood pulp, essay of Chris Brown:

“Happy Valentine’s Day to my love.. You expostulate me funny and you’ve done me funny but that’s only us I love you only as many as you love perplexing to compare my outfits.” 

Chris Brown: Crotch Grab Alert!

In the dependent photo, Brown is grabbing his arm and flipping off the camera.

Seems about right, doesn’t it? Who could NOT love which face?!?

Back in December, Brown told unison goes which he’s “single” and combined in anxiety to Tran: “F-ck which b-tch.” He after indicted her of cheating on him with Drake.

A day later, Brown apologized and voiced his love for his long-time ladyfriend.

Since then, rendezvous rumors have essentially surrounded the couple, generally after Tran flashed a solid ring for the universe to see on amicable media.

Finally, final month, Brown serenaded Tran in his “Autumn Leaves” song video.

Where is this attribute headed? We have no idea. But we’d have 911 on speed dial if we were Karrueche Tran.

Christina Aguilera is headed to Nashville.

Per People, the thespian and The Voice decider has sealed on for a repeated purpose on the ABC drama.

She will come on house as Jade St. John (what a name!), a vital cocktail luminary who has been operative really tough in the song diversion for over a decade.

Christina Aguilera in Britain

Look for the impression to arrive in Tennessee for a two-night mount at the Bridgestone, nonetheless for her genuine mental condition to be the recording of a nation album… if usually her tag would let her enhance over the genre of pop.

So it’s arrange of similar to Taylor Swift, but in reverse.

Aguilera will entrance a small time this open and crop up on mixed episodes of Nashville Season 3.

In further to this arriving purpose and her gig on The Voice, Aguilera is set to furnish a TV array for ABC Family. She additionally has skeleton to jot down a brand new album.

And she’s the mother to a six-year old daughter declared Summer Rain! How does she do it all?!?

Sorry, ladies – the reptilian heartthrob who’s prisoner millions of hearts is strictly off the market.

Benedict Cumberbatch scored equally together Sophie Hunter currently in a small, in isolation rite on the Isle of Wight in England.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter: Pregnant?

Cumberbatch and Hunter’s rendezvous came as a warn to fans and friends comparison when it was voiced around a paid journal proclamation behind in November.

In the months since, conjecture about Hunter’s temperament has since approach to rumors which Sophie is pregnant with Benedict’s child.

The integrate has nonetheless to endorse the rumor, but any one who’s listened Cumberbatch rush about his bride in interviews knows which this is no shotgun affair.

The church where the rite took place is believed to be over 1,000 years old. Mottistone Manor – where the integrate hold a small accepting – has been owned by kin of Hunter for hundreds of years.

As for Cumberbatch’s obsessive womanlike fans, the 38-year-old actress says Hunter is not the slightest bit worried by the turn of their devotion:

“She’s only so in authority of it,” he not long ago told People magazine. “It could be a formidable thing, but she’s only unequivocally cool. It’s unequivocally impressive.”

So congrats to the happy couple…and condolences to Benny’s many constant devotees. You’ll regularly have Sherlock. 

As documented progressing on this Valentine’s Day 2015, a handful of brave boyfriends out there have come up with 33 scarcely regretful ways to introduce to their desired ones.

It’s incredible, and inspiring, to see the lengths a little will go to in sequence to emanate a lifelong memory.

The same can be pronounced for those featured in the following print gallery, we guess… usually they competence not have combined the type of memories they creatively set out to create.

Who have been we to decider someone who popped the subject in an aquarium? Or around Facebook? Or whilst ready to go as Garfield? Or around a summary on the inside of a pizza box?

No one, really. We’re only folks with a bit of usual sense. 

But, look, to any one featured on top of who got an certain answer in reply to life’s many critical question… some-more energy to you! That’s all which counts in the end.

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have been one hundred percent not behind together or even in touch, but the integrate stays tied together some-more than a year after bursting up.

Legally, anyway.

Lamar and Khloe Kardashian-Odom

As has been the box via the past year, the being star has not finished her divorce official, and for all intents and purposes, has arrange of given up trying.

This has sparked the unavoidable rumors which maybe a allotment is possible.

It’s not. Khloe would divorce him if she could lane his donkey down, but given that’s nearby impossible, she’s simply not wasting any of her time on this.

Kardashian sources contend rumors which she’s behind with Lamar have been bogus, however, insisting she wants zero to do with him and has no thought where he is.

Sounds informed … from any Odom story in the final eighteen months, really.

Khloe filed in Dec 2013, after Lamar fundamentally sabotaged his NBA career, ran around locale with assorted women, and fell in to a turn of drug addiction.

Since then, he has radically not responded to any of the papers.

What’s he doing? Where’s he living? Is he filming a supplement to which overwhelming Lamar Odom moment video? No one seems to know. Dude is all MIA.

Khloe simply doesn’t wish to understanding with him at all anymore, and has arrange of given up perplexing to have it official. She’s changed on, in her thoughts if not legally.

Until there’s a skill settlement, the box stays in limbo. It’s not transparent what the subsequent step is or if it will ever be finalized if she doesn’t press the issue.

If she waits as well long, the decider does have the energy to throw the divorce apply to out given of the case’s miss of activity, but so far which is not the case.

Well, here’s anticipating Lamar turns up somewhere, at a little point.

At slightest prior to Khloe starts signing her name Mrs. Odom again. Just come out of the woodwork, pointer the dotted line and go behind to your unhappy life, man.

Ah, Valentine’s Day. It can be great or it can be mega lonely. But either your singular or taken, happy or sad, there have been a small things each one of us can convene around.

To wit, we’ve picked up the twenty-one of the many undiluted GIFs of the hottest shirtless masculine bods on the net to have your 14th of Feb additional special.

So, lay back, relax, and let these guys perform you.

We’ve got it all. Chris Hemsworth checks himself out. Jamie Dornan checks out his slave. Trey Songz gets bashful. Adam Levine loves being short shirtless.

Matt Bomer and Chris Messina have been dancing fools. Joe Manganiello and Charlie Hunnam hug up in bed, and Zac Efron will remove his shirt … TWICE.

That’s not everything, you’re going to have to check out the list to see it all. But we promise, Valentine’s Day is the undiluted day to friendly up to the hottest guys on the web.

Bobbi Kristina Brown is reportedly pang from organ disaster and appears doubtful to recover, tragically, from the near-drowning which left her in a coma.

Bobbi Kristina Brown Photograph

Despite her father, Bobby Brown, resolutely land out goal for a spectacle and refusing to take the 21-year-old off hold up support, it might shortly be a indecisive point.

It was dual weeks ago right divided which Bobbi Kristina was hospitalized after being found face down in the bathtub by disloyal partner Nick Gordon and Max Lomas.

Her brain wake up was minimal then, and she has been in a medically prompted deep sleep ever since. If anything, sources contend Brown’s condition has deteriorated.

Brief glimmers of hope, such as Bobbi Kristina opening her eyes at one point, unsuccessful to lead to any poignant liberation in brain function. And it gets worse.

Several of her viscera have been already starting to tighten down, and the family is entrance to grips with the actuality which holding out for a miracle could be fruitless.

Bobby Brown is austere in his eremite and devout views on the matter, and is revelation kin he will do what it takes to keep his daughter alive.

Even if which equates to she stays on hold up await with no progress, Bobby feels she might redeem someday. That decision, argumentative as it might be, is his to make.

Some members of Bobby’s family disagree, according to inside sources, but apply oneself him usually the same. Of course, it sadly might not have a difference shortly enough.

As for the review in to what led her to this hazardous situation, military have been seeking in to purported earthy injuries and what role, if any, Gordon played.

The theme of if, or how much, Nick to censure for Bobbi’s mental state – and/or purported earthy compulsion – at the time of the collision is at large debated.

Yesterday, Gordon expelled a statement denying he is receiving authorised movement opposite Brown’s family, observant is usually regard is Bobbi Kristina’s health.

Contrary to prior reports of him being criminialized from the premises, he never attempted to revisit Bobbi Kristina in the sanatorium at any indicate in the final dual weeks.

Story building …

So… how did you cocktail life’s greatest question?

Did you get down on one knee? Did you dump the rendezvous ring in her potion of champagne? Did you have a summary scrawled opposite a sporting arena’s jumbotron?

No offense intended, but: HA! Those simple proposals have been so played out!

Why didn’t you fake a craft crash? Why didn’t you hire a a baby alligator as an assistant?

Or, come on, at the really slightest get a Flash Mob together! Maybe one with superheroes?

In respect of Valentine’s Day, we’ve tracked down 33 surprising matrimony proposals which have left viral over the past couple of months.

Some have been daring. Some have been officious insane. Some contingency have taken years of planning. But all finish with the same idea in mind: spending perpetuity with the one these people love.

Does it get some-more AWWW-inspiring than that?

On Marriage Boot Camp Season 2 Episode 6, the quote-unquote luminary couples strove to mangle down barriers in the bedroom. It’s as prohibited as you think it was.

Which, if you watch Marriage Boot Camp online, you know is not very.

The initial cavalcade is a submissive diversion of spin the bottle, in which the bottle lands on a person, who contingency afterwards pull a label and truthfully answer a subject on it.

When Marriage Boot Camp Season 2 Episode 6 got underway, the answers have been comparatively slight and honest until we land on Reid and Aviva Drescher.

Asked “What do you wish some-more of in bed?” Reid wants some-more cuddles.

Is he full of it and perplexing to steep the question? Or is Aviva such a cold-hearted banshee which she never offers any genuine love or closeness, even in bed?

Either way, critical gibe fast ensues from their associate co-stars.

It gets worse. Asked what her house pet name is for Reid in bed, Aviva looks ashamed and comes up with … Monster. We do not hold which for one second.

Next, the couples have been asked to have a sex fasten with puppets. Seriously. The suspicion is to copy how their sex hold up is contra how they would wish it to be.

Natalie Nunn’s puppets wish to bone 24/7. At slightest Jacob’s does.

Aviva and Reid have been usually enslaved at the suspicion of this exercise, and she says she won’t do the puppet sex since she doesn’t wish her young kids to watch it.

Apparently Aviva Drescher throwing her leg at an additional woman’s face is okay, but not a contention of puppet sex on A SHOW THEY SIGNED UP FOR.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, meanwhile, have the rather astonishing complaint in which she wants to mound utterly mostly but he is frequency in to it.

He’s additionally pestilent fearful of removing Heidi pregnant, so there’s that.

Later, he comes purify about his basin with life, which might be the genuine issue: “We were handling at such a overjoyed tall of hold up and it usually crashed so hard.”

“I invested many of the income in room service, tall finish hotels, garments and bodyguards. I don’t wish to be a being star but right away I’ve been you do this so long.”

“I don’t know what career I wish to do,” Spencer Pratt laments.

Heidi Montag is similarly sad, crying, “It’s tough to pardon yourself. I suspicion I was to be the greatest cocktail star ever. Now, it’s similar to I usually don’t feel similar to I have a purpose.”

Deep things from Marriage Boot Camp, people. Deep stuff.

According to many, Selena Gomez and DJ Zedd have been collaborating in their personal lives these days. Between the sheet. Naked. If you know what we mean.

But whilst we cannot endorse or repudiate rumors which Gomez has changed on from Justin Bieber with this strain producer, we can determine the following:

They have been about to recover a brand brand new strain together!

It will be patrician “I Want You to Know” and here’s a demeanour at the single’s just-released cover art:

Zedd and Selena Gomez Single Art

The EDM writer posted the picture on his Facebook page and wrote as an concomitant caption:

“My brand brand new singular ‘I Want You to Know’ ft. Selena Gomez is entrance out on FEB twenty-three !!!!!!”

Gomez additionally posted the design and recover date on her Twitter page.

Selena and Zedd have been speckled around Los Angeles mostly over the past couple of weeks.

The thespian not long ago referred to Zedd as the Harry to her Sally, which arrange of confirms they’re dating. Or at slightest which they will be dating.

Another inform alleges Selena has been guidance Russian phrases to wheeze to Zedd in bed in sequence to raise their sex life, which is one of the most appropriate rumors we’ve listened in awhile.

Who knows if any of this is true. All we know is which we can’t wait for to listen to their music!