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Bruce Jenner was not underneath the shift of drug or ethanol at the time of his fatal car collision final Saturday.

Authorities discuss it TMZ which the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has dynamic Jenner had nothing in his complement when his Escalade rear-ended an additional car on the highway.

In fact, his blood-alcohol turn was 0.0.

Crash Scene

“He was offset out. He wasn’t underneath the influence. We know that,” one law coercion central says.

Jenner was concerned in a multi-car wreck a integrate of days ago, as the Lexus in front of him slammed on the brakes to equivocate attack the car which had stopped unexpected in front of it.

Jenner, however, was incompetent to stop his black Escalade in time.

He slammed in to the Lexus, which was being driven by 69-year old Kim Howe, promulgation it in to the approaching line of traffic, where a Hummer crashed in to it head-on.

Howe, a nearby resident of the Kardashians in Calabasas, was conspicuous passed at the scene.

“My intense and deepest sympathies go out to the family and desired ones, and to all of those who were concerned or harmed in this distressing accident,” Jenner pronounced around matter the subsequent day, adding:

“It is a harmful tragedy and I cannot fake to suppose what this family is going by at this time. I am praying for them. I will go on to concur in each approach possible.”

There has been unsubstantiated gibberish which Jenner might have been on sex shift hormones at the time of the collision and these might have additionally played a purpose in the tragedy.

But the ultimate central inform has shot down which gossip as well. His complement was wholly clean.

Ever given Yolanda Foster was diagnosed with Lyme disease, her destiny on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been in question.

The mildew can outcome in crippling neurological impairments, but Yolanda has remained an inspirational and enterprising appearance on the strike Bravo array in annoy of her ailment.

Unfortunately, her time on RHOBH might shortly be entrance to an end.

Yolanda Foster on the Red Carpet

Foster suggested final month which she was mislaid the capability to review or write as a outcome of her getting worse condition.

Now, sources tighten to the 51-year-old interior decorator and former indication inform which Yolanda hopes to experience in the arriving RHOBH reunion show, but after that, she might be forced to retire from the open eye.

“The reunion is scheduled to be filmed in the subsequent integrate of weeks,” one insider tells Radar Online. “Yolanda’s appearance will be really limited.”

“Yolanda does wish to do it since she is regularly so veteran about work commitments. The main emanate with Yolanda’s illness is the consistent tired and mental recall issues. Recently, Yolanda has had problems usually combining sentences, and infrequently can’t obviously clear what she is perplexing to say.”

The source adds which Yolanda additionally hopes to experience in the reunion so which she can “help lift recognition for Lyme disease.”

It’s been a perplexing deteriorate for Yolanda, as in further to her illness problems, she’s been forced to publicly understanding with an bum primogenitor and the detain of her daughter Bella Hadid on DUI charges.

Watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online to see Yolanda’s conspicuous stability in action.

After months of speculation, Ariana Grande and Big Sean reliable which they’re dating back in October.

Since then, Big-Grande has been an inseparable team.

They frequency have open appearances but one another, and they’ve both been well known to rush when the alternative one’s name is referred to in an interview.

Just final week, Sean called Ariana his “best friend” in a in few instances vehement review with Complex.

Big Sean, Ariana Grande Instagram

The total thing has been a happiness for fans to behold. But there’s a uncanny side to this relationship:

You might have beheld which notwithstanding the actuality which she’s twenty-one years old, Ariana could simply pass for an eighth-grader with a profoundly inappropriate fashion sense. 

Sean, on the alternative hand, looks similar to a male in his late twenties, which is what he is.

The disproportion in appearances has led a small fans to impulse jokes about what infrequently looks uncomfortably similar to a cradle-robbing romance.

Unfortunately, Ariana has motionless to get in on the joke, and the outcome is officious icky.

She posted the on top of print after the Grammys with the caption, “Dad and I had so most fun at the awards tonight!”

The post and multiform others similar to it were fast deleted because…gross.

For his part, Sean is gripping it positive, as always, by posting inspirational YouTube clips similar to the one below:

Big Sean on Patience

Some of Sean’s philosophical musings have been a small tiresome, but you’ve gotta give the man credit for putting a small inspirational messages out there.

As a bonus, the shave facilities a singular vehement impulse in between Sean and Ari around the 2:54 mark.

Enjoy it. Just try not to think about her job him dad.

Last week, hip bound noble Suge Knight was arrested for attempted attempted murder following a lethal rumpus on the set of a blurb for the arriving movie Straight Outta Compton.

The fight finished in Suge murdering a male declared Terry Carter by using him over with his car and afterwards journey the scene.

Marion 'Suge' Knight Photograph

It was primarily reported which Carter was a crony of Knight’s and which his genocide was accidental.

Later, sources claimed which Knight killed Carter intentionally, following an argument. 

Knight confirmed from the begin which he was pounded when he arrived on set, and which he had been invited to the place as a partial of programmed waylay stemming from his argument with Dr. Dre.

Now, TMZ is stating which Suge’s invulnerability group has performed videotape of the incident which obviously shows him being surrounded by armed assailants, which caused him to flee the scene.

The video reportedly reveals which Carter was in on the ambush, notwithstanding the actuality which he arrived on the stage with Knight.

Suge claims which Carter helped prepare the programmed conflict by luring him to the set for assent talks with Dre.

The former Death Row Records CEO – who was shot 6 times only final summer – says he panicked when he satisfied it was a trap and did what he had to do to shun the situation.

Knight is now being hold but bail as he awaits trial.

Kanye West has an easy reason for since he rushed the theatre at the Grammy Awards Sunday night, scarcely interrupting Beck’s Album of the Year acceptance debate prior to streamer behind to his seat.

Because he’s funny pants!

“Right when which happened, everyone was seeking at me, and afterwards people proposed screaming, ‘Kanye! Kanye! Go do it!'” Kanye told Ryan Seacrest on the air wave this morning.

“Okay, which didn’t unequivocally happen, these were voices in my head. So the voices in my conduct told me to go up, and afterwards I only walked up, like, median up the stage.”

Kanye West Interrupts Beck

West laughed after vouchsafing Beck finish, but he was passed critical an hour or so after when slamming the Grammys for giving Beck an endowment in the initial place.

He felt as if Beyonce should have won Album of the Year. 

But he sounded a opposite balance on vocalization to Seacrest today. At slightest to a little degree.

“Beck is one of the nicest guys and one of the many reputable musicians in the game. So there’s zero which I would wish to do as a associate musician to disregard him in any way,” the rapper said.

Mr. Kim Kardashian even feels bad about observant the Grammys should have reputable dexterity by honoring Beyonce.

“I think it came off the wrong way, and which was a mis-wording on my part, since patently Beck is one of the many reputable artists and respects artistry.”

So since did Kanye go off in such a demeanour after the show? Why have many people sided with Shirley Manson in revelation Kanye to grow up?

“Well, you know what happened?” he explained to Seacrest. “It’s since I sat there and I kind of let which [smolder] and I was asked my perspective and I was since a platform.

“And when since a platform, it’s really hard, as we know – and I’m going to speak in third chairman similar to I’m a funny chairman – but it’s really tough for Kanye West to not be really loyal and outspoken to what he feels.”

Man. Kanye West is the best.

Are the Duggars receiving over TV, one TLC array at a time, solemnly office office building a veritable, divine empire, similar to a wholesome, Arkansas chronicle of the Kardashians?

The newly married, profound Jill Duggar and father Derick Dillard have been being eyed to star in a nineteen Kids and Counting spinoff, at slightest according to Internet reports.

Could we even hoop dual Duggar shows at the same time?! How couldn’t we?!

The Duggars have been solemnly flourishing their air blower bottom as good as their family. nineteen Kids and Counting was prior to eighteen and seventeen Kids and Counting, of course.

With the medium difference of Amy Duggar-driven specials, rumors involving a brand brand new show starring one of the nineteen would be the initial of their kind, however.

Jill Duggar would positively appear to be a budding claimant for such a spinoff.

Given how many air time her courtship, engagement, and matrimony perceived on the many new deteriorate of 19 Kids, it’s not tough to see TLC expressing interest.

With Jill and Derick Dillard right divided awaiting their initial kid – the initial of what will expected be many, as they’re in their early 20s – the flame is ready to be passed.

Beyond pity her hold up on TV, she’s additionally strongly continuous to fans online, pity photos of her wedding, baby strike and date nights at Chick-fil-A.

These dual love pity their love roughly as many as amatory any other!

She’s additionally reduction of a lightning rod than Jessa Duggar, who has stoked copiousness of debate given courting now-husband Ben Seewald (they additionally marry in 2014).

While Jill and Derick no disbelief share the family’s core domestic and eremite beliefs, the differently amicable media savvy twin is some-more in isolation in which regard.

On the flip side, it competence be as well bland, but we disbelief the Duggars’ air blower bottom would be deterred by the actuality which the Dillards set such a certain example.

With a aloft form than, say, air blower the one preferred Jana Duggar, nonetheless demure to wade in to pot-stirring waters, the newlyweds benefaction a low-risk, tall prerogative option.

Jill and Derick would expected burst at the chance, too.

We’ve watched scarcely any and each impulse common by this immature family already. It would be easy to see which height stretched in to their own show.

Would you watch a Jill and Derick spinoff?

These days, Kendall Jenner is a high-fashion model who’s skyrocketing right to the A-list.

Some have even left so far as to contend which Kendall is becoming different the face of fashion.

But it wasn’t regularly which way, of course. Far from it. Far from it.

There was a time, not so prolonged ago in fact, when the young, fresh-faced Kendall Jenner was only a teen with an Instagram comment and a dream.

Most relatives would be frightened to sense which their daughter’s mental condition includes posting photos of themselves in assorted states of undress, but Bruce and Kris were surprisingly cool with it, and that’s since a value trove of overly amorous Kendall Jenner photos is right away stored on millions of tough drives across the globe:

Relax, relax – distinct younger sister Kylie Jenner, she is over 18. She’s 19, in fact.

We’re not perplexing to seize you in a little high-tech To Catch a Predator scheme.

Of course, if it was your daughter, saying any one of these pics online competence means you to move the complete family to Fiji until she’s 35, but Mrs. and Mrs. Jenner have been only some-more laid behind (Read: Money-hungry) than you are.

So right away which she’s 19, vital on her own and enjoying a little early career success, the photos on top of can be enjoyed on most levels.

You can suffer seeking at the early work of a budding indication and fashionista, or you can simply be beholden which Kendall transient which duration of her hold up but finale up on Teen Mom.

It’s all up to you!

Well, it’s eventually here. 

Red Room of Pain Week is on us, as Fifty Shades of Grey is shortly to strike theaters with a bang. (Make which multiform bangs.)

Despite rumors which Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson hatred any other, the eccentric onscreen integrate has been creation the media rounds to assistance psych fans up for what could be the one of the greatest R-rated blockbuster hits of all time.

Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan Sex Stare

So cruise yourself warned – the art studio on top of gets increasingly NSFW as it progresses.

You won’t see Dornan entirely nude here, but afterwards again, you won’t see which in the movie, either.

You’ve gotta give credit to the film’s selling group credit for interesting crowds with reminders of the movie’s some-more porn-y elements (See: above), whilst at the same portraying Fifty Shades as a submissive great time at the movies for fans of the book who might feel intimidated by the awaiting of examination a skin crack in public.

(See: Dakota Johnson’s “anything can be sexy” sketch from final night’s Fallon.)

So check out the slideshow above, for a bit of the Fifty Shades’ teams desirous viral marketing. 

It should be sufficient to reason you over until the genuine sexy-time starts this weekend. So have certain you’ve got your modernized tickets, and whatever you do…don’t dont think about your protected word.

Whitney Houston upheld divided 3 years ago today.

She was usually 48 years old. To most fans, she was good good known simply as “The Voice.” She was which good, a song idol whose bent indispensable no introduction.

A lady whose bequest is unequaled to this day.

To those fans and most others, the detriment is still fresh, generally in light of what happened to her usually child, Bobbi Kristina Brown, one week ago Saturday.

Bobbi Kristina, 21, continues to conflict for her hold up after being found face down in the bathtub in her Georgia home. She stays in a medically prompted coma.

As fans recollect Houston on Wednesday, there have been reports which Bobbi Kristina will be taken off hold up support to stick on her mother on this anniversary.

Her father, Bobby Brown, adamantly denied this rumor, and at slightest as of this report, Bobbi’s family is still praying for a miracle in an Atlanta hospital.

Bobbi Kristina’s disloyal father (or boyfriend, according to Bobby Brown) Nick Gordon, is the reportedly the theme of a military investigation, meanwhile.

Officials instruct to know what happened heading up to Whitney’s daughter being found in the tub, and Bobbi Kristina’s facial injuries have irritated military interest.

In any event, the circumstances’ likeness – Whitney was found upheld in a Beverly Hills road house bathtub in 2012 – adds even some-more piquancy to today.

As tributes flow in for the legend, the thoughts go out to her family, and the prayers to both the Houston and Brown factions of Bobbi Kristina’s family.

Allow us to total up the ubiquitous view trustworthy to most Fifty Shades of Grey movie reviews so far with one overwhelming pun:

Fifty Shades of Grey? More like Fifty Shades of SUCK.

According to most critics, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson miss chemistry (because they hatred any other?)… there’s no genuine plot… and the college of music might wish to rethink those Fifty Shades of Grey sequel plans.

Should you still outlay your hard-earned income on this hardcore sex romp? Decide after celebration of the mass these Fifty Shades of Grey reviews…

Maybe in destiny installments there will even be something which resembles a plot. For now, the complete movie is about as voluptuous as a base canal. – Red Reed

It looks and feels similar to a supplement to Twilight, with lethal lifeless speak about S&M replacing unconstrained amazement over branch in to one of the undead. – Robert Levin

Obsessed with money, with malice aforethought wrongheaded about sex and crippled by the own construction, Fifty Shades of Grey is as well most kinds of horrible to work as anything but random sociology: We get the soil we deserve. – James Rocchi

The film’s heated joining to being lifeless creates you prolonged for sparkly vampires and werewolves. – Devin Faraci

Easily amongst the 7 or 8 most appropriate Hollywood productions ever done about a lady considering either or not to pointer a dominant/submissive contract. – Matt Singer

We might have all been extraordinary going in, but by the time the credits roll, there’s an additional subject which springs to mind: Is which all there is? – Lindsey Bahr

Despite the unconstrained sex, a rarely unsatisfying encounter. Cold as a fish and roughly as dumb. – Rafer Guzman