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Via speeches from President Barack Obama and romantic Brooke Axtell (who introduced Katy Perry’s live performance) the Grammy Awards took on the emanate of made at home attack final night.

The eventuality lifted recognition for the It’s On Us campaign, an classification dedicated to the emanate of passionate assault.

It was a confidant move and an excellent move… but it was additionally a false move, according to Alexander Gaskarth.

Chris Brown at Grammy Awards 2015

“Wow. Unbelievable. Maybe #ItsOnUs to not entice people similar to @chrisbrown to the fcking Grammys. Am I wrong?,” the All Time Low thespian Tweeted. “I’m all for confession and forgiveness, but it seems a small pretentious to me…”

Brown, of course, gave then-girlfriend Rihanna a black eye after a pre-Grammys celebration in 2009 – he was in assemblage at final night’s ceremony.

And most took note of the hypocrisy, observant Brown’s participation undercut the critical summary sent by Perry and company.

Brown remained comparatively ease in his reply to Gaskarth, Tweeting at the back of to the artist:

“you receptive to advice unequivocally undiluted brother… How can I get those VIP tickets to the pearly gates bro… Seems similar to you have it down.”

To his credit, Gaskarth did not at the back of down.

“I’m not disturbed about the pearly gates RN, man,” he Tweeted. “Worried about here and now… And stand in standards. And the messages we send.”

What do you think, readers? Should Brown have been disinvited to the Grammys, since the concentration on made at home abuse? Or should all be forgiven when it comes to the singer?

Does he have a great point, which no tellurian being is perfect? Or is it not as well most to ask which group simply do not shillelagh the faces of women and “perfection” has zero to do with it?

The strain of the 2015 Grammy Awards featured something for everyone.

We’re articulate Madonna, Beyonce, John Legend, Common, Ariana Grande, Annie Lennox, Katy Perry, Kanye, Pharrell, Brooke Axtell, Barack Obama, and Kristen Wiig.

(What?! … yes, Kristen danced for Sia!!! Anyone see which coming?!)

Check out the many noted performances from the show below:

The Kanye censure portion of the show was in full outcome final night, as he once again stormed the theatre during Beck’s speech. And currently we got to hear Beck’s come-back to Kanye.

Celebrity stupidity aside, the strain was zero short of superb final night.

As far as the tangible bent was concerned, Madonna’s twerking opening was the speak of the night, along with Beyonce’s shining gospel performance.

And afterwards there was the partnership no one could’ve predicted.

Kristen Wiig danced to Sia’s Chandelier, after a intense intro from Shia LaBeouf, and Annie Lennox brought the residence down along with Hozier.

What was your the one preferred opening of the Grammys?

The outcome is in for Better Call Saul, and the people have dynamic that the highly-anticipated Breaking Bad prequel is each bit as addictive as the predecessor.

Saul posted a small of AMC’s most appropriate numbers ever for a array premiere final night, and the array set a brand new jot down for ratings in the all critical 18-49 year old demographic.

Better Call Saul Photo

The array suffered a 57% dump from the lead-in The Walking Dead, since people really love their zombies, but even so, Better Call Saul Season 1 Episode 1 was a resounding success with critics and audiences alike.

Saul pulled in 6.9 million viewers with an startling 4.4 million of the 18-49 demo. To put that in perspective, the array premiere of Breaking Bad perceived about 1.4 million viewers.

Of course, 2008 was a really opposite time, and Saul positively owes partial of the success to the fast recognition of BB.

Astonishingly, a small critics have already declared that Saul is better than Breaking Bad, and whilst it might be a small early for such jaw-dropping assessments (Did they already dont think about how extraordinary BB was?), with ratings similar to final night’s, Saul should have copiousness of destiny seasons with that to have the case.

Saul has already been renewed for a second deteriorate and the second part debuts tonight at 10 pm on AMC.

If you longed for it, or you only wanna relive the awesomeness of Jimmy’s criminal with the skateboard twins, you can watch Better Call Saul online at TV Fanatic.

Better Call Saul Trailer

As you’ve no disbelief listened by now, Bruce Jenner’s sex change has been confirmed, and the former Olympian is entrance out in style.

The E! network has reportedly already started prolongation on a reality show about Bruce’s transition, and the headlines is on the cover of each publication in America.

Many have praised Jenner for his aplomb in traffic with the volume of courtesy he’s perceived in brand new weeks, but a little members of the transgender village hold Bruce should be abashed of himself for what they see as an opportunistic money grab.

Noted publisher and helicopter commander Zoey Tur finished her own passing from one to another final year, and she’s vocalization out opposite Bruce, claiming which he’s regulating his passing from one to another to progress his career.

“We need out purpose models, and there’s no larger purpose indication than the world’s biggest athlete,” Tur tells TMZ Live.

“Many feel which Jenner is pitching a being show and regulating this rave to benefit some-more movement and removing paid to do an interview, and they do not similar to it…This is not about offered TV shows. This is about saving lives.”

Sources contend Jenner has brushed off the criticism, revelation friends which the transitioning routine is not “one distance fits all,” and Tur has no right to impugn his selected routine of pity his headlines with the world.

The insiders contend which partial of the reason Bruce waited until so late in his hold up to go open is which he longed for to be certain all of his young kids would be old sufficient to assimilate his preference and cope with any critique they competence face.

“He’s still going by the motions and wants to take his time to assistance his youngest daughters cope,” says one source. “It’s not about a TV show or announcement.”

Other insiders tighten to the family contend Bruce’s kids have been supportive via the formidable routine of entrance out.

Taylor Swift had utterly the night at the 2015 Grammy Awards.

Not usually did GIFs of Taylor dancing go viral, but she managed to equivocate removing Kanye’d. (That was Beck’s respect this year.)

All in all, a flattering great night for T-Swift. So how did she celebrate? By unresolved with her besties and a little cats, of course:

Taylor Swift’s Post Grammy Plans

Note the unpleasant awkwardness of the impulse which Nancy O’Dell says Swift will be unresolved out with “lots of men” after the show.

Taylor seems momentarily taken aback, but she recovers gracefully and informs O’Dell of how it’s unequivocally gonna go down:

“I’m not gonna walk home with any group tonight,” Taylor fast corrects the clueless ET host. “I’m gonna go cling to out with my friends, and afterwards I’m gonna go home and cling to out with the cats.”

It’s great to listen to which Taylor isn’t shying divided from the the pretension of World’s Most Fabulous Cat Lady, but she didn’t utterly attain in her idea of avoiding all forms of city slicker drama.

Not usually did her ex John Mayer yield one of the evening’s highlights when he took the theatre with Ed Sheeran, but Taylor acted with Diplo in a selfie which seemed to indicate the beef in between the dual was – at slightest at the moment – squashed.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the Grammys unless Taylor was surrounded by exes and haters. We think subsequent year she should send a summary by bringing on of her cats as her date.

Beck scarcely had his big night busted at the Grammy Awards on Sunday.

The artist dumbfounded many in assemblage when his name was called as the Album of the Year recipient, with Kanye West essentially jumping on theatre and scarcely interrupting Beck’s acceptance speech, 2009 MTV Video Music Awards style.

But, as you can see below, Kanye laughed and went behind to his chair prior to things got as well awkward.

Kanye West Interrupts Beck

HOWEVER, West was passed critical in after vituperation opposite the Grammys, observant Beyonce deserved to win Album of the Year and even adding which Beck ought to give her his trophy.

How does Beck feel about this criticism? Just fine, thanks!

“I was only so vehement he was entrance up,” Beck told reporters of Kanye’s theatre appearance. “He deserves to be on theatre as many as anybody. How many great annals has he put out in the final 5 years right?

“You can’t greatfully everybody, man. I still love him and think he’s genius. I make an effort to do what he does.”

But what about the judgment which Beyonce deserves his Grammy Award?

“Absolutely. I suspicion she was going to win. Come on, she’s Beyonce,” Beck replied.

Aside from criticizing Beck, Kanye additionally achieved at the Grammys.

Relive a small of the many noted moments from the eventuality below: 

From the jubilant moments to the buzz-worthy performances and copiousness of great scenes from the audience, the 2015 Grammy Awards rite had it all.

Here, we demeanour behind at twenty-one of the most appropriate moments in GIFs:

Sam Smith thanked his ex for relocating him (weirdly, he didn’t appreciate Tom Petty). Madonna twerked … kinda … ish … afterwards got twirled around by a Matador … kinda … ish.

Arianna Grande and Big Sean got all PDA-ish, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen danced in their seats, McCartney kinda danced in his, Jay Z and Beyonce hugged, Kim Kardashian looked confused, and Kanye …

Well Kanye was Kanye.

Kanye showed up for the initial time in 6 years and “pretended” to miscarry Beck. Program note: sanctimonious to miscarry is the same thing as essentially interrupting, Kanye. But we’ll let it slide.

Kanye has famously never won a Grammy for manuscript of the year, even nonetheless he all but demanded it in 2005, observant “If I don’t win Album of the Year, I’m unequivocally gonna have a complaint with that.”

Well, someway which proceed hasn’t worked yet, and still the Grammys impetus on but feeling thankful to offer Kanye up with anything alternative than an additional opening opportunity, and an event to run his mouth.

This year, Kanye angry Beck, observant which he should’ve since the Album of the Year endowment to Beyonce, and hidden which he and the alternative “real artists” have been by “playing” with The Grammys.

Meanwhile, his confused muse, Kim Kardashian showed up in this dress, which was the closest thing to superb about possibly of them.

Taylor Swift looked fierce, as did Rihanna and Paul McCartney. But the genuine story was Yeezus, and his entitled harangue after the show.

Was their a saving grace? Well, as regularly it was Beyonce with a relocating gospel performance which sealed the show.

As you’ve substantially heard, the 2015 Grammy Awards were hold final night, and a little celebs were plainly miffed which they weren’t invited.

In many cases, there was no genuine reason for them to attend, but in sequence to assimilate washed-up luminary genius you have to suppose giving an ice thickk thickk cream cone to a toddler, afterwards receiving it divided and forcing him to watch as an additional child devours it.

Or, you can only think of LeAnn Rimes.

When LeAnn isn’t bragging about contributing to a food drive, she’s reminding us all which she used to be a big understanding in the universe of music.

LeAnn Rimes at the Grammys, 1996

The print on top of is from 1996, which is rounded off 4 centuries ago in show commercial operation years, but which didn’t stop LeAnn from posting it over the weekend, with the following secret caption:

“Before Katy Perry shot whip thickk thickk cream from her cones, I had a span of my own. #14 #WhatWereYouDoingAt14 #StillSurreal”

Yeah, were you you do at 14, Katy Perry? Not winning Grammys, that’s for sure!

Of course, right away which you’re a grown lady you’re some-more expected outlay your week end personification the Super Bowl halftime show afterwards sitting around reminiscing about the final time any one gave a crap about your music, so there’s that.

It’s unhappy to think of LeAnn googling herself and afterwards posting which pic to her Instagram page in a unfortunate bid for attention. Or may be we should say, it’s unhappy until you remember how most LeAnn sucks, afterwards it’s only funny. 

Guys, it’s great to have one wedding, but TWO?! Now we’re talking.

Us repository is stating that Johnny Depp scored equally together Amber Heard in a small rite in a inlet that overlooks the ocean, with about dual dozen chairs set in reserve for guests.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Paul Bettany the Actor/Director/Scariest man in the universe in The Da Vinci Code (when he was the self-mutilating baddie! Yuck!) witnessed the vows, along with Depp’s dual young kids Lily-Rose (15) and Jack (12).

While this is Johnny’s second matrimony and Amber’s first, it is both of their second time behaving these sold matrimony vows to any other, as Depp and Heard were strictly scored equally together final week in West Hollywood.

Why get scored equally together twice? Well, it’s a luminary thing. The initial time is for the family and friends, and the second time is for the public.

The prior rite took place at Depp’s home, it was small and intimate. This one had snorkeling, drinking, song … the works!

But really, what embarressed bride doesn’t wish to event to dress-up twice, and to get scored equally together to Johnny Depp twice? It’s a small girl’s mental condition come loyal – LITERALLY, as Amber Heard was a small lady when Johnny was initial apropos a Hollywood heartthrob.

Heard (28) met Johnny (51) on the set of the movie The Rum Diary in 2011, and have been together ever since.

According to a source tighten to the couple, “things have been in a great place with them”, that is substantially great given they only got scored equally together twice.

Will they go for the tri-fecta? Only time will tell. Maybe we only goal these initial dual take.

They’re not utterly Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, but Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have utterly the large brood.

Brad and Angie have been already relatives to 6 kids – trimming in age from 6 to thirteen – and they’re reportedly formulation to enhance their house by taking advantage of a 2-year-old Syrian kid declared Moussa.

At Maleficent Premiere

Several media outlets have been stating which Moussa is vital in a interloper stay in Turkey, watchful for his embracing a cause in to the Jolie-Pitt family to be finalized.

Jolie reportedly met the kid whilst on vacation the stay as partial of her free work for UNICEF.

Jolie and Pitt got married in August, but have been together for over a decade. They adopted their initial kid together in 2005.

Both well known for tough merrymaking in their youths, Pitt and Jolie have right away fully devoted themselves to parenting, and have been applauded for their unselfish joining to their children’s happiness.

Brad and Angie’s kids many not long ago done headlines when it was rumored which 8-year-old Shiloh Jolie-Pitt had motionless to brand as a boy and asked family members to impute to her as John.

That inform has nonetheless to be confirmed, but the integrate has oral plainly about permitting their young kids the leisure to skirt and brand themselves as they please.

The Jolie-Pitts additionally have nonetheless to endorse which small Moussa is shortly to stick on their family, but insiders have indicated which an proclamation will be done inside of the subsequent week.