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The greatest names in song will accumulate this dusk in Los Angeles for the 57th annual Grammy Awards.

But many of these outrageous names additionally got together forward of time at a unison featuring Big Sean final night.

It was hold at the House of Blues in West Hollywood and those in assemblage included Jennifer Lopez, Kendall Jenner, Demi Lovato, J. Cole, Kanye West, Justin Bieber and Chris Brown.

We never suspicion the extravagantly renouned 2014 Oscars selfie could ever be surfaced in conditions of perfect star power, but take a demeanour below:

Epic Pre-Grammys Selfie

Did you ever design to see all these faces in one frame?

Lovato – who is enclosed in the snapshot, usually demeanour delicately – common the design on her Instagram account.

Big Sean was utterly changed by the large show of luminary support, essay on Twitter after this design went viral:

Me, my mom, my bro, Kanye, jay z, meek, Jlo, Calvin Harris, Chris brown, Travis Scott, J cole, justin, my fam, my fans, my friends, etc… In one building.

Which accumulate do you find some-more impressive? This pre-Grammy Awards print or the aforementioned design snapped at slightest year’s Academy Awards and posted here?

Dean Smith, the former University of North Carolina men’s basketball manager who late in 1997 as the all-time personality in Division 1 victories, died Saturday night at his home.

He was 83 years old.

Dean Smith

Smith coached the Tar Heels from 1961 to 1997, compiling a career jot down of 879-254 and winning NCAA championships in 1982 and 1993.

The propagandize additionally reached the Final Four eleven times underneath Smith.

“We have been beholden for all the thoughts and prayers, and conclude the one after another apply oneself for the remoteness as arrangements have been done accessible to the public. Thank you,” Smith’s family pronounced in the statement.

At the time of his passing, Smith was surrounded by his mother and 5 children.

Over the march of his mythological reign, Smith coached such stars as Sam Perkins, Bob McAdoo, James Worthy and Michael Jordan.

Due critical illness issues, mother Linnea supposed the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Smith’s interest from President Barack Obama in Nov 2013.

“It’s such a good detriment for North Carolina — the state, the University, of march the Tar Heel basketball program, but unequivocally the complete basketball world,” pronounced stream Tar Heels manager Roy Williams, who outlayed 10 years as an partner underneath Smith.

“We mislaid one of the biggest ambassadors for college basketball for the approach in which a module should be run. We mislaid a male of the top firmness who did so most things off the justice to assistance have the universe a improved place to live in.”

Last month, dear SportsCenter anchor Stuart Scott died. The contributor was additionally a part of of the University of North Carolina family.

THG sends the thoughts and prayers to Smith’s desired ones.

Police probing yesterday’s deadly car addictent involving Bruce Jenner wish to see his phone annals and the phone itself, approaching to see if he was texting and driving.

Bruce Jenner With Longer Hair

Saturday on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, Bruce Jenner was concerned in a car crash in which one chairman died and 7 were injured.

The 65-year-old Olympic hold up himself was unharmed.

Jenner already volunteered to go to a circuitously sanatorium to have red blood drawn for ethanol testing, and authorities dynamic which he was not speeding.

Law coercion sources additionally contend Bruce attempted to equivocate the accident, as the tires on trailer (behind his SUV) constructed poignant movement marks.

At the final minute, Bruce’s car swerved to the right, but was incompetent to equivocate the Lexus, which it hit, and caused to pitch left in to approaching traffic.

A Hummer strike the Lexus, murdering the Lexus driver.

The actions of Prius driver, who was strike from at the back of by the Lexus in the sequence reaction, have additionally been the theme of a little discuss by investigators.

That motorist told military she stopped at a red light, but was about 300 feet divided from one, and has given what authorities report as a “vague” account.

All of this creates the idea of Bruce temperament shortcoming for this tragedy appear unlikely, but understandably, the cops have been branch over each stone.

It’s bootleg to calm whilst pushing in the state of California, and if he was you do so when he strike a car, he could face a vehicular killing charge.

Photos taken right prior to stroke show Bruce possibly clutching something in his left hand but it’s misleading if it’s a phone, or anything for which matter.

Even if he was texting and pushing – a outrageous strech formed on all of this anecdotal justification – proof he was you do it at which impulse would be difficult.

Maybe even impossible. As for because they didn’t check his phone at the scene, one central responded which “we were some-more meddlesome in his sobriety.”

Bruce upheld the seriousness test, and was released no citations.

Jenner, of course, has been a luminary report tack for years, but never some-more so than in brand new weeks interjection to his startling gender transformation.

Rumors of a Bruce Jenner sex change have flush for years, but they’re no longer rumors; the passing from one to another will be documented in an E! being show.

The collision is still underneath investigation, but is not approaching to stroke his passing from one to another from male to woman, or his skeleton to betray it, in any approach we know of.

More sum to follow as the story develops …

So most for the NBC Nightly News… with Brian Williams.

In the arise of a debate over how he misled viewers per an situation in the Iraq War, the anchor voiced on Saturday that he’s receiving a leave of deficiency from his post.

Brian Williams on NBC

“In the surrounded by of a career outlayed covering and immoderate news, it has turn painfully strong to me that I am currently as well most a partial of the news, due to my actions,” Williams pronounced around statement.

He added:

“As Managing Editor of NBC Nightly News, I have motionless to take myself off of my every day promote for the subsequent multiform days, and Lester Holt has pleasantly concluded to lay in for me to concede us to sufficient understanding with this issue.

“Upon my return, I will go on my career-long bid to be estimable of the certitude of those who place their certitude in us.”

The liaison surrounding Williams began during a Jan thirty broadcast,, when he erroneously claimed his helicopter was strike by a explosive device in Mar 2003 as he lonesome the Iraq War.

Williams apologized on air final Wednesday.

Since then, the network has non-stop an inner review in to his coverage of the fight and alternative vital events, together with Hurricane Katrina.

Many have called for Williams to be fired as a outcome of this lie, notwithstanding how tasteful his daughter is and notwithstanding his ability to swat classical singles.

“We have a group dedicated to entertainment the contribution to assistance us have clarity of all that has transpired,” NBC News President Deborah Turness said in a memo on Friday.