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Bruce Jenner was reportedly concerned in a deadly car collision on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu today.

TMZ is stating which one chairman was killed in the wreck, and 7 others were injured.

Bruce Jenner Transformed

Bruce himself is reportedly unharmed, and it is not well known at this time if he bears any shortcoming for the crash, nonetheless he did set upon the car of the lady who was killed.

Jenner, of course, has been a publication tack in new weeks as a outcome of his highly-publicized gender transformation.

Jenner’s sex change has been the theme of rumors for years, and will right away be featured in an E! network being show.

The collision is not approaching to impact Jenner’s being show, as he is not approaching to face any charges in propinquity to the crash.

Early reports prove which 4 cars were concerned in the accident, and the 7 people who were treated with colour suffered usually teenager injuries.

Jenner has nonetheless to verbalise publicly about the incident, but TMZ reports which the former Olympian volunteered to go to a circuitously sanatorium to have his red blood drawn for ethanol testing, and authorities have already dynamic which he was not speeding.

We’ll have further updates on this story as more details turn available.

It’s protected to say Kendall Jenner has entirely emerged from the (often naked) shade of her comparison half-sister at this point.

But the subject right away needs to be asked: has Kendall Jenner essentially exceeded the cocktail informative stroke of Kim Kardashian? Or, if not, will she in the nearby future?

The 19-year old indication is everywhere these days, after all.

She’s on foot runways opposite the globe. She’s posting new, divulgence Instagram photos everyday. She’s going topless in public.

And she’s receiving a page out of the klassic Kim Kardashian playbook: she’s covering any pointless repository out there. Take a demeanour for yourself:

Simply put, Kendall Jenner cannot be stopped.

Is Kim vehement for her sister’s burgeoning career or is she jealous? Might she shortly movie an additional sex tape, usually to take the headline-making climax behind from her sibling?

We can usually hope.

Kim Kardashian took to Instagram on Friday night and dumbfounded supporters with a brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand new look?

What was the vital surprise? Kim was wearing clothing!

We kid, we child (moslty… Kardashian has left butt naked and full frontal in the brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand new emanate of LOVE Magazine).

In actuality, the being star has exceedingly shortened her locks, as evidenced by the following print she common online:

Kim Kardashian, Short Hair

“I cut my hair short today,” Kim wrote as a caption, removing right to the point.

We creed this is an tangible shift for Kanye West’s prettier half, who has fooled fans in the past with blonde wigs.

And she’ll have a possibility to indeed show it off to the universe this week end when Kardashian walks the red runner of the 57th annual Grammy Awards with Kanye on Sunday night in Los Angeles.

What do you think with Kim Kardashian with short hair? Is it a great demeanour on her? Or do you not caring as prolonged as she gets exposed on a unchanging basis?

Last night on Marriage Boot Camp Season 2 Episode 5, tensions were using generally tall in the residence … and even some-more so inside the Shocktagon.

You do not even wish to KNOW what which entails.

The tandems essentially underwent startle care to sense to communicate, but did which assistance or harm counts on Marriage Boot Camp Season 2 Episode 5?

Depends on how you demeanour at it, we suppose.

Is administering electric shocks each time someone gives the wrong answer unequivocally a equates to to precision them better? Or usually raising tensions higher?

If you watch Marriage Boot Camp online, you know which it’s as many about startle worth (pun oh so intended) as it is removing the couples to a improved place.

So we shouldn’t be surprised, but still. Wow.

Perhaps the many appropriate thing to come out of this part was Natalie Nunn revelation Heidi Montag, “Don’t f–k with me… I’m going to kick your f–king ass.”

Not surprisingly, Heidi stopped stealing from her opposition and apologized, since if you know anything about Natalie, you know that’s no dull threat.

Montag claims she wouldn’t have had Nunn’s male take his shirt off if she’d good known Natalie would get upset, which is finish crap, but oh well.

They changed on. Now we shall do the same.

After the foot campers’ performances in Shocktagon, and an additional cavalcade involving golf carts, their counselors attempted to weigh where things stand.

Kiwane is starting to open up. Well done.

Spencer Pratt is derisive Heidi at each turn, and is called out by Elizabeth for “deep secure issues which you equivocate by branch all in to a game.”

Sounds about right.

Rachel and Tyson get lectured for not communicating well, but when you’re on a show with Natalie, Speidi and Aviva Drescher, you could be worse off.

Natalie’s miss of apply oneself for her father is the greatest emanate in their relationship, whilst Aviva and Reid Drescher were the many engaging all night.

Reid essentially threw Aviva Drescher’s leg (above), a la her barbarous Real Housewives of New York City freakout, in the prominence of the evening.

After evaluations, Speidi picks up where they left off and starts fighting about the future. “I don’t wish a baby, babies cry…” Spencer whines.

Takes one to know one.

The Bobbi Kristina Brown box has resulted in a rapist investigation, with authorities focused on tainted fool around and specifically, the purpose of her “husband” Nick Gordon.

Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon Picture

One week ago, Brown was detected face down in the bathtub by Gordon and crony Max Lomas. She has been in a medically prompted deep sleep since.

Her family afterwards reportedly had Nick Gordon banned from saying her at the hospital, which was followed by an engaging explanation from Bobby Brown.

According to her important father, Bobbi Kristina Brown is not married to Nick and never was, notwithstanding her claims to have marry her “husband” in 2014.

Husband or not, according to TMZ, and citing law coercion sources, Bobbi Kristina was found with sure injuries which have irritated their interest.

The inlet and border of those injuries is not known, but the story of assault in between Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon is additionally a subject of concern.

Police have been seeking in to the probability which there might have been an rumpus some-more than an hour prior to Bobbi was found in the cylinder at her Georgia home.

Contrary to prior reports, it was crony Max Lomas (also an purported drug dealer), who found Bobbi Kristina submerged, not her husband/boyfriend.

He is believed to have arrived at their chateau around 9 a.m. last Saturday. He says he hung out with Nick Gordon but did not see Bobbi Kristina.

Max was told she was in the bedroom, and there was a indicate in which Nick wandered divided and Max says he didn’t compensate courtesy to his whereabouts.

Sometime after 10 a.m., a man from the wire association showed up to work in the home and Max let him in, with Gordon nowhere to be seen.

When the wire man pronounced he indispensable entrance to the bedroom, Max took him in there as well, and at which point, detected Bobbi Kristina in the tub.

Lomas screamed for Nick, who ran in and administered CPR; Bobbi Kristina was taken to the sanatorium by paramedics but hasn’t regained consciousness.

Her family continues to reason out goal for a miracle, but that’s what it would take at this point, as doctors contend Bobbi Kristina’s augury is grim.

Amid the comfortless reports which she might be taken off reason up await any day now, military have been digging deeper in to what happened which fatal morning.

Sources contend Max, in an talk with police, claimed which Nick allegedly spotless up the home and private red blood stains for reasons unknown.

Investigators interviewed both Max and Nick and instruct to reveal Max again, yet his counsel reportedly insists on shield prior to he speaks again.

As of this report, Max Lomas hadn’t perceived shield or talked to military a second time, whilst Nick Gordon has reportedly defended his own attorney.

Needless to say, we will go on to follow this review closely and post any one some-more sum as the story develops over the entrance days.

Mob Wives Season 5 Episode 8 picked up in the issue of final Wednesday’s epic throwdown, but one simmering argument did not get any reduction ridiculous.

That Mob Wives fight was the quarrel to finish all fights (or tighten to it) on final week’s monthly payment was so over the top, we didn’t know what to design next.

Hair pulling? Death threats? Table flipping? More genocide threats?

To contend which the power was not dialed down on Mob Wives Season 5 Episode 8 is a bit of an understatement, since man, these people get heated.

If anything, the epic argument in in between Karen and Natalie escalated.

While this was going on, Renee schooled a little headlines about her former husband, headlines which threw her for a double behind and done her subject a lot of things.

At the same time Drita schooled about damning report involving her Philly friend. What did pronounced damning report entail, you ask?

We can’t even do probity to this stupidity right now, or ever.

It’s additionally some-more fun to see it reveal for yourself if you’re in to the show. So watch Mob Wives online and have it occur … since you know you instruct to.

We all have the guilty pleasures. It unequivocally is okay.