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It’s about to get genuine for the contestants of American Idol Season 14. From opposite the country, hopefuls will deplane on Hollywood for the subsequent turn of competition. 

They’ll sing. They’ll cry. They’ll fall from exhaustion. Many will be eliminated. And from these will arise the Top 24. 

Let’s get to business…

American Idol Season fourteen Hollywood Week

As the contestants record in to the Orpheum Theatre, one thing stands out: Guitars. Lots and lots of guitars. 

The judges record in and discuss it the contestants they’ll be conference from everybody over the week, but first, there have been a small people they wish to see again. The standouts. 

None of the contestants know since they’re being called. Did they siphon in the auditions? Are the judges perplexing to have up their minds? Nerves, man. NERVES.

Jax, from the Brooklyn auditions, is called up first, which has to usually siphon for her. It’s the initial day, there have been 200 people in the room who wish to win, and you have to go FIRST. With no feedback from the judges until everybody has performed.

What happens is she sets the club very, unequivocally tall for everybody else.

Mark Andrew from Minneapolis goes subsequent with his guitar, followed by Emily Brooke, a fifteen year old from Florida. Sal Valentinetti croons his approach by an additional opening and tries to find out what the judges have been meditative prior to withdrawal the stage. 

Toy engineer Adam Ezegelian opts for an a cappella performance. He gets a small scream-y and may be a smidge sharp, but the assembly gives him a turn of applause.

Tyanna Jones who flew from Florida to San Francisco to try-out is invited to sing again for everybody and she kills it. This lady has essence and suggestion and all in between.  Savion Wright follows her anticipating this year will be his propitious year. 

Hollywood Anderson, from the Brooklyn auditions, hits the theatre in Hollywood week and sings Adele’s “Someone Like You.” Every. Single. Person. in the assembly is similar to “Welp. Might as good usually container it up and go home. He usually won it.”

Jennifer doesn’t similar to his reinterpretation and conjunction does Keith. He “wrecked it,” according to J.Lo.

After revelation the assembly to ease down and inhale prior to singing, Jennifer calls Shannon Berthiaume to the theatre to sing a small Stevie Wonder. She’s you do good and all is issuing and afterwards she forgets the words. She took a kick and picked behind up, but she unequivocally forgot the words. 

Pretty certain I can listen to Simon Cowell yelling at her right now.

Adam Lasher, whose try-out I do not remember, looks similar to may be he needs a shower. He’s unequivocally representing the stone fortuitous this year, or he’s trying. Harry thinks he’s a superstar.

Garrett Miles, the blind competitor from the Nashville auditions, takes the theatre subsequent to sing “To Make You Feel My Love.” He has a undiluted old nation voice. Perfect. He gets a station acclaim from the contestants.

Half the people who showed up with guitars have no thought how to balance or fool around them. 

Trevor Douglas, determined Bill Nye, cracks a fun about everybody else’s out of balance guitars when he takes the stage. Ten points to Gryffindor! This kid’s awesome. I goal he goes far.

Joey Cook will unequivocally have it to the Top 24, even but her accordion. She still has a ukelele and an extraordinary voice and presence.

The be scared attacks have already started for those who have been called to sing again. Or may be not to sing again. Who unequivocally knows? Amber Kalechi is already enormous underneath the pressure. She starts her audition, “Radioactive,” with a small step slight prior to receiving the mic out of the mount and regulating the stage.

Jennifer thinks she has bent but Harry didn’t think she sounded which great. 

Finally, everybody who sang on Day One is called to the theatre to sense their fate. It looks similar to half the contestants there sang again, but may be it’s only, like, a third. Or a quarter. Whatever.

Keith tells them they were asked to sing again since theirs were between the many noted from the auditions. Jennifer tells them they’re all safe. Harry tells those who didn’t sing which they, too, will be adhering around for an additional day.

That was flattering lame. 

On Day Two, the superfluous 175 contestants will take the theatre in groups of 10. They’ll any get an event to sing and they’ll be separated or modernized on the spot. Before any of the groups can take the stage, Jennifer tells them not to let their nerves get to them. Harry follows which up with “oh yeah, and half of y’all have been going home.”

Reno Anoa’i is the initial of his organisation and the initial of the day to sing, but initial he has to have his mother cry. Priscilla Barker, Jewel-esque singer, is additionally in this group. She has a unequivocally engaging voice.

Jaq Mackenzie, who looks similar to she stepped out of the pages of a 90s Delia*s catalog, is additionally in this group, and she has story with the Orpheum. Her parents mother and good aunt achieved there in Vaudeville. Her delivery of “Cool Kids” is flattering fantastic.

Jaq and Reno have it. Priscilla’s going home.

About a zillion alternative people get sent home, but the saddest one of all is the lady who, whilst crying, calls out “Mama…” and then, whilst stability to moan on her mother’s shoulder says, “What a distressing birthday present.”

Yep. That.

Erica Washington is there to move it and she channels her middle Alicia Keys to get there. Michael Simeon, who danced with Jennifer after removing a Golden Ticket, plays set of keys for his audition. He’s followed by Ron “Big Sexy” Wilson, who additionally plays the keys, and hopes to leave the foe with JLo’s digits. 

Both Michael and Big Sexy will live to ask JLo out on an additional date. They’ll substantially never get a approbation for that, though.

Gabby Z, a sixteen year old with a theatre mom, hopes “Bottom Of the River” will be sufficient to keep her in the competition. But she forgets the lyrics about 3 bars in and bursts in to tears, drops her guitar pick, and fundamentally falls to pieces from the nerves. 

Annnnnd that’s where we’re interlude for the night. We’ll sense Gabby’s formula tomorrow night when Hollywood Week continues.

SIGH. Stop us if you’ve listened this one before:

Kim Kardashian has gotten all exposed for a comparatively pointless magazine.

Just a integrate months after Kardashian revealed all for Paper, the being star has left utterly full frontal for the arriving emanate of LOVE Magazine.

The NSFW print – which facilities Kim wearing a Prada hair cloak and glasses, and zero else – was Tweeted currently by the announcement in allege of the Feb 9 newsstand recover date.

Kim Kardashian Nude in LOVE

Look for the Spring/Summer book of LOVE to embody a 30-page widespread of Kim Kardashian pictures, a small of which have already strike the Internet.

Like the one of Kanye’s improved half exposing her back finish whilst smoking a cigarette.

The repository will additionally run an swap cover of Kim’s half-sister, Kendall Jenner, removing up tighten and insinuate with Cara Delevingne… along with images of Kylie Jenner as a big-lipped blonde.

How unequivocally sweet, right? You know what they say: the family which poses seductively together stays together.

God assistance us if North West ever learns how to make use of the Internet.

Shockingly, however, Kim Kardashian doesn’t always take all of her garments off. Don’t hold us? See what we meant here:

Amber Heard Marries Johnny Depp!!!

Yup, they certain do!

Days before to their scheduled matrimony ceremony in the Bahamas, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp have gotten married. SURPRISE!

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Picture

According to mixed outlets, the insinuate exchanging of vows took place at Depp’s home in West Hollywood on Tuesday, with the dyad set to fly out to the Bahamas this week for a follow-up affair.

“It will be a unequivocally elementary ceremony,” a crony formerly tells Us Weekly of the pleasant getaway. “Things have been in a good place with them.

Depp (who is 51) and Heard (who is 28) got intent over the holidays in 2012 after assembly on the set of 2011’s The Rum Diary.

This is the initial matrimony for Heard and the second for Depp.

The dear actress was hitched to makeup artist Lori Allison from 1983 to 1986; he additionally control daughter Lily-Rose, 15, and son Jack, 12, with ex-girlfriend Vanessa Paradis, from whom he separate in 2012 after fourteen years together.

We send the really most appropriate wishes to the newlyweds!

According to a brand new report, Teresa Giudice is removing bulked up at the back of bars.

According to a brand new publication cover story, meanwhile, the ashamed being star will be bulking up something else once she gets out of prison: her bank account.

Teresa Giudice for Life & Style

The ultimate emanate of Life & Style facilities a print of Giudice, along with the explain which she has oral to the publication from prison and done one elementary vow:

I’ll be abounding again.

It’s good to see how her priorities have shifted divided from income and class, isn’t it?

Giudice is additionally allegedly in DANGER, the repository states, as she has a “target on her back” in jail.

She’s additionally “HATED” on by fans and is in “TEARS” since she misses her 4 children.

Teresa will be an invalid until February 6, 2016 and a little sources have pronounced Bravo might keep The Real Housewives of New Jersey on interregnum until afterwards since viewers usually unequivocally caring about Giudice.

It’s misleading either which inform is true, only as it’s misleading either or not Teresa is receiving favoured treatment whilst incarcerated.

Heck, it’s even misleading either or not she claimed she’ll be abounding again sometime soon. But would any one put it past her to do so?

Things to go on to get worse for uneasy hip bound mogul Suge Knight. 

Last week, Knight was arrested for attempted attempted murder after murdering his crony Terry Carter in a strike and run.

Yesterday, Knight was rushed to a sanatorium after reportedly pang a be scared conflict in court, before prolonged after he pled not guilty.

Suge Picture

Today, TMZ is stating that Knight is now handcuffed to his bed at Long Beach Memorial Hospital where he’s reception diagnosis for a potentially lethal red red red blood clot.

The former Death Row Records CEO is on red red red blood thinners, and routinely a full liberation would be expected.

In Knight’s case, however, this is usually the ultimate in a prolonged line of critical illness problems, and he’s not approaching to be expelled from the sanatorium any time soon.

Knight scarcely died from a red red red blood clot which he suffered in a Las Vegas jail behind in November. Prior to that, Suge was shot 6 times at a bar during a VMA after party.

The determined clots have been believed to be a outcome of the shooting, and it is believed which Knight’s condition is usually removing worse.

Sources contend Knight is underneath twenty-four hour notice during his hospitalization to safeguard which he does not try to escape.

Get ready for a story of grand function from the always-dignified mama of the Shannon family.

As we reported final week, Uncle Poodle tied together Alan Stevenson in a rite which was ostensible to be featured on TLC as a special partial of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. 

The partial never aired given the show was canceled in the arise of the Jun Shannon-Mark McDaniel sex scandal.

Poodle says he’s utterly alright with the actuality which the universe will never see his wedding, given assumingly it was a disaster…thanks in no small partial to June’s behavior:

June Shannon on TLC
Uncle Poodle Photo

“From the time she showed up, Jun was nonsensical and incoherent,” Poodle tells Radar Online, adding which she appeared to be underneath the influence.

“She was unequivocally out of it. Jun mumbled which she had a toothache and slept for dual or 3 hours. Production had to force her to get up for the ceremony. They were laughing, saying, ‘How can she show up similar to this? You’re removing tied together today!'”

“I wasn’t happy with June’s function or the approach any of it went down.”

There were multiform draw towards queens in assemblage for the ceremony, and they reportedly entertained 10-year-old Honey Boo Boo whilst her mom slept. Poodle says Jun withdrawal her kids left alone is zero new:

“June customarily doesn’t watch any of her kids. They do whatever they please.”

Poodle and Shannon have been feuding given the headlines of her event with McDaniel went public. It was reported final month which Shannon has criminialized Poodle from her domicile and prevented him from saying his nieces.


What has North West been up to whilst her mom has been cuddling with inflatable dolls and exposing her unclothed boundary moment for LOVE Magazine?

Kim Kardashian suggested the answer currently on Instagram.

First, the toddler has been receiving a small ballet classes, as decorated in this darling picture of the child, captioned by her mom with a elementary “My Tiny Dancer.”

North West in a Tutu

Following her dance lesson, Nori assumingly kept her clothes on (look at which tutu! Don’t you only wanna die?!?) and tickled a small white things on a grand piano.

“Morning piano session,” Kim wrote as a heading this time.

North West at the Piano

North has had a busy, darling week.

Previously, Kardashian posted shots of her behaving all angry and additionally behaving all happy whilst enjoying time with mommy.

The small one additionally stars on father Kanye West’s Only One song video, fixation her on the trail to stardom at a unequivocally immature age.

In a brand brand brand new talk with Ellen DeGeneres, the artist credited his mom and kid for creation him “shut up more” and solve down.

“I think I’m a improved tellurian being since of her, and since of my daughter,” Kanye said. “I regularly have someone to think about going home to. And, you know, something for me to be dauntless for what I wish to do for humanity, but additionally to be some-more protecting of myself for my family too.

“Cause there have been things I’ve finished in the past which were deliberate negative, but I was unequivocally jumping in front of the tank for alternative people or for enlightenment in a way, so right away I regularly have to have which in my thoughts which I have a family which I have to strengthen too.”

Earlier today, a lady declared Sabrina common the headlines of her post-Super Bowl sex with Julian Edelman on Tinder.

Since afterwards her selfie (which facilities a sleeping Edelman in the background) has left viral and reliable large stereotypes about womanlike Boston sports fans. (We kid!)

Julian Edelman Post-Sex Pic

Now, Sabrina deeply regrets her actions.

Not usually does the total universe right away know she’s the sort of lady to crash and tell, but she’s reportedly been criminialized from her the one preferred Boston hangouts.

Sabrina is desperately perplexing to have things right and scold her mistake…but assumingly no one told her that’s not how the Internet works.

“He upheld out and I was wearied I guess,” Sabrina tells TMZ. “I was dipsomaniac and I finished a inapplicable designation and I feel distressing about it.”

She adds which she’s dissapoint about being blackballed, but she doesn’t think the nightclub anathema will last:

“I have unequivocally finished my satisfactory share of clubbing in Boston. I have friends who work there who contend I’m still welcome. I do not know if I’ll go out any time soon, but that’s my choice.”

Sabrina additionally reveals (perhaps accidentally) which she’s, um…”friends” with multiform alternative Patriots players.

“Some of the players texted me which they were unequivocally disappointed,” Sabrina says. “i patently finished a inapplicable designation and I can’t take it back.”

Look Sabrina, the many critical thing when you tumble is to get right behind on the horse. In this case, the equine is a New England Patrioys player.

Have you seen how dipsomaniac Gronkowski was at the march today? We indicate you give him a call.

Hey, at slightest everyone’s changed on from DeflateGate to a opposite scandal. They should be thanking you, Sabrina!

The argument in in in between Kyle Richards and Brandi Glanville shows no signs of vouchsafing up, and Kyle has had zero but oppressive difference for her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star.

The uncanny thing is – Brandi seems to determine with Kyle’s criticism of the situation.

Brandi Drinking

Asked in a new talk since she motionless to star on Celebrity Apprentice, Brandi offering a little surprisingly self-aware comments about her own persona:

“I longed for to do a show which presumably my 11-year-old could watch,” Brandi said. “I do not let him watch Housewives, since I’m a hulk a–hole on which show.”

“I’m vehement to have this out and to have a change in in in between drunk-fun Brandi and right away you get to see Brandi you do commercial operation deals, tasks, and regulating my brain…instead of my booze glass.”

That final criticism seems to be a anxiety to the time Brandi threw booze at Jeff Lewis whilst looming on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live. Or may be she’s only reminding us she unequivocally likes to drink.

Whatever the case, it’s good to see which Brandi is wakeful of how she comes off on the show and which she essentially has a clarity of amusement about it. Lord knows she positively keeps the rest of us laughing.

Watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online for some-more of Brandi’s inebriated antics.

Longtime SUR server and Vanderpump Rules funny chairman Kristen Doute was dismissed by Lisa Vanderpump on Monday’s part of the strike Bravo show.

Doute, who had been with the grill for 7 years, spoke to the network in the arise of her dismissal, which she says she was not expecting.

Kristen Doute Reacts
Lisa Vanderpump Close Up

Doute was fired on Vanderpump Rules Season 3 Episode fourteen for being unpleasant to government on the prior episode, and many alternative times.

Lisa Vanderpump, father Ken Todd, and partners Guillermo and Nathalie Zapata forsaken the produce on Vanderpump Rules Season 3 Episode 14.

“I had this uncanny feeling and I happened to travel by the VIP room in the loll and I saw Lisa sitting with Ken and Guillermo and Nathalie,” Doute said.

“So I suspicion to myself, ‘Oh no, this isn’t good’ … I had a feeling it was about me.”

It was. The last straw, as you know if you watch Vanderpump Rules online, was her revelation her physical education instructor Diana to “walk the f–k away” and “suck a d–k.”

Walk divided from a screaming compare she was carrying in front of patrons, no less.

Even so, she competence have weaseled her approach behind onto the pursuit if she had apologized, which Lisa obviously longed for her worker to at which moment.

Instead, Kristen Doute denied any wrongdoing, in standard and realistic fashion.

Vanderpump tweeted after the actuality which her preference to glow Doute was difficult.

“No @kristendoute it wasn’t easy, but I think we both knew it was about time,” she wrote. “We all have mistakes … only a little some-more than others, from which we grow.”

It wasn’t as formidable for a little of her co-workers. After Doute’s banishment was done known, kitchen staffers were jubilant over the warlike being star’s ouster.

Doute, who has been perplexing to mangle up Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix with each essential element of her being, says she “should have give up a prolonged time ago.”

She additionally doesn’t appear to be full of rancour opposite her former boss.

“I have to say, I wouldn’t have any of this but her,” Kristen reflects following her boss’ preference to give her the heave-ho after all this time.

“I wouldn’t have the job, I wouldn’t have the show. So as many as I’m not her greatest air blower and clamp versa, I’m beholden for the opportunities she’s given me.”

Doute still hopes (against hope) which Vanderpump will move her back.

“I put my reason up on the line for everybody to see,” she said. “I wish to go on the journey. I do not wish to throw all divided only given I do not work at SUR.”

We wouldn’t routinely reason the breath, but you never can tell, given …

  1. Lisa Vanderpump is unequivocally flattering damn inclined to forgive in the end;
  2. She’s additionally a businesswoman, and Doute brings ratings.

Just saying. Don’t order it out.