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Suge Knight has been rigourously charged with murder.

The song noble was arrested final week in and with a hit-and-run which took place in Los Angeles.

Knight was allegedly intent in an evidence when he got in to his pickup lorry and corroborated over dual men. One of them, Terry Carter, died from the wounds he postulated as a outcome of the incident.

Reports state which Knight was being accosted by mixed group when he floored the gas pedal out of fright for his life. He claims he wasn’t wakeful he had struck any one when he fled at scene.

Suge Knight in a Sweatshirt

However, the cops lay Knight was perplexing to run over a nemesis name Cle “None” Sloan when he set upon Carter by mistake.

In further to murder, Knight faces charges of attempted intentional murder; set upon and run ensuing in death; and set upon and run ensuing in injury.

These have been all felonies.

Knight had his $2 million bail revoked today, whilst insiders contend video performed by deputies at the stage constraint a “portion” of what took place in Compton.

Authorities contend the footage strengthens the District Attorney’s box opposite Knight.

Knight, the co-founder of Death Row Records, incited himself in to military on Jan thirty after using over Carter, a friend, with his vehicle.

“The censure includes make use of of a lethal arms and causing good corporeal damage allegations and which Knight has before convictions, creation this a third set upon case,” the L.A. County D.A.’s Office pronounced progressing today.

Knight is set to crop up in the Compton building tomorrow. If convicted, he faces up to hold up in state prison.

The producer, of course, is no foreigner to brushes with the law. He’s been charged in the past with robbery, pushing with a dangling license, drug receive and attack with a deadline weapon.

16 Celebrities Who May Have Killed People
O.J. Simpson

1. O.J. Simpson
O.J. Simpson was arrested for the attempted attempted attempted murder of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ronald Goldman, heading to the hearing of the century in 1994-95.

Turns out, the New England Patriots and Tom Brady did not win Super Bowl XLIX.

Anna Kendrick and her Twitter comment did.

The singer – who done an coming herself during the diversion in the Pitch Perfect 2 Super Bowl trailer – finished up examination the big diversion alone in a road house room.

And Kendrick’s detriment (of face-to-face amicable activity) was everybody else’s gain.

Anna Kendrick Snapshot
Katy Perry at Halftime

First, Kendrick dissed the uncanny McDonald’s commercial, which promises name congregation a giveaway dish if they hugged their kin and committed identical acts of kindness.

“Listen, for a giveaway big Mac I could have up a little good shit about my mother too,” Anna wrote.

From there, Kendrick’s focused incited to the Katy Perry halftime show. 

Specifically, to Katy Perry’s bust during her halftime show.

“Ok, no one is anxious abt going in the 2nd half in a tie, but @katyperry is about to burst regularly in a small outfit. So we all have that,” Kendrick wrote, obviously vehement over the awaiting of a little cleavage.

The star afterwards simply combined “#Boobs” and one after an additional purgation over Perry (after Tweeting which her “acid only kicked in).

“Go Katy, Go! #StillStaringAtTheTittiesTho,” Kendrick’s extraordinary tide of alertness concluded.

We’d contend we’re astounded over Kendrick’s honesty and/or her love for an additional star’s in isolation parts… but this is the same chairman who once told a repository she masturbates to Ryan Gosling.

In associated news, we definitely venerate Anna Kendrick.

Katy Perry Halftime Show: See the GIFs
Katy Perry ROARS!

1. Katy Perry ROARS!
THIS is how you have an entrance! Katy Perry roared on to the Super Bowl halftime show theatre on the behind of a hulk feign lion.

As we go on to await great headlines in the unhappy box of Bobbi Kristina Brown, some-more sum have been rising about the daughter of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston.

Bobbi Kristina was hospitalized on Saturday for reasons which were misleading at the time. It was reported which she was found comatose in her bathtub, and most fans feared which 21-year-old had succumbed to a drug obsession similar to her late mother.

Bobbi Kristina Brown Photograph

However, authorities indicated which no drug were found in Bobbi Kristina’s home, and the means of her hospitalization is right away listed as “drowning.”

Sources contend Bobbi’s brain functioning was “significantly diminished” by her accident, and the early prognoses were bleak.

Now, however, it’s being reported which Bobbi Kristina is display signs of recovery, and whilst it is still different when – or even if – she will arise from her medically-induced coma, for right away doctors have been hopeful.

A summary posted to Whitney Houston’s central Facebook page currently offers a frightening but carefree comment of the situation:

“Bobbi Kristina is fighting for her hold up and is surrounded by evident family,” reads the statement. “As her father already stated, we have been asking you to respect the ask for remoteness during this formidable time.”

“Thank you for your prayers and good wishes, and we severely conclude your one after another support.”

We’ll have serve updates on Bobbi Kristina’s swell as some-more report becomes available.

Bobbi Kristina Brown: Through Good Times and Bad
Bobbi Kristina Brown Selfie

1. Bobbi Kristina Brown Selfie
We’re tighten up and personal with Bobbi Kristina Brown for this Twitter photo. She posted the selfie in Jul 2014.

Suge Knight’s bail has been revoked, officials confirm, withdrawal the former Death Row Records noble in control following his attempted attempted attempted murder detain final week.

Suge Knight Mugshot (2015)

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department cites probable declare intimidation, Knight’s rapist past and fright that he will rush prior to hearing as the arch concerns.

That will flattering most cover it, that trifecta.

Bail had been set at $2.2 million after Suge Knight was arrested for attempted attempted attempted murder in the genocide of Terry Carter, 55, whom he killed, allegedly, in a strike and run.

Knight’s attempted attempted attempted murder invulnerability is that he didn’t know he strike anyone, and was in fright for his life, after an rumpus with dual group at a burger joint.

Another male was hurt, but survived. Cle “Bone” Sloan, 51, postulated non-life-threatening injuries and might have been Knight’s dictated target.

Police hold Knight’s vigilant was really most to harm someone with his truck, and given his rapist record, that’s sufficient to keep him sealed up for now.

According to an central spokeswoman, the 49-year-old deliberate a moody risk, in further to a male who could intent in vital declare intimidation.

He is additionally a three-strike candidate, definition he’s in for a some-more critical sentence, carrying been convicted of dual or some-more aroused crimes or felonies in in California.

The bureau of Knight’s attorney, James Blatt, reliable they had “heard” that their scandalous client’s bail was revoked and were seeking in to it.

Suge is due in justice on Tuesday.

Suge Knight: From Death Row to Near Death
Marion 'Suge' Knight

1. Marion ‘Suge’ Knight
Marion Knight, improved well well known as Suge (for Sugar Bear) is recuperating after being shot in Aug 2014.

Knight founded Death Row Records in 1991, signing stars similar to Snoop Doggy Dogg (since renamed Snoop Dogg and Snoop Lion) and Tupac Shakur.

He was pushing the car in that Tupac was killed in a expostulate by in 1996, and has been well well known some-more for his most run-ins with the law ever since.

Knight outlayed years in jail for violating release on attack and weapons charges, and was shot 6 times at a Chris Brown unison final year.

Also final year, he was arrested to one side stand up comic Katt Williams, and charged with spoliation following an situation involving an assertive paparazzo.

As you’ve substantially heard, Katy Perry achieved at the Super Bowl final night, and the show was flattering most the clarification of pulling out all the stops.

It had everything: dancing sharks, Lenny Kravitz sanctimonious to fool around guitar, Missy Elliott sanctimonious Katy’s “dancing” isn’t hilarious…the one thing it didn’t have is the one thing we’d been seeking brazen to for months.

Katy and the California Gurls

Ever given it was voiced which she was personification the Super Bowl, there were rumors which Katy programmed to diss Taylor Swift during her performance.

But possibly she chickened out or there was no law to the inform in the initial place, given no one rescued a Swifty burn, and 100 million people can’t be wrong, right?

Enter the drama-starved obsessives who explain Katy all did hide in a poke at her rival, it was only so pointed which the assembly at home would never collect up on it.

See those dancers up there? The ones in the polka-dotted two-pieces? Well, a little hold that’s Katy’s approach of throwing shade at Taylor.

Yes, folks severely took to Twitter with the speculation which given Taylor has been well known to spasmodic stone a high-wasted, patterned bikini, which contingency be Katy’s wearing of banishment shots at Swift.

It would be one thing if the dancers looked anything similar to Taylor, or if one of them got dumped by Harry Styles in the center of the show. Then we’d be peaceful to cruise this theory.

As it stands, however, there’s no reason to hold which there’s dancers were up there for any reason alternative than adding even some-more eye sweets to the lurid, seizure-inducing stupidity which was Katy Perry at the Super Bowl.

Katy Perry Halftime Show: See the GIFs
Katy Perry ROARS!

1. Katy Perry ROARS!
THIS is how you have an entrance! Katy Perry roared on to the Super Bowl halftime show theatre on the behind of a hulk feign lion.

Troubled wiring tradesman RadioShack is reportedly on the verge of shutting the doors for great as partial of a understanding with Sprint, according to monetary insiders.

In associated news, RadioShack assumingly still existed prior to to this.

RadioShack Image

Under the due Sprint deal, half the company’s stores would be taken over by the wireless telecommunications giant, and embellished yellow and black.

The alternative half would close, according to Bloomberg News.

Nothing’s final, and until the understanding is finalized, an additional customer could appropriate up the association and concede it to keep on … you do whatever it is RadioShack does.

Given that it’s confronting failure and disappearing aptitude in the tech space, however, we would not reason the common breath for that scenario.

Sprint and RadioShack additionally have discussed co-branding the stores, but regardless, it looks similar to the finish for the company, that began in 1921.

Yes, 1921. As a mail-order tradesman for ham-radio operators and nautical communications officers, prior to expanding in to a wider operation of electronics.

Recent years have not been kind to RadioShack, though.

Remodeling stores and revamping the product lineup have finished small to revitalise sales, as the association has posted eleven true unprofitable quarters.

Sprint, meanwhile, is expanding the chain, so the doubtful pairing you have been about to see take figure could be the most appropriate of both worlds for any player.

Kids React to Old Computers

Miss the finish of Super Bowl XLIX? Obviously not, but if you had, these dual GIFs discuss it you all you need to know about the intolerable conclusion:

Richard Sherman GIF
Tom Brady GIF

The championship was in palm for the Seattle Seahawks. Or so it appeared.

Trailing 28-24, but with the football on the one behind yard line and the last seconds ticking down, all they had to do was palm the round off to Marshawn Lynch.

But they didn’t do that. Instead, the inconceivable (play call) happened.

Quarterback Russell Wilson threw a pass over the middle, ensuing in a overwhelming Malcolm Butler interception which clinched it for the New England Patriots.

Neither Seahawks all-pro defensive behind Richard Sherman or Patriots signal-caller Tom Brady were on the margin at the time their fates were sealed.

Despite which fact, or maybe since of it, their precious reactions to the main fool around were value a thousand words. Maybe even a million.

One could most feel Sherman’s anguish as Seattle’s second true pretension slipped by his grasp, a better snatched from the jaws of victory.

Out of all the unhappy faces in the world, no unhappy face has ever been sadder than Sherman’s at which moment. Win or lose, he wears his heart on his sleeve.

Last year’s Richard Sherman rant? This was roughly as epic. And Brady? What needs to be pronounced about his similarly awesome, but conflicting reaction?

The 37-year-old destiny Hall of Famer looked 37 going on 7, reminding us which football is usually a game, and those who fool around it have been all immature at heart.

Here’s one some-more demeanour at the overwhelming fool around which capped off one of the wildest Super Bowls in new memory, and stirred the all-time GIFs above:

Malcolm Butler Interception Wins Super Bowl XLIX

How do you not give the round to Marshawn Lynch? Pete Carroll and legions of bandwagon Seattle Seahawks fans opposite the republic will charity the day.

No one concerned will ever dont think about the day, however.

This year’s collection of Super Bowl commercials featured a series of big names.

There was Kim Kardashian shilling for T-Mobile; Mindy Kaling for Nationwide Insurance; and Liam Neeson for Clash of the Clans.

But the real star energy will regularly be on the big shade – and, fortunately, Super Bowl XLIX offering no necessity in which department, either.

Beginning with Chris Pratt’s tour in to JURASSIC WORLD, let’s take a demeanour at the blockbuster movie trailers which debuted on Sunday night:

Jurassic World Super Bowl Trailer

George Clooney will be receiving us a outing to TOMORROWLAND his year:

Tomorrowland Super Bowl Trailer

Mark Wahlberg, his bear and a sure Super Bowl MVP will all be featured in TED 2:

Ted 2 Super Bowl Trailer

Arnold pronounced he would be back, didn’t he? Watch this preview for TERMINATOR GENISYS:

Terminator Genisys Super Bowl Trailer


Minions Super Bowl Trailer

Is it prohibited in here? Or is it this FIFTY SHADES OF GREY trailer?

Fifty Shades of Grey Super Bowl Trailer

Sing it loud, sing it unapproachable and sing it with funny excitement: PITCH PERFECT 2 hits theaters this spring!

Pitch Perfect 2 Super Bowl Trailer

And, finally, keep Paul Walker in your thoughts as you watch this footage from FURIOUS 7:

Furious 7 Super Bowl Trailer

As for those beloved/hilarious/depressing/controversial/creative Super Bowl commercials from this year’s big game? Click divided below:

2015 Super Bowl Commercials
Kim Kardashian T-Mobile Commercial

1. Kim Kardashian T-Mobile Commercial
Kim Kardashian shills for T-Mobile in this commercial. But it’s not only any commercial: it’s a Super Bowl commercial!

Well, an additional football deteriorate might have come to an finish final night, but which doesn’t meant the NFL is by being humiliated.

Former Bucs and Raiders star Warren Sapp was arrested in Phoenix this sunrise on charges of assault and soliciting a prostitute.

Warren Sapp Photo

The sum of his purported crimes aren’t well well known at this time, but TMZ is stating which Sapp was taken in to control around 7 this morning, and requisitioned only moments ago.

Sapp was in the Phoenix area to cover the Super Bowl for the NFL Network.

In further to being a Hall of Fame defensive tackle, Sapp was a obvious media figure.

In further to his stream gig as a color commentator, Sapp competed on Dancing With the Stars, and even achieved stand-up humerous entertainment at the 2009 fry of Larry the Cable Guy.

This is Sapp’s third arrest.

He was picked up in 2010 for made at home battery, but the charges were in the future dropped. He was arrested on the same charges again in 2014.

It’s not well well known at this time if Sapp is still in control or if he’s been expelled on bail.

It’s an nauseous situation, but hey, there’s a splendid side if for Tom Brady and association – this should get folks to stop articulate about DeflateGate, at slightest temporarily.

53 Celebrity Mug Shots: ARRESTED!
Justin Bieber Mug Shot

1. Justin Bieber Mug Shot
Justin Bieber looks flattering damn happy here in his mop shot, doesn’t he? Perhaps that’s since he is underneath the change of… something.

In box you someway haven’t heard, Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio have been hooking up.

Naturally, this uncanny coupling has led to a little even weirder rumors, many of which receptive to advice similar to air blower novella true from the thoughts of a teenage Titanic obsessive.

Andele Lara Picture
Leonardo DiCaprio Red Carpet Photo

First came reports which Rihanna is profound with DiCaprio’s baby. Then we schooled which Rihanna betrothed Leo she wouldn’t get more tattoos for a little reason.

Like we said, flattering ludicrous stuff, but America’s many inventive publication writers aren’t finished creation up silly Rihonardo BS usually yet.

Enter OK! magazine, who claims this week which Leo isn’t the usually one creation silly final in his brand new relationship.

Some background: Leonardo DiCaprio is fat now. It competence be for a role, or it competence usually be since he’s freakin’ Leonardo DiCaprio, he doesn’t need to be fit to get laid, and cake is delicious. 

RiRi is assumingly not a air blower of Leo entering the Marlon Brando proviso of his career prematurely, so she’s pressuring the whiskered beauty to dump a little pounds:

“Ri’s got a little intensely tall standards when it comes to who she sleeps with and Leo falls out of this difficulty since he’s a lot flabbier than her common lovers,” says a source, adding which Ri has educated Leo to “get a six-pack.”

“Leo thinks it’s all rarely amusing. He’s never had a lady discuss it him what to do, so you can suppose how most he’s amatory it.”

We do not know what’s funnier: the explanation which Leo has been personally longing fortify all this time, or the thought which the lady who antiquated Chris Brown and Drake has “extremely tall standards” for her sex partners.

37 Ridiculously Racy Rihanna Photos
Rihanna, Instagram Photos

1. Rihanna, Instagram Photos
Rihanna poses with Instagram photos. In Complex!