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Nicki Minaj has her bust on full arrangement in the ultimate emanate of Rolling Stone.

But, for a change, it’s essentially the difference oral by this artist to the announcement which have people talking.

That’s since Minaj opens up to the repository about the stop she underwent as a teenager.

Nicki Minaj for Rolling Stone

In the cover story, Minaj talks about an comparison man from Queens she antiquated whilst she was a tyro at the performing-arts tall propagandize LaGuardia.

The attribute led to an astonishing conceiving physically and afterwards to a preference which weighs on Nicki’s thoughts to this day.

“I suspicion I was going to die,” she tells Rolling Stone. “I was a teenager. It was the hardest thing I’d ever left through.”

In the brand new lane “All Things Go,” Minaj hints at the stop of this pregnancy, rapping which “my kid with Aaron would’ve been sixteen any minute.”

Speaking without delay of the stop to Rolling Stone, Minaj says the preference is something which “has condemned me all my life.”

The Grammy hopeful (and THG Celebrity of the Year #8) is obviously still influenced by her past, nonetheless she did what she believed was right at the time.

“I wasn’t ready,” she says. “I didn’t have anything to suggest a child.”

19 Nicki Minaj Fun Facts!
Nicki Has One Tattoo

1. Nicki Has One Tattoo
It says “God is regularly with you” in Chinese. Nicki says she regrets it and has suspicion aboutn carrying it removed.

Okay, we’ve listened copiousness of silly rumors about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s marriage over the past 7 months (our the one preferred is the one about Kanye denying sex to Kim), but the ultimate from In Touch competence usually take the cake:

The publication claims which Yeezy exerts such despotic carry out over his matrimony which he insists on commendatory Kim and daughter North’s outfits. Every. Single. Day.

The Wests

“Kanye has a prophesy and he wants all to live up to that,” a source says, as if whilst shouting hysterically. “So he’s since Kim manners which she regularly follows.”

What about when Kim and Kanye spent a month detached recently? Same deal. According to In Touch, the integrate has devised a complement for when they’re distant by distance:

“Every morning, she sends him photos of the outfits she’s going to wear for his approval,” the insider claims, adding which ‘Ye has since his mother a pre-approved list of designers to wear.

Surprisingly, Kanye also reportedly insists which Kim wear reduction makeup and go for a some-more “natural” look.

“He wants to show their daughter, North, which healthy is beautiful,” says the source.

Of course, that’s not his usually conform order for 18-month-old Nori:

“Kanye motionless early on which North would usually wear neutral colors. The usually time North ever gets to wear something super gentle is when Khloe watches her – it’s conform initial with Kanye!”

Yes, Yeezy picks out his daughter’s garments for the same reason he forces North to lay by runway shows – city slicker insists on raising a daughter who’s spooky with fashion, as yet he didn’t already safeguard which by knocking up a Kardashian.

31 Totally Adorable North West Photos
Morning, Kim and Nori!

1. Morning, Kim and Nori!
It’s Kim Kardashian and daughter Nori! The former posted this print online with a elementary caption: Good morning.

Yesterday, we schooled which Maci Bookout is profound with her second child.

It was acquire news, as Maci has avoided most of the play that’s cheerless her Teen Mom co-stars, and she’s now in a fast attribute with motocross race horse Taylor McKinney.

Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney

Maci sat down with In Touch not long ago to plead her flourishing family and her relationship, and whilst there’s assumingly no law to the gossip which Bookout and McKinney have been engaged, fans should design to listen to matrimony bells in the really nearby future.

“Before I got pregnant, we talked heavily about marriage,” Bookout told the tabloid. “We still do, but I do not instruct to be a profound bride. That would be approach as good stressful. Plus, I instruct to have fun at my wedding.”

Maci additionally voiced her concerns about being judged by friends and family for carrying a second child out of wedlock:

“Obviously, I instruct we would have been tied together first, but all will come together afterwards. I’m a bit distressed – I only goal people do not judge. We have been a small frightened which people won’t be as understanding as we instruct them to be since we’re not married.”

Fortunately, Maci says her 6-year-old son Bentley is “beyond excited.” 

“He’s already nicknamed the baby Bubby,” she says, adding which the lady will expected be declared Jun or Harley. 

Hey, competence as good keep the “vehicles you can’t afford” thesis going. We kid!

Watch Teen Mom online at TV Fanatic to see Maci’s early struggles with her initial kid.

15 Insane Teen Mom Moments
Amber Portwood-Gary Shirley Fight

1. Amber Portwood-Gary Shirley Fight
Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley FIGHT on MTV’s Teen Mom. It’s one for the ages right here.

We’ve listened about a lot of reticent criminals in the day, but being dismantled by your own toilet paper? Eric Frey stands alone in carrying completed which indeterminate feat.

Toilet Paper Roll

The would-be pizza emporium robber, 29, was related to the crime by toilet paper in his Pennsylvania chateau and apprehended by internal law enforcement.

Uniontown military contend Frey attempted to sack Michael Maria’s Pizza on Saturday by handing an worker a note created on toilet paper. Its summary was simple:

“I have a gun. Give me $300.”

Police arrived prior to Frey could leave, after an worker strike a be scared button, so they were possibly really quick or he’s only delayed as crap at robbing people.

Clearly he’s not really great at it, in any case. Caught in the act, Frey told officers he was forced to dedicate the spoliation by a large, whiskered male with a gun.

The whiskered bully accosted him in a circuitously alley and put him up to this, he pronounced … but military searched his unit and wiped out (har har) which story.

When the authorities arrived, they found a newly non-stop hurl of toilet paper, and on it, the coop sense from Frey’s melancholy note on an outdoor sheet. 

Talk about flushing out the law … or something. No word if it was one- or two-ply, or code name or general TP, but the wannabe limb is right away sealed up.

As have been some, but not all of these folks from THG’s Strange But True News Hall of Fame. It’s an heterogeneous brew of tellurian beings, which most is for sure …

Strange But True News Hall of Fame
Jasmine Tridevil: Florida Woman Gets Third Breast to Become "Unattractive to Men" (And Land Reality Show)

1. Jasmine Tridevil: Florida Woman Gets Third Breast to Become “Unattractive to Men” (And Land Reality Show)
Jasmine Tridevil is a Florida lady who had a third breast surgically ingrained in between her alternative two. She says she hopes to land an MTV being show.

Teresa Giudice might be a being star, but which doesn’t meant the law-breaking Real Housewives of New Jersey expel part of is in touch with reality.

Case in point: the following video.

It facilities Giudice and Dina Manzo teaming with to recite a couple of resolutions for 2015.

Teresa Giudice and Dina Manzo Resolve To…

“Going brazen I would similar to to stop eating bad carbs,” Giudice says, adding which she wants to get her important “ass” back.

This would be a ideally normal arrange of fortitude to make… if Giudice were not confronting fifteen months in jail for monetary fraud, a judgment which starts on Jan 5.

You’d think maybe Teresa would be some-more endangered with vowing to be a improved mom to her 4 children; or vowing to equivocate jail after this army is over; or jusy vowing to no longer siphon as a tellurian being.

But nope.

Giudice’s alternative resolutions embody “being around certain people,” as good as “keeping the faith.”

She creates no discuss of her stirring army in the slammer (which will be followed by father Joe Giudice portion 40 months at the behind of bars).

At one point, Manzo says “I wish to be some-more extemporaneous this year. If I wish to go divided somewhere, I’m only going to let which occur and people will figure things out.”

“You should!” Giudice responds. “I have 4 small ones so I can’t do that.”

Note to Teresa: it won’t Gia Giudice and association who will be land you at the behind of from going divided somewhere. It will be the steel jail bars.

13 Classic Teresa Giudice Moments
Teresa Giudice: Table Flipping

1. Teresa Giudice: Table Flipping
And right away for the classic. Teresa’s face is precious as she famously flips the table. Bravo. Bravo.

Sad headlines out of the radio universe today:

Christine Cavanaugh, an singer most appropriate well known for voicing Chuckie on The Rugrats and the pretension impression in the movie Babe, has upheld away.

She was 51 years old.

Christine Cavanaugh Image

According to TMZ insiders, Cavanaugh mislaid her hold up on Dec twenty-two and her means of genocide is different at this time.

Along with the aforementioned roles, Cavanaugh voiced characters from Darkwing Duck, Aladdin, The Critic, The Powerpuff Girls and The Wild Thornberrys.

Cavanaugh late from behaving in 2001 and did not have any biological children.

She did offer as the godmother to a kid of a tighten friend, however. We send the thoughts and the condolences to her desired ones.

Celebrities We Lost in 2014
Philip Seymour Hoffman

1. Philip Seymour Hoffman
R.I.P. Philip Seymour Hoffman (1967-2014). He will perpetually be missed!

Looks similar to the Millennium Falcon competence be removing given with a little chintzy rims and a tip accumulate spot, since Jesse Pinkman is rumored to be receiving the wheel.

In further to the J.J. Abrams-directed Episode VII slated for recover in Dec of 2015, Disney skeleton to furnish a array of standalone spinoff facilities with assorted directors at the helm.

One such movie is rumored to core around the adventures of a immature Han Solo, with Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul in the heading role.

Aaron Paul with a Beard
Han Solo Photo

Thus far, this gossip has been reliable by only no one who’s continuous to the production, but it’s been reported as actuality by a site called Making Star Wars which essentially has a flattering great lane jot down with courtesy to accuracy.

Of course, we’ll patrolman to a bit of wishful-thinking bias, since we’re severely anticipating we’ll get to listen to the line, “It’s the boat which done the Kessel run in reduction than twelve parsecs, bitch!”

Let’s not get forward of ourselves in conditions of Star Wars rumors, though.

The piece for one person Solo crack (if it happens at all) won’t be expelled for years, so let’s only concentration on how overwhelming the Episode VII trailer looks and try to extended sleep until this time subsequent year.

You know a movie will be badass when even the fake, fan-made trailers demeanour amazing.

So yeah, the ardour for a universe far, far divided will shortly be sated, and we should be happy with what’s already in store. Still, we can’t stop meditative which Paul as Solo would be undiluted casting…

And yes, most have already done the fun which Khloe Kardashian should be expel as Chewbacca, but we’ll repeat it here anyway, since it’s the brand brand new year’s fortitude to stop being distressing people, but final we checked, it’s still 2014.

11 Memorable Scenes from the Star Wars Trailer
John Boyega As...

1. John Boyega As…
… A Stormtrooper, we assume. But could this brand brand new expel part of be posing as a Stormtrooper?

Kylie Jenner’s name roughly can’t be referred to on amicable media or report sites these days but a anxiety to her bold, plump, presumably artificially extended lips.

Or her age, which is 17. Seven. Teen. But often her lips.

A demeanour at a little photos of Kylie Jenner’s lips from this month, compared to final December, unequivocally drives home why. This side by side relapse says it all:

Kylie Jenner Lips: 2013-2014

It seems similar to a every day eventuality which the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star posts a controversial, age-inappropriate selfie with those puckers front and center.

She knows the courtesy this gets, and pretends it bothers her sometimes, since you can’t confess you’re trolling for celebrity which hard, but Kylie obviously loves it.

Jenner not long ago denied cosmetic operation rumors, and attributed her becoming opposite demeanour to complicated mouth ship and consultant makeup application, a la big sister Kim Kardashian.

Whatever she wants to charge to … wow. Just wow.

Last week, Jenner was at it again, relating mauve lipstick with a glittery hazed eye and bodacious fake eyelashes to attend the Kardashian Yuletide party.

Her coming there was zero short of shocking.

Jenner’s vast lips, compared to Yuletide 2013, have her demeanour similar to she’s elderly 5-10 years, not one. And she was still in to big lips by final year! Wild.

How competence the epic mutation go on in 2015?

We can’t even imagine, but take a demeanour at the print art studio next to see how the 17-year-old (!) has remade to illustrate far and try to collect your jaw line up off the floor:

Kylie Jenner Then and Now

1. Kylie Jenner Then and Now
Kylie Jenner right away and only a couple of years ago. She looks a tad different.

Well, it’s official…sort of.

Months after a gossip that Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney have been tied together widespread opposite the Internet similar to wildfire, one publication has dialed it behind and is right away claiming which Gaga and Kinney got intent over the holidays.

Lady Gaga with Green Hair
Taylor Kinney Photograph

On Yuletide Day, Gaga tweeted, “Merry Yuletide monsters, currently has been the happiest day of my life.”

Interesting, but there have been a lot of reasons the Mother Monster might have felt which way. Maybe she eventually got the brand new immaculate steel pap clamps or shrunken gorilla conduct she’s been asking for.

But In Touch jumped on the mysterious twitter and claimed to have all the answers.

Yes, according to the tabloid, Kinney due to Gaga, and she accepted.

In fairness, there is a good understanding of justification which suggests Gaga and Kinney will be removing hitched in the nearby future.

Gaga was seen marriage skirt selling in Toronto behind in July, and both she and Kinney have been speckled rocking expensive-looking rings on that finger. (Engagement or “commitment” rings for dudes have been all the fury in Hollywood these days.)

So it’s utterly probable Yuletide was scarcely happy for Gaga since her city slicker eventually got down on bended knee. Actually, this a Lady Gaga offer we’re articulate about; he substantially tattooed the offer on his behind and had a opening artist threw up on it.

Ya know, traditional-style.

41 WTF? Lady Gaga Photos
Lady Gaga: Tattoo, No Top!

1. Lady Gaga: Tattoo, No Top!
Lady Gaga gets a outrageous tattoo, and no pants or tip have been being ragged in the routine of her removing it. Pretty great.

Nice try, Kim Kardashian.

You took off your clothes. You widespread oil all over your behind end. And you attempted to mangle the Internet around a set of exposed photos in Paper Magazine. 

But you failed.

A goat declared Stephie might have succeeded, however, and she didn’t need to unclothed a singular in isolation partial to viewers in the following video: she simply had to cackle up a good understanding of peanut butter.

Goat Eats Peanut Butter

Trust us, this footage is a lot cuter than it might sound.

With the year entrance to an end, right away is an preferred time to hearken behind to alternative lovable animal videos on THG in 2014, such as this languor and this baby; along with this hulk panda personification in the snow.

You’re welcome!

14 Animals GUARANTEED to Make You Smile
Pandas on a slide.

1. Pandas on a slide.