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Back in August, Michelle Duggar helped quarrel an anti-discrimination check in her hometown of Fayetteville, Arkansas by lending her voice to a robo-calling debate propelling residents to demonstrate their exasperation with Ordinance 119.

The bidding was written to forestall businesses and landlords from cultured opposite intensity employees and tenants on the basement of race, gender, religion, or passionate orientation.

Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar Photo

Michelle’s robo-calls stated which the check would capacitate “males with past child predator convictions” to “enter in isolation areas which have been indifferent for women and girls.”

In further to lending their names and luminary standing to the efforts to have the check overturned, Michelle and Jim Bob donated $10,000 any to politicians who affianced to quarrel Ordinance 119.

Earlier today, the check was overturned in the Arkansas state parliament by a slight domain of 52-48.

The Duggars impasse in fighting the bidding resulted in an accusations of “LGBTQ fear-mongering,” and a renouned apply to to have nineteen Kids and Counting canceled, due to viewed hatred speech.

Michelle launched a counter-petition to save the show, but since the Duggars growing popularity, it’s doubtful which TLC ever severely deliberate axing what’s solemnly turn the network’s flagship series.

Of course, there’s no approach of meaningful if the check would have been overturned but the Duggars’ intervention, but since how tighten the last opinion was, this seems to be nonetheless an additional denote of the family’s flourishing domestic influence.

Watch nineteen Kids and Counting online to see how it all proposed for the elementary family from Arkansas.

SO Many Duggars
A Duggar Family Pic

1. A Duggar Family Pic
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have been still operative on which 20th kid.

It was a year which saw the Seattle Seahawks fall short the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl, along with Germany move up an additional World Cup trophy.

It was additionally a year in which we sadly pronounced goodbye to an iconic mount up comic and, tragically, pronounced hello to a organisation good known as ISIS.

Ebola resurfaced. Racial tragedy escalated. And celebrities opposite all industries dumped ice cold H2O on their heads in sequence to lift millions for an critical cause.

Below, we countdown the tip 10 events which trended on Facebook in 2014, as we lay behind and wonder: What will 2015 bring?

10 Most Newsworthy Trends on Facebook in 2014

10. ISIS
Sadly, ISIS will expected go on to be a trending subject good in to 2015.

In associated galleries from the past couple of days:

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Which events mount out the many to you from 2014? And what do you think will have this list one year from now? Sound off below!

Teresa Giudice is reduction than a month divided from commencement her 15-month jail sentence, but sources contend she’s land up good and attempting to yield her young kids with as normal a legal holiday deteriorate as possible.

Teresa hasn’t been reception await from the approaching sources (there have been reports which Joe Giudice skeleton to record for divorce after she turns herself in), but she has been sketch strength from reduction expected sources, such as associate Bravo oldster NeNe Leakes.

NeNe is now starring in Cinderella on Broadway, and Teresa took her 4 daughters to check out the show final night.

Teresa Giudice and NeNe Leakes

NeNe posted the on top of print on Instagram with a heading reading, “My lady Teresa Giudice came to Cinderella final nite with her pleasing daughters to await me! I love the girls! They were so fabulous!”

“[Teresa] looks so good!” NeNe added. “She’s a super clever woman!”

NeNe and Teresa got their starts on Bravo around the same time, and they’ve talked plainly about their loyalty over the years.

Just final month, NeNe settled which she’ll revisit Teresa in jail once her judgment begins.

In the meantime, sources contend NeNe has offering to support Teresa and her family in any approach which she can, both during Teresa’s superfluous weeks of freedom, and whilst she’s you do her time.

Watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online at TV Fanatic to see Teresa in happier times.

11 Teresa Giudice GIFs That Should Worry Her Fellow Inmates
Table Flipping Fiend

1. Table Flipping Fiend
Teresa Giudice is not gonna take any crap. Her table-flipping repute will convey her in prison, interjection to The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 1.

At slightest dual people were shot at Rosemary Anderson High School in Portland, Oregon, on Friday, according to reports. The border of their injuries is not known.

The suspect, or suspects, have given left the area. Police have been investigating.

Portland Cops

Rosemary Anderson H.S. is an pick tall propagandize in North Portland. 

Early reports prove which a 17-year-old was shot in behind and a apart womanlike tyro was shot in the chest, and which military have been acid for the suspects.

Both Portland Community College’s Cascade campus and Jefferson H.S. have been on lockdown after the sharpened at the school, where 190 students attend.

Story building …

Tamara King, who lives nearby the propagandize with her father and 4-year-old, was on the dilemma of the travel when she listened 5 shots in fast progression.

After conference the shots, she saw at slightest 4 young kids scatter, diving underneath a car to equivocate gunfire. She called 911 at 12:13 p.m. PST, she told Oregon Live.

A short time after she saw dual kids being installed in to an ambulance.

Tamar & Vince Season 3 Episode 7 focused on truth, lies and babies.

Intrigued as to only how those 3 fit together? Just ensue …

Watch Tamar & Vince Season 3 Episode 7 Online

Where to begin? At the conflict of Tamar & Vince Season 3 Episode 7, one half of this important being TV integrate finished up being grilled per this consequential issue:

Does she wish to get profound with a second kid or not? 

In a growth which was not at all scripted for the consequence of their being show, Tamar was someway forced to take a distortion detector exam so we could sense the truth.

If you watch Tamar & Vince online, have been you surprised?

Meanwhile, Tamar was additionally rapt with compelling a brand brand new lane whilst sophistry both her brand brand new speak show and her conform line. A lot on her image for sure.

Vince, meanwhile, was ready to move Miracle home.

How did it go? Did their Miracle arrive only in time for the holidays? Just follow the couple on top of to see the play reveal from begin to finish right here and now.

It was usually a make a difference of time prior to someone in Hollywood said something colossally foolish about the Sony hacking scandal, so may be the rest of the locale owes Judd Apatow a debt of gratitude.

But prior to we get to the idiocy, a little credentials report is in order:

Judd Apatow Photo

You might not have listened about Sony removing hacked, given it wasn’t scarcely as harmful to the reputations of showbiz bigwigs as the North Korean organisation obliged had hoped it would be. (Read: no one cared.)

Basically, a little in isolation emails were leaked, a little producers looked foolish and arguably racist, we found out Sony is as ill of Adam Sandler as the rest of us, and which was the finish of it.

Unless you’re Judd Apatow…

If you’re Judd Apatow, this total thing is on standard with a sex crime. Judd Apatow feels violated! To Judd Apatow, it’s only similar to which time bare photos of Jennifer Lawrence were stolen and leaked online. Seriously:

“Releasing in isolation Sony e mails to harm people is the same as releasing bare photos of Jennifer Lawrence,” Apatow tweeted. “Why have been they ok to print?”

Yeah, guys – Judd Apatow is hurt! Which is weird, given to illustrate far, nothing of the leaked emails have endangered Apatow. We’re guessing there’s one on rug about how he hasn’t created a decent movie given Pineapple Express. 

So, the city slicker thinks a little producers being forced to answer for their BS is the same as The Fappening – in which hundreds of immature women had their many insinuate moments unprotected to the universe opposite their will.

The Fappening: eleven Lessons We Learned From the Nude Photo Scandal
Jennifer Lawrence Loves Selfies

1. Jennifer Lawrence Loves Selfies
J-Law unequivocally loves posing for bare selfies. Unfortunately for her, someone pennyless in to her in isolation collection.

That’s flattering dumb, but it’s arguably not as reticent as what Apatow pronounced next:

“When they can do whatever you wish with Sony they can do whatever they wish with the grid,” Judd tweeted, to illustrate overwhelming the universe with the explanation which a male this unenlightened is able keyboard.

Yes, it’s true, y’all. The US is receptive to a cyber-terrorist conflict and the tip invulnerability experts were as if all preoccupied to this actuality until Judd Apatow went and got his panties in a garland given a little senior manager got called out for job Angelina Jolie a brat.

So may be we should appreciate the hackers for indicating out the vulnerability. Maybe right away we’ll stop gripping the chief launch codes in a record with “password” as the password.

Actually, no – we should appreciate Judd Apatow, the final loyal patriot. You can go behind to essay jokes about Seth Rogen’s dong now, Judd.

We have been happy to make known which it’s which time of year, THGers.

The time to betray the finalists for, and in the future the leader of, The Hollywood Gossip’s prestigious, arbitrary, 8th Annual Celebrity of the Year honor, which is.

Between right away and the finish of 2014, we will be counting down the 10 stars who supposing us with the year’s most appropriate moments, stories, scandals and party value.

Today we flog off this fun, annual countdown convention with …

Celebrity of the Year Finalist #10, Ariana Grande!

Ariana Grande on Today

Plenty of people knew who Ariana was before to this year.

A gifted thespian and singer, she starred on Victorious and Sam & Cat for Nickelodeon, and had already started to settle her burgeoning song career.

Nowadays, however, she’s adjacent on domicile name status. Or at slightest mononym status. Like Mariah, to whom she’s mostly compared, here’s usually one Ariana!

Not only since of her strike songs and outspoken stylings – as superb as they competence be – either. Grande has turn a bona fide luminary report staple.

Every month, the Grande mindfulness grows on the web.

Between her attribute with often co-operator Big Sean to those persistent, annoying feign nudes which keep surfacing to the Ariana Grande diva rumors …

Let’s only contend we never run out of element here at THG!

29 Hottest Ariana Grande Photos
Hot Ariana Grande

1. Hot Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande is such a immature hottie. Just do not hold those bare pics floating around. Not unequivocally her.

She obviously had no “Problem” creation strike songs in 2014.

While the petite Floridian warranted her copiousness of credit with prior hits “The Way” and “Baby I,” it was the cocktail strike featuring Iggy Azalea which took her to the subsequent level.

Since then, she has not looked back. Her album, My Everything, has been one of the year’s tip sellers, and there’s no pointer it will “Break Free” of which designation.

See what we did there? No? Either way, we love us a small Ariana, in annoy (or may be because) of the actuality which she creates people lift her similar to a baby when she’s tired.

Those diva rumors we talked about? At slightest to some extent legit.

She’s additionally flattering cute. Doesn’t hurt. Click to increase most some-more Ariana Grande photos on top of and see because copiousness of guys have been flattering sceptical of Big Sean.

And for a small credentials on this taking flight star, click here:

23 Facts About Ariana Grande
Her Name Was Inspired By a Cartoon

1. Her Name Was Inspired By a Cartoon
Ariana’s name was desirous by Princess Oriana from Felix the Cat!

Kat Graham is a singular lady once again.

According to E! News, the singer has finished her rendezvous to Cottrell Guidry after dual years of portion as any other’s fiancee and fiancé, respectively.

“It’s happened a whilst ago,” a source says of the Graham and Guidry split. “There wasn’t any play and they have been still friends.”

Kat Graham and Cottrell Guidry

(Editor’s Note: Wouldn’t you love to see a repute come out a little time and contend there was play in a break-up and the dual halves have been no longer friends?)

Graham and Guiidy voiced their rendezvous in Oct 2014, with Graham revelation E! this tumble which the marriage formulation is “basically done.”

We consternation what happened given then.

In associated news, Graham’s co-star, Ian Somerhalder, might have been rendezvous ring selling for Nikki Reed this week; whilst an additional co-star, Candice Accola, got tied together multiform weeks ago in New Orleans.

We send Graham and Guidry the most appropriate wishes going brazen and we can’t wait for to watch The Vampire Diaries online in 2015 to see some-more of Graham as Bonnie “Get Me Out of 1994” Bennett.

Celebrity Break-Ups of 2014
Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks

1. Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks
Say it isn’t so!!!! Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks, stunningly, called it quits in Sep 2014.

When The Walking Dead Season 5 earnings with brand brand brand brand new episodes on Feb 8, we’re certain there will still be lots of red blood and gore and assault and death.

But there will additionally be something new, executive writer and showrunner Scott Gimple tells E! News.

“The behind 8 has a really engaging structure,” Gimple teases of arriving episodes. “There have been a little really romantic moments, there have been a little really funny moments and there’s a outrageous shift for the incident of these characters.”

Walking Dead Scene

On The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 8, Rick, Daryl, Michonne and association attempted and unsuccessful to rescue Beth. She finished up killed by episode’s end.

The organisation right away seems to miss any kind of genuine direction, which does open up Gimple’s canvas utterly a bit.

“It feels similar to we’re relocating in to a brand brand brand brand new show, it only feels similar to a brand brand brand brand new place visually and additionally story wise” star Lincoln says, whilst Lauren Cohad adds which her impression of Maggie will be “fighting a dim side which she’s regularly resisted.”

Can any of the survivors reason on to their amiability after all which has transpired?

We have a couple of months to contemplate which subject – and you have an event to watch The Walking Dead online in sequence to catch up on anything you might have missed…

  • Watch The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 7 Online
  • Watch The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 8 Online

Lionsgate has followed up final month’s brief Insurgent teaser with the initial full-length trailer for this arriving blockbuster.

It facilities Shailene Woodley (as male lead Tris) toting countless weapons and fighting the great fight, whilst co-star Theo James hardly avoids a speeding train.

The dual reprise their purposes from Divergent in this Mar twenty release, looming in unconventional Chicago as fugitives on the run, wanted by the power-hungry Erudite elite, led by the extraordinary Kate Winslet.

Check out dual mins of fast-paced footage now:

Insurgent Movie Trailer

“What sets her detached will set the universe free,” teases the preview, that enclosed Tris jumping off multiform buildings in an try to save Ashley Judd as her mother.

The second monthly payment of the Divergent authorization will be expelled in both 3D and 2D and will try to at slightest compare the $300 million done globally by the original.

The third and fourth drive-in theatre in the series, that is formed on novels by Veronica Roth, willl be expelled in Mar 2016 and Mar 2017, respectively.

10 Most Popular Movies on Facebook in 2014
The Purge: Anarchy

10. The Purge: Anarchy
A fast-tracked supplement to 2013’s The Purge, The Purge: Anarchy is not a movie you wish to watch by yourself. Or but all the lights on.