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It’s tough to believe, but Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got married roughly 7 months ago.

Despite the many, most rumors of a Kimye divorce, the ego-powered integrate is still an item…although which might have something to do with the actuality which if it weren’t for publication covers, they’d frequency ever see any other.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Selfie

We already knew which Kim and Kanye outlayed Thanksgiving apart, but right away a source tells Radar Online which the stretch in between the newlyweds is larger than any one realized:

“They’ve strike a really severe vegetable patch in their marriage,” says the insider. “After spending scarcely a month apart, which enclosed spending Thanksgiving apart, Kim and Kanye usually outlayed a couple of days together in New York City prior to they went their apart ways again.”

“Kanye has complained to friends which the usually thing Kim is meddlesome in is selling and receiving selfies. There isn’t a lot of abyss to Kim, whilst Kanye considers himself intellectual.”

Wait a minute…Kanye is only right away realizing which there’s not a lot of abyss to Kim? Does he not have cable?!

We kid. There’s some-more to Kim than selling and receiving selfies. She additionally has a enormous booty! Which is just because she won’t have difficulty anticipating a brand new city slicker once she and Yeezy fundamentally go their apart ways.

The complaint is, she’s flattering most tired the worlds of hip bound and veteran sports. Maybe subsequent she can find herself a good astronaut, or something.

39 Kute and Kuddly Kimye Photos
Kim and Kanye on a Motorcycle

1. Kim and Kanye on a Motorcycle
Kim Kardashian arrange of gets it on with Kanye West in this song video still. She’s topless!

It’s GTL time! In this case, which equates to Get married, Talk about it, and Let the universe know because your co-stars were MIA!

As you might have heard, Snooki tied together Jionni LaValle final week in a Gatsby-themed rite in Jersey (of course).

And whilst it’s regularly a small unhappy when dual people bottom their marriage taste on a book which conjunction of them has review (we assume), it was differently a joyous event with many of Snook’s Jersey Shore castmates in attendance.

Noticeably blank were air blower the one preferred Vinny Guadagnino, and justly reviled douche bag Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino.

So what gives? Did someone receptive to advice the explosive device whistle, to illustrate gripping the bros at bay? Were Mike and Vinny not ready for DTF (Donning tuxes and formalwear)?

No, it turns out the boardwalk lotharios were left off the guest list for a far some-more viewable reason:

“I think everyone knows we’re not friends,” Snooki said when asked about The Sitch in a new interview. “And me and Vinny, we do not get along either…It is what it is.”

The initial partial creates sense: The Situation attempted to mangle Snooki and Jionni up by claiming which he smushed with Snooks, but what’s her beef with Vinny?

They regularly seemed to get along. In fact, if mental recall serves Vinny and Snooki had sex and…oooooh. Now we get it. Abiding by the old “no former smush partners at the wedding, fuggedaboutit!” rule. 

In which case, we suppose there was no one Snooki’s side of the aisle save for her relatives and a couple of evident cousins.

We know, she’s a tied together lady now. That was only one last, sentimental dart to remind you of the days when Snooks banged the complete race of Seaside Heights each summer. Ah, memories…

Jersey Shore: The Unforgettable Moments
Ronnie-Sammi Fight on Jersey Shore

1. Ronnie-Sammi Fight on Jersey Shore
Ronnie and Sammi go at it on Jersey Shore. Ugly.

Rumors of a argument in in between Jill and Jessa Duggar began when sagacious fans beheld which Jill doesn’t follow her younger sister on Twitter.

It seemed strange, deliberation Jill follows all of her other kin who have accounts, as good as various randoms similar to Wal-Mart and Rick Santorum, but hey – might be she only forgot, right? 

Jill and Jessa Duggar

Well, which forgive might have hold H2O were it not for the actuality which at this point, the viewed Twit-diss has been reported by multiform vital media outlets, and Jill still hasn’t finished anything to redress the situation.

Of course, it’s equally strange which Jill doesn’t follow Jessa’s husband, Ben Seewald, (even yet they both follow her), but still, many find it hard to suppose a distracted kin adversary in such a clearly agreeable family.

So an comment of the argument offering in the ultimate emanate of Star repository might assistance the family attrition feel a bit some-more believable, and offer as a pointer which notwithstanding their celebrity and despotic beliefs, the Duggars remain a family with problems similar to any other…and infrequently sisters only do not get along:

“This has been brewing,” an insider tells the tabloid. “Now which the girls and their marriages have turn a bigger concentration on the show, their problems have been escalating.”

“Jessa resents which Jill is her parents’ favorite, and she’s pulling divided from the family. And Jill doesn’t authorize of the choices which Jessa is making.”

13 Biggest Duggar Family Scandals
Jessa Gets Strapped

1. Jessa Gets Strapped
Jessa Duggar and her then-boyfriend Ben Seewald began courting debate roughly from the impulse they proposed dating, posing for photos similar to this one – a design which right away seems tame deliberation what they’ve been stirring up some-more recently.

The many new argumentative “choice” was Jessa’s decision to get tied together in a venue alternative than the Duggar’s family church. Jill assumingly deliberate the move to be a nigh-unforgivable betrayal, as good as a pointer which her sister is becoming different for the worse:

“Jessa is means to live by herself now, but the funny rules,” the insider claims. “She is guidance who she wants to be, but Jill stayed flattering most the same when she left home.”

Jill and Jessa attempted to quash feud rumors with a new Instagram post which showed them enjoying a stand in date with their husbands.

The source says which was all for show, however, and claims which Jessa and Jill will be forced to “sit at conflicting ends of which prolonged list during Yuletide dinner.”

Watch nineteen Kids and Counting online to demeanour for signs of tragedy in in between the dual siblings.

In 2014, radio fans weren’t disturbed about events in Washington since Olivia Pope had them handled.

They eventually schooled how Ted Mosby met the mom of his kids.

They got frightened on FX by witches and afterwards by fair freaks and they watched as Jax Teller took his fatal last ride. They additionally watched The Walking Dead. A LOT.

10 Most Popular TV Shows on Facebook in 2014

10. Scandal
Sex. Intrigue. Murder. Mystery. Is it any consternation because Scandal is such a amicable media sensation?

Indeed, after using down the 10 most-talked about celebrities on Facebook… and afterwards the 10 many notable songs on Facebook… and additionally the 10 many renouned movies on Facebook in 2014, it’s right away time to spin the courtesy to the small screen.

Which shows trended the many times on that amicable media website over the past twelve months?

Did White Walkers infer some-more buzzworthy than zombies? What about womanlike inmates and British servants?

Click by the art studio on top of to find out that programs dominated Facebook in 2014. We’ve got the Top 10 contenders handled.

Beverly Johnson is the ultimate lady to credit Bill Cosby of assault.

In a intolerable Vanity Fair essay, the maestro indication says she was called to try-out for The Cosby Show in the midst 1980s, assembly the stand up comic for the initial time and being flattered which he longed for to take her to “the subsequent level.”

Johnson goes on to write which Cosby invited her to try-out for a second time at his home in New York, where he offering her a cappuccino and told her to action dipsomaniac for the role.

  • Beverly Johnson Picture
  • Bill Cosby Pic

“I told him I didn’t splash coffee which late in the afternoon since it done removing to nap at night some-more difficult. He wouldn’t let it go,” Johnson writes. “He insisted which his espresso appurtenance was the most appropriate indication on the marketplace and betrothed I’d never tasted a cappuccino utterly similar to this one.”

Johnson says she gave in and took a couple of sips.

And knew roughly now what had happened.

“Now let me insist this: I was a tip indication during the ’70s, a duration when drug flowed at parties and print shoots similar to bottled H2O at a illness spa,” she writes.

“I’d had my fun and experimented with my satisfactory share of mood enhancers. I knew by the second sip of the splash Cosby had since me which I’d been unperceiving – and unperceiving good.”

After disposition in to Cosby for support, Johnson says she asked him: “You have been a motherf-cker aren’t you?”

Johnson sum how Cosby was “seething” with “anger” since she one after an additional to action out.

She writes which Cosby yanked “all 110 pounds of me down a garland of stairs” and put her in to a cab.

A couple of days later, Johnson called Cosby with the phone series he gave her, rebuilt to confront the star over his actions. But his mother picked up the call.

“At a sure impulse it became transparent which I would be fighting a losing conflict with a absolute male so cruel he not usually unperceiving me, but he additionally gave me the series to the room he common with his wife,” Johnson writes.

“How could I quarrel someone which resolutely conceited and out of touch? In the end, only similar to the alternative women, I had as well most to remove to go after Bill Cosby. I had a career which would no disbelief take a outrageous strike if I went open with my story and I positively couldn’t means which after my dear divorce and ongoing justice fees.”

Janice Dickinson, an additional mythological model, has additionally intended critical accusations opposite Cosby.

She not long ago accursed him off in an talk and says Cosby raped her in 1982 at a Lake Tahoe hotel.

Bill Cosby Memes Gone Horribly Awry
Stare at the Sweater

1. Stare at the Sweater
Thanks a lot, Internet users. Now we’ll never be means to watch The Cosby Show the same approach ever again!

To date, over twenty women have come brazen and indicted Cosby of passionate assault.

Amidst the scandal, he has remained often quiet, yet he did appreciate Whoopi Goldberg and Jill Scott for their await around Twitter on Dec 3.

The Bachelor star Chris Soules says he’s vehement for his tour on ABC to begin, and will be zero similar to what viewers saw from Juan Pablo Galavis final season.


Depending on how you demeanour at it, Soules’ charge of following up one of the most argumentative stars in Bachelor story is possibly difficult or it’s ridiculously easy.

Juan Pablo Galavis was … a polarizing figure. That’s us putting it nicely.

Putting it reduction nicely? What a DOUCHE. Even that’s as well nice, honestly.

Chris Soules know this, and whilst he won’t have use of difference which have been utterly which strong, he says his deteriorate will be opposite since of how he’s going to proceed it.

But Chris is earnest Bachelor Nation which he won’t be following in his predecessor’s (who not long ago separate from leader Nikki Ferrell) untrustworthy footsteps.

“I think going in to this I felt unequivocally shamed and flattering vehement for the event and beholden for the opportunity,” the Iowa rancher explained to reporters this week.

“For me, this is a big deal. To encounter thirty implausible women was a big understanding to me and I took a lot of honour in the routine since it’s unequivocally critical for me to find a wife.”

“That is substantially my greatest idea at this indicate in my hold up and going in, I was going to have the most of each second and provide each lady with the apply oneself they deserve.”

“I think which that’s one thing from what I saw in how Juan Pablo rubbed things … may be not with the most apply oneself which a little of the women and not as most apply oneself for the routine which it deserved.”

The Bachelor: Season nineteen Conestant Photos

1. Alissa
Alissa, 24, is a moody attendant.

“I think we were unequivocally opposite in regard,” he added.

Wow. Anyone else feel the BURN?!

Hard to censure him for which comment, since it wasn’t a personal puncture directed at dissing Juan Pablo as most as a merely responding a subject and saying a fact.

Whether he can keep his primitive repute total in his poke for a mother is an additional story, but you do not need The Bachelor spoilers to discuss it you this much:

Chris Soules is a cut on top of from a impression standpoint.

As for assembly the thirty women on the premiere, Chris called it “overwhelming,” but pronounced which notwithstanding the butterflies, “I did not unequivocally knowledge any drama!”

“I feel similar to all went exquisitely for me. That doesn’t meant there wasn’t alternative things going on. I’m going to sense to one side [viewers] as the deteriorate gets played out!”

Chris says he did contend “I love you” distinct Juan, but won’t lick and discuss it … about how most people he thatch lips when you watch The Bachelor online this spring.

“[Laughs.] I didn’t keep lane of that. I theory my plan by the routine per which was be in the impulse and wear my heart on my sleeve.”

Calm yourselves, ladies. The deteriorate starts Jan 5.

In the meantime, flip by the particular galleries of the women looking Soules’ heart (above) and The Bachelor himself (below) in all their excellence …

Chris Soules Photos: The Bachelor 2015!
Chris Soules is The Bachelor 2015

1. Chris Soules is The Bachelor 2015
Chris Soules is The Bachelor 2015. Here he is, withdrawal no doubts about it.

According to her ultimate interview, Hailey Baldwin is not dating Justin Bieber, but which doesn’t she can’t punch Kendall Jenner’s  style in alternative ways. 

You might stop which Kendall wore slip and got spanked by Santa in a video for Love repository which seemed written to give her beleaguered father a heart attack.

Now Hailey has done her own risque shave for Love, and it’s protected to pretence which her fundamentalist dad, Stephen Baldwin, is furiously praying for her essence at this really moment:

Hailey Baldwin: Semi-Nude For Love Magazine

Kendall and Hailey have been BFFs, they got in to displaying around the same time, and right away they’ve assimilated forces to fuzz the line in between artsy conform photography and low-budget, softcore porn.

It’s great to have hobbies.

Seriously though, Hailey’s shave is flattering tame compared to Kendall’s.

Even so, the poor motel aesthetic, and trippy “David Lynch heat dream” song lend a severely cheap vibe to the total thing, and we kept awaiting sovereign agents to flog in the doorway at any impulse and put a stop to the total thing.

But hey, Hailey’s 18, and she can do what she wants these days.

Apparently, her choices have been operative out, as there have been rumblings in the conform attention which she’s even some-more in direct than her bestie Kendall. 

Although, if she wants to stay competitive, Hailey improved movie herself removing physically trained by a little arrange of fabulous quadruped ASAP. We listen to the Easter Bunny’s been celebration of the mass up on CIA-approved highlight positions.

Hailey Baldwin: Modeling’s Next Big Thing?
Hailey Baldwin on the Runway

1. Hailey Baldwin on the Runway
Hailey Baldwin walks the runway in Paris. Fashion insiders contend she’s a natural.

The Sony email hacker has struck again!

As partial of a array of exchanges in in between Sony Pictures management team – stolen by hackers and afterwards leaked online – we schooled progressing currently that producer Scott Rudin thinks Angelina Jolie is a “minimally gifted marred brat.”

But it gets even worse for Rudin.

Sony Emails: HACKED!

In a hacked correspondence, Sony Pictures arch Amy Pascal asks Rudin what she ought speak to President Barack Obama about at a Nov 2013 fundraising event.

 “Would he similar to to financial a little movies,” Rudin asks, to which Pascal replies: “I disbelief it. Should I ask him if he favourite DJANGO?”

Because, you know, Barack Obama is black and Django Unchained was about slavery. 

“12 YEARS [A Slave],” Rudin replies, call Pascal to reply with:

“Or The Butler. Or Think Like A Man?”

Both movies mentioned, of course, featured essentially African-America casts.

Finally, Rudin concluded this unfortunate/awkward/pretty extremist sell as follows: “Ride-Along. I gamble he likes Kevin Hart.”

In reply to this degrading hacking (seriously, we gamble she’d cite exposed photos to have gotten out instead), Pascal has expelled an apologetic statement. It reads:

“The calm of my emails to Scott were unresponsive and inapt but have been not an correct thoughtfulness of who I am. Although this was a in isolation information exchnage which was stolen, I accept full shortcoming for what I wrote and swallow ones pride to everybody who was offended.”

And Rudin additionally chimed in with a mea culpa of his own:

“Private emails in in between friends and colleagues created in promptness and but most suspicion or sensitivity, even when the calm of them is meant to be in jest, can outcome in offense where nothing was intended.

“I done a array of remarks which were meant usually to be funny, but in the cold light of day, they have been in actuality careless and unresponsive – and not droll at all. To anybody I’ve offended, I’m profoundly and deeply sorry, and I bewail and swallow ones pride for any damage they competence have caused.”

Apparently, The Real Housewives of Orange County expel part of Vicki Gunvalson posted a topless print to Instagram Thursday sunrise prior to fast deletion it.

Vicki Can't Believe It

Vicki, 52, had only perceived a present from Bravo of Beats headphones.

Naturally, she had to post a design of them to amicable media, since no one has ever seen what those demeanour similar to and we all indispensable to know Bravo bending her up.

And naturally, she was wearing no tip at the time she took the pic. Who between us doesn’t travel around topless whilst opening boxes from the UPS guy?

Little did Vicki comprehend the wrapping for the headphones was reflective, and the ephemeral Instagram post featured her exposed breasts in all their glory.

Luckily, it was shade capped prior to she nixed it. Enjoy (we guess):

Vicki Gunvalson Topless

Hot things right there. Now we only need Tamra Barney to one-up her.

Gunvalson has regularly been one to shake up it off, which you know good if you watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online, and has bigger things on her plate.

On a personal note, Brooks Ayers has cancer, and her longtime beloved has been vital with her in the O.C. whilst he battles the crippling, life-threatening disease.

Both Brooks and Vicki have been concerned in an ongoing legal case regarding to her vodka line, Vicki’s Vodka, where she is being sued for crack of contract.

On tip of all that, she was forced to understanding with the trickle of a array of recordings in which Brooks allegedly certified he was aroused and was “known to cheat.”

The indicate … what’s a integrate of boobs? (And good ones at that?)

Real Housewives: Before They Were Reality Stars!
Tamra Barney: Before The Real Housewives

1. Tamra Barney: Before The Real Housewives
OCs Tamra was utterly the bodacious swim suit babe. Still is!

Are you ready for some-more Kate Gosselin? Well, conjunction is any one else.

Nevertheless, it looks similar to we’re only gonna have to understanding with it, since TLC is attack us with nonetheless an additional deteriorate of angry sighs and irked parenting.

That’s right, Kate Plus 8 is behind Jan thirteen and it’s… well, it’s not improved than ever. In fact, from the looks of this preview, it’s only some-more of the same:

Kate Plus 8 Preview

Yes, in reserve from a probable cameo in which Jon Gosselin crashes Kate’s back yard sale, it’s only mom and the eight, surprisingly old kids again this season.

Which means, of course, which Kate will go on perplexing to infer which she’s a fit mom by scheduling over the tip vacations and activities for her fruit …

… and afterwards move to bemoan and hide naps the complete time.

That’s Kate for you. When you’re articulate about a lady whose complete idea in hold up was to turn abounding and important by her family, what do you expect?

Fortunately, if zero else, the brand new deteriorate should yield us with some-more memorable, scripted quotes from Gosselin. Heck, only the preview gave us the following gems:

Kate Gosselin: 31 Photos of a Terrible Mother
That Kate Gosselin Look

1. That Kate Gosselin Look
Doesn’t it only have you a small bit ill? Yes, we suspicion so.
  • “They only have minds of their own, and I just, like, surrender.”
  • “I didn’t caring whose bed it was. I only laid down in it.”
  • “I didn’t unequivocally discuss it the kids which we were catching lobsters to kill and eat them for dinner.”
  • “I feel so impressed which it’s tough to stay positive.”

Yeah. This might be the many repulsive figure on being TV, which says a lot.

Fortunately, the kids have been removing old sufficient to comprehend what a silly tellurian being their mom is, and they’ve started creation fun of her accordingly.

So may be this deteriorate will have a little interesting moments, after all.

13 Couples Who Fell Apart on Reality Television
Jon and Kate Gosselin

1. Jon and Kate Gosselin
Jon and Kate Gosselin outlayed years opening up about their problems in front of the camera. Hmmm… how did which go for them?