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More excerpts from Apollo Nida’s initial jail talk were expelled today, and it seems which the Real Housewives self-starter is carrying a some-more formidable time in jail which he expected.

Apollo Picture

For one thing, he’s attempting to vegetable patch things up with his disloyal wife, but as her interviews have finished clear, Phaerdra Parks has no seductiveness in removing back with Apollo.

In even worse headlines for Apollo, Phaedra has assumingly refused to concede her dual immature sons to revisit their father in prison.

“I can’t see because she would go on to harm me by not permitting me to see my boys,” Apollo griped to In Touch. “This isn’t right. If I do not see my young kids for 8 years, which would be a little bullsh-t, and I would quarrel for which right.”

“Who in their right thoughts would concede young kids to be divided from their father for 8 years, in any case of where their father is in the world?”

Nida is portion an 8 year judgment for assorted rascal charges. 

Though he and Parks have been legally still married, they’d been disloyal for multiform months by the time Nida began portion his sentence, and he settled in interviews which she did not even attend his sentencing hearing.

“If she leaves, it would harm similar to hell,” Nida says of Parks. “But as Apollo Nida has finished before, I’ll only have to collect myself up and move brazen and figure it out.”

Watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online to see the integrate in happier times (and suffer some-more of Apollo referring to himself in the third person).

Apollo Nida Photos: From Bravo to the Big House
Apollo Nida Gives Up

1. Apollo Nida Gives Up
Apollo Nida is about to go asunder. As in to prison.

The authorised woes only keep ascent for argumentative seducer and Instagram idol Dan Bilzerian.

Yesterday, Bilzerian was arrested and hold but bail after being charged with stockpiling bomb materials which could be used for creation bombs.

Today, Bilzerian is being sued by a lady who claims he kicked her in the face at a Miami nightclub final week.

Blitz – as he’s good known to fans – has not oral publicly about the claim which he strike Vanessa Castano with a foot to the nose, but the video justification is flattering damning:

Dan Bilzerian Kicks Woman

It’s difficult to discuss it if the man in the core of the shade is, in fact, Bilzerian. But if her lawyers have been means to infer it, afterwards it competence be Vanessa propitious day. Hey, if ya gotta get kicked in the face, competence as good be by a man with low pockets, right?

Of course, this isn’t the initial time Bilzerian’s been indicted of assault opposite women.

In April, he threw a porn star off his roof, in an situation which was also held on tape. 

Bilzerian was means to solve which brawl out of court, and which will expected be the box with Castano’s censure as well.

The city slicker claims to have won over $50 million personification gin rummy in his life, so it’s not a terrible burden for him to have polite cases go away.

Now, those rapist bomb-making charges competence be a opposite story…

The Best Of Dan Bilzerian’s Instagram Photos!
Dan Bilzerian: A Day in the Life

1. Dan Bilzerian: A Day in the Life
Just a standard day Bilzerian, who spends his hold up surrounded by women, guns, and piles of cash. There have been worse ways to live.

Due to his purpose in the Kim Kardashian sex tape, Ray J has been a on foot punchline for years.

But there’s zero droll about the following story.

Ray J, Girlfriend

Sources endorse to TMZ which Ray J pennyless things off with long-time partner Princess Love final night.

She didn’t take the separate well, however, texting the occasional artist all the time after he left for work today.

When Princess didn’t listen to behind from Ray J, she reportedly in jeopardy to kill herself, a hazard Ray J took severely for dual reasons:

  1. The integrate do keep a gun in their home.
  2. Ray J was great friends with Earl Hayes, the rapper who murdered his wife, Stephanie Moseley, on Monday and afterwards rught away took his own hold up as well.

In reply to Princess’ threat, Ray J called 911 and relayed the self-murder message.

Police officers subsequently went to check on Princess Love, yet she wasn’t home.

However, they spoke with Ray J shortly following and he told authorities which he had talked to his ex-girlfriend and she positive him which self-murder was simply an statue threat.

As any one who takes time to watch Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood online knows all as good well, Princess Love and Ray J have prolonged had a quarrelsome relationship.

They pennyless up in early October, fighting at the time over Princess’ try to travel out on the attribute with the couple’s Maltese puppy, Boogotti.

Ray J had to have his confidence guards step in and retard this misled effort.

Then, on final night’s Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood reunion special (Part 2!), Ray J and Princess got in to it once again over a series of factors, many particularly his attribute with personal partner Morgan.

At one point, Ray J essentially asked Princess Love to hit Morgan out. And she did! 

So it’s transparent which Princess Love isn’t inauspicious to violence. Let’s only goal she never uses it on herself.

Ray J and Joan Rivers Sex Tape Pics
Ray J and Joan Rivers Sex Tape Still

1. Ray J and Joan Rivers Sex Tape Still
Ray J and Joan Rivers in a sex tape?!? Yes. Well, arrange of. This is a satire of Kim Kardashian Superstar.

London aristocrat Scot Young, who fans of the Bravo being array Ladies of London know as Noelle Reno’s boyfriend, has upheld away. He died on Monday, Dec 8.

Scot Young, Noelle Reno

Reportedly, Scot Young plunged to his genocide from the fourth-floor oppulance unit he and Reno shared, and he landed on railings outward their residence.

Police tell The Guardian which the situation is not being treated with colour as questionable at this time.

“It was a horrific scene,” Gary Sutton, who was operative nearby, told The Daily Mail.

“The military were visibly shocked,” the workman told the announcement of the tragedy. “One pronounced it was the misfortune thing he had seen on the job. It was all really distressing.”

Prior to dating Noelle, Young was formerly tied together for sixteen years to Michelle Young, 50, with whom he common dual daughters Scarlet, 21, and Sasha, 19.

It was not an gentle split. Rather, a nasty seven-year authorised conflict followed.

Young was condemned to 6 months in prison in 2013 for lying about his happening during their divorce allotment and was systematic to compensate Michelle $20 million final year.

Despite their differences, Michelle told the Evening Standard that she and her daughters “have been to ruin and back” and “it is a really formidable time for us all.”

Reno, 31, has nonetheless to criticism on her partner’s death. R.I.P. Scot.

Celebrities We Lost in 2014
Philip Seymour Hoffman

1. Philip Seymour Hoffman
R.I.P. Philip Seymour Hoffman (1967-2014). He will perpetually be missed!

After final week’s premiere introduced us to Bravo’s initial non-reality series, final night’s Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce Season 1 Episode 2 taught us Rule #174.

That’s a total lot of rules. What done this one so important, and how did it request to the second monthly payment of the Lisa Edelstein and Paul Adelstein drama?

Watch Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce Season 1 Episode 2 Online

Well, Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce Season 1 Episode 2 began right after the remark by Abby went viral. You know, her criticism about wishing Jake were dead.

Her really most alive and disloyal associate is still crashing on her couch, as the stay at home father and unsuccessful movie executive has nowhere else to go.

Also crashing? Her career, or at slightest it’s on the verge after Abby’s editor bails and her publishing house cancels her book tour. But things demeanour up on a opposite front.

A man from her past, Nate, hears about Abby’s separate and wants to encounter up. He’s additionally married, though, so she’s heedful of bringing any some-more play to her life.

Jake, meanwhile, is dating immature singer Becca, who might let him move in to one of her investment properties and get his name out to contacts, to boot.

Friends Lyla and Phoebe plead with Abby the awaiting of saying a divorce lawyer, which she does. Delia wants her to go after Jake, and HARD.

She hopes which it can be staid in mediation, and amicably, but who knows.

Abby, along with Pheobe and Lyla, go to a luminary baby shower, which hopefully will let her take a mangle from all of this … but afterwards Becca arrives there.

During their predicted and predictably ungainly run-in, Becca mentions which Jake sealed a franchise for an unit … which conjunction of them can right away afford.

You can dont think about about intervention now, Jake, pulling a move similar to that.

What did you think of the episode? Wondering you should give it a shot? Follow the couple to watch Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce online and see if you similar to it.

If you’ve seen it, strike the comments and discuss it us what you think below.

After 6 years of dating, it’s shockingly all over for Freida Pinto and Dev Patel.

The singer and actor, who met on the set of Slumdog Millionaire in 2008, “have been finished for awhile,” an insider confirms to Us Weekly.

Freida Pinto and Dev Patel

The basement for this startling separate is misleading at the moment, but sources explain Pinto is “single and happy,” notwithstanding being seen with billionaire Siddharth Mallya at her 30th birthday jubilee in October..

Just final year, Pinto and Patel were so gosh damn soft with any alternative which they told Us Weekly they do not applaud Valentine’s Day given “every day should be a jubilee of love.”

We instruct we knew what happened given afterwards to fall short their hold up together as a couple.

Patel now stars on HBO’s The Newsroom, whilst Pinto was final seen in a movie patrician “Desert Dancer.”

Prior to dating her now-ex-boyfriend, Pinto was intent to her former publicist, Rohan Antao, until Jan 2009.

Here’s a demeanour at alternative important couples which additionally called it quits in 2014. Which mangle up astounded you most?

Celebrity Break-Ups of 2014
Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks

1. Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks
Say it isn’t so!!!! Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks, stunningly, called it quits in Sep 2014.

In the surrounded by of the Jun Shannon-Mark McDaniel scandal, a story of burglary and horrible parenting emerged which would’ve been scarcely unfit to believe, had it concerned any one alternative than Mama June.

As it happened, there were far worse things going on in the Shannon family at which time (like Jun exposing her kids to a kid molester, for example), so the accusations of Jun rapine her eldest daughter’s certitude comment never got many press.

Now which the dirt has settled, Anna Shannon is still claiming which Jun stole all of her income to buy a car for Mark McDaniel:

Anna Shannon on Dr. Phil

In the on top of clip, Anna sum just how many Jun income stole, as good as the process in which it was taken. She additionally reveals which Mama Jun lied (Shocker!) during her own talk with Dr. Phil.

June insists which she sent Anna a check for over $15,000 which was the superfluous change in her certitude fund, as of a couple of months ago.

Anna maintains which she never perceived which check, and furthermore, she’s still wondering what happened to the other fifteen grand which was ostensible to be in which account. 

The income – that’s assumingly right away been outlayed by Jun – constitutes Anna’s sum gain from 4 seasons of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

Her income was placed in to a trust, as she was a teenager for many of her time on the show. Now which she’s twenty years old and has a family of her own, it’s distinct which she’s flattering pissed at June, whom she entrusted to take caring of her hold up savings.

A lady declared Julie Tice Poulin launched a Go Fund Me debate with the idea of raising income to support with Anna’s vital expenses.  Poulin perceived usually a handful of donations, and the page has given been deleted.

Anna’s own fundraising bid on Facebook was discharged by fans as a cruel money grab, and she fast deserted it.

7 Jun Shannon Interview Bombshells
June Claims Photo of Her and Mark McDaniel is Fake

1. Jun Claims Photo of Her and Mark McDaniel is Fake
June claimed the print of her lying in bed with Mark McDaniel was Photoshopped by TMZ. She was incompetent to furnish the strange picture which TMZ had allegedly edited.

Kate Middleton’s windstorm outing to the United States has resulted in one of the all-time the one preferred GIFs, a wise impulse for a Duchess confronted with New York attitude.

Wrapping gifts at the Northside Center For Child Development in Harlem on Monday, Kate was articulate with onlookers when a proffer told her to cut the chit-chat.

Hilariously and bluntly told to “keep wrapping,” Kate responded in kind:

Kate Middleton NYC GIF

Following her overwhelming side eye peek for the ages, the 32-year-old snapped to it on the double, resuming wrapping up Yuletide presents with the kids.

New York does not endure slackers. Even if they’re royals.

Alas, Catherine’s noted outing to America is already over. The royals have been behind in London as of this morning, withdrawal us wanting some-more until subsequent year perhaps.

At slightest in between this, Kate being asked if she’s from Frozen, removing sweated on by LeBron and may be even celebration champagne whilst pregnant, she done the many of it!

Gotta love the actuality which in 3 short days, she showed she can reason her own and plate a small sass – she’s still regal, after all – right behind at the New York crowd.

More photos of the Duke and Duchess in NYC next …

Kate Middleton in New York City Photos!
Kate Middleton and Prince William in NYC

1. Kate Middleton and Prince William in NYC
Kate and Will attended an NYU fundraiser final night. As usual, they were both the design of class.

It was a year for Katniss Everdeen to quarrel back.

For Rosamund Pike to have a name for herself.

And for a articulate snowman to do conflict with a articulate tree for the hearts of young kids around the nation.

10 Most Popular Movies on Facebook in 2014
The Purge: Anarchy

10. The Purge: Anarchy
A fast-tracked supplement to 2013’s The Purge, The Purge: Anarchy is not a movie you wish to watch by yourself. Or but all the lights on.

Indeed, 2014 saw movies opposite all genres direction on Facebook, from nonetheless an additional monthly payment in The Hunger Games franchise… to an astonishing superhero blockbuster… to the tear-jerker to finish all tear-jerkers… to the highest-grossing charcterised movie of all-time.

Which were the many renouned movies on Mark Zuckerberg’s tellurian creation? What had amicable media users around the universe buzzing? Can any one stop Chris Pratt?

Would any one want to stop Chris Pratt?!?

Click by the on top of art studio to relive the 10 greatest movies on Facebook in 2014 and afterwards consider:

  • The 10 many talked-about celebrities on Facebook in 2014.
  • The 10 many many renouned songs on Facebook in 2014.

Michael Phelps’ girlfriend, Taylor Lianne Chandler, is vocalization out about their rumored relationship, and going in to larger item than ever before, in a brand brand new interview.

Taylor Lianne Chandler Cleavage

Phelps is presumably behind with Nicole Johnson, his on-off partner for years, given withdrawal the rehab core he checked in to following his DUI detain this fall.

Prior to which barbarous night, he was reportedly saying Taylor Lianne Chandler, an older, intersex lady (she’s 42, he’s 29) in his hometown of Baltimore.

Wednesday, The Daily Dot ran an speak with Phelps’ ostensible paramour, who proposed off by addressing those rumors which she was innate a man.

“I was not innate a male,” she said. “If they longed for to inform I was innate and reserved the name David Roy Fitch, I could’ve lived with it. It wouldn’t have been my the one preferred choice.”

“But in this business, they’re perplexing to get traffic, so I understand.”

Chandler, who says she attempted to plead it the National Enquirer what intersex essentially means, additionally pronounced which she was not benefaction with Phelps during his D.U.I.

“I wasn’t with him when he was arrested,” Taylor Lianne insists.

“His D.U.I. was at 1:40 a.m. of the 30th, after the D.U.I. had happened. He’d come home. His lawyers were in and out, his agents were in and out.”

“But the approach the articles done it sound, it was similar to I was a newcomer or something. That is not true,” Taylor adds, and the myths do not stop there.

Chandler forked out which it was the media who gave her the pretension of Michael Phelps’ partner and not her. She additionally dished on how they met on Tinder.

“You gotta understand, they [the media] gave me the title,” she says. “To be utterly honest, when he pursued me on Tinder, I didn’t think it was unequivocally him.”

“I famous him, and I famous where he was at [in his photo], since my dad’s a manoeuvre so I can commend a grandstand instantly, but it was like, ‘OK, is this real?'”

“Then one day I gave him my number, and he proposed texting me, and once I had his series and residence I ran it and it was Michael Phelps, so I was similar to ‘I’ll be damned.'”

“The address, the name. The phone number. It all suited up.”

Taylor Lianne Chandler-Michael Phelps Texts
Taylor Lianne Chandler-Michael Phelps Sex Text

1. Taylor Lianne Chandler-Michael Phelps Sex Text
Taylor and Michael plead their sexcapades from the prior night. Certainly sounds similar to she had fun.

That was progressing this summer, she says. Then they met in person.

“In the center of September, we initial met. I did not have sex with him at a Baltimore Ravens diversion during halftime [as most media reports have claimed].”

“I have been at his residence and watched a Baltimore Ravens diversion with him. We have been insinuate at his residence some-more than once. But things with him and I were new.”

“When you encounter someone online, you speak about things you substantially wouldn’t speak about if you met in person, so it accelerates meaningful someone.”

“The initial couple of times we were together, we talked about everything.”

“His relatives got divorced in ‘94, and my mom died when I was 3 months old. My grandparents lifted me, but I wasn’t tighten to my father,” she says.

“He wasn’t tighten to [his father]. My father did equine racing, he owns thoroughbreds. It was all those things which brought us together,” Chandler added.

“So we had a tie prior to we essentially ever met… but we weren’t perplexing to pour out anything. Everyone’s perplexing to have me out to be a one-time thing, a hook-up.”

“But I’ve been to his residence 4 times now… If he hadn’t gotten the D.U.I. the following weekend, he would’ve met my friends for a Game Night.”

“We were going to fool around Cards Against Humanity. I even invited him to my cousin Ashley’s wedding,” she notes. “But remoteness was a big deal.”

Continue celebration of the mass The Daily Dot’s speak with Chandler …

Taylor Lianne Chandler: Michael Phelps’ Girlfriend?!
Taylor Chandler Photo

1. Taylor Chandler Photo
Taylor Lianne Chandler, or only Taylor Chandler, is the intersex lady reportedly dating Michael Phelps.