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Last week, we schooled which Leah Messer would not be returning to Teen Mom, when she tweeted to a air blower which she’s strictly “done” with the MTV being series.

Now, Radar Online is stating which Leah has reached a understanding with MTV to lapse to the show which done her important for at slightest one some-more season.

Leah Messer, Curly Hair

“Leah will be behind subsequent deteriorate after all,” says a source tighten to the show.

As not long ago as dual weeks ago, Messer was wishing her associate castmates great luck, as she spoke plainly about the show relocating on but her.

It creates clarity which Leah would have a shift of heart, as she had reportedly motionless to give up the show in sequence to save her marriage, and right away which Jeremy Calvert has changed out on her, she might have eventually since up on which goal.

Sources contend Calvert has already changed on to a brand new relationship, and started dating a singular mother declared Brittany Musick. 

It seems Leah might have taken which as a pointer which her second matrimony is good and indeed over, which stirred her to pointer on for an additional turn of TM2.

Watch Teen Mom online to relive the violent times which have led Leah to her stream situation.

Leah Messer Photos: Through the Years
Leah Messer and Daughter

1. Leah Messer and Daughter
Leah Messer and one of her 3 daughters share a proposal moment.

Stephanie Moseley is tragically passed at the immature age of 30.

The dancer and singer was killed by her husband, rapper Earl Hayes, yesterday sunrise in Los Angeles, rught away prior to Hayes shot himself in a murder-suicide.

The Los Angeles Police Department has reliable the hideous situation around an central statement, with unknown sources revelation TMZ which Hayes was raging over his idea that Moseley was intrigue on him.

He allegedly dismissed mixed gunshots into Moseley whilst she was in the bathtub. Neighbors listened these shots and dialed 911.

Stephanie Moseley and Earl Hayes Dead in Murder-Suicide

Now, with law coercion officials reportedly anticipating to speak with Floyd Mayweather – since the fighter was essentially on FaceTime with Hayes prior to long prior to the rapper took both Moseley’s reason up and his own – assorted stars who worked with Moseley have publicly voiced their startle and dolour over her passing.

Here is a demeanour at what they’ve had to contend around their amicable media accounts:

Trey Songz: R.I.P babygirl. Once an angel on earth, right away examination over us from Heaven. You’ll b longed for but never forgotten. Love.

Allison Holker: Today we crawl the heads and send prayers to the special Stephanie and her pleasing family.

Stephanie was a bright, inspiring, gifted lady and I am respected I could call her my friend. We common cries, delight and some-more importantly a loyalty which I will never forgot. Moseley you taught me so much, and I will reason the memories tighten to my heart. Heaven is propitious to have you. I love you ….RIP my beloved Stephanie.

Stephanie Moseley Photo

Ashley Tisdale: RIP Stephanie Moseley. I’ll regularly recollect dancing with you on #hellcats. Such a pleasing kind spirit. I’m praying for your family.

Niecy Nash: Rip in assent @haselstar so beautiful… So talented… Heaven has a brand new dancer for her family & those who desired her.

Chris Brown: RIP baby girl. Danced with me on debate and was regularly the coolest person. My prayers go out to you and HAZE family.

Columbus Short: I can’t. Many knew of her but couple of knew her! Stephanie Moseley came to LA with only a mental condition of dancing. And achieved which mental condition TEN FOLD!

I desired her will regularly love her and love which she over her dream. But her story was cut short. I skip you Steph…#HazelstarStillShining she was and is and will regularly be a star! #RIPSteph I’m gonna skip you!

Celebrities We Lost in 2014
Philip Seymour Hoffman

1. Philip Seymour Hoffman
R.I.P. Philip Seymour Hoffman (1967-2014). He will perpetually be missed!

Sports Illustrated has common with us a classical Kate Upton swim suit video, since … it’s Tuesday? They’re shameless? Honestly, we have no conceivable idea.

Nor have been we in a on all sides to complain. In fact, we’ll reply in kind, shamelessly, pity which unequivocally same video with you. Such a great day to be alive in America.

Kate Upton Instagram Hotness

If we had to theory what stirred SI’s recycling of selected Kate footage from her 2012 cover shoot, it’s those Upton Game of War ads all over TV.

Watch any sports in new weeks? Then you’ve seen those ads 10 times or so. And have no idea what Game of War is since Kate is as good distracting.

Heck, Kate Upton GIFs have been distracting enough. Those ads fundamentally take it to the 10th energy and throw in a garland of things bursting for great measure.

Anyway, Madison Bumgarner assumingly isn’t pushing the web trade over at SI, the iconic announcement which put Kate Upton on the map 3-4 years ago.

Can’t unequivocally censure them for reminding us of which definite fact, can you?

Especially when they post videos similar to this, and give us reason to puncture up what is many expected the favorite-ever art studio (below), we cannot. We many really cannot.

But sufficient talk. See the aforementioned video, and gallery, right here …

Kate Upton Bikini Video

Well handled, Sports Illustrated editors. Very good rubbed indeed.

Any time you get unfortunate for page views again, feel giveaway to share some-more archival footage. There’s indeed zero similar to Upton in suit to win the Internet.

Now, for some-more examples of Kate’s considerable physique of work …

25 Hottest Kate Upton GIFs
Working Her Abs

1. Working Her Abs
Look at her work those abs. Yes, we have been staring usually at her abs.

Yesterday, we schooled which Drake was hospitalized after fighting Puff Daddy outward of a bar in Miami.

After the headlines broke, amicable media was now abuzz with rumors about the means of the scuffle. Was Drake macking on Diddy’s girlfriend, Cassie? Had Drizzy someway “disrespected” Puff, as witnesses claimed?

  • Diddy MTV VMAs Photo
  • Drake Clippers Game Photo

We might never know for sure what sparked the all un-gangsta-sounding “slap fight,” but TMZ is claiming to have gotten to the bottom (Now we here!) of the Drake-Diddy dispute: 

Apparently, Drake and Puff were both meddlesome in a kick done by writer Boi-1da.

Puff called dibs, but sat on the strain for 8 months. Drake grew undone since he had a penetrating seductiveness in the track, so he in the future only pronounced screw it and incited the kick in to the strike single “0-100/The Catch-Up.”

While the strain is certainly dope, there’s zero mind-blowing about the beat, so it seems bizarre which Diddy would feel which protecting of his tenure claim.

However, insiders contend the elder politician felt which relations visitor Aubrey violated a little phonetic hip bound formula of ethics and indispensable to be taught a lesson.

We similar to to think Diddy destitute out the “What did the 5 fingers contend to the face?” fun prior to he smacked Drake, a la Dave Chappelle’s Rick James. Sigh…in a undiluted world.

If you’re gripping measure at home, that’s 3 beefs this month for the “Started From the Bottom” rapper. The Drake-Tyga feud is pronounced to be heightening by the day, and Chris Brown has publicly called Drizzy out for attempting to take his girl.

So if, the math is right, it’s strictly no longer protected for Champagne Papi to leave the house. RIP, Drake’s career (2010-2014).

Nicki Minaj Gives Drake a Lap Dance
Nicki Minaj Teases Anaconda Video, Drake

1. Nicki Minaj Teases Anaconda Video, Drake
So… what do you think, Drake? The thespian gets an up tighten and VERY personal demeanour at Nicki Minaj in this provoke for the “Anaconda” song video.

Is Tori Spelling on her approach to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

The ever-present being TV star not prolonged ago acted for a print with Lisa Rinna during Rinna’s Yuletide party, sparking rumors that she’s angling for a shift of scenery.

Given her 90210 legacy, story with such programs, personal recklessness and probable giveaway representative status? Stranger things have happened, let’s only contend that.

Tori Spelling, Lisa Rinna

Rinna common the print (which additionally facilities The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks) on her Instagram comment with the caption: “Well great well. Ho ho ho.”

Not a lot we can review in to that, but the pic is something, right?!

Tori and Lisa have been great friends for years, with Spelling starring on Beverly Hills, 90210 and Rinna looming on FOX’s sister series Melrose Place.

If you watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online, you know Rinna not prolonged ago assimilated the cast, and has already been a renouned brand new addition.

Could Tori be seeking to follow in her footsteps prior to long?

She would love it, no disbelief about that. Bravo pays the big bucks, and her stream TV plan was dealt a vital blow by Dean McDermott quitting True Tori.

Yes, the male whose erratic junk landed the integrate a Lifetime being show in that he and Tori try to get past his intrigue has strictly had enough.

Despite his cheating, most fans have sided with Dean. That’s how bad the show is. They hold the show was a approach for Tori to publicly disparage him.

As a result, McDermott – who had his share of critical issues over banging Emily Goodhand, do not get us wrong – fell in to a serious depression.

Meanwhile, Spelling posted photos of herself in the sanatorium final month whilst being treated with colour for illness issues, reportedly after a shaken breakdown.

All will be suggested on this evening’s True Tori culmination … that might or might not be the show’s array culmination and her try-out fasten for The Real Housewives.

Would you similar to to see Tori have the move to Bravo? Discuss!

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott: Through Good Times and Bad
Tori and Dean Moment

1. Tori and Dean Moment
Tori and Dean share a in contact with moment. So most to contend about these two.

One acted exposed and got tied together for the third time.

Another broke, like, each Billboard Music Chart jot down out there.

Two showed off their large bust on many occasions, an additional was only declared Entertainer of the Year and still another wore the year’s many noted hat.

10 Most Popular Celebrities on Facebook in 2014
Kim Kardashian

10. Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian tied together Kanye West and posted exposed for Paper Magazine. Is it any consternation because folks longed for to speak about her on Facebook?

To whom do we refer? The list of Facebook’s many recognition celebrities in 2014.

From singers to speak show hosts to whatever the heck Kim Kardashian does for a living, the stars you and your friends done Internet sensations over the past twelve months hover the lines of scarcely each industry.

Who sits atop this list? Who ranks as this monthly calendar year’s many talked-about hostess on Facebook? The answer might warn you. Then again, it might not…

Yesterday, we schooled which VH1 Hit the Floor being star Stephanie Moseley was murdered by her father Earl Hayes, who afterwards took his own life.

Floyd Mayweather, Earl Hayes, Stephanie Moseley

Hayes was tighten friends with fighter Floyd Mayweather, and it was after suggested which Mayweather witnessed the murder-suicide around a FaceTime call.

Mayweather reportedly attempted to speak Hayes out of his comfortless decision, to no avail.

Now, sources have been shedding light on the reason which Mayweather was on the phone at the time of the incident, desiring he played a purpose in Hayes’ preference to kill Moseley.

We’re not obsequious which Floyd longed for which result – the opposite, in actuality – but he might have played a purpose in removing an inconstant Hayes intensely riled up.

TMZ reports which Mayweather attempted to remonstrate Hayes to bail out Moseley, arguing which Moseley’s affairs were usual believe and were deleterious to Hayes’ career and reputation.

Stephanie Moseley and Earl Hayes Dead in Murder-Suicide

The luminary headlines site’s source says the fighter not long ago “challenged” Earl Hayes, deriding him as “weak” for not violation up with Stephanie Moseley already.

Hayes reportedly called Mayweather just moments prior to he allegedly dismissed 10-12 shots in to Moseley, who was receiving a bath at the time of the attack.

Hayes afterwards soon incited the gun on himself.

The integrate was married, but distant at the back of in 2010, amidst rumors which Moseley had an event with Trey Songz. Hayes and Moseley afterwards reconciled recently.

Friends contend he was never means to get over Moseley’s infidelity, however, and since the comfortless events of this week, we might never indeed know what went so wrong.


23 Shocking Celebrity Deaths
Paul Walker

1. Paul Walker
Paul Walker died in a car collision on Nov 30, 2013. He left at the back of a daughter and a burgeoning movie career.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 1 Episode thirteen noted the initial half of this epic season’s reunion special. What did we sense from this sharp-witted get-together?

Love and Hip Hoppers

Not surprisingly, for those who watch Love and Hip Hop Hollywood online, or have merely listened about it, which Ray J and Teairra Mari were the focal points.

What is the refurbish on this warlike former (and presumably current) couple?

While they reconciled at the finish of the final episode, it was suggested early on in Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Season 1 Episode thirteen which it didn’t take.

We suspect that’s not just startling … deliberation it’s Ray J here.

The city slicker knows how to insert himself in play (and play queens, as the Kim Kardashian sex fasten done clear), and this deteriorate was a sight wreck.

Ray apologized to Teairra for annoying her and did confess which it was tough to watch himself, as he did not similar to the chairman he was this season.

That’s the great news. The bad headlines is which … alternative people additionally watched.

And lived by it, in the box of Teairra, who was far from happy when Princess assimilated them on theatre and suggested which she and Ray have been attack it again.

Princess and Teairra threw insults behind and onward similar to it was their jobs. Which we suspect it arrange of is. So it goes in the hold up of Ray J and his harem.

According to Princess, she and Ray J were usually damaged up for similar to dual weeks and zero unequivocally happened in between him and Teairra, who begged to differ.

You can suppose how it went from there (SPOILER: it was uncomfortable).

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Cast Photos
Yung Berg

1. Yung Berg
Yung Berg is a repeated player on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. Emphasis on player?

As for the alternative expel members, Hazel E, Masika Tucker and Yung Berg were subsequent in the prohibited seat, and didn’t just abate the moving mood on stage.

Masika and Hazel, not distinct Teairra and Princess, have been not big fans.

Also on Monday’s calendar was the barbarous love triangle with Mally Mall, a male whose interest to women is about as baffling as they get. Only on VH1.

Nikki’s mom and Masika went at it, and looked to be on the verge of throwing fists around as good as insults when we used to black for the night.

Stay tuned for the second partial this evening, Love & Hip Hop Nation!

Mika Brzezinski is a well-respected publisher who takes her pursuit really severely at MSNBC.

As prolonged as the subject she’s covering doesn’t engage a gas trickle at a Furry convention.

Earlier currently on Morning Joe, Brzezinski and her co-anchors were stating on a (very real) story about how nineteen attendees at Chicago’s FurFest were hospitalized as a outcome of a gas leak.

Mika Brzezinski Learns What a Furry Is, Runs Off Set

As Brzezinski was relaying headlines about the situation to viewers, she wondered about the clarification of a “Furry.”

The video one after another to play… Brzezinski saw photos of those ready to go as assorted bushy animals in sequence to have sex with others ready to go as assorted ire animals… and fell detached in a fit of laughter.

Brzezinski was incompetent to even finish the segment, using off set and divided from the camera due to her unsuited – despite often distinct – reaction.

You simply contingency watch the video on top of to see this shred in entirety.

29 Hilariously Awesome Moments in News
Jim Cantore Knees College Kid on Camera

1. Jim Cantore Knees College Kid on Camera
The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore, stating live from the site of funny continue as he regularly does, beats behind a college kid’s try to video explosve him.

If you know anything about Wendy Williams, afterwards you know which the daytime host loves to stir up debate by aggressive dear celebs for the delight of her religiously clinging fans.

Back in October, Williams went off on Jennifer Lawrence. Last month, she pounded Britney Spears and Charlie Ebersol.

Now, she’s set her sights on She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Dissed, and as usual, her assembly is amatory each second of it:

Wendy Williams Trashes Taylor Swift

In box you someway haven’t heard, rumors which Taylor done out with Karlie Kloss at a new unison were all the fury this weekend.

Taylor has denied dating Karlie, which prompted Wendy to fundamentally job her a dirty liar in the shave above.

Wendy bizarrely claimed which Taylor is regulating Karlie to assistance her strew her “good lady image.”

It’s a flattering critical thing to credit someone of regulating their most appropriate crony as a PR pawn, but what competence be even worse is Wendy’s acknowledgement about Tay-Tay’s signature bangs:

“The complaint with her is, she has soccer mother hair,” Wendy pronounced of Taylor. “Everything is so controlled and so hairsprayed…More mostly than not, it’s really PTA.

Oh, no. She. Didn’t. We all know which bangs aren’t you do Taylor any favors, but it’s only not discussed. Hope Wendy enjoys being ripped detached by wild Taylor fans on Twitter for the subsequent month.

Taylor Swift at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show
Taylor Swift on the Catwalk

1. Taylor Swift on the Catwalk
Sing it, Taylor Swift! Also: strut it, Taylor Swift! The artist performs here at the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.