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Chris Brown voiced which he and Karrueche Tran have been over, putting his ex-girlfriend on explosion in unison and move to poise with 3 Kardashians.

Yes, it was a quite bustling night in the hold up of Chris.

Chris Brown: I’m Single! F–k Karrueche!

Friday night during Power 106’s annual Cali Yuletide show in L.A, the R&B star asked the throng if there were any singular women in the house.

The germane members of Team Breezy cheered.

After a short pause, Chris noted, “I’m singular too!”

Team Breezy erupted, electrified and ecstatic.

Apparently, he pennyless up with Karrueche Tran again, and it doesn’t receptive to advice similar to they split on great terms. Of his now-ex, the star pronounced “F–k which b-tch!”

Chris never was great at break-ups with girls.

He wasn’t finished creation headlines on this night. On Instagram, he after acted with not one, not two, but 3 Kardashian family members unresolved onto him …

Chris Brown, Kylie, Kendall and Khloe

Khloe Kardashian assimilated the Kylie and Kendall Jenner lovefest, creation for a indeed bizarre scene, and one no disbelief meant as a hulk eff-you to Kae.

Wonder what Kylie’s beloved (assuming she’s unequivocally cradle attacked by Tyga, Chris’ boy) thinks about this. We’re guessing he’s cool with it … maybe.

On the and side, he and Chris have been tight, so improved which than Kylie crawling all over a little pointless dude, and Kendall looks some-more meddlesome anyway.

On the flip side … well, it’s still Chris Brown.

His on-stage, humiliating, wanton kiss-off destined at Karrueche Tran was about as easily as he’s ever split ways with a woman, which says a lot.

The indication has nonetheless to passive-aggressively reply on amicable media, but we pretence it’s only a make a difference of time. Then they’ll get behind together after that.

Anyone wish to gamble opposite us there?

25 Pics of Chris Brown Thuggin’ It!
Chris Brown Smoking Weed

1. Chris Brown Smoking Weed
Chris Brown smoking weed – 3 joints at the same time no less. What a category action as always.

Each year, the website Mr. Skin releases the list of the year’s tip bare scenes.

There was a time when the entries were something of a foregone conclusion, but in the Golden Age of Nudity in that we live, there have been dozens and infrequently hundreds of “hoots and glutes” (as Skin himself so eloquently put it) from that to choose.

Sadly, in 2014, the universe of nakedness was dominated by The Fappening – that hapless eventuality in that hackers disregarded the remoteness of hundreds of immature starlets by posting their in isolation photos online.

After that, of course, we were sanctified with the steer of Kim Kardashian’s naked boundary on the cover of Paper magazine. Kim might not have succeeded in violation the Internet, but she probably caused a worldwide necessity of baby oil.

10 Best Nude Scenes of 2014
Cameron Diaz in Sex Tape

10. Cameron Diaz in Sex Tape
Cameron done her nakedness entrance with the aptly-titled Sex Tape. She did not disappoint.

Fortunately, Mr. Skin’s bare stage list focuses on consensual, non-greasy nakedness that essentially moves (and bounces).

The list has only about all Hollywood follower aficionados would expect:

There’s Alexandra Daddario on True Detective, forcing Woody Harrelson to live up to his name.

And, of course, who could dont think about Scarlett Johansson in Under the Skin?

Sadly, there’s one repudiation that we simply can’t believe.

Somehow, Emily Ratajkowski’s bare stage in Gone Girl was left off the list, that is a bit similar to withdrawal Michael Jordan out of a conversation about good basketball players.

We’re not certain about to do about this slight (Maybe call the congressmen?), but feel giveaway to check out the year’s tip bare scenes in the art studio on top of whilst you await serve instruction.

The many smashing time of the year is here!

Because the kids have been chime belling and everybody is revelation you to be of great cheer? Sure, definitely. Why not?

But often since owners have been right away sauce their dogs in Yuletide sweaters. And it’s only so gosh damn adorable!

11 Dogs Who Look Like a Boss in Their Yuletide Sweaters
Merry Cute Christmas!

1. Merry Cute Christmas!
This is the most appropriate Yuletide present you’ll embrace this year. You’re welcome!

Over the past couple of days, we’ve documented generally lovable instances of a pug receiving a bath and a French bulldog singing Josh Groban – but the print art studio on top of creates it transparent which all breeds can demeanour identical to a trainer whilst rocking this gratifying attire.

Says Veterinarian Marty Becker:

“When it comes to cold-weather wardrobe for dogs, I suggest which owners of 3 kinds of dog cruise sweaters or alternative clothing: small dogs, dogs who have been aged or ill, and greyhounds, whippets or dogs with identical physique sorts which lift really small fat, generally if they have short hair.”

That’s excellent and all, Dr. Becker.

But the correct answer is which ALL dogs should wear sweaters for Christmas. That most is evident, do not you think?

The Grammy Awards took a nomadic track to announcing the nominees this year.

Rather than come out with all nominees at once, the nods for assorted categories were posted via Friday on Twitter, culminating with the exhibit of the contenders for Album of the Year on CBS’ A Very Grammy Yuletide final night.

“What we longed for to do is supplement a twist,” explained Grammys senior manager writer Ken Ehrlich. “And everybody loves Yuletide specials.”

Grammy Folks

So, who is up for the tip hardware at the annual event, that will air on Feb 8?

Meet your Album of the Year nominees now:

  • Morning Phase, Beck
  • Beyoncé, Beyoncé
  • X, Ed Sheeran
  • In The Lonely Hour, Sam Smith
  • Girl, Pharrell Williams

With her nods this year, Beyonce overtakes Dolly Parton as the many nominated artist in Grammy history.

Blue Ivy’s gifted mom has been nominated a whopping 48 times and won seventeen Grammy trophies in all.

Will she take home the big esteem in 2015? Will Taylor Swift, Katy Perry or Miley Cyrus win the categories in that they have been nominated?

Relive a little of the most appropriate performances from the 2014 Grammy Awards and let the expectation build!

2014 Grammy Awards Performances
Taylor Swift Grammy Awards Performance 2014

1. Taylor Swift Grammy Awards Performance 2014
Taylor Swift blows the throng divided here with a live chronicle of “All Too Well.” It was achieved at the 2014 Grammys.

Just hours after the initial 2015 Grammy Awards nominees were announced, Ariana Grande took the theatre dual times during A Very Grammy Christmas.

Ariana achieved her brand new legal legal holiday lane “Santa Tell Me” on the CBS special, along with her strike duet “Best Mistake” with rapper beloved Big Sean.

Ariana Grande ft. Big Sean – Best Mistake (A Very Grammy Christmas)

The performances were essentially taped behind on Nov eighteen at the Shrine Auditorium in L.A., but slated to air after the Grammy nominees were unveiled.

Ariana, whose My Everything is nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album, positively looked and sang the partial of a cocktail star as she took to this legal legal holiday stage.

Her sexy, red two-piece skirt was officious sizzling, environment the finished for her duet with Sean, her longtime crony and co-operator incited love interest.

Earlier, donning a short white dress, the small snowflake achieved her own. Yuletide carol. Watch Ariana Grande’s “Santa Tell Me” entrance after the burst …

Ariana Grande – Santa Tell Me (A Very Grammy Christmas)

Ariana might or might not wish to get it on with Santa, formed on the musical calm of which song, but there’s no disbelief Big Sean is the main male in her life.

At slightest for the alternative 364 days per year.

The newly central integrate only could not take their eyes off any alternative and hold hands as they walked off the theatre after their “Best Mistake” performance.

“I think the universe of him, and he’s an extraordinary person,” she told Seventeen recently, confirming the long-rumored romance. “That’s kind of all there is to it.”

Check out lovable pics of the span below:

Ariana Grande and Big Sean: Young Love
Big Sean, Ariana Grande

1. Big Sean, Ariana Grande
Big Sean and Ariana Grande behaving live. These dual have a lovable couple.

WE tv, or weTV or however the heck you stylize that pointless network’s name, aired a unequivocally special, retaining monthly payment of Kendra on Top on Friday night.

Featuring an in-depth sit-down with Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett, Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode fifteen betrothed to give fans “The Untold Story.”

Did it deliver? Or was it some-more along the lines of the same vague, semi-scripted (albeit entertaining) unsteadiness we’ve come to design from the program?

Watch Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode fifteen Online

If you watch Kendra on Top online, you know Hank allegedly lent a palm (job) to a transgender indication progressing this year, whilst Kendra was unequivocally pregnant.

She found out about this after Ava London sole the story, and whilst Baskett has never unequivocally addressed the particulars, he contingency have finished SOMEthing.

Otherwise, Kendra’s a most improved singer than we thought, ’cause male she was ripsh!t. Girl did in the centre take her male behind on the finale, but whatev.

On Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 15, we still didn’t get the loyal “Untold Story” as we would have liked, but both sides were open. Honest. RAW.

Hank and Kendra authorised WEtv (we think that’s how you write it, actually) to ask anything, no restrictions. So did the name Ava London come up?!

Not exactly, but things got genuine at the end. At the beginning, Kendra and Hank recapped the season, together with a small of the things WE didn’t see on tv.

Including how they both contemplated self-murder after the liaison leaked.

“I was at a genuine low. I even questioned my life,” Kendra Wilkinson said.

“If it wasn’t for breastfeeding Alijah [Baskett], the down payment I had with her, I feel similar to I would have substantially finished my life. I felt similar to I’m not even ostensible to be here.”

Hank additionally deliberate finale his life, he said, carrying put K-Dubs in this on all sides (vague as he is about what he essentially did or didn’t do, of course).

We afterwards saw a montage of Kendra’s mother, Patti Wilkinson.

Flashbacks from Girls Next Door, as good as E!’s Kendra, showed Patti revelation her not to wed Hank, removing dissapoint when she was pregnant, etc.

Kendra pronounced her mother was amatory her contemptible misery, and that it felt similar to she was anticipating Hank would assent out and Kendra would move in with her.

Nothing we didn’t know, but wow, that lady is messed up.

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett: In Happier Times
Kendra and 2 Hanks

1. Kendra and 2 Hanks
There was a time when Kendra and Hank looked to be a unequivocally happy couple. This print was snapped in 2012.

By now, we know Kendra took him back, even if she was going to offer Hank with divorce papers. But the wounds from this year still cut deep.

In articulate about his purported affair, Hank essentially got a small defensive, observant that all Kendra has ever finished is fool around the “victim,” given the beginning.

Uh, yeah. Hank’s been going by a tough time, too, he insists, that is a flattering confidant criticism if he unequivocally did give a transsexual indication palm relief.

Kendra took emanate with that statement, at that indicate he ripped his microphone off and stormed off set, withdrawal us unresolved for subsequent week’s partial two.

Totally scripted, but pretty good executed, you guys.