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Wiz Khalifa Sex Tape: On the Way!

Ever given Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose got divorced, Wiz has reportedly been gettin’ it in with all with a pulse.

Because he’s which good of a guy, Wiz has additionally been pity justification of his exploits on Instagram:

Wiz Khalifa, Carla Howe Photo

That’s Mr. Khalifa with a tighten crony declared Carla Howe. She’s a Playboy indication who co-starred with Wiz in the 2012 humerous entertainment Mac & Devin Go to High School.

They assumingly got super befuddled and got it on final night, as evidenced by the print above. 

The complaint is, a source is right away revelation TMZ which someone decided to movie the proceedings, and right away the footage has depressed in to the wrong hands.

Insiders contend Wiz had no thought he was being filmed, and right away he’s reportedly unfortunate to keep the fasten from going public. In fact, he’s so unfortunate to cover up the total event which he’s already deleted the pics of Cara which he posted online.

All of this leads us to hold which something alternative which candid sex went on final night.

We already know Wiz has a little freaky inclinations (his matrimony finished after Amber walked in on him in bed with twins), so we could be in store for something which will put the Kim Kardashian sex fasten to shame.

We do not know how Wiz didn’t comprehend there was someone in the room filming him whilst he was carrying sex, but it competence be time for him to cut behind on the weed a bit.

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa: Through the Years…
Wiz Khalifa, Amber Rose Wedding Photo

1. Wiz Khalifa, Amber Rose Wedding Photo
Amber Rose posted this happy marriage print to instruct Wiz Khalifa a really happy birthday.

It might be tough to believe, but it’s been roughly 6 years given LeAnn Rimes stole Eddie Cibrian from Brandi Glanville.

In which time, LeAnn and Eddie have finished many of the things tied together couples do – paid for a house, argued, starred in one of the misfortune being shows ever. But notwithstanding LeAnn being utterly outspoken on the subject, they have nonetheless to have a kid together.

That might be shortly to change, as a little sagacious viewers of final night’s Rockefeller Center Yuletide tree lighting swear they saw the beginnings of a bun in LeAnn’s oven during her infrequently obscene performance:

LeAnn Rimes: “I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas”

Mrs. Rimes-Cibrian kept her prolonged overcoat buttoned up for many of the performance, but when she busts it open for the big, voluptuous culmination (of a holiday-themed kids’ song), if you flicker only tough enough, it looks a miniscule strike might be visible.

Of course, it’s probable LeAnn only had a large dish prior to she took the stage. Or might be she’s only been attack the drink generally tough lately.

That would positively assistance insist LeAnn’s unresponsive Eric Garner “riot” twitter which she posted after the show. 

So to recap: LeAnn attempted to stay applicable by sexing-up a kids’ strain and afterwards showed Twitter which she’s astonishingly undeveloped about the universe around her. 

And this lady might be raising a kid soon. Apologies in allege if which suspicion pops in to your conduct and keeps you up all night.

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Pics: Happy Home-Wreckers
LeAnn Rimes With Eddie Cibrian Photo

1. LeAnn Rimes With Eddie Cibrian Photo
LeAnn Rimes with Eddie Cibrian. They got tied together some-more than dual years ago now.

Damien Gurganious, a air blower the one preferred on The Biggest Loser Season 7, has upheld divided at the age of 38. He died Nov 24, according to reports.

Gurganious, who distinguished his birthday only one week before, suffered a remarkable conflict of an autoimmune commotion that caused draining in his brain.

Damien Gurganious, Nicole Brewer

“He was a post of his family, an extraordinary son, brother, cousin and uncle,” his family pronounced in a statement. “He was an implausible father and father to his two-year old daughter, Giselle.”

“He was an impulse and a coach to so many.”

“His love for his family and friends was immense.”

Gurganious and Nicole Brewer, at the time his fiance, appeared on the NBC being show in Jan 2009 and were separated in the third week.

They tied together in Aug of that year.

Nicole not long ago paid reverence to her amatory father on her Facebook page, essay with a complicated heart, “As many of you know, I never post on amicable media.”

“So, it is rarely mocking and deeply unhappy that my initial loyal post is to surprise you of the comfortless detriment of my dear husband, Damien Gurganious,”

“Damien suffered from the remarkable conflict of a singular autoimmune disorder, Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP), that caused inoperable draining in his brain.”

“All of you who knew Damien can demonstrate to his inexhaustible and amatory spirit, his effusive and jovial personality, and his caring and merciful nature.”

“Damien regularly preferred to move out the most appropriate in those around him by charity encouragement, await and love, mostly couched in his own waggish and virtuoso adages.”

The renouned weight detriment foe is off tonight, but if you watch The Biggest Loser online, subsequent week’s part will air an “in memoriam” card.

In the meantime, friends of Gurganious have set up “The Damien Gurganious Family Fund” website for those who’d similar to to assistance Nicole and Giselle.

R.I.P. Damien.

Celebrities We Lost in 2014
Philip Seymour Hoffman

1. Philip Seymour Hoffman
R.I.P. Philip Seymour Hoffman (1967-2014). He will perpetually be missed!

THIS JUST IN: Members of the Kardashian family love to poise exposed for open consumption.

The headline-generating direction proposed with a really divulgence Kim Kardashian bare impressive in Playboy 7 years ago.

It afterwards widespread to the presumably free shots of Khloe Kardashian nude, which were snapped on interest of PETA in 2008.

Kim has donned her birthday fit on many occasions given then, whilst photos of Kourtney Kardashian bare went viral this week, pleasantness of DuJour magazine.

17 Naked Photos of Kardashian Family Members
Nude Kim Kardashian

1. Nude Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian proposed it all when she nude down for Playboy in 2007. She after pronounced she regretted this exposed spread, but her birthday fit photos in 2014 were a droll approach of arrangement that.

Tragically, teen Kendall Jenner has additionally gotten in on the exposed action around a far as well insinuate design she posted to Instagram a couple of months ago.

And, yes, even Kris Jenner’s bare physique has been on full display, with the family mama pity a exposed design of herself whilst profound from many decades ago.

Which of these moist snapshots is the many seductive? Cycle by the on top of art studio and confirm now! (Spoiler Alert: It’s not the one of Kris.)

As some-more women come brazen with stories of being intimately assaulted by Bill Cosby, the humerous entertainment fable continues to concurrently keep wordless and fool around the plant card.

Cosby has denied the allegations by his attorney, whilst regularly refusing to plead them publicly.

Today, Cosby is once again stealing at the back of his lawyers, but this time he’s additionally going on the offensive, claiming he’s being criminally extorted by Judy Huth – a lady who not long ago came brazen and settled which Cosby raped her when she was usually fifteen years old.

Bill Cosby Interview Pic

Cosby’s attorney, Marty Singer, claims which he was approached by Huth’s lawyers final month and they radically attempted to extort Cosby

Singer says Huth’s authorised group done “ominous references to rapist penalties” and demanded a remuneration of $100,000 from Cosby. He alleges which they later upped which total to $250,000.

In justice papers performed by TMZ, Singer offers justification which he believes proves Huth’s story is a fabrication.

First, he claims which Huth attempted to sell her story to multiform tabloids ten years ago, but was incompetent to find a buyer. Singer cites this as justification which Huth is lying when she claims which which she’d “repressed” the mental recall of Cosby’s purported attack.

Singer additionally points to Huth’s explain which she and Cosby played a “drinking game” prior to she allegedly passed out and woke to find she’d been molested.

The profession states which Cosby is a “lifelong non-drinker” and would never have participated in such a game.

Cosby is reportedly perfectionist which Huth’s box be thrown out and is requesting financial compensation, as well.

Bill Cosby Memes Gone Horribly Awry
Stare at the Sweater

1. Stare at the Sweater
Thanks a lot, Internet users. Now we’ll never be means to watch The Cosby Show the same approach ever again!

They might have only welcomed their initial kid together, but Eva Mendes is reportedly sceptical of Ryan Gosling and his former flame, Rachel McAdams.

In a story ripped constant from the luminary report tabloids – and the fantasies of millions of The Notebook fans – Ryan has been chatting with Rachel lately.

At slightest he was … until Eva FORBADE him from you do so!

  • Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Photo
  • The Notebook Photo

Insiders lay which the 40-year-old Mendes was livid when Gosling’s Notebook co-star and former real-life love called … to honour him on fatherhood.

“Rachel had the most appropriate of intentions when she called,” the source says. “She longed for to honour Ryan on the baby, and to find out how he was doing.”

McAdams’ submissive good wishes were assumingly not welcomed.

While the rest of us have started to pretence (albeit begrudgingly) which Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have been in it for life, Eva apparently isn’t as positive.

To put it mildly. “It caused a big scene,” the insider reports.

How big a scene? Big sufficient which it won’t occur again.

“Now Eva’s criminialized him from receiving Rachel’s calls.”

Oooh. While the dual might be committed to raising their baby daughter Esmeralda, the singer is reportedly “convinced Rachel’s perplexing to win him back.”

While we do not tumble in to which camp, it is fun to think about … publication editors sitting around and meditative about stories similar to this to run as if they were true.

Also fun, for constant Gosling devotees? The print art studio below.

You’re welcome. Don’t contend we never did anything for you.

19 Hottest Photos of Ryan Gosling
Shirtless Ryan Gosling

1. Shirtless Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling gets shirtless. You’re acquire ladies. YOu’re welcome.

Bruce Jenner still has all his strange physique parts, people.

Earlier today, the folks at MediaTakeOut screamed in an essay which the being star has “CUT OFF HIS D-CK” and is OFFICIALLY a woman” with a vagina.

This inform followed prior claims which Jenner has regularly longed for to be a womanlike and has been deliberation a sex shift for decades.

11 Photos of Bruce Jenner Looking Sort of Like a Woman
Bruce Jenner with a Ponytail

1. Bruce Jenner with a Ponytail
How prolonged is Bruce Jenner’s hair these days? He can simply wear is in a ponytail.

Here’s the thing, though: the inform is completely, totally, 100% inaccurate.

Despite MediaTakeOut claiming which those who watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians online when it earnings in 2015 will see an insinuate stage in which Jenner tells his desired ones he went to Thailand for gender reassignment surgery, Gossip Cop has shot down this allegation.

Via a arguable source at E!, which website says no such Keeping Up with the Kardashians storyline has been filmed and which Jenner still has his penis.

Simply put, the MediaTakeOut article saying anything else is “ridiculous,” according to Gossip Cop.

For those astounded which a MediaTakeOut inform would be erroneous… well, you’ve obviously never been to MediaTakeOut. But let’s only contend it once claimed North West was not a genuine baby.

Has Bruce Jenner altered his coming mostly by the years?

Yes, as evidenced by this print gallery. But Little Bruce is still alive and well, if you know what we mean.

Bruce Jenner Hairstyles: Through the Years
The Mop Top

1. The Mop Top
Bruce Jenner won Olympic Gold in 1976, notwithstanding a mop tip full of hair which bounced all around during the Decathlon.

The Bachelor star Chris Soules will have a literally rare series of women competing for him when the strike ABC show earnings Jan 5.

As suggested today, the 33-year-old Iowa rancher will encounter thirty intensity essence friends – 3 some-more than had the exasperation of assembly Juan Pablo Galavis!

Prince Farming

Among the brand new hopefuls have been a “WWE diva-in-training” from Florida, a plus-size indication and a waitress from Hollywood (totes there for the right reasons).

There’s additionally a journey boat singer, a former NFL cheerleader and a anatomy hankie saleswoman (for reals) with “a intense warn in a healing cooler.”

That’s a approach to have a initial sense he’ll remember, for improved or worse.

For 8 of these thirty women, the initial rose rite will additionally be their last.

Only twenty-two will tarry to conflict for Chris Soules’ dates, heart and … well, soul.

It’ll be a furious float this season, ABC claims, earnest “one of the many thespian twists in Bachelor history.” Or at slightest given each alternative season.

You do not need The Bachelor spoilers to discuss it you which there’s regularly one of those. Just saying. Anyway, review the list of ladies and “titles” after the jump!

  1. Alissa, 24, moody attendant, Hamilton, N.J.
  2. Amanda, 24, ballet teacher, Lake in the Hills, Ill.
  3. Amber, 29, bartender, Chicago, Ill.
  4. Ashley I., 26, nanny, Wayne, N.J.
  5. Ashley S., 24, hair stylist, Brooklyn, N.Y.
  6. Becca, 25, chiropractic assistant, San Diego, Calif.
  7. Bo, 25, plus-size model, Carpinteria, Calif.
  8. Britt, 27, waitress, Hollywood, Calif.
  9. Brittany, 26, WWE diva-in-training, Orlando, Fla.
  10. Carly, 29, journey boat singer, Arlington, Texas
  11. Jade, 28, war paint developer, Los Angeles, Calif.
  12. Jillian, 25, headlines producer, Washington, D.C.
  13. Jordan, 24, student, Windsor, Colo.
  14. Juelia, 30, esthetician, Portland, Ore.
  15. Kaitlyn, 29, dance instructor, Vancouver, BC
  16. Kara, 25, tall propagandize soccer coach, Brownsville, Ky.
  17. Kelsey, 28, superintendence counselor, Austin, Texas
  18. Kimberly, 28, yoga instructor, Long Island, N.Y.
  19. Mackenzie, 21, dental assistant, Maple Valley, Wash.
  20. Megan, 23, makeup artist, Nashville, Tenn.
  21. Michelle, 25, marriage baked sweat bread decorator, Provo, Utah
  22. Nicole, 31, genuine estate agent, Scottsdale, Ariz.
  23. Nikki, 26, former NFL cheerleader, New York City, N.Y.
  24. Reegan, 28, anatomy hankie saleswoman, Manhattan Beach, Calif.
  25. Samantha, 27, conform designer, Los Angeles, Calif.
  26. Tandra, 30, senior manager assistant, Sandy, Utah
  27. Tara, 26, competition fishing enthusiast, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
  28. Tracy, 29, fourth class teacher, Wellington, Fla.
  29. Trina, 33, special preparation teacher, San Clemente, Calif.
  30. Whitney, 29, flood nurse, Chicago, Ill.

Who’s your pick? Hit the comments next to let us know …

Chris Soules Photos: The Bachelor 2015!
Chris Soules is The Bachelor 2015

1. Chris Soules is The Bachelor 2015
Chris Soules is The Bachelor 2015. Here he is, withdrawal no doubts about it.

OOPS! LeAnn Rimes’ bad, people.

On Wednesday evening, a grand jury chose NOT to accuse a New York military military officer who choked a municipal declared Eric Garner to death.

As a result, thousands of protestors took to the streets in midtown Manhattan, chanting for probity and causing utterly a bit of gridlock.

  • Eric Garner Video
  • Eric Garner-Related Riots Break Out in NYC

By perfect coincidence, NBC was filming the Rockefeller Center Yuletide Tree lighting at the same time as this chaos, an eventuality at which Rimes was performing.

As the gratifying throng joined with the protesting crowd, the artist Tweeted:

“Wow, riots have been unhappy tonight entrance out of a joyous place. #peaceatchristmas #prayersforall.”

Almost immediately, Twitter users called Rimes out for her insensitivity, with one particular referring to her as an “idiot” for ignoring the actuality which Garner had been killed; and an additional writing:

“There have been no riots function in NYC right now. There have been protests.”

Backtracking from her primary message, Rimes told supporters she has “a heart for tellurian beings” and afterwards offering a extensive apology.

My heart is in the right place. I am unhappy for everybody tonight. Those who have been wronged, those who have been struggling, those who have been heartbroken. My heart is with you. I instruct assent for all.

I swallow ones pride if my bargain of the ny protests were taken in any alternative way. It was what was being relayed to me and reported.

Maybe you should only go behind to derisive your stepson, LeAnn Rimes. Leave stream events alone for awhile.

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Pics: Happy Home-Wreckers
LeAnn Rimes With Eddie Cibrian Photo

1. LeAnn Rimes With Eddie Cibrian Photo
LeAnn Rimes with Eddie Cibrian. They got tied together some-more than dual years ago now.

Ryan Leaf’s hold up has been characterized by damaged dreams, dejected ambitions, and the ravages of addiction, but currently for the initial time in years, the former series 2 altogether NFL breeze collect perceived a little great news:

Leaf was expelled from jail this morning after portion over dual years of five-year sentence.

Ryan Leaf Mug Shot

In 2012, Leaf was arrested for hidden medication drugs. Just 3 days later, he was destitute again for a identical crime.

The span of transgression charges was sufficient to have Leaf incarcerated, and sources contend the ex-QB spent his time behind bars devoting himself to a full recovery.

A former standout at Washington State University, Leaf was drafted by the San Diego Chargers in 1998 (just one collect at the behind of a immature male declared Peyton Manning). 

Leaf’s off-field antics profoundly influenced his performance, and he was drummed out of the joining by 2001.

Naturally, it’s as well late for 38-year-old Leaf to get behind on the field, but he might still have a career in football.

Leaf worked quickly as a quarterback manager at West Texas A&M prior to being dismissed for allegedly asking a player for a suffering pill. Insiders contend he hopes to get in to coaching on a little level.

Additionally, Leaf has worked as a football blogger for the Washington State website, and he’s even created a discourse about his scattered life.

Sounds similar to the former phenom has the collection required to assistance him conform to hold up post-NFL and post-addiction. We instruct him the most appropriate of luck.

Celebrities Who Played College Football
Joel McHale

1. Joel McHale
Before he done us giggle on Community, Joel McHale done defenses compensate as parsimonious finish for Washington.