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Pop quiz: What do Michele Bachmann and “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore have in common?

If you said, they’re both punchlines from 2012 which have thankfully been forgotten…well, you’re right. But the answer we were seeking for is, they’re both partial of today’s many suddenly waggish viral video: 

Michele Bachmann: “Thrift Shop”

Bachmann is withdrawal association at the finish of her stream term, and we right away know why. Clearly, she’ll be attack the midwestern conflict swat circuit a la Eminem in 8 Mile.

We can see her now: Hunched over in a hoodie, moving to an hypothetical beat, rhymes about mom’s spaghetti using by her mind.

Sorry, we competence be meditative about how she prepped for the Republican initial debates.

Anyway, in any case of your feelings on her politics, we can all determine on dual things:

  1. Michele Bachmann competence be the misfortune white rapper in the story white rap. Seriously, this lady creates Vanilla Ice demeanour similar to Jay Z.
  2. It’s a great thing which she was catastrophic in her bid for the White House. What if the word “incredible” popped up on the teleprompter during a State of the Union residence and she proposed spittin’ about poppin’ tags?!

Anyway, suffer Michele’s try to take over the swat game, and stick on us in devising a together star in which Mrs. Bachmann is a one-hit consternation and Macklemore is in congress.

We’re guessing he’d be unequivocally fun and renouned at first, afterwards with his second single term he’d get all critical and preachy, and everybody would dont think about about him. 

21 One-Hit Wonders We Still Love
Right Said Fred - I'm Too Sexy

1. Right Said Fred – I’m Too Sexy
Maybe you ARE as well voluptuous for your shirt. If so, there’s a one strike consternation for that.

Just call her an titular angel.

Taylor Swift available her opening this week for the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which will air Dec 9 on CBS and which will give viewers a demeanour at the artist as they’ve frequency seen her before:

In lingerie!

Taylor Swift at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show
Taylor Swift on the Catwalk

1. Taylor Swift on the Catwalk
Sing it, Taylor Swift! Also: strut it, Taylor Swift! The artist performs here at the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

To leather belt out multiform of her brand new singles – together with her ultimate chart-topper, “Blank Space” – Swift donned a light-pink fine cloth night dress and relating edging and fine cloth robe.

She finished the garb with maribou-trimmed high-heeled sandals. And with the jaws of organisation everybody forsaken resolutely to the ground.

As seen in the print art studio above, Taylor additionally wore a lacy black series which done it transparent because Matt Healy wants to date the superstar.

Last year, Swift achieved at this same conform show with Fall Out Boy. This year, she sang by herself whilst great crony Karlie Kloss strutted down the runway along her side.

In box there was any disbelief about either the Victoria’s Secret Angels accept Swift on their stage, meanwhile, cruise the organisation shot which was snapped after this week’s taping.

Look who is front, core and beautiful!

Taylor Swift and the Angels

Kylie Jenner may not have been in the spotlight as prolonged as her comparison sisters, but when it comes to amicable media, she could learn her total family a lesson.

You see, if Kylie wants to post a pic to Instagram but she doesn’t similar to a sure aspect of the shot, she doesn’t risk descending plant to a Kardashian Photoshop disaster, she only crops which thing to pieces:

Kylie Jenner in Sweats

Kylie captioned the on top of pic, “Straight outta bed,” and formed on the attire, we hold her.

Sources contend Kylie went entirely makeup giveaway whilst using her early sunrise errands, but sadly, she cut off her conduct to save her face.

What this means, of course, is which a profitable square of justification which could have been used to assistance compromise the poser of Kylie’s hulk lips has been destroyed:

Kylie’s denied cosmetic operation rumors on multiform occasions, claiming which plumped-up rumple is only the outcome of beautiful have use of of mouth liner.

That’s kinda tough to verify, given Kylie is rocking complicated makeup in flattering most each selfie which she posts these days.

But hey, we theory the critical thing is, even when Kylie only woke up, she still keeps it fresh. Her boots compare the paint pursuit on her truck, and those sweatpants substantially price some-more than we have in a year. Who needs a face with swag similar to that? 

25 Wildly Inappropriate Photos of Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner Cleavage Pic

1. Kylie Jenner Cleavage Pic
Kylie Jenner squats and shows off her disruption in this photo. NOTE: She is sixteen years old.

While Leah Messer give up Teen Mom 2, the luminary inform indent hasn’t been means to give up her. On the contrary, the inform is using some-more prevalent than ever.

This ultimate object might take the cake. It even stirred a approach response.

The mom of 3 took to Twitter to debunk inform which she is pregnant, and which the father-to-be is not her father but her ex-boyfriend, Robbie Kidd.

Jeremy and Leah Calvert

A supporter wrote: “It is tough to hold @TM2LeahDawn is profound again and not to her husband. I theory a little ppl do not hold in bieing born carry out #TeenMom2”

Pregnant again according to luminary inform blogs and not fact, anyway.

The actuality which she’s going by so most done this distortion roughly plausible to most fans, though, and Leah obviously felt the need to reply to it personally.

“I am not with Robbie and I’m not pregnant,” Leah replied to the air blower in question, and remarkable which only for the record, “Jeremy and I have been still married!

Well, which succinctly clears up this rumor. On mixed fronts, no less.

Between her control conflict with Corey Simms and her marital problems with Jeremy Calvert, Leah has a lot on her plate, for sure. But no bun in the oven.

You unequivocally can’t have this things up. Well, essentially you can, clearly.

Don’t ask us because people believed she’s awaiting her fourth kid – or because it would be by Robbie Kidd – when she hasn’t even pronounced if she’s removing divorced.

Kidd’s left on record, even, observant he didn’t crash Leah Messer.

Whatever’s going on with her at home, and either she deceived on Jeremy Calvert or not, she presumably bailed on the show to save her marriage.

Leah Messer Photos: Through the Years
Leah Messer and Daughter

1. Leah Messer and Daughter
Leah Messer and one of her 3 daughters share a proposal moment.

Maybe gripping the cameras divided will give them time to work things out, and even if they can’t have it work, this should it simpler for them to move on.

Either way, it seems similar to the smartest move for Mrs. Calvert.

Who we really, unequivocally goal is not profound right now, by Jeremy or generally by anybody else, since all these complicated issues she’s perplexing to juggle.

Girl needs a mangle from procreation for a couple of years at least.

Janice Dickinson finished it really clear: She thinks Bill Cosby is a monster.

The indication sat down this week for a CNN talk in which she described how the stand up comic unperceiving her and allegedly raped her whilst the stars were in Lake Tahoe together over thirty years ago.

But Jill Scott has come out as one of the couple of celebrities who is essentially station by Cosby, as she shielded him currently conflicting Twitter supporters who hold he committed most atrocities conflicting women behind in the day.

Bill Cosby Resigns from Temple University

“This is insane,” Scott told a supporter about the charges conflicting Cosby, adding which there’s no “proof” he’s guilty of any passionate attack conflicting anyone.

Over the past couple of weeks, of course, mixed women have come brazen and claimed the opposite.

In all, scarcely twenty purported victims have settled Cosby took value of them, whilst assorted publications have certified ways in which Cosby finished deals with them in sequence to equivocate coverage of his licentious behavior.

But Scott isn’t peaceful to burst to any conclusions, not deliberation the significance of the luminary at the core of this scandal.

“I’m with regard to a male who has finished some-more for the picture of Brown people which roughly any one EVER. From Fat Albert to the Huxtables,” she wrote on Twitter.

Scott was additionally discerning to stress which she is conflicting those who miss “substantiated proof” when they set to “destroy a pretentious Legacy,” whilst giving recommendation to rape victims around the world:

Rape is a despicable, villainous crime. If you’ve been raped- plz do NOT shower, go to military IMMEDIATELY, have a swat pack done. GET EVIDENCE.

Bill Cosby Memes Gone Horribly Awry
Stare at the Sweater

1. Stare at the Sweater
Thanks a lot, Internet users. Now we’ll never be means to watch The Cosby Show the same approach ever again!

What do YOU think? Is Bill Cosby guilty of passionate assault?

Most Bachelor fans weren’t only shocked by headlines of the Nikki Ferrell-Juan Pablo Galavis breakup.

They competence be surprised, however, to sense which the lady who once seemed so fervent to have things work with the Douchiest Bachelor of All Time has changed on to a brand brand brand brand brand new attribute only about 6 weeks after the finish of her highly-profile romance.

Over the weekend, Nikki Instagrammed a print of a allude to reading, “I swore I’d never tumble in love again, but with you it didn’t feel similar to falling.”

Nikki Ferrell and New Man?

Sadly, she didn’t yield any clues as to her brand brand brand brand brand new dude’s identity.

It’s substantially not the unclear fella in the pic above, as Nikki captioned which photo, “This is because guys do not similar to red lipstick…sorry for throwing off your diversion #bestfriend #loveyou”

Of course, it’s probable which the poser male has been un-friend-zoned in the weeks given Nikki’s breakup, but we won’t know for certain unless she decides to go open with her brand brand brand brand brand new relationship.

Given the approach things played out with JPG, we’re meditative it competence be a whilst prior to Nikki feels gentle pity her brand brand brand brand brand new intrigue with the world.

Though it positively seems similar to she’s been discerning to put the past at the back of her, Nikki’s separate from Juan Pablo was anything but amicable.

Just final month, Nikki described the attribute as a “waste” of her life. Ouch.

Sounds similar to this dissection was for the best, and we instruct Ms. Ferrell all the most appropriate in her brand brand brand brand brand new relationship.

Even so, if you find yourself feeling sentimental for the early days of Juan and Nikki’s romance, watch The Bachelor online and yowl for what competence have been.

Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell Photos: It’s Over!
Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell Kiss

1. Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell Kiss
Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell lick in a lovable photo.

Kim Kardashian: I Want Three Kids!

Kim Kardashian has been really open about the actuality which she and Kanye West have been operative on a second child.

They have been all you do it but any kind of insurance these days in hopes of giving North West a kin a little time in 2015.

Kim Kardashian Snapshot

In the ultimate emanate of Elle UK, however, the being star looks over over which and says she wants to have at slightest 3 kids.

“I wish a child and an additional girl; I wish it to begin function true away,” Kim says. “I desired being partial of a outrageous family – and I wish which for North. We’d do IVF if zero happens, but we both wish to keep perplexing naturally.”

Kardashian adds which a contingent of physicians told her behind in the day which she’d never get pregnant. She was all set to solidify her eggs when the headlines about North came along.

Switching topics, the emanate of those Kim Kardashian bare photos came up, of course, with Paper Magazine’s many renouned cover lady observant it took awhile for her to feel gentle in her own skin.

“It’s taken me a prolonged time to be happy with my physique and for my certainty to grow to what it is today.

“I grew up when the physique to have was the tall, slim, supermodel one, similar to Cindy Crawford’s. No one looked similar to me. It’s great to mangle the distinctive nature and reconstruct one.”

Kim credits her late father for essay her a minute when she was thirteen years old, revelation his daughter which she’s a “wonderful girl” who had to “understand [her] self worth” outward of her body.

“I’m an Armenian girl, I have shape, and it incited out people favourite that,” Kim says now. “That creates me feel great about myself and about alternative women for being so supportive. I am a assured woman, but I didn’t only arrive assured – it has built over the years and which is a big partial of who I am now.”

And about those waist cinchers Kardashian has been shilling for? 

How does she determine her consistent weight detriment speak with portion as a role indication for curvy women… even yet she goes out of her approach not to be one?

No comment.

Finally, Kim heaped regard all over Kendall Jenner.

“I think she will be a outrageous star,” says Kardashian. “I really think she will be bigger than I have ever been.”

13 Krazy Kim Kardashian Quotes
[Taking selfies] is the role of life.

[Taking selfies] is the role of life.

  • Permalink: is the role of life.
  • Added: Jul 22, 2014

1. [Taking selfies] is the role of life.
[Taking selfies] is the role of life.

A day after NBC’s Today aired the Janay Rice interview, her father Ray Rice damaged his overpower on the barbarous video of the former NFL star assaulting her.

Ray Rice Interview

In the second partial of his family’s assembly with Matt Lauer, he addressed the done at home abuse liaison and apologized to fans and viewers comparison for his conduct.

The former Baltimore Ravens star asked fans to “look deeper in to who I am,” observant he was “horribly contemptible for all which I have put my family through.”

“Me and my mother had one bad night, and I took full shortcoming for it. One thing about my low mark and all which happened is which I’ve supposed it.”

“I never complained, or I never did anything similar to that. I took full shortcoming for all which I did, and the usually thing I can goal for and instruct for is a second chance.”

As for the argumentative press discussion after the trickle of the video of Ray Rice knocking out Janay Palmer (his then-fiancee’s lass name) in an elevator?

Janay Rice Interview

“We were since what to verbalise about,” he pronounced of the Ravens-arranged Q&A during which Janay apologized for her “role in the incident” as well. Ray continued:

“It wasn’t indeed entrance from us, if you can understand,” the 28-year-old said. “But I done which transparent in my final time I was means to verbalise which my mother is an angel.

“She can do no wrong. I take full shortcoming for my actions.”

Janay’s father Joe Palmer additionally discussed his daughter’s ordeal.

“Honestly? I was ready to come down and verbalise to him, really, man-to-man, and find out what was going on,” he removed of his reaction. “I had to lay behind and relax.”

Ray Rice-Janay Palmer Fight

“As shortly as you have a reckless decision, it regularly ends up a bad decision. My thing was I knew them. I knew the relationship. I know Ray, he’s a unequivocally great guy.”

“This wasn’t him. I didn’t see this in him.”

For Rice, who was only backed to the NFL final week, he says football is delegate now, and which “I would scapegoat some-more so she can have a improved future.”

She is the couple’s daughter, Rayven, who he fears will “Google her father’s name” one day, and when she does, “the initial thing that’s going to come up is.”

“You know what’s going to come up,” he said.

Janay Palmer and Ray Rice Photos
Janay Palmer, Ray Rice Photo

1. Janay Palmer, Ray Rice Photo
Ray Rice and Janay Palmer on Instagram. All smiles on this night.

So, how did you applaud your Thanksgiving?

Dinner with the relatives? The examination of a little football?  The sum and finish collapsing in to your food bowls, only similar to these pets who ate a bit as well much?

Or maybe you pressed a Cornish diversion hen into your turkey… asked your daughter to carve up the bird… and afterwards filmed her frightened greeting when she believed the family was about to eat a previously-pregnant animal. No?

That was just Nerissa Hawkinson? Watch the following video to see how her kid responded:

Pregnant Turkey Prank

NOTE: Birds lay eggs. One could never find a passed fetus inside of a turkey.

Just something to keep in thoughts if this ever happens to you.

On an additional note, we contingency right away ask: is this the meanest antic of all-time?

Or does the beloved who calculated a craft pile-up only to warn his partner with a offer still reason which distinction?

27 Totally Amazing Pranks
Walking Dead Zombies Stalk NYC Residents

1. Walking Dead Zombies Stalk NYC Residents
In sequence to foster The Walking Dead, AMC sent a little zombie to New York City to shock the heck out of residents. Watch what transpired here.

The love event in between Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne shows no signs of stopping.

Last night Kendall and Cara partied together at the British Fashion Awards. Today, they’re receiving things to the subsequent turn on the cover of Love magazine:

Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevingne Love Magazine

Kendall already acted in slip for Love’s Yuletide issue, right away she’s earning her place on the disobedient list by straddling Cara’s path similar to she’s Santa.

Don’t fooled by date on the cover. Love is a British announcement and this sold emanate goes on sale on Feb 9. So thankfully, you won’t have to wait for ten months to find out if Kendall and Cara do any some-more semi-nude wrestling inside the issue.

These dual have been fast apropos the many dear BFFs in conform and they appear to be enjoying each notation of their celebrity and friendship.

There’s been speak of Cara environment her eyes on Kendall’s ex Harry Styles.

Obviously, which could outcome in one of the biggest hair-pulling cat fights of all time, but we get the feeling Harry and Kendall were never which critical to proceed with.

Anyway, there’s no word nonetheless on either this cover print is accompanied by an similarly provocative impressive inside the issue, but judging from the teaser, we’re guessing subscribers won’t be disappointed.

35 Wildly Inappropriate Photos of Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner: Naked and Smoking

1. Kendall Jenner: Naked and Smoking
Kendall Jenner is smoking in this picture. In some-more ways than one! She was eighteen years old at the time it was taken.