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Taylor Swift is headed to NBC.

The artist, whose ultimate singular has strike number-one, will action as an confidant on the arriving deteriorate of The Voice.

This is the same genius in that Coldplay thespian Chris Martin served on Season 6, as he took contestants opposite all 4 teams underneath his gifted wing and offering them advice.

11 Fun Facts About Taylor Swift!
Her First Job Was Knocking Bugs Out of Yuletide Trees

1. Her First Job Was Knocking Bugs Out of Yuletide Trees
We’re guessing she prefers singing.

Swift will be operative with panelists Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, as good as brand new coaches Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams this fall.

T. Swizzle achieved behind on Season 4 of this singing foe and joins previously-announced advisors Stevie Wonder (who is teaming with Levine), Gavin Rossdale (working with his mother Stefani), Little Big Town (with Shelton) and Alicia Keys (working with Williams).

The Voice kicks off on Sep twenty-two and Swift will recover her fifth college of music manuscript (and her initial all-pop album) about a month later.

Led by the pound singular “Shake It Off,” 1989 will strike stores on Oct 27.

With headlines which Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been tied together (SURPRISE!) we proposed meditative about the many, most luminary weddings we’ve witnessed over the years.

And man, have we witnessed a lot of luminary weddings!

Some stars have even managed to get tied together some-more than once not long ago coughKimK​cough leading us to take a demeanour at a little of the most appropriate luminary marriage dresses we’ve ever seen:

23 Celebrity Wedding Dresses We Love
Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

1. Kate Middleton Wedding Dress
Wow. That’s all we can contend about Kate Middleton’s marriage dress. She looks simply stunning.

Regardless, when brides like Kate Middleton step out in front of the cameras, the universe takes notice. Likewise with important faces such as Kaley Cuoco and Kim Kardashian.

It’s no warn which their whim frocks fuel an complete industry, since what woman doesn’t want to demeanour similar to a LITERAL princess on her big day?

Designers will literally give their right arm to pattern marriage dresses for intent celebrities, and those same women will gangling no responsibility when it comes to the big day.

Even if their dresses have been substantially giveaway any way since of the bearing the engineer will receive. (Does which have NONE clarity to any one else?)

Anyway, we can’t wait for to supplement Angelina’s skirt to the the list, since we know it’s certain to be amazing, and which the photos will expected net millions … for charity.

There’s one perk of being a freelance writer: operative from home in the joy of my yoga pants whilst listening to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” on repeat.

All with nary a regard which I competence provoke the complete bureau simply by regulating the microwave. Imagine the people which have to go to the bureau and understanding with … PEOPLE.

That’s when the passive-aggressive function kicks in, and kicks in hard. But it additionally formula in a little hilarity, such as these classical responses to others’ notes:

31 Hilarious Responses to Passive Aggressive Notes
A REAL Community

1. A REAL Community
Not a FAKE village identical to those things on the universe far-reaching web. REAL.

Then there’s unit life, where the quarrel for parking, the neighbors carrying shrill sex, and village rabble pick up means people the same arrange of rage.

So what do people do when they knowledge this arrange of anger, disappointment and stress? Why they confront the offenders, of course! No. No they do not do that.

They send pacifist assertive records and turn MY PEOPLE. Then people reply to those records in identical conform and additionally turn my people.

Even yet I do not essentially wish to work around people. Shrug.

Michael Sam done story as the initial plainly happy player to be drafted by NFL team, but he won’t have story as the initial to take the margin in the pros only yet.

The St. Louis Rams cut Sam on Saturday, as the former college all-pro was between last 4 players expelled prior to the group finalized the 53-man roster.

Michael Sam Released By Rams

So what’s subsequent for Michael Sam? He is right away on waivers and could be claimed by an additional team, definition he would automatically have which club’s roster.

If he is unclaimed, Sam competence still breeze up on the Rams’ 10-man use squad, with an event to have the group which drafted him down the line.

The 24-year-old pronounced around his Twitter comment Saturday afternoon:

“I wish to appreciate the Rams classification and the city of St. Louis for giving me this extensive event and permitting me to show I can fool around at this level.”

“I demeanour brazen to stability to set up on the swell I done here toward a prolonged and successful career. The most inestimable things in hold up frequency come easy.”

“This is a doctrine I’ve regularly known. The tour continues.”

St. Louis manager Jeff Fisher called Sam to surprise him of the team’s preference Saturday afternoon, and the dual have been approaching to encounter currently in person.

“I was pulling for him, and it only didn’t work out,” Fisher said.

Sam was one of hundreds of players cut Saturday in the NFL, but since of his informative significance, his recover positively generated the most intrigue.

Yet notwithstanding media distractions such as ESPN’s showering coverage or the OWN being show Sam primarily sealed on for but afterwards bailed on, he was only a player.

Fisher insisted Sam’s “trailblazer” standing was a non-issue.

“There was no distraction. If someone viewed or suspicion there competence be, they weren’t in the building,” Fisher said. “This was a football decision. Mike fit in really well.”

“Fun to be around, a great teammate. There was no issue.”

While Sam flashed the pass pour out capability which helped have him 2013 SEC Co-Defensive Player of the Year, the Rams felt he wasn’t between the most appropriate at his position.

Will an additional group remonstrate and step in and explain him, even inside of the subsequent day? Or will his highway to the NFL be longer and bumpier than most suspicion on breeze day?

29 Celebrities Who Are Out and Proud
Ellen Page

1. Ellen Page
Ellen Page done a vital proclamation in early 2014: She’s gay. We extol her for it.

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union have been father and wife. The actress, 41, and the NBA star, 32, scored equally the tangle on Saturday after 4 years of dating.

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union Together

The twin exchanged vows in Miami, where he’s played with the Heat for his complete career, at the overwhelming Chateau Artisan palace in a fancy, star-studded affair.

Celebrities in assemblage enclosed Dwayne’s Miami Heat teammate Chris Bosh and mother Adrienne, Survivor alum Corinne Kaplan, and actress Kevin Hart.

Reality star Jonathan Cheban, alternative NBA players and NBA wives, and thespian John Legend, who achieved at the ceremony, were additionally on palm for it.

Wade got intent to Union in Dec 2013, announcing the couple’s marriage skeleton around Instagram right after his betrothal with a print of her hand.

Captioning the Instagram shot, he wrote “She pronounced YES!!!”

The dual lovebirds have been really outspoken about their love for one an additional via their romance, and how they have been so madly in to one another.

Even the actuality which Wade fathered a kid with Aja Metoyer whilst on a mangle with Union (supposedly) didn’t delayed down the intrigue once it was entirely behind on.

Wade was tied together to tall propagandize swain Siohvaughn Funches from 2002-07, and has dual sons. Union was tied together to Chris Howard from 2001-05.

Congratulations to the happy couple! And these too:

Celebrities Who Got Married in 2014
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

1. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got tied together out of nowhere in Aug 2014! Congratulations!

Joan Rivers is on hold up await and might be on the verge of death.

The comedian, who was hospitalized on Thursday after she stopped respirating during twist grip surgery, is reliant on machines at the impulse to stay alive.

According to TMZ insiders, the celebrity’s family (which includes daughter Melissa, of course) will be forced to confirm how it wishes to ensue over the subsequent couple of days.

Joan Rivers Photos: One of a Kind
Only Joan Rivers

1. Only Joan Rivers
This is a selfie the Internet could have finished without. Ray J snapped it of himself and Joan Rivers in bed.

They sojourn “hopeful,” the site writes, which Rivers will someway lift by even after going off hold up support.

Rivers was upgraded to fast condition a couple of hours after being certified to Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City and it’s misleading only what complications have arisen since.

We go on to send the thoughts and prayers to Joan and all her desired ones.

Joan Rivers Update From Melissa Rivers

NCIS Season 12: First Footage!

Will Gibbs and Tony lapse from Russia alive?

That’s the main subject that will be asked on the NCIS Season twelve premiere, that will be patrician “20 Clicks” and that will take these dual heroes all the approach overseas.

For what purpose?

To move behind a mechanism operative with key intel. But, as you competence expect, the goal runs in to a little presumably lethal obstacles, as reinforcements will need to be called in when television’s top-rated array earnings on Sep 23.

Will they arrive in time? Watch the really initial teaser for NCIS Season twelve and get an thought of what’s on tap:

NCIS Season twelve Premiere Trailer

Let’s face it. Some people only shouldn’t make use of the Internet.

This list includes annoying parents, celebrities but PR agents to stop them from observant foolish things on Twitter, and any one who thinks Justin Bieber’s song is essentially good.

And afterwards there have been the people who haven’t utterly figured out only how repulsive they have been when pity on amicable media. People similar to this …

11 Tiresome Internet Friends
The Does It All Mom

1. The Does It All Mom
You know the type. She’s waxing the car, shred her legs, creation organic, giveaway range, Bento box lunches for 5 children, WHILE chairing the PTA ALL AT ONCE. And never chipping a nail.

“Just had a good workout! Now I’m going to extract a carrot! If you do not extract your carrots you’ll die!” 

“It’s Obama’s error the Steelers lost! THANKS, OBAMA!”

“My honeyed small snookums dollbaby angel face only paid for me slip and we’re gonna get frolicsome later!”


If you’re one of those people, well, do not be one of those people.

And if you KNOW one of those people, we feel contemptible for you.

Note to Kate Upton:

Why can’t you be some-more like Kathy Griffin?!?

The stand up comic appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week and showed a video of herself usurpation the Ice Bucket Challenge… whilst wearing zero but her birthday suit.

Griffin was assimilated for Challenge by Aubrey Plaza and A.J. McLean and, no offense to the steer of Kathy Griffin naked, but the most appropriate partial was Plaza’s line to interpretation the footage.

Check it out here:

Kathy Griffin Accepts Ice Bucket Challenge

From Donald Trump being doused by a span of beauties to Homer Simpson you do his partial to stamp out ALS, here’s a demeanour at alternative noted Ice Bucket Challenge videos:

Celebrity Ice Bucket Challenge Videos
Kate Upton Ice Bucket Challenge

1. Kate Upton Ice Bucket Challenge
Kate Upton does the Ice Bucket Challenge with an support from Justin Verlander.

TV Guide has published the annual list television’s highest-paid actors, and there have been a little critical shake-ups in the 2014 pecking order.

For one thing, the array 1,2, and 3 spots all go to Big Bang Theory expel mates.

TV’s Biggest Salaries of 2014!
Tim Allen

1. Tim Allen
The former Tool Man’s lapse to radio has netted him a little big bucks. Allen receives an estimated $250,000 an partial for Last Man Standing.

Yes, as you might have heard, Kaley Cuoco and her co-stars sealed $90 million contracts after long negotiations, creation them the many well-compensated expel on the small shade by a sincerely wide margin.

Kaley and the Geek Squad (as Charlie Sheen dubbed them when he was the brightest star in the CBS galaxy) will lift an estimated $1 million an partial for the subsequent 3 years, and will additionally suffer an undisclosed apportionment of the show’s profits.

Industry insiders contend the TBBT actors may be the final stars to embrace such startling paydays due to assembly fragmentation brought about by wire and streaming services, as good as “cast churning” (the use of often dispatching array regulars, contend with a Valyrian steel blade).

The direction of reduce salaries for TV’s greatest names can already be seen in this year’s list. The Big Bang understanding done headlines in large partial since it’s so unheard of nowadays.

TV’s highest-paid dramatic actress – Mark Harmon of CBS’ NCIS – pulled in a paltry-by-comparison $525,000 per episode. Compare which  to 2007 when James Gandolfini – a cable star, no reduction – pulled in over $1 million an partial for The Sopranos.

But in 2014, for the second year in a row, CBS paid the stars the most, with Two and a Half Men stars Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer rounding out the tip five.

So whilst Netflix and HBO might be on the rise, “America’s many watched network” is still the place to have the bigbest bucks…for now.