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Jenelle Evans isn’t the biggest mom…but then, she didn’t have the biggest mom.

Barbara Evans can be as most of a biting calamity as Jenelle, but she stepped up and took custody of Jenelle’s initial son Jace, and you’ve gotta give her props for that.

Unless you’re Jenelle, in which box you can only go off on her for the approach she’s raising your kid:

Jenelle and Barbara Evans Fight!

In fairness, in the on top of clip, Jenelle is still profound with Kaiser. In addition, her baby dad Nathan Griffith was only sent to jail, so she’s underneath a satisfactory volume of stress.

Of course, Barbara is receiving caring of Jace and Jenelle’s nephew Gabriel so she’s got a lot on her image as well. 

Maybe we should stop justifying and suffer the steer of these dual losing it on any other. 

“You’re bearing Gabriel since you can’t hoop Jace anymore,” Jenelle screams at Barbara. “Guess what Jace told me in the car…it’s similar to when they have been in the room alone and something happens, you automatically go, ‘Jace! Why did you do that?'”

Barbara listens to the critique for about 3 seconds prior to sharpened back, “You do not live here! You never lifted him! Don’t discuss it me what to do!”

Harsh. But a satisfactory point. 

Watch Teen Mom 2 online at TV Fanatic to catch up on each impulse of the stupidity prior to the deteriorate finale.

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Jenelle Evans Beating Up Girl

1. Jenelle Evans Beating Up Girl
Will Jenelle Evans go to prison over this quarrel with Britany Truett? It’s positively a possibility.

One discerning peek at their Instagram pages is all it takes to know which Kendall and Kylie Jenner have been the queens of “age inappropriate.”

Usually which equates to which Kendall and Kylie have been merrymaking with comparison group or posting pics of themselves in assorted states of strip notwithstanding the actuality which they’re still in their teens.

Ya know…the arrange of thing which would startle many relatives who aren’t declared Kris Jenner into banning their daughters from the Internet for life.

However, a print which Kylie posted on IG earlier currently is astonishing (and arguably unsettling) for all opposite reasons:

Kylie and Kendall Jenner With Dr. Ruth

That’s Kylie and Kendall posing with remarkable German sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer. No, really. Check Dr. Ruth’s Wikipedia page if you do not hold us. That’s her pursuit title.

Dr. Ruth is something of a celebrity, and she assumingly crossed paths with the Jenner girls at a new eventuality so it’s not all which bizarre which they’d poise for a photo. Until you demeanour at the rest of Kylie’s page…

These girls encounter celebrities constantly, nonetheless Kylie frequency posts a print of a important face with a shout-out in the captions, as she did for Dr. Ruth.

We’ll leave you to assume about because dual teenage girls would be so psyched about assembly a sex therapist whilst you glance over this art studio of inapt pics of Kendall and Kylie. Just do not censure us if you finish up on a little watch list:

47 Inappropriate Kylie and Kendall Jenner Photos
Kendall and Kylie Jenner Bikini Photo

1. Kendall and Kylie Jenner Bikini Photo
This is ONE RACY print of Kendall and Kylie Jenner in bikinis on Instagram. Goodness.

Back in April, a male declared Michael Egan indicted executive Bryan Singer of intimately assaulting him whilst he was still in his teens.

Egan went on to credit multiform alternative Hollywood execs, but in the future withdrew all of his allegations.

Singer seemed to be in the transparent until progressing currently when it was suggested which the NYPD is questioning Singer in tie with a inform filed by an unclear 20-year-old male who claims which Singer intimately assaulted him in Mar of 2013.

Bryan Singer Picture

Details have been few, but an NYPD orator has reliable which “Singer was declared by the complainant.”

Singer’s counsel has released a matter saying, “My customer did not rivet in any rapist or inappropriate function with any one in New York or elsewhere.”

While Singer transient rapist charge in the Egan case, the charges have finished infinite repairs to his reputation.

Actress Ellen Page who had formerly worked with Singer on the movie X Men: Days of Future Past described the charges opposite the executive as “super disturbing.”

Though he denies any indiscretion with courtesy to Egan, Singer private himself from the promotional debate for his ultimate movie following the accusation.

Singer has nonetheless to publicly reply to the ultimate allegations opposite him. 

In box you someway haven’t heard, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt got tied together final week end in France.

The integrate managed to keep the rite a tip until after the actuality (Angelina’s father Jon Voight didn’t even know about the wedding), but once the headlines pennyless on Thursday, the Internet exploded with speculation.

Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt Wedding Details!

Who attended? What did Angie’s skirt demeanour like? And, of course, how many did it all cost? 

Well, unfortunately Mr. and Mrs. Brangelina have been stability to keep a parsimonious lid on many of the details, but here’s what we know so far:

The dress: Guests contend Angie’s skirt was “very traditional, but really Angie, it was gentle but solid white floor-length antique lace and silk.” Angie assumingly went so old-school which she even rocked a veil. Surprising things from a lady who used to wear a vial of her brother’s red blood around her neck!

The kids’ clothes: Angie once said that her kids were her marriage planners, so of march all 6 participated in the ceremony. A source says: “The boys all wore little relating thickk cream linen suits which usually similar to Brad’s, whilst the girls has any selected a skirt to compare their own style.”

The cost: Amazingly, insiders contend the marriage was “practically free.” The rite took place on Brad and Angie’s own property, their personal cook done the food, and there were usually about twenty-two guests. We theory it’s easy to wed on the poor when you’ve got your own cook and chateau!

Other details: The newlyweds’ rings were designed by famous jeweler Robert Procop (Brad reportedly assisted in the process). Brad and Angie exchanged handwritten vows, and the menu consisted of “local hams, cheeses, creatively held sea bass, Italian pastas and champagne, as good as Chateau Miraval rose wine.”

There were additionally 3 opposite sorts of cakes which were, of course, picked out by the kids.

Brangelina Photos: Through the Years
Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: A Love Story

1. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: A Love Story
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been married! At last! Here’s a demeanour behind at a little of their many beautiful photos by the years.

Legendary comedienne Joan Rivers stopped respirating during a surgical procession on Thursday.

She was rught away rushed to the puncture room at New York’s Mt. Sinai Hospital where doctors successfully regenerated the 81-year-old comic. 

Later which same day Rivers’ condition was upgraded to fast and the E! Network (for whom Rivers has worked for multiform years as host of Fashion Police), reported which Joan was approaching to have a full recovery.

Earlier today, Joan’s daughter Melissa reported which Rivers is “resting comfortably” and asked fans for their thoughts and prayers.

Joan Rivers Update From Melissa Rivers

Melissa has right away released a second matter observant which her mother’s opinion stays uncertain.

Melissa has thanked fans for their await to illustrate far and says her mom will be overwhelmed when she regains consciousness.

Fans at one of Joan’s new standup shows contend which she joked about her age and illness but appeared to be enterprising and in great spirits.

Rivers stays in a medically prompted deep sleep for the time being. Doctors have reported which which her respirating stopped as a outcome of cardiac detain during her surgery.

Joan Rivers Photos: One of a Kind
Only Joan Rivers

1. Only Joan Rivers
This is a selfie the Internet could have finished without. Ray J snapped it of himself and Joan Rivers in bed.

In box you’ve never been there, Courtney Stodden’s Instagram page is a sorcery place filled with smiles, and certain thoughts, and many importantly – ginormous feign breasts.

Courtney Stooden Instagram Boobs

Courtney common dual of those 3 things progressing this week when she posted the on tip of print of herself in a swim suit tip that’s obviously done form a little arrange of very durable space-age fiber.

Courtney took the Ice Bucket Challenge with chocolate salsa final week, so she’s been environment club flattering tall lately, but we’re not certain if she’ll be means to tip herself from here.

Not usually did Courtney go to good lengths to constraint a bird’s-eye perspective of her cleavage, but she’s responded to rumors which she had her breast implants private in the most appropriate approach possible:

By posting a design of her hulk boobs!

Courtney captioned this print “#freshfaced,” but her sagacious supporters who weren’t dreaming by the bust (Did we discuss the boobs?) have remarkable which she’s wearing mouth shimmer and mascara.

And all this time we suspicion Courtney was display us her unaltered, healthy self. We feel so misled. Oh, well…at slightest she’s got outrageous boobs!

21 WTF?! Courtney Stodden Photos
Courtney Stodden Cleavage Image

1. Courtney Stodden Cleavage Image
Courtney on Instagram. As usual, she’s featuring her the one preferred assets.

LeAnn Rimes distinguished her 32nd birthday yesterday, and the being star commemorated the arise with a swim suit print display her slim physique.

LeAnn Rimes Bikini Selfie

Yes, we pronounced being star. And we pronounced it on purpose.

Because these days, her sight mutilate of a VH1 show LeAnn & Eddie and luminary report persona have been roughly some-more important than her singing career.

When she’s not beefing with Brandi Glanville, she’s giving ludicrous quotes about how she raped her beloved when she mislaid her decency and so forth.

It’s been an extraordinary couple of years for her, really.

Anyway, behind to the on top of photo. It was common with fans on LeAnn’s Twitter page, captioned with “Starting 32 out full of illness prior to it goes downhill lol.”


Healthy is a great thing, and we inspire her to be. We only do not certitude which she essentially is, and not since we’re judging her formed on one pic.

LeAnn’s struggles with her physique and her self-respect have been good documented, and we goal she isn’t going down the wrong path, that’s all.

She’s already finished it in a way, interjection to whatever you’d call her show with Eddie Cibrian. We do not need her to jeopardise her earthy illness too.

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Pics: Happy Home-Wreckers
LeAnn Rimes With Eddie Cibrian Photo

1. LeAnn Rimes With Eddie Cibrian Photo
LeAnn Rimes with Eddie Cibrian. They got tied together some-more than dual years ago now.

Rachael Ray‘s daytime speak show has already been renewed for a brand new season, but sources contend it might be the finish of the line for the luminary chef.

The Rachael Ray Show debuted in 2006 and was renewed in 2013 for an additional dual years, but right away her bosses, sources say, have been starting to bewail that:

Rachael Ray Photograph

“If it weren’t for that renewal, Rachael’s show expected would have been canceled after the stream season. The ratings have been approach down and fans have been branch on her.”

Ray’s numbers were down 8 percent for the week finale Aug 17, alighting her next Katie Couric‘s speak show, Katie, that was already canceled.

It’s not only ratings, either. Fan summary play have been floating up this summer with critique of Rachael Ray, 46, and the show they once adored.

One discontented spectator said, “[Ray] interrupts EVERY GUEST, no make a difference what the topic, this management on all only wants to listen to herself talk!”

“This show has gotten sooooo off the mark, I can’t watch anymore. RR, a pretty great prepare cannot stop articulate prolonged sufficient to spin a x-ray on!!

“There have been times when her consistent interrupting and shrill to the indicate of screaming brings me to the indicate of branch the channel,” an additional wrote.

“Does she comprehend there have been (many, many) times when’d she doesn’t concede her guest to speak but the need to discuss it a story about herself?”

“I schooled 0 from the guest; my time was wasted; and I watched a bold TV talk in action. Enough is enough! Pull the block on this show!!”

Ray’s repute was additionally dinged when her 77-year-old aunt Geraldine Dominica Scuderi died after incorrectly removing sealed the cold final December.

Citing “prior work commitments,” Rachael did not attend Scuderi’s wake … afterwards proceeded to twitter about cats, food and TV on the really same day.

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1. Alice Gao
Alice Gao’s Instagram is full of her iPhone snaps of hold up in New York City, together with extraordinary shots of food. Follow her at @alice_gao.

When Kim Kardashian tied together Kanye West behind in May, there were a small important no-shows at the ceremony.

Beyonce and Jay Z skipped the wedding for different reasons. Rob Kardashian headed home the night prior to the big day because he didn’t wish the paparazzi to take notice of his poignant weight gain.

But the family impugn that’s left us with the many unanswered questions is which of Kris’ stepbrother Brody Jenner. Brody skipped the wedding and used the sore forgive which he had to work which weekend.

Like the rest of the family, Brody is fundamentally a veteran famewhore, so it didn’t have many clarity which he’d skip out on one of the many star-studded events of the year for a DJ-ing gig. 

Now it seems a preview shave from the this week’s part of Keeping Up With the Kardashians has eventually strew a small light on the matter:

Kim Kardashian Talks Brody Jenner Pun

You guessed it – it’s all Kris Jenner’s fault! 

Sure, Kim takes Bruce Jenner in reserve to insist which Brody was (justifiably) miffed which Bruce and Kris paid for hermit Brandon Jenner’s accommodations but not his.

But it’s transparent which Kris is the one who essentially done the transport arrangements and motionless to trip in a pointed center finger to Brody.

Note the approach Bruce dismisses Brody as “a small huffy,” and Kim claims Brody wants to move “his girlfriends” (plural?!) to Europe with him.

Dude’s 31 years old and his family talks about him similar to he’s a pouty teen with a harem. No consternation Brody went to Reggie Bush’s marriage instead.

Kim Kardashian Wedding Photos
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: Just Married!

1. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: Just Married!
They were Just Married! Kim Kardashian and Kanye West poise here inside their marriage print booth.

Sometimes it seems similar to in 2014, you’re not unequivocally important until the total universe has seen your genitals.

If that’s the case, afterwards 5 Seconds of Summer bassist Calum Hood skyrocketed to the A-list over night, as his brash wang selfie has has right away left viral online.

Calum Hood Penis Photo

Of course, Calum’s Aussie cocktail stone rope 5 Seconds of Summer has nonetheless to turn a domicile name in the States, so his dong hasn’t perceived the turn of recurrent courtesy lavished upon, say, Jon Hamm’s penis. (Or even Idris Elba’s microphone wire, for which matter.)

Even so, on the scale of dick pic prominence with Brett Favre’s important print being a 10, and your ex-boyfriend’s exposed “u up?” plunder call selfie being a 1, Calum’s Snap Chat fumble is substantially about a 7 or 8. 

Fortunately, Calum incited eighteen in January, so whilst the pic competence be a shameless broadside stunt, it at slightest won’t outcome in any arrange of sovereign investigation.

Unlike with the Scarlett Johansson bare photos of 2011, this trickle didn’t outcome from phone hacking.

Calum simply sent the pic to a womanlike “friend” who afterwards motionless to share the shade shot with the world.

Hood responded to the incident online, writing, “I’m still only a teenage child guidance from mistakes ;)” 

Yeah, you’re additionally a semi-famous teenage kid, dude. So be clever to whom content photos of your junk.

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Demi Lovato

1. Demi Lovato
Photos of Demi Lovato in bed with Wilmer Valderrama went viral in the open of 2014. Some were flattering damn racy.