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Josh Shaw, a captain on the USC football team, has certified which he concocted a story about how he harmed himself on Saturday night and has thus been dangling indefinitely by the university.

Shaw primarily told Head Coach Steve Sarkisian which he sprained both ankles leaping from a second inundate unit to save the hold up of his drowning nephew over the weekend.

But USC shortly perceived countless calls which questioned this comment and Shaw has eventually certified which he done the story up.

Josh Shaw: Not Actually a Hero

Said Shaw around statement:

“I was wrong not to discuss it the truth. I swallow ones pride to USC for this movement on my part. My USC coaches, The USC Athletic Department, and generally manager Sarkisian have all been understanding of me during my college career and for that, I am really grateful.”

Shaw’s representative still profession maintains which his customer was harm in a “fall,” but no serve sum have been released.

“We have been intensely unhappy in Josh. He let us all down,” Sarkisian said. “As I have said, zero in his credentials led us to disbelief him when he told us of his injuries, nor did anything after the primary vetting of his story.

“I conclude which Josh has right away certified which he lied and has apologized. Although this sort of function is out of impression for Josh, it is unacceptable. Honesty and firmness contingency be at the core of the program.

“I hold Josh will sense from this. I goal which he will not be tangible by this incident, and which the Trojan Family will accept his reparation and await him.”

Until he is told otherwise, Shaw is criminialized from all group activities.

A send from Florida, Shaw had 6 interceptions in dual seasons at USC. He was voted a group captain final week end and was approaching to be a poignant partial of the Trojans’ delegate after starting all fourteen games in 2013.

19 Winning Fantasy Football Team Names
Gronkey Punch

1. Gronkey Punch
You contingency do the Rob Gronkowski fondle infantryman dance on winning any week.

Kylie Jenner Looks Like a Mannequin

It’s a subject most have been asking for months:

Has Kylie Jenner undergone cosmetic surgery?

But we right away have a somewhat opposite subject to ask, formed on a new Instagram photo: Is Kylie Jenner simply… plastic? 

Could she be a mannequin of a small kind? Because, seriously, have been we meant to hold which this is the design of a genuine person?!?

Kylie Jenner Instagram Image

Kylie posted the picture online and enclosed with it a anxiety to both her hair extensions and her makeup artist, essay as a caption:

“pacsunn whaaaaart@joycebonelli prolonged hair do not care.”

Considering the prolonged black locks, the complicated mouth liner, the well-spoken skin and the face she’s making, there’s small disbelief here which Kylie is channeling half-sister Kim Kardashian.

Which is a unequivocally frightful thought.

We unequivocally do not wanna review about a Kylie Jenner sex fasten someday. Like, really. Please, Kylie.

47 Inappropriate Kylie and Kendall Jenner Photos
Kendall and Kylie Jenner Bikini Photo

1. Kendall and Kylie Jenner Bikini Photo
This is ONE RACY print of Kendall and Kylie Jenner in bikinis on Instagram. Goodness.

Jennifer Aniston’s baby dreams have been shattered. Shattered.

Even by the scarcely self-existent standards, the SHOCKING NEWS from In Touch Weekly in the brand new cover story is plainly ridiculous, even a small offensive.

Jen’s “happiness turns to heartbreak,” the cover proclaims, with an arrow indicating to an purported “baby bump” with the import which she miscarried.

Jennifer Aniston's Baby Dream Shattered!

Yes, they’ve reached the indicate of creation up miscarriages for her.

Now 45 years old, and still childless notwithstanding all her success in life, she tearfully certified (according to this report rag) which “I’m never going to be a mom.”

Throw in which sad-looking batch print and BOOM. So powerful.

We do not even wish to KNOW what happened during the “emotional impulse she told Justin,” who might or might not have been intrigue with Liv Tyler.

BTW: Like the Jennifer Aniston profound chatter, that’s B.S. too.

In box you were wondering how Jen’s baby dreams worked out in the past, corkscrew by this impressive, all correct art studio of publication covers:

Jennifer Aniston Pregnant: twenty-two Times & Counting!!
Jennifer Aniston Pregnant, Alone

1. Jennifer Aniston Pregnant, Alone
Jennifer Aniston is profound and alone. That does not receptive to advice similar to a great combination.

We mostly have fun of Kim Kardashian.

It’s formidable to do differently when the sellout is shilling for a weight detriment girdle and environment a distressing e.g. for her immature fans.

But even the THG staff feels unequivocally bad for Kardashian today since it’s been suggested she’s profound with baby number-two… and she’s been dumped by Kanye West!

What a difficult break.

Kim Kardashian: Pregnant, Dumped

According to the waggish brand new emanate of Life & Style, North West will shortly have a sibling.

But she won’t have a father in the circuitously picture, not when Kanye West “won’t take calls” from Kim and not after Kardashian’s warding off “to give up being TV” led to the couple’s “final fight.”

Kardashian not long ago certified which she skeleton on removing profound again, but we disbelief she programmed on going by this knowledge alone.

It’s a shame, really. She and Kanye appeared to be so happy together, didn’t they? Better fitness with the subsequent husband, Kim!

53 Krazy Kardashian Tabloid Kover Klaims
Kim Kardashian Butt Problems

1. Kim Kardashian Butt Problems
Oh no! Kim Kardashian’s boundary won’t stop growing! What will the being star do?

It seems which notwithstanding the large rumors to the contrary, Kate Middleton is not pregnant.

But according to one stately insider, we can design which to shift really soon. 

Kate Middleton with Prince George Pic

“Kate has been articulate about carrying at slightest 3 children, which is because she is penetrating to be profound again,” a source tells London’s Daily Express

“The Duke would substantially be happy with two, but Kate is really tighten with her hermit and sister, and there is a clarity which given she is one of three, she would similar to to have 3 herself.”

Will and Kate not long ago relocated to Anmer Hall in farming Norfolk. Many royal-watchers reason they did so in sequence to have a some-more hospitable sourroundings for Kate’s subsequent pregnancy. 

Of course, she competence wish to reason off on removing knocked up for at slightest a couple of some-more weeks.

Reports prove which Kate is now formulation Prince Harry’s birthday party, along with London bar owner, Guy Pelly.

As you competence have guessed, sources contend it will be an epic stately rager in which Kensington Palace will at the moment be incited in to a nightclub. Not just the kind of shindig which you wish to be profound for.

11 Precious Prince George Playdate Photos
Kate Middleton and Prince George Playdate

1. Kate Middleton and Prince George Playdate
Kate Middleton and Prince George on a fool around date in New Zealand, Apr 2014. Looking lovable as ever!

A 39-year-old firing-range physical education physical education instructor died this week after being incidentally shot in the conduct by a immature lady he was precision to fire an Uzi, according to reports.

The lady who dismissed the arms in subject is only 9 years old.

9-Year-Old Girl Kills Shooting Instructor

Charles Vacca of Lake Havasu City was an physical education physical education instructor at a banishment operation in White Hills, Ariz., about 60 miles from Las Vegas. He had been learn the youth.

Vacca was display her how to make use of involuntary Uzi when the collision happened. The lady pulled the trigger and the gun’s boomerang sent it over her head.

Vacca was station subsequent to her when he was hit. He was airlifted to a sanatorium in Las Vegas, where he died around 9 p.m., eleven hours after the shooting.

The girl’s relatives were with her at the time of the sharpened at the range, that advertises appurtenance guns, military-style bunkers, and featured item weapons.

The banishment range’s owners has not commented on the tragedy.

Strange But True News Hall of Fame
Drunk Man Tries to Urinate Out of Cop Car Window

1. Drunk Man Tries to Urinate Out of Cop Car Window
Devin Langford, a dipsomaniac male in custody, attempted to urinate out of the back newcomer side window of a relocating military car since he was drunk. It did not go as planned.

In box you’re not already aware: Miley Cyrus brought a “homeless” male to the MTV Video Music Awards as partial of her annual attempt fantastic and it backfired in large ways:

Homeless Man Accepts Miley Cyrus Award

For starters, no one explained to Miley which when people make use of the tenure “homeless youth” they’re not referring to 22-year-old impoverished models.

Yes, Jesse Helt was never homeless. This, according to his mom who says Jesse had a home and family watchful for him in Salem, Oregon, should he ever confirm to give up on his career idea of alighting a displaying stipulate in LA.

After which bombshell revelation, we schooled which there have been multiform warrants out for Helt’s arrest, as he assumingly burglarized a home and afterwards refused to finish his village use or perform the mandate of his probation.

But Miley says all of this is unimportant, since there have been without a country people, y’all and won’t someone please think of the children? Or something:

“The media never fails to disappoint,” Miley tweeted yesterday. “You’ve selected to go after Jesse instead of covering the emanate of homelessness…While they obsesses [sic] over one mans authorised issues, lets assistance the alternative 1.d million without a country youth.”

So to recap: Miley scooped up a attractive man at a without a country preserve similar to he was a lovable puppy, and used him in a broadside stunt. 

Miley Cyrus and Jesse Helt

When the press forked out the many ways in which that’s so, so wrong instead of blindly praising her as a little arrange of twerkin’ Mother Teresa as she hoped, Miley had an event to confess which she substantially should’ve suspicion things through, and there have been improved ways to move courtesy to a cause.

Instead, she motionless to only censor at the back of her great intentions and fundamentally censure the media for homelessness. 

And you suspicion the Robin Thicke disturbance was the many classless thing she’d ever be concerned with:

Miley Cyrus 2013 VMA Performance: Photos and GIFs!
Attack of the Foam Finger!

1. Attack of the Foam Finger!
Our lives were never the same after saying Miley Cyrus do this at the 2013 Video Music Awards.

For a little reason, Cosmo not long ago motionless to suppose Kim Kardashian and Kanye West as important Disney characters.

It’s misleading why.

But there’s no need to suppose a handful of important Disney animals in genuine life… since they already exist!

From the dear dog in Up… to Simba and his coach Rafiki from The Lion King… to a span of fish perplexing to Find Nemo, we’ve tracked down a series of bushy friends who looks eerily identical to these iconic creatures and featured them next to one side their dopplegangers.

What’s some-more shocking: saying the real-life Lady and the Tramp? Or saying photos of these smashed Disney princesses?

11 Disney Animals Found in Real Life

1. Up
Cutest cosplay ever? It’s gonna be tough to ever kick this.

It’s no tip which people love to take down a cheater, but this is receiving revenge, payback and abrasive someone’s essence to new, degrading depths.

In a air wave talk with Cleveland’s Majic 105.7, one longtime listener of the show reveals which his partner of 5 years is awaiting him to propose.

Just one problem: Ashley has been intrigue on him.

Simply violation up with her after finding this wasn’t sufficient for Chris, though. He motionless to have his the one preferred air wave show hosts call her in an blow up ruse.

The hosts do not sincerely distortion about Chris’ intentions, but they ask her about the offer she believes is entrance … afterwards Chris comes on the line! OMG!

Little does she know they essentially called so which HE CAN DUMP HER LIVE on air. As the Majic 105.7 twin even said, this is a dim highway he’s going down:

Guy Dumps Girlfriend Live on Air

Yeah. That escalated unequivocally fast about 7:00.

Chris is obviously mad at her open displays of love with Eric, her longtime “friend,” and the perplexity when asked about him seems to infer the allegation.

She admits “a integrate mistakes” were made. Tears have been shed. The distortion of this relationship-ending review becomes increasingly formidable to attend to.

Did she merit it? Did Chris go as well far?

We’ll leave which up to you to decide, but Ashley’s hold up is flattering most over after this stunt. Let’s have up for it with a little some-more epic warn reactions below.

At slightest these have been some-more positive:

15 Epic Reactions to Surprises Caught on Camera
Marine's Wife Reveals She's Pregnant

1. Marine’s Wife Reveals She’s Pregnant
A Marine’s mother reveals which she’s profound after he earnings from a army at sea in the most appropriate approach ever.

While many of the formula of the 2014 Emmy Awards were sincerely predictable, there was a turn at the after parties which we really didn’t see coming:

Katy Perry and Diplo stepped out as a integrate – informally announcing to the luminary universe which they’ve reconciled.

  • Katy Perry Red Carpet Image
  • Diplo Photo

This isn’t the initial time which we’ve listened rumors which Katy and Diplo have been behind together (the integrate distant behind in May), but the headlines is quite startling this time around, since it comes without delay on the heels of Katy’s ostensible settlement with a different ex.

Yes, Katy and Riff Raff voiced which they’re “in love” at the VMAs, and whilst they might have been fooling around (we hope), they additionally sported relating denim outfits and left in a limo together:

Katy Perry and Riff Raff: We’re a Couple!

So Katy seems to be carrying difficulty determining which ridiculously-named ex she should determine with. 

Considering the VMAs and the Emmys were back-to-back this year, you’d think Katy would’ve crossed paths with copiousness of mono-named celebs to begin uninformed with. Maybe Drake only wasn’t interested. 

Anyway, congrats to Katy and Diplo for the fifteenth time. If these dual mangle up and determine again, we’re land an intervention.

32 Hottest Katy Perry Photos
Katy Perry, Whipped Cream

1. Katy Perry, Whipped Cream
Katy Perry and a churned thickk cream bra star in this GIF which doesn’t conjure up up any passionate thoughts whatsoever.