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If you suspicion Kim and Kanye buying a $20 million palace was obnoxiously extravagant, you might wish to stop celebration of the mass here.

The ultimate emanate of Star repository is filled with sum about the most startling ways in which Mr. and Mrs. West spoilt their usually daughter, North, and the total thing is far some-more silly than you could ever imagine.

20 Totally Adorable North West Photos
Morning, Kim and Nori!

1. Morning, Kim and Nori!
It’s Kim Kardashian and daughter Nori! The former posted this print online with a elementary caption: Good morning.

The info comes from an unnamed source tighten to the integrate who says Kim and Kanye “see Nori as an prolongation of themselves” and have been “addicted to spoiling her.”

The insider as if supposing the following sum but ripping in to delight or tears. Good for her!

  • Remember the bullion toilets at the Kimye wedding? Norri has a mini one of her own!
  • Nori has a six-figure purse pick up which includes a customized “mini-Berkin!”
  • Kanye has already shelled out over a indent to skirt Norri in law garments from Givenchy, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton!
  • Highlights of North’s $1 million dollar valuables pick up embody a $75,000 span of solid earrings and crimson ornament on the arm insured for $500,000!
  • Kanye has stipulated which North contingency usually transport in Range Rovers, Bentleys, Porsches, and the like. He’s been reportedly been listened to remark, “This lady is never roving in a Honda!”
  • And, of course, the source says Kim and Kanye, “Don’t wish [North] comparing with people who aren’t rich, important or ‘good enough’ for her.”

And that’s where it goes from silly to silly and sad. Be horrible, snob D-bags all you want, Kim and Kanye, do not pass your horrible insecurities onto your daughter…at slightest until she’s a teenager!

Kim Kardashian Wedding Photos
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: Just Married!

1. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: Just Married!
They were Just Married! Kim Kardashian and Kanye West poise here inside their marriage print booth.

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett have been happy, vital together and ready to go on filming their brand brand new being show for the foreseeable future.

According to a brand brand new publication report, which is.

Neither side of the integrate has oral out in weeks, but rumors go on to whirl which the story of Baskett intrigue on Wilkonson with transgender indication Ava Londo was built in sequence to beget headlines and publicity.

The stars, after all, were not long ago speckled together in Costa Rica, looming all at palliate when they didn’t think cameras were around; and Kendra’s own mom has hinted strongly which all marital struggle has been done up.

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett: In Happier Times
Kendra and Hank on Christmas

1. Kendra and Hank on Christmas
How could you poise with Kendra for a Yuletide label one second, Hank? And afterwards get it on with a transgender indication the subsequent second?!?

Now, In Touch Weekly quotes a source who says the span has reunited, have been vital together at home again – and have even sealed on for some-more of Kendra on Top!

Hank is “telling people he’s happy and which he and Kendra have been carrying a good summer,” the repository insider says. “They’re filming an additional deteriorate of their being show.”

Part of the reason so most have been so questionable is due to this being show.

Have you seen the initial promo? How it focuses only on Hank’s ostensible doubt or disloyalty and Kendra’s greeting to it? It’s roughly as if producers could not have created a improved storyline if they tried:

Kendra on Top Trailer

In a diatribe on Facebook, Kendra’s disloyal hermit Colin wrote which his sister has “sunk to the turn of caring about ratings some-more than her own family.”

That would be unhappy if it’s accurate.

Forget what you’ve listened or read: dogs and cats often get along really well.

Emotional box in point? This deserted dog who befriended this inept cat.

There was additionally this dog and this cat, who plotted an shun from the kitchen together.

Sometimes, however, these dual renouned pets do not just see eye to eye… or mouth to mouth. Such as when cats go around hidden the food right out of their suspect friend’s bowl.

This video captures most of those cruel, despite hilarious, moments.

Cats Steal Dog Food

In associated news, cats additionally similar to to take dog beds.

Sorry, canines around the world. We know we shouldn’t giggle at these actions.

But stop reacting in such a noted demeanour and we’ll stop posting these videos, okay?

27 Really Naughty Cats
Hungry for knowledge

1. Hungry for knowledge
Forget reading. Eating is fundamental.

We never suspicion the day would come when the universe would impugn Leonardo DiCaprio for his appearance, but that’s just what happened this summer when the dear actress packaged on a little vital pounds.

Recent shirtless photos of DiCaprio suggested which the star had severely let himself go…and didn’t appear to thoughts at all.

Leonardo DiCaprio Fat Photo

Despite the combined pounds, there didn’t appear to be an unit of contrition in DiCaprio’s game, as hr trafficked the creation drinking, eating, and merrymaking with new partner Toni Garnn.

But as tumble approaches, Leo’s three-month eighth month is entrance to an finish and the star is pronounced to be endangered about removing behind in to fighting figure for a full line-up of arriving projects.

Leo is reportedly formulation to give up a little of his the one preferred dishes in sequence to lapse to movie star mode by the finish of October.

“He has since up pasta, and he loves pasta!” a source tells Star magazine. “He additionally skeleton on operative out some-more and he is receiving his bike wherever he goes.”

The insider adds which Leo has vowed to dump ten pounds a month.

As for Toni, well: “Of march she doesn’t care,” the source says. “He’s Leonardo DiCaprio!”

She might not caring about the weight, but how about those rumors which Leo is a notation male in bed?

Toni Garnn: Leonardo DiCaprio’s New Girlfriend
Toni Garnn and Leonardo DiCaprio

1. Toni Garnn and Leonardo DiCaprio
Toni Garnn and Leonardo DiCaprio. They’ve reportedly been dating for roughly a year.

A pleasing immature lady has since bieing innate to a beautiful, really immature girl.

Stacy Keibler and Jared Pobre have been first-time parents!

The part-time singer and TV host and former WWE Diva reliable the headlines herself in a blog post this afternoon.

Stacy Keibler and Jared Pobre Photo

“Jared and I have been sanctified with the brand new love of the lives,” Keibler wrote. “Ava Grace Pobre was innate at home on Wednesday, Aug 20th. We’ve never gifted a turn of complacency and complacency similar to this before! Thank you so most for all of the special wishes and certain energy.”

Keibler voiced she was profound in late March, and afterwards went on to flourish her flourishing baby strike on the red carpet… by the pool… whilst strolling the streets after a workout.

She wasn’t bashful about her pregnancy. Not should she have been!

Keibler (who before antiquated George Clooney) and Pobre voiced they were awaiting only a integrate of weeks after they got tied together in a nightfall rite on a beach in Mexico.

We send the newly stretched family the really most appropriate wishes!

Celebrities Who Welcomed Babies in 2014
Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman

1. Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman
American Idol decider and all-around snarkmaster Simon Cowell was malleable a bit by the bieing innate of his son Eric Philip on Feb 14. What a Valentine for Simon and partner Lauren Silverman.

Both parties have denied the life of a Brody Jenner-Kim Kardashian feud, but actions verbalise louder than words. and it’s transparent from their new activities which there’s a little serious bad red blood in between these two.

First Brody skipped Kim’s wedding, with the sore forgive which he had to work which weekend. Then, Brody attended the marriage of Reggie Bush, whom Kim antiquated for on and off for 3 years.

Yesterday, in what might have been the greatest eff-you of all, Brody threw a large celebration for his 31st bithday…and invited the complete family solely for Kim and her mom, Kris Jenner.

  • Kim at Teen Choice Awards
  • Brody Jenner Red Carpet Picture

And sources contend it wasn’t a box of Kim’s call in removing mislaid in the mail. Brody sent a really transparent summary which he didn’t wish his half-sis at his shindig:

“There was never any suspicion to even entice Kim,” a source revealed. “Publicly the dual will contend there is no feud, but which is all for gripping up the coming of carrying a big lengthened family for the consequence of the being show.”

“Brody never sees Kim solely when they have been filming and the dual aren’t even deliberate friends.”

Some have even referred to which Brody requisitioned Kim’s the one preferred venue for the celebration – the Polo Lounge at the Beverly mountainous country Hotel – simply as a big center finger to Kim.

They can repudiate it all they want, but we think it’s protected to contend these dual do not get along.

15 Celebrity Feuds We Never Saw Coming
Seth Rogen vs. Nancy Grace

1. Seth Rogen vs. Nancy Grace
Nancy Grace wondered aloud on Twitter either pot was to censure for a man murdering his wife. Seth Rogen replied which the anchor is a “dumbass.”

As re-enacted in a new part of “Untold Stories of the ER,” a Florida lady not prolonged ago fed her daughter a garland of tapeworms in sequence to assistance the teenager remove weight for a beauty pageant.

Maricar Cabral-Osori, the child’s ER nurse, relayed the outrageous story to Discovery Health, revelation the network which the unnamed teenager “pooped all these tapeworms” out in the sanatorium after angry of go through cramps.

“There were a integrate which were really prolonged and wiggling around perplexing to get out of the toilet bowl,” Cabral-Osori added, ensuring we remove the ardour for the rest of the day.

34 Questionable Parenting Moves
Really Blowing It

1. Really Blowing It
Someone needs to swallow tough and discuss it this mom what she’s you do wrong.

Cabral-Osori pronounced the mom did at slightest spin dark and broke when she saw what her daughter passed.

She afterwards attempted to insist which she usually longed for her child to “lose a small weight” before to an arriving competition.

Somewhere, Kim Kardashian is expected nodding along in sum bargain of this move and wondering: where can I get a tapeworm?!?

The usually superfluous subject right away is this: Who is worse, this mom or the father filmed his son pulling out his tooth with a Hot Wheels car?

If you haven’t seen the video for Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda yet, we rarely suggest which you check it out.

It’s ass-tastic luminosity unequivocally can’t be put in to words, quite the scenes in which Nicki gives Drake a path dance for the ages:

Nicki Minaj – “Anaconda” (Music Video)

See what we mean? Sure, she keeps her garments on, but it’s still flattering viewable which this lady loves her work.

While in the past, there had been rumors which Nicki and Drake have been dating, both parties swear they’re only friends, so you competence think which this fire might have gotten a bit awkward.

Fortunately, Nicki took full value of the concept heal for prudery – liquor!

Asked by a air blower on Twitter if the dance was choreographed or rehearsed, Nicki fast replied which it was “all dipsomaniac freestyle.”

Anyone who’s seen Nicki’s showering selfies knows which the 31-year-old rapper isn’t only the bashful type, but there’s a big disproportion in between posing for your own iPhone and harsh on your BFF in front of a camera crew.

So it’s distinct which Nicki longed for to have a couple of to take the corner off.

We only goal at a little indicate she reveals what she was drinking. We’d love to know what creates people that uninhibited!

Nicki Minaj Gives Drake a Lap Dance
Nicki Minaj Teases Anaconda Video, Drake

1. Nicki Minaj Teases Anaconda Video, Drake
So… what do you think, Drake? The thespian gets an up tighten and VERY personal demeanour at Nicki Minaj in this provoke for the “Anaconda” song video.

For most years, in most opposite ways, Miley Cyrus done it transparent which she was no longer Hannah Montana.

She acted arrange of provocatively. She forsaken all kinds of comments. She expelled some-more adult music.

But it wasn’t until the 2013 Video Music Awards which fans entirely saw the loyal inlet of this brand new Miley, as she took to the theatre to one side Robin Thicke… and done certain no one ever looked at a froth finger in the same approach again.

In respect of Flashback Friday and of the 2014 Video Music Awards airing this Sunday on MTV, we’re receiving a demeanour behind at the Miley Cyrus opening which altered all and we’re asking:

Can anything presumably tip it this year?!?

Miley Cyrus 2013 VMA Performance: Photos and GIFs!
Attack of the Foam Finger!

1. Attack of the Foam Finger!
Our lives were never the same after saying Miley Cyrus do this at the 2013 Video Music Awards.

Rumors had been present for months, so integrate of were astounded yesterday when Nick Cannon reliable his subdivision from Mariah Carey. 

Even so, going open with the separate might have been a ridiculous move on Cannon’s part.

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Photos From Happier Times
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Red Carpet Photo

1. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Red Carpet Photo
Nick and Mariah posing for the paps. The integrate is believed to have one of Hollywood’s many fast marriages.

Reports which Cannon deceived on Mariah crop up to be false, but even so, Carey seems to be land all the cards with courtesy to control of the couple’s two-year-old-twins.

Sources contend Carey is “pissed” which Cannon went open notwithstanding signing a non-disclosure agreement, and she might take it out on him by serve restricting his already singular visitation rights.

While we do not know the means of the subdivision of who instituted it, insiders appear to think it wasn’t Cannon’s idea, but he might be the one who binds many of the blame.

While Carey has been available to stay at home with the children, Cannon has reportedly been vital in hotels for multiform months, which seems to prove which there was a little misdeed on Cannon’s part.

Friends tighten to Cannon contend the stand up comic seems “depressed,” and expected went open with the headlines of his subdivision simply since he’d reached a low indicate and was sleepy of gripping up appearances.

Though it seems Cannon didn’t have his explanation for punish purposes, he might still face atonement from Carey who reportedly longed for to keep the separate a tip until after her arriving tour. 

Celebrity Break-Ups of 2014
Naya Rivera and Big Sean

1. Naya Rivera and Big Sean
Naya Rivera and Big Sean called it quits whilst rumors which he deceived took the luminary report blogosphere by storm.