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Is a Jay Z-Beyonce divorce essentially on tap? (Maybe.

Is Tina Seals someway the bieing born mom of Blue Ivy Carter? (No.)

What rumors will stand up subsequent per the First Couple of Music? (We do not know.)

But with so most questions swirling around Bey and Jay, HBO usually cares about one thing: The “On the Run” debate special which will air Sunday night, Sep 20.

In anticipation, the network has expelled a promo which puts in reserve all personal gibberish and hones in on the veteran accomplishments of the general superstars. Check it out now:

Beyonce and Jay Z HBO Concert Trailer

The special will underline Beyonce and Jay z singing over 40 songs.

That’s scarcely as most songs as marital rumors we’ve listened about them over the past couple of weeks!

For the consequence of their daughter, let’s goal those have been merely rumors.

Beyonce and Jay-Z: A Happy Marriage?
Bey and Jey

1. Bey and Jey
Beyonce and Jay-Z certain demeanour happy together in this photo, do not they?

Proving which not even bitterness, adolescence and occasional full-on loathing can keep them detached for long, Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran have been an object again.

Chris Brown, Karrueche Tran Love-Fest

They dual were speckled at a gift football diversion in L.A. personification a small two-hand touch, and expected tackled any alternative after … if you know what we mean!

We meant there was a little vital PDA at the diversion Saturday, followed by illusive boning at an undisclosed place once the football fun concluded.

First Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez behind together … right away this.

Like Jelena, Chris and Karrueche only can’t appear to give up any other, even when their repeated splits appear to turn uglier and increasingly ridiculous.

Just final month, Karrueche had couple of great things to contend about the star, who she felt was a jealous, juvenile furious kid who put merrymaking on top of all else.

Pretty oppressive stuff, but he appeared to be similarly livid with Kae.

Brown’s stay embellished an similarly unflattering mural of his longtime love, claiming Chris dumped Karrueche for being a celebrity prostitute and a unfriendly opportunist.

All depends who you believe, we suspect … not which it matters.

With the gift football PDA session, this rarely flamable love story has started a brand new chapter. These hoe$ might not be loyal, but these breakups do not take.

Karrueche Tran: Chris Brown Plaything!
Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown Selfie

1. Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown Selfie
Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown group up on the many outrageous selfie of all time.

It’s assumingly not sufficient for Chris Pratt to own the movie world, or even the luminary rapping world, these days.

He contingency additionally own the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

As many Internet users know by now, the Ice Bucket Challenge has been creation the proceed around amicable media, with stars and bland folks comparison carrying cold H2O dumped on them in sequence to lift recognition of this debilitating disease.

Pratt, the overwhelming city slicker at the back of Star Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, primarily tries to take a opposite proceed to the plea in the following video. An alcohol-based approach.

But give it a notation and afterwards watch as ice H2O comes cascading down on Pratt, again and again and again and, yes… again.

Chris Pratt Takes Ice Bucket Challenge

Who else has supposed the Ice Bucket Challenge in Hollywood? Who hasn’t it?!?

But here’s a demeanour at a integrate new favorites:

Celebrities Accept ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Justin Bieber Accepts Ice Bucket Challenge

1. Justin Bieber Accepts Ice Bucket Challenge
Ice Bucket Challenge, accepted! Watch Justin Bieber lard himself for a great cause.

If these new reports of Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin dating have been accurate, the Coldplay frontman has strictly landed the sexiest lady alive.

Seriously. The actress, who usually distinguished her 24th birthday, has been declared which on some-more than one list of such things over the past multiform years.

Not by accident, either, we’d try to say.

24 Hottest Jennifer Lawrence Photos
Hot Jennifer Lawrence Picture

1. Hot Jennifer Lawrence Picture
Wow. That’s the usually word that’s unequivocally required when gazing on this Jennifer Lawrence photo.

In further to her acclaimed and surprisingly versatile behaving talents, which embody personification movement heroes as good as heated thespian roles, Lawrence is gorgeous.

Not trying-too-hard gorgeous, either, but of course pretty, total with a celebrity which creates you feel as yet she were someway attainable.

Probably not for you. Just divorced British rockers fifteen years her senior, apparently. Alas. She exudes which attractive, girl-next-door appeal in any case.

As such, we compensate reverence here to twenty-four of the hottest Jennifer Lawrence photos ever taken, in jubilee of a lady who indeed is the total package.

With J-Law’s extensive, considerable resume and refreshingly authentic, enchanting persona, you could roughly dont think about infrequently how flat-out overwhelming she is.

Almost. But not quite. Not quite.

When it comes to which trespasser Justin Bieber, conjunction Canada nor the United States seems to wish the kid, if Olympic hockey billboards have been to be believed.

He’s Canadian, only for the record. Sorry, you’re not undiluted after all, Canada.

Other important faces, however, essentially move respect and honour to their countries of birth, so most so which America would gladly explain them for her own.

Many stars innate elsewhere who work essentially in the U.S. find twin citizenship, and that’s essentially flattering tidy if you think about it. They love us! They unequivocally love us!

They appear as American as apple pie, but copiousness of your the one preferred stars weren’t innate here at all. See twenty-nine examples next … and you’ll never hold #29:

29 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Weren’t Born in the U.S.
Natalie Portman

1. Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman, nee Natalie Hershlag, was innate in Jerusalem in 1981. She has twin citizenship in the United States and Israel.

Christina Aguilera is a mom for the second time.

The thespian delivered a daughter via C-section at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, sources endorse to Us Weekly, nonetheless sum on name, weight and tallness have been taken at this time.

15 Celebrity Moms We Love
Christina Aguilera

1. Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera has dual kids. She gave bieing born to her second in Aug 2014.

This is Aguilera’s initial kid with fiancé Matt Rutler, to whom she got intent in March.

She additionally has a six-year old son, Max, with ex-husband Jordan Bratman.

Never one to be bashful about her body, Aguilera mde (HOT!) headlines progressing this summer when she acted exposed for V Magazine.

“As a woman, I’m unapproachable to welcome my physique by all stages of life, staying intrepid and assured in surrendering to the unknowns the destiny has in store,” she told the publication.

Aguilera additionally showed her high regard for those concerned with the impressive around Instagram.

“[Thank you for] giving me the leisure to unclothed my essence & physique at this incredible, magical, passing from one to another time in my life. #Grateful,” she wrote on Aug 1.

We send the really most appropriate wishes to this brand new family!

Celebrities Who Welcomed Babies in 2014
Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman

1. Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman
American Idol decider and all-around snarkmaster Simon Cowell was malleable a bit by the bieing born of his son Eric Philip on Feb 14. What a Valentine for Simon and partner Lauren Silverman.

Elin Nordegren and Chris Cline, her beloved of one year, have damaged up. The main takeaway here is which Elin Nordegren is once again on the market!!

9 Sexiest Elin Nordegren Photos
Elin Nordegren Bikini Photo

1. Elin Nordegren Bikini Photo
Elin Nordegren in a bikini? Now which is a little photo, have been we right?

The Swedish model, 34, and the billionaire, 54, not long ago separate ways, finale her initial critical attribute given she and Tiger Woods finished their marriage.

The golfer and Elin Nordegren finalized their divorce in 2010 after his still-unbelievable intrigue escapades were unprotected on Thanksgiving night, 2009.

Nordegren and Woods have impressively changed past that, though.

The couple, who share daughter Sam, 6, and son Charlie, 5, have grown increasingly gentle given the split, and get along really good nowadays.

Elin is even reportedly a air blower of Tiger’s partner Lindsey Vonn.

“They can be a happy group of four right away which Elin has a man even richer than Tiger,” an insider pronounced this spring, referring to Chris Cline, a spark attention magnate.

Elin reportedly perceived $100 million from Tiger in their split.

Alas, with Cline and Nordegren violation up for different reasons, there have been no some-more stand in dates for the South Florida residents on the evident horizon.

Woods, for his part, is still going clever with the Olympic ski hold up … who seems a most improved fit for him than the harem of mistresses he used to employ.

Tiger Woods Mistresses: The (Sort of) SeXXXy Gallery
Rachel Uchitel

1. Rachel Uchitel
Rachel Uchitel was Tiger Woods’ #1 mistress. But far from the only.

Could Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett be production this complete transsexual intrigue liaison which has enveloped them for the consequence of their being show?

  • Kendra Wilkinson Promo Shot
  • Baskett in the Glory

We’ve posited such theories prior to – with Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, even Robin Thicke and Paula Patton – but it seemed even reduction expected in Kendra’s case.

That is, until photos flush of Kendra and Hank in Costa Rica, on eighth month with no cameras in steer and seeking anything but aloof with any other.

Very questionable indeed.

The dual were eating at a friendly beachside grill with their family and no Kendra on Top crew, which only doesn’t supplement up with alternative new reports.

Or the Kendra on Top trailer, in which she admits she burning her marriage ring down the toilet after Hank stepped out with a transsexual model.

The integrate has obviously been using with the scandal, entertainment feign family barbecues and the like, and obviously branch it in to a story for the WeTV program.

We wouldn’t design anything reduction there, but is the complete thing a sham? As in no cheating, fighting, marriage ring flushing, distortion detector tests … anything?

Ava London: Hank Baskett’s (Alleged) Mistress
Ava Sabrina London Photo

1. Ava Sabrina London Photo
Ava Sabrina London is the indication who says she had a hurl with Hank Baskett. Do you hold her?

Every alternative inform until right away pragmatic she was putting on a front for the show, but secretly giving him the cold shoulder and only shopping time until she gets out.

Now we’re not so sure.

If this were all fabricated, though, it would meant which Hank’s purported lover Ava London is additionally being paid – and not only overwhelm income by Baskett.

The smoking gun in this case, if you will, was which the indication came brazen privately with her story of mutual masturbation with the deviate Hank.

Dean McDermott’s mistress, meanwhile, does not exist on the Internet. Ava London is obviously real. But is she simply behaving along with an blow up ratings ruse?

We do not know at this point.

You discuss it us in the comments what you think and opinion the consult below: Is the Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett intrigue liaison genuine or fake?


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Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett: In Happier Times
Kendra and Hank on Christmas

1. Kendra and Hank on Christmas
How could you poise with Kendra for a Yuletide label one second, Hank? And afterwards get it on with a transgender indication the subsequent second?!?