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This Sunday’s all-new part of Keeping Up with the Kardashians will concentration mostly on Khloe Kardashian.

First, the funniest of all Kardashian sisters will get in to a mini quarrel with Kim, as the former Ray J sex fasten partner wonders because Khloe is so “secretive” about her brand brand new attribute with French Montana.

It’s similar to Khloe is vital a “double life,” with Kim anticipating out personal sum per her sister around luminary report outlets such as THG. Check out this hide look to see the exchange:

Kim to Khloe: Stop Being So Secretive!

From there, we conduct to the nightclub, where Kim meets Montana for the initial time and additionally helps Khloe ease down when Lamar Odon shows up at the same establishment.


“I don’t know because Lamar is here. This is a French Montana party,” Khloe says in the following clip. “That’s really clear. That’s how this place is promoted. My sister Kim is here… who never goes out or never does anything. The total thing is awkward.”

Perhaps you should speak to your show’s producers, Khloe.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians Clip: A French Connection

Looking to katch up before to this brand brand new installment? You can regularly watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online around TV Fanatic.

Andrew Keegan has proposed a brand new religion.

According to Vibe Magazine, the actress (10 Things I Hate About You, 7th Heaven) has combined a “new age church and devout movement” dubbed Full Circle.

It is declared as such due to “Synchronicity [and time],” Keegan says. “That’s what it’s all about. Whatever, the past, a little alternative time. It’s a circle; in the core is now. That’s what it’s about.”

We feel similar to Rust Cohle would all authorize of this religion.

Andrew Keegan Picture

In Mar 2011, Keegan was pounded by a squad – and that’s when all altered for him.

“The stress of this feeling is which it happened at the same time the tsunami strike Japan,” explains Keegan, observant it was partial of a incomparable “synchronicity” which led him to entrance Full Circle.

Ceremonies at Third Eye church will core on H2O crystals, as members try to make use of these equipment to concentration their energies on elucidate crises such as the Israel-Gaza conflict.

“We emanate a inflection of change and equivalence of the crew,” Keegan tells Vice. “When you feel those chakras aligned, there’s guided messaging entrance in. If there is something of devout ego inside of that, it contingency not exist.”

In Jul 2011, Keegan was manhandled by the military during a residence celebration arrest.

But we instruct him the most appropriate of fitness with this religion.

In many astonishing luminary integrate news, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin have been assumingly dating in the arise of their new and particular breakups.

  • Jennifer Lawrence at Cannes
  • Chris Martin in London

The tasteful twin has been spending “quality time together” given late Jun after the Oscar leader pennyless up with Nicholas Hoult, her X-Men co-star, E! reports.

All the luminary headlines source claims is that the dual have been “seeing any other,” so it’s not well known how seriously. The site is pretty credible, however.

Lawrence, who celebrates her 24th birthday today, called it quits amicably with Hoult progressing this summer, blaming the common stretch and careers.

Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow voiced their Conscious Uncoupling after some-more than 10 years of matrimony in March, after that he was related to Alexa Chung.

It’s misleading if those dual were ever some-more than friends, but Chris and Gwyneth have additionally stayed on great terms, even vital together at their L.A. home as of June.

“They’ve attempted to keep things as fast and unchanging as probable for their kids,” a source said. “They still outlay a lot of time together as a family.”

“They haven’t altered things given they voiced they were splitting. Other than receiving off their marriage bands, they appear closer than ever.”

As for the Silver Linings Playbook star, it’s not transparent when Martin and Lawrence proposed removing close, as this is the initial we’ve listened of the love connection.

You can’t hit the man’s taste, though. That’s for sure.

24 Hottest Jennifer Lawrence Photos
Hot Jennifer Lawrence Picture

1. Hot Jennifer Lawrence Picture
Wow. That’s the usually word that’s unequivocally required when gazing on this Jennifer Lawrence photo.

Jay Adams, an iconic movement roomer who was portrayed by Emile Hirsch in the movie Lords of Dogtown, died late final night in Mexico.

He was 53 years old.

Jay Adams Image

Insiders discuss it TMZ which Adams upheld divided of an strong heart conflict whilst on eighth month with his mother and dual children. They had been on an lengthened three-month legal holiday when the tragedy struck.

Adams had reportedly been solemn for months and had no story of heart problems.

The impassioned contestant had been in and out of jail given the early 1980s on a accumulation of drug charges.

This outing represented the initial time he was available to leave the United States in dual decades. We send the condolences to his friends and desired ones.

Celebrities We Lost in 2014
Philip Seymour Hoffman

1. Philip Seymour Hoffman
R.I.P. Philip Seymour Hoffman (1967-2014). He will perpetually be missed!

A brand new set Downton Abbey Season 5 promotional posters were suggested this week, most to the pleasure of the acclaimed and renouned drama’s air blower base.

One contained a flattering viewable goof, though. Can you mark it?

Downton Abbey Promo Pic

The Downton Abbey print destroy shows Hugh Bonneville as Robert Crawley and Laura Carmichael as Lady Edith, and at the back of them, a really unnoticed object.

One that positively doesn’t go in WWI-era England. At all.

Yup, there’s a cosmetic H2O bottle up on the mantle! Ouch!

While we assimilate the significance of staying hydrated on set, you’d think someone would have satisfied this was in the shot prior to receiving the photos.

That or airbrushed it out. It’s not that hard, as we’ve seen from large photoshop fails in that people went a small as well crazy. But this is what it’s done for!

15 Really Terrible Examples of Photoshop
Target Photoshop Fail

1. Target Photoshop Fail
This competence be the misfortune e.g. of Photoshop in the story of the Internet. Look closely at her crotch.

This. Is. Genius.

Seriously, how many times have you tossed a tennis round to your dog, usually to watch as it goes drifting past pronounced ball, incompetent to carry out his or her movement and not entrance anywhere tighten to the dictated target?

It’s droll to watch. But it’s expected really frustrating to experience.

That’s because a Labrador Retriever declared Stella has come up with an scarcely in effect approach to delayed herself down. She comes to a hindrance FEET FIRST.

How does this presumably work? Glad you asked! Click Play and find out:

Dog Puts on Unusual Brakes

Stella could really give a little points to this stranded puppy, do not you think?

We’re gonna do the partial to have her one of the many important dogs on the Internet.

19 Famous Dogs on the Internet

1. 3Bulldogges
The 3Bulldogges love to ladle and folks similar to to see them spoon. They have 118,000 supporters on Instagram.

The killer of Biggie Smalls (a.k.a. Notorious B.I.G.) is good well known to Los Angeles police, but they exclude to ensue with an arrest, a brand brand new inform alleges.

Why? Because you do so would presumably display a military cover-up.

Big Poppa

A law coercion source says underneath condition of anonymity:

“The LAPD Robbery Homicide section tasked with questioning Biggie’s attempted attempted attempted murder knows just who dismissed the gun, and that people were concerned in the planning.”

The rapper (real name Christopher Wallace) was murdered whilst roving in the front chair of a Suburban after withdrawal a hip bound celebration in Los Angeles in 1997.

Years later, Biggie’s mother, Voletta Wallace, and his widow, Faith Evans, filed a prejudicial genocide legal box opposite the LAPD and multiform of the members.

They lay that Wallace’s genocide was “in a really efficient, orderly and veteran manner, suggesting that a tall grade of coordination and planning.”

The legal box additionally claims that ashamed former Officer Rafael Perez certified to cops that he and associate patrolman David Mack, “conspired to murder” Wallace.

Not usually that, the dual carried it out – or so the legal box claims.

But according to the source, “There will never be an detain done since it would stone the dialect to the core. There was a cover after the murder.”

“This goes approach over Mack and Perez.”

Notorious B.I.G.: Life Before Death
Notorious BIG and Puff Daddy

1. Notorious BIG and Puff Daddy
Notorious BIG and Puff Daddy from at the back of in the day. Look at that beeper.

“Publicly the [LAPD] will contend it’s still an open investigation, but that is a sham; the old observant that the cover is worse than the crime couldn’t be some-more loyal in this case.”

“The cover would put countless stream and former cops at the back of bars for years on charges trimming from swindling to rascal and creation fake statements.”​

Another source says that the “cops wish to have an detain in the [Biggie] case, but witnesses haven’t been cooperative, and that has been a complaint from day one.”

Perez was concerned in a cover of an separate bank robbery, afterwards condemned to 8 years in jail for hidden $800,000 value of heroin from an LAPD justification locker.

Allegedly, the ashamed patrolman additionally shot and framed a male with squad connections, carrying left him inept for a crime he might or might not have committed.

He additionally was reported to have had connectors to the Los Angeles gang, the Bloods, and connectors to Suge Knight, former conduct of Death Row Records.

There have been drawn out reports that Knight systematic Wallace’s attempted attempted attempted murder in plea for the genocide of Tupac Shakur … yet Knight additionally says Tupac is alive.

In any case, the LAPD, that apologized to the rapper’s family after the 2012 recover of the Notorious B.I.G. post-mortem inform declined to comment, saying simply:

“There is no brand brand new report to give out.”

Remembering Tupac Shakur (1971-1996)
Tupac Shakur, Mother

1. Tupac Shakur, Mother
Tupac Shakur poses here with his mother. The rapper was gunned down at the age of 25.

Can we contend something crazy?

We’re still not ill of Frozen, not when RIDICULOUSLY darling relatives and their young kids have been covering hits from the movie soundtrack in their own beautiful ways.

Like when this lady sang by her spinter pain.

And generally when Aubrey Marceaux and her daughter Teigan group up in the car to lip-sync to “Love is an Open Door,” creation the undiluted stupid faces and giving a little courtesy to the really most appropriate strain in Frozen.

(That’s right, “Let It Go.” We pronounced it!)

Mother and Toddler Lip-Sync to Frozen


And now, of course, we benefaction the requisite demeanour at assorted covers of “Let It Go.”

9 Artists Who Just Can’t “Let It Go”
Arnold Schwarzenegger Covers "Let It Go"

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger Covers “Let It Go”
Arnold Schwarzenegger arrange of covers “Let It Go” in this Jimmy Fallon bit. But he really hull it forever.

A Brooklyn lady who is 6 months profound fell plant to a senseless, heartless conflict which military labeled as a “knockout game” conflict on Thursday.

The unfortunate and aroused conflict on Jannatul Ferdous, 34, was held on video published by the New York Post (below) and the perpetrator was arrested.

Pregnant Woman Attacked in Knockout Game

Willie Stephens, 33, has been charged with assault.

Ferdous was on foot with her sister in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant area when a singular blow knocked her onto the travel and out cold.

The video captures Stephens on foot quickly toward the women, deck flooring Ferdous in what appears to be her face and on foot divided whilst hardly blank a step.

Neither Ferdous nor her baby were severely harmed in the attack, opportunely and luckily. Her sister called military and gave them Stephens’ description.

He was prisoner before long thereafter.

Police contend it was expected a “knockout game” hit; the idea is to hit an gullible aim out with one blow. Several people have died during such attacks.

Knockout Game: The Worst Thing Ever
Knockout Game: Teens Try to Drop Strangers With One Punch, Apocalypse Nigh

1. Knockout Game: Teens Try to Drop Strangers With One Punch, Apocalypse Nigh
New reports of “knockout” incidents involving teenagers physically assaulting strangers have surfaced, and have been zero short of disturbing.

His films, his stand-up routines and his speak show appearances will all live forever.

And right away Robin Williams will additionally live perpetually in the universe of video games. In the universe of World of Warcraft, to be specific.

Blizzard Entertainment, the association at the back of this insanely renouned franchise, voiced on Thursday which a Williams impression will be combined to an arriving chronicle of the game.

21 Memorable Robin Williams Quotes
That You May Contribute a Verse

1. That You May Contribute a Verse
What will YOUR hymn be?

“It will many expected be a impression desirous by him or a little of his the one preferred purposes of the past,” pronounced lead diversion engineer Ion Hazzikostas.

The move comes days after Williams killed himself around unresolved at the age of 63.

He was an zealous gamer and a outspoken air blower of the World of Warcraft array and fans responded by starting an online apply to at which has garnered over 10,000 signature.

  • Robin Williams: A Look Back at His Life
  • Robin Williams: In Memorium

Tributes and difference of magnetism go on to flow in per Williams, whose mother pronounced yesterday was pang from early stages of Parkinson’s Disease at the time of his suicide.

Not all responses have been positive, however, Gene Simmons is in prohibited H2O for fundamentally revelation vexed people to kill themselves.